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May 27, 2014


Now what if suddenly you found that all that you had been told was truly REAL, and all of the goals that had been taught to you through your family, your church, school and all of dearly held constructs turned totally upside down?

Well, we don’t have to realize all of that all at once because that would really be disruptive.  But perhaps let’s just get used to this a bit at a time.

First off, I know that you have been hearing this ever since you consciously stepped on the spiritual path, but what if you really took seriously the fact that what we are living in the tangible world is not the absolute reality? 

What if you realized that what you read in those women’s magazines about relationships is an absurd way to look at relationships?  What if you understood that nobody, no God, and no karma is out to punish you because of your sins or your bad deeds or for not being perfect?  What if you realized that you are intrinsically perfect, and that it is your automatic programs based on the confusing concepts of self-righteousness and habitual fear that really get you in trouble? 

What if you “GOT” that the basis of your habitual ways of seeing, perceiving and understanding all that happens in your life has been developed over lifetimes from layers of your experiences as they have been given value—negative or positive by the ever so subtle but totally powerful judgments of our culture/society/what hurts or doesn’t hurt/notions of right and wrong?  These are what have created our outlooks, our belief systems that often make us feel good or bad about ourselves, others and our environments.  Yes, it is actually our opinions that govern how we feel about situations, people and ourselves—they are not the Truth in themselves!

So, stop for a second and meditate on Yogi Bhajan’s words, “There is no right and no wrong.  Thinking makes it so!”  Yes, now read that and “grok” that a few more times.  Apply this realization to some situation, some feeling about yourself or another that has been revisiting you fairly recently.

Are you basing your opinions of good or bad, what I want or don’t want on judgments, or cultural guidelines that were put in your subconscious by generations long before you came along, from your friends, from what you “think” should be happening, from the latest psychological pop jargon, what you learned in church, what you see in the movies or on TV, etc.?

Now, imagine if there were no judgments in the world.  Just slip into that for a minute.  What if that part of your mind that made judgments went numb and you just couldn’t say one way or the other if something were “good or bad”, including judging yourself.   Would you go crazy?  Or would you be relieved?  Would you feel lost and without any mooring? Or would you finally relax—relax into just BEING HERE NOW?  That includes simply abiding with whatever is happening this in this very moment.  Could you feel the flow of the river of energy moving through you, or are you cutting that off in some way because something is not right, because you have deadlines that seize the daylights out of you, because someone is yelling at you to fulfill a list of expectations?

Or are you relaxing into the realization that something is guiding you from within, from your senses, your gut, your kindness to others and to yourself, from how you see things—both very subtly in your vision, as well as most subtly finding that your outlook is changing in a way that actually switches to new ways of perceiving that you had never considered before?  Are you open to new, “off the wall” ways of seeing, hearing and thinking that are not bound down by old habits or by what others parrot to you?

Does your own sense of creativity allow you to relax in what you don’t yet understand or what is being “unfolded” bit by bit.  Are you fascinated by the clues that are given to you like disparate koans[i] seeming to come out of nowhere?  Are you willing to hold the space of integrity by which you just deeply “KNOW” when something is true--when all of your energy, insight and awareness align in you in a certain strong way in which everything fits?   That feeling, that Knowing becomes your “ignition” to power up your participation with that Truth which flows from that very special recognition or realization.

This, my Dear is where you find the real Truth about any situation, any person, any action or reaction.

So, from now on, take the time, take the attention to stop, to feel, to know your guidance and your answers.  You will glean them as feelings in your body in which you simply ascertain what is Truth, or which way to move, or that you are drawn to pay attention to. You may even “hear” or “see” your answers on a subtle level.  But rest assured that when you do get these snippets of surprising Truth, your mind will not be in a snit.  It won’t be overbearing.  You will know this condition because your mind is not judging what is good or bad.  Rather this process of listening from your great flow of grounded neutrality is called “discerning.”  It is soft, but oh so powerful.  You don’t really know what to expect, except if you have been hearing, feeling this same message over time, but finally you are now putting your attention to this information.

Now this information will not necessarily guide you to fulfill your expectations that are based in alleviating your insecurities, but rather when you engage yourself in working out this information, it will clear out your fears and phobias.  So, if the next step that you are being magnetized to seems really silly or wrong and not to be trusted because you never heard of such a thing, just take a deep breath and let go of your worries.  Remember, you are getting this lead from the primo Source.  That is your very own Soul, or the Guru, or the Great Mind, or your own attuned gut.  However you want to say it is fine.

The only caveat is that you pay attention to it, and follow it.  If you allow yourself to just rest or flow without judgment or preconceived ideas and reactions, then you have put your feet on the greatest, most amazing pure road to the depth of Happiness—which is definitely not superficial or a gone-in-a-minute thrill.  But we are talking about the self-love, the ongoing simplicity and clarity that carries us through everything with grace and commitment.  As we consciously, meditatively relax into this very real organic flow or place of peace, there is no question of courage or power.  All “just is.”  It is very real and it usually does not conform to the norm, but it is the Source of Creativity and Reality.  It is Truth way beyond our mind and emotions habits.  It is always the breakthrough, the “A ha!”  And it is always the “perfect solution!”

 This is how you become the Real You, and not a torrent of your world’s judgments and fears.  You are actually cozy, powerful, kind, and sustaining love.  And over time, as you follow this Source—as you allow yourself to become sweetly subsumed in It, you actually begin to deