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Conscience vs. Consciousness

May 14, 2017 & August 18, 2015

Yep!  You got it!

There can be a big difference between Conscience and Consciousness.  They can be complementary, or they can actually occupy opposite ends of or our “right-behavior” spectrum.  And they are both “voices” among so many that flow through our mind.

Let’s take “Conscience” first.

The voice of Conscience is sourced in what Dr. Freud called our Super-Ego.  Imagine!  That which traditionally has told us right from wrong is an aspect of our ego!  Now, this voice is the imprint of much training, especially from our early childhood--parents, school and religious training.  Having been a product of Catholic schools, I usually call this voice Mother Superior—that is the principal and chief arbiter of correct or bad thoughts and actions.  This is the voice may have instilled in us perpetual adherence to the 10 commandments, to the rules and rituals of the religion such as attendance at church on the Sabbath, unbridled respect for clergy, the habit of martyrdom or need to be a victim, the fear of burning in hell, etc. 

It may also be the memorialized voice of our parents or others who may have implanted in us the absolute need to be “perfect”.  That is a really impossible and defeating notion because when we are constantly judging ourselves against other people’s conflicting ideas of perfection, that keeps us purely unsatisfied with ourselves and our lives. It can also make us so fearful of making mistakes that we kowtow to gossip and slander, or others’ declarations of “what is right” or acceptable or orthodox, which is used to inflict their own power or control over us.  Remember high school popularity cliques, fascism, or church-based shaming?  

Or perhaps our parents or our culture have implanted a subconscious need to be rich, powerful, well-known, etc. in us.  Well, I pray that we are at last smart enough to realize that this sole course doesn’t actually bring security or happiness.  It brings the opposite.  Being rich and powerful is great when it stems from non-attachment and a sense of stewardship, gratitude and responsibility, but not when it comes from a deep sense of un-fulfillment or lack, or clawing neediness.

Any morals or embedded goals or standards that do not allow us to be our authentic Self, our True Self, our Sat Nam will always disconnect us from our deep, abiding happiness, our self-satisfaction, our true purity, our true Reality.  Often this is how we are trained as children, and it makes us become corrupt and superficial in our personal Truth-- no matter how well-meaning our superiors were.  And there is nothing more painful to be trained out of our most natural connection to Soul, our actual God-Self.

Now I am not saying that all religious and moral training or social civilizing is contrary to one’s true Self, because we do need guidelines for discipline, inspiration and upliftment in our life.  But if those guidelines squash the voice of your True Self, your Soul rather than supporting it, then they are by definition corrupt.  So, please make a practice of examining what your conscience tells you.  Judge your Mother Superior consistently by the voice of your own impeccable Soul or Guru.

Consciousness—the True Arbiter of Right Action and Attitude

On the other hand, there is another infinitely reliable voice that appears to move through our psyche.  It is that of our own True Self, our very Soul or individual aspect of the God of Who we actually are.  And it is truly accessible!

The thing is that It never is an expression of neediness, unworthiness, or fear.  No, never!

Rather it is kind, secure, without need for courage because it has no fear.  It is right for our particular situation in every moment because It knows EVERYTHING—the ups and downs, our past, our Destiny and what we need to fully realize Who we truly are and how to grow into that.  It computes every circumstance, and if we listen, It gives us such truly perfect information with limitless love and security in such a cozy way.  Soul’s answers are usually short, economical, profoundly to the point, and correct in each situation.  And it often gives us surprise answers that we would never have thought of ourselves!

Now let me be clear.  Soul’s guidance will not directly fulfill what you think you need to quell your fears, insecurities or neediness.  Oh, no.  Those demands to cover our insecurities usually point to the very things that keep us from being Who we are. 

Instead, if we follow Soul’s direction to honestly change our attitudes, let go of our attachments to what we think “should” happen, and humbly heal our hurts and fears, this is how Soul leads us to undeniable, unbreakable peace, kindness and love of ourselves and others—a huge and profound life task.  This is not an idealized concept that we found in an ancient book.  Rather this is the actual experience of so many of us who have made listening to and following Soul our dependable and regular habit!

Yogi Bhajan said so many times, “Are you consciously conscious of your Consciousness?”

When there was a slanderous movement against me and what I teach, I wanted Soul to give me strategies to protect myself against this ugliness.  But Soul’s answer was “Love them!”  Yikes!  Did I ever learn a lesson there!  So, do you get my drift?  Following Soul--no matter what, is the way of the true Spiritual Warrior.

How to Listen to Soul

Yogi Bhajan gave us so many meditations to turn up the voice of Soul in our Consciousness!  This is often called intuition, but this is definitely not psychic information or channeling.  This is a whole experience in itself.  Yogi Bhajan gave us a tremendous body of teachings on the Self-Sensory System, which is a method of discerning guidance from Soul by using any and all of our senses but on the subtle level.  Meditation definitely helps you train your psyche to be sensitive to this subtlety.  Now theses senses include hearing the “small, still voice within” as described in the Bible as well as Guru Nanak’s deep listening called “Sunniai” from his Japji Sahib.  You may also “see” flashes or long sequences of visuals, or even “taste” or “smell” information or affirmation on a subtle level as a friend of mine does.  You may feel “pulled” kinesthetically to a decision, or just deeply “know” unquestionably from within.  Or maybe you hear someone or read something that strongly strikes you as True in a most brilliant manner, way beyond your thinking mind.

Now my favorite and most easy way to switch to Soul Consciousness is to simply begin Heart Breath or honestly do a deep meditation, or kriya.  Then ask your question and deeply listen, feel, be present to Soul’s answer.  You know that you are in that Soul Dimension or place because there is no worry there, no need for courage because you are simple and unflappable; and if you open yourself to it, when you breathe deeply, you can actually feel Soul’s incredible love for you!  Then you know to trust any answer that comes to you from that amazingly calm, peaceful and experience of full potential.

Then next most important step is to impeccably TRUST and FOLLOW what Soul gives you!  Guru Nanak calls this “Mannai”.  That is when you will experience the subtle “magic” of the God essence “arranging all your affairs.”  It is a true miracle, and one that is flawless.  These are the directions that carry you one step at a time on the spiritual path to your quest of Full Union with the Infinite.  What could be better?

Be on the alert!  When you train yourself to listen to and follow Soul at every moment, you find your Truth, your Sat Nam and the real satisfaction and happiness that we humans yearn for, and do every outrageous thing to find.  But this path is so integral to every human awareness if we but look for it, and know how to tell Consciousness from conscience.

Lots of Love,

Siri-Gian Kaur


Copyright:  Siri-Gian Kaur Khalsa, , 2015.

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Love Letter from SOUL

via Liv Avtaar Kaur

December 29, 2015 & May 10, 2014 

Last week, our students from our first year Healer’s course had an assignment to first meditate deeply.  Their meditation for this course is “Breaking the Mask.”  Then they were to sit quietly and tune into Soul.   And as they did, they were to listen as they wrote down Soul’s love letter to them.  So, here is Liv Avtar Kaur’s Love Letter from Soul, which is the very Truth from all of our Souls to us.


To Soul:  How do you love me?   What do you love about me?

I Love you in these ways, Dearest.

How I love you is your experiencing all of the pain, suffering and letting go on a continual spiral of love and support.  I am your own very best Friend, your own guide on the road map of your life.

I Love you consistently, unconditionally in the perceived highs and lows because they are your creation.

I Love you in offering stillness in the depth of breath.

I Love you in the joy of revelation and the ease of knowing more and more Who you are.

I Love you and am with you in the transforming and shifts as we close the gap between the perceptions of Me as a distance to be traveled, or a feeling you must strive towards attaining. As we close that gap, my love is expressing your blooming into fruition that we are One and the same.

My Love is expressing so much love and Light for when you realize we are not "We" but simply "Me." Oneness is all you have ever been...  My love flows with your essence in Presence as we combine into a co-creation of Divineness in Hu Man[i] form.

I Love so much.  Your ever growing understanding of Who you really are. We are a dynamic pure Love Healing energy.

What I love about you is:

You’re Funny!  I love your perception of things; you have a unique way of perceiving the world. You make us laugh so much.

You are a brave soul, the heart of a lion, so big hearted and generous.

You are kind even to those who have been most unkind to you.  Wow!  You have the power of forgiveness and it's growing!

What I love about you is you are creative in everything you do and I love how you always see Me in everything great and small and are always thoughtful in including Me in your appreciation of the beauty of Mother Nature.  You’re experiencing of my gifts, you’re always sharing and talking to Me, and I appreciate this very much.

I love your intimacy and how you really listen and allow for so much to come through to be experienced for yourself and others.  You dig deep.

Most of all I love how you love.  Your energy is bright, light and bubbly and intoxicating.  So much joy is felt when you are in the Love Joy energy with Me!

We will create so much in this new Aquarian Age! INFINITE outcomes adventures, of enlightenment!  What I love most of all about you is your willingness to share all of this bounty with others.  It is the True Gift of your heart.

Knowing ever more as we expand into our Oneness—the ultimate love of surrender for this is our love’s destiny.

How did Everyday Self respond?

Simply said, “We are witnessing shifts, of growing consciousness—the evolution, revolution from our perspective of separateness.

Merger means acceptance of our divinity in Hu Man form.  We are the perfection of the co-creation and realizations.

No high, low, up, down, all around.

We are co-creating all of this..  We simply have to re-focus our Attention and Intention on a New Outcome, we are that powerful.

There are no this or thats that do not evolve oneself.  Growth is stillness and alignment with our Soul’s road map.  We may bring light or dark, it is our choice of the expression of our creation.

Everyday Self is nothing more than the delivery mechanism, a facilitator of the Divine flow from Soul in merger with oneness of Self.  We must deliver the "GOODS" "GODS"JUST ONE LITTLE “O” DIFFERENCE FROM GOOD TO GOD.

[i] Hu = Light, Man = Mind


 Personal Accounts of

Living from Soul!

January 8, 2019 & April 27, 2010

 Dear Ones,

We have some incredible life changing stories from a few of our community!  I truly love how each of us shows the way for the others.  Please enjoy their wonderful wisdom!!

These wonderful ladies are a sampling of folks who practice Kundalini Yoga and who have taken our foundation course called “INTUITION TRAINING: The Art of Soul Listening!”

Lots of Love,

Siri-Gian Kaur

From Sat Siri Kaur

Life or my relationship to or perspective on life has been kind of strange lately. Lately, I have had short, but intense periods of time when I seem to be viewing my life in an entirely new way.

For example, I was at a film showing last Saturday night. The event and screening was part of an event called "Faces of Globalism," and the particular film being shown focused on the Arab/Israeli conflict. The film was pretty confrontative and political and I could feel everyone in the room hardening into their habitual stances -- intensely Pro-Israel and Pro-Palestine -- on the issue.

As I listened to the panel discussing the film, I could literally see the particular Everyday Self Script each person on the panel was operating from. Then, oddly enough, I could see and even hear the difference in tone when one of the speakers shifted and started to speak from their Soul. It was kind of like listening to music on a scratched cd. A speaker would proceed from Soul, get stuck in Ego, get unstuck, proceed, get stuck, get restuck, etc. I started doing heart breath and continued to watch the heated discussion unfold. It felt kind of weird and even slightly alienating to watch and listen from this perspective.

The event was instructive for and gave me a mirror image of my own process. As I have mentioned in class, I am becoming more and more aware of my own moment-by-moment shifting without intention or awareness between seeing and speaking from Everyday Self and Soul.

I recently set a conscious intention to live from my Soul and that process seems to have begun with becoming more and more aware of the deep grooves and habits of connecting and disconnecting to my own Soul. Sometimes the grooves and habits of Everyday Self seem so deep I feel powerless to do much more than observe and release. I am becoming much more aware of the things that keep me connected to Soul and the things that shift me back into the old tired and tiring old habits of Ego.

From Amrit Kaur

hi everybody, i just wanted toshare some of the most important and profund thing that i have learned, felt, shared and experineced since working with SiriGian. My life has been extremely challenging since my accident as many of you know but these things came through loud and clear and I thank BabaSiriChand, Yogi Bhajan , and Guru Ram Das for this. Here they are
these to me are the most profound but I would like to add 2 more that I have learned if I may,
#2 SURRENDER -YOUR GODSELF REALLY DOES KNOW WHAT IT IS DOING. Challenges are really blessings in disguise, honor them. Taking Amrit the one of the best things i have done for myself. Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh.

From Satleen Kaur

As I was driving home I thought of the beginning of the Simpson's cartoon show, how at one point it shows baby Maggie driving the Simpsons car and making wild turns, which the viewer thinks might end up in a crash...then the shot pans over and shows you Marge has been driving all along and Maggie is just playing on her plastic steering wheel and silly horn....that is exactly how I feel, I've just looked down and noticed my steering wheel is made of plastic and does not connect to any car....I really have no control over anything so I gently let go of the wheel and watch God drive the car and enjoy the sights. "Welcome back Satleen Kaur" God says....and we belt out a huge chuckle together.

From Atma Karam Kaur

I seem to be constantly shown that I just have to let go off all of my conditioning. What I thought as how the world works seems to be no longer true. I have to trust my divine self, my soul to discover what is true to me. I realize I learned from others what the supposed truth in how the world works. I am now discovering that all the answers are within me, I just have to use my intuition to discover my truth. We all have access to this divine wisdom. There are many ways to learn how to tune into your own amazing guidance system. If you do not know how to do this search and you will find a way. Meditation works wonders!

Read Atma Karam Kaur’s wonderful blog at

Copyright 2010, Siri-Gian Khalsa,

This article may be reproduced on another website, blog or printed as long as the copyright information given here is included.




Feb. 2, 2016, Mar. 2, 2010

Dear Ones,

I have to tell you the funniest thing!

Yes, it is that all those years of being so very responsible, feeling such incredible lack and loss, getting into overwhelm, adjusting to the “slings and arrows” of everyday life, disappointments, succumbing to cruelties and then knocking our way out of them, and every other difficulty imaginable that has been tied to our tails over lifetimes is no longer appropriate, no longer worthwhile—even if our intentions in all this have been the “loftiest!”

We can no longer “fight the good battle!”  We can no longer stand to uphold the goodness and greatness that we think or somehow believe that we need to.  We can’t abide our losses, or fears or our mis-representations of ourselves, or even our expectations of our Destinies.  And certainly we can no longer drag our old concepts of being victimized, short changed and mis-handled forward again.  It just won’t work!

Those are all dramas in which we have arranged for ourselves to play the lead roles—as ourselves in all those old haunting horror movies that we have identified as ourselves, as our own beloved lifetimes over time.  We just can’t do all that anymore!  Oh, no-ooooo.

So, what’s the cure?  What’s the recourse?

We have no alternative, dear Ones!

All we can do is to drop it all! 

“You mean drop all of my responsibility, all of my cherished goals, all my ideas of greatness, all of my pleasures of intended happiness?  What would happen if I did that?  My world would fall apart!  My children would starve.  My job and income would be junked.  I would lose my dog, my house and all who love me!  I would be mortified and never be accepted by friends and family ever again!  Yikes!!  That is far over the edge.  Have you gone mad?

Well, Sweet Ones, perhaps the answer is YES!

But I have a clue for you.  When you succumb to the voice of your own cozy Soul; when you live in the full recognition of serving your very greatest Self; when you are courageous enough to drop attachment to everything—that is to your shortcomings, your goals, your goodness and everything about you, that is when you become “rootless” in this world, and “rooted” in your Infinity!

That is when you can finally allow your own inimitable God Self, your Soul, the real You that knows All—where you are going, where you have been, and how to accomplish your Life in the very best way for all concerned; when you finally drop the burden of being in charge, when you give the reins over to the most cozy, kind and caring “Boss,” that is when you can finally drop into allowing yourself to be guided in the most impeccable way.  That is when you open your “path,” your course in this world to the ease and perfection of knowing and accomplishing the best!  That is when you can “Be all that you can BE!”

To others, you may seem much more at ease.  You may seem a great deal more unburdened, and to “instinctively” go for the gold—that is the best decisions in business and in love.  It may appear to them that you have much greater capacity, and that they enjoy being in your presence.  And much more.

But you know the real secret!  You have finally succumbed, surrendered to your precious All in All.  That very intimate and cozy Conscious that is the True You, not the imitation you that you might think you are right now.  And you are running with It in the most spirited, kind, ferocious and fun gift of the race we call Life, and are supported by unrivaled kindness and support!  Your prosperity flows from your True Source!

Surrender = the greatest Freedom!  You know you will love it!

Click here to learn how to tune into your God Self, your Soul!

Lots of Love,


Copyright  Siri-Gian Khalsa,, 2010 .

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Report on
November 2007

Our newsletter for today is going to be a little different. I just want to tell you about these FOUNDATIONAL INTUITION TRAININGS that have recently been launched this fall--both the one day intensives at Yoga West in Los Angeles in September and November, and the two sections of tele-classes, each on certain evenings in October just past.

I have never been so heartened, so encouraged, so humbled and so touched any group of people!

These marvelous people who took this FOUNDATIONAL INTUITION TRAINING fairly quickly learned how to set up communication with their very Souls--their real Selves through listening, seeing images, certain special feelings,and so on--each one quite unique, really! And that began their processes of healing, opening and listening closely to their sweet, sometimes funny, sometimes mystical messages! Sometimes, the information was all encompassing and profound, while at other times quite practical and in the moment--but always totally personal and amazing!

But what we found as everyone shared together how their Soul's advice was affecting them, and how they were integrating all that into their lives--bit by bit, was how much everyone's Soul cared for them in the simplest, kindest and most nurturing way!

Everyone found that they could depend on their Souls, and the higher beings that They brought on board,and that they would get new perspectives on their life that would heal their pain and restrictions, and/or open them up to new horizons that they felt deeply would be satisfying to them, but perhaps had not actually thought too much about. And often they found that with this process, surprising ease came to their lives--both through everyday events themselves, as well as how they participated in those events in ways they had not expected! Plus folks began to interact with the events of their lives as gifts from their Souls that were given to them for specific reasons--not the least of which was pure flow and enjoyment!

Kindling these relationships between their "everyday selves" and their Souls has become a very precious thing, indeed. And we were all melted and so inspired by each others' stories and transformations--whether in person in the one day Intensive workshops, or in our phone classes and on our very private class blog sites! I will keep the personal reports and blogs private, but you can't believe the wealth of authentic transformation and inspiration that has been expressed! Each one's Soul taught and reinforced all the others! And even though those classes are over, these groups continue to share their Soul blogs together, and engender the closeness of our Group Souls!

Here's what a few people had to say:

I've always had a hard time trusting my true self. This class helped me access my intuition (my soul) so now I'm being guided in the sweetest way possible. I feel like I have a really good tool to help me be my authentic self in life. It's a lot easier to trust myself now. And I do feel like I've dropped the pain from my childhood, never knew it could be so easy!!
Love, Ann Lowe, Silver City, NM

Thank you so much for supporting me at your workshop. By contacting my soul and not being afraid to speak my deepest insecurities I released so much stagnant energy. I have never felt better and more in tune and aligned with my higher self. I also feel more confident in myself. But more humble at the same time; it's beautiful. Like you said I have my "soul" and I feel blessed with the experiences of my life because they made me the Spiritual Warrior I am today. See you soon.
Blessings, Yarrow King, Los Angeles, CA

This class proved transformational for me in so many ways...contacting the essence of my Soul and Intuition provided much-needed strength and clarity at a critical juncture in my life. I sensed that we really connected as a group in a very deep way to support our souls and to support a Group-Soul awareness as well! I hope we all meet again soon in another of Siri Gian's classes, at Solstice, yoga classes or on the Etheric Planes!
Sarb Nam Kaur Khalsa, Espanola, NM

I can only say that next to beginning this incredible Kundalini Yoga and Sikh lifestyle, the privilege of holding the space for these precious classes has been the most humbling and heart opening experience of my spiritual life!

If you would like to participate, here is the upcoming schedule, and you can click here to get more information and to register for them. I would love to have you and your Soul with us!

All Love in Divine!

Siri-Gian Kaur

For more information, or to register, please click here.


December 4, 2007


So, how is possible to get communication from your very own Soul, your God-Self, you may ask!

Well, once folks get the techniques for tuning into their Soul, the actual information from our Souls can come through a variety of ways that I call our "meta- senses."

Not only do we have our regular every day senses of hearing, seeing, smelling, feeling, movement, and so on, we also have a set of these senses on what I will call an elevated level that is completely subtle, but absolutely accessible if you pay attention to them and meditate regularly! And since each person is so very unique, each one of us receives this information primarily through their own strongest meta-sense! And of course, the process of meditation "fires up" the subtle, energetic mechanisms of your "meta-senses"!

Now, one of the most often asked questions that I get when teaching INTUITION TRAINING: The Art of Soul Listening is "How do I know for sure that my Soul is communicating with me, and how can I be sure that my mind or old programs are playing tricks on me?"

So, I have been turning the tables! Once folks follow the directions for accessing their Soul's amazingly right-on wisdom, and they get their answers through their meta- senses, I ask them what the sensations in their body are that let them know that they are truly communicating with their very own God-Self.

I am so happy that they have given me permission to share a few of them with you today! Here are some feelings that people have reported that let them know they are really in sync with their Souls. :

  • Warm, cozy, bright.
  • Crystal patterning, clear.
  • Comes in at a 60 degree angle, clear; she doesn't feel nauseated as when "entertaining" untruth not from her Soul.
  • Soothing feeling, spreading over her entire body.
  • Vision at the arcline (energetic organ that extends from temple to temple across the lower forehead) opened up. Felt centered, expansive, peaceful.
  • Peaceful, joyful, bliss; not serious, or heavy, or feeling "not right."
  • The energy moves at the heart, navel and mind.
  • Centered, quiet, absolute stillness, peace, no need to move a muscle, relief, relaxation and smile.
  • Feeling from the core of his being.
  • Heart opens, energy flows from it, and a sea of expansiveness occurs.
  • A certain feeling of a little pressure in the throat/neck (at throat or "truth chakra") on both sides of the Adam's apple area.

I just read an abstract of a scientific study that confirms that people who meditate often have much better awareness of their physical sensations!

Now, I hope you will send me descriptions of your own experiences of bodily sensations that signify you are totally present with your God-Self! Watch carefully, especially in meditation. When you get it, you will know it! Then relax into it, remember it, and rely on it to verify the most important communication of your lives!


6 Thursday evening sessions from Jan. 17 to Feb. 21, 2008, (the meditation begins on Jan. 10), $159. If you want to take this tele-class but really can't make the Thursday one, please let me know what evening does work for you.

Presidents' Day Weekend, Feb. 16, 17, 18, 2008. $259.
Memorial Day Weekend, May 24, 25, 26, 2008. $325.

For more information, or to register, please click here.


January 29, 2008


This morning, as the sun is rising over our snow-capped Sangre de Christo mountains on the east side our Rio Grande valley, it occurred to me that many of my Native American neighbors here in the surrounding Pueblos would be walking out their front doors to toss a handful of cornmeal towards the new sun- -making a sacred offering of something completely important to their lives to the Almighty, corn being their staff of life. I thought that I might try doing that offering as well, consciously giving back to the sacred that forms me and my life.

Offerings are central to every spiritual path, every religion. Remember the Jews offering the lamb? Historically, worshipers offered the fruit of their labors such as wheat, vegetables, and other produce to their church, their priestess, the sacrificial fire, and so on. They always offered something that was precious to their lives. And now, of course every religion and spiritual path accepts money as offerings from their faithful.

Now, what about this?

Here are some things that we must hold precious because we hold so tightly to them. They form the basis of our personality, our very identity! These are things such as habitual hurt, anger, confusion, blaming, emotional churning, picking fights, superiority and inferiority. It occurs to me that we must regard our own ailing emotional habits as so very essential to our lives because we seem to hold so tightly to them and feel absolutely justified in the process! Example: "He really hurt me (didn't do what I wanted), so I feel really, really bad and angry. I will keep churning this over in my mind and gut, hating him, feeling superior to him, taking satisfaction in letting my friends know how bad he is, and on and on." Fun, huh?

So, here's an idea. How about offering these really important aspects of ourselves back to the Almighty as our most precious offerings? After all, offering does imply personal sacrifice.

No, you say? I wouldn't want to offer my creepy stuff to the Almighty!

Well, consider this. The great Infinite is the most amazing recycling operation in the Universe! It craves old tangled, mangled energies to recycle! So why not feed these nasties right into the great tree shredder in the sky to really give the Almighty something to chew on, to make something new in you with?

And in the process, as we give up these tangled, mangled energetic viruses, our own energy patterns smooth out, become more balanced, clear and can operate at much more subtle and higher frequencies. And when that happens, that's when our God Self can finally get greater access to our everyday selves, our egos and jump right in to merge Its Life with our life as the same Life. Yikes! Now that's real recycling!

So, to make these incredible offerings of your most tightly held self, you need to become very, very aware of when these little goofballs show their heads--kind of like that whacking the gopher game!

Stalk your fear, your insecurities, your anger and so on--the whole basket load that you can turn them into your offerings. And when one shows itself, immediately grab that immensely effective mallet, your mantra "Gobinday, Mukunday, Udaray, Aparay, Hariang, Kariang, Nirnamay, Akamay. You can check out its translation and more when you click here. It's really a fantastic tool! So, keep up using this mantra mallet with vigor and intensity until that "goofy gopher" lets go.

And if it shows itself again, let him have it again! This is really the offering and recycling to the Almighty process in a nutshell!

If you create a regular habit of offering all those little as well as gargantuan beasties of your persona back to the Almighty who is really hungering and thirsting for them, then by God, you'll become the GOD! And you'll finally get happy! Not bad, this offering process, eh?


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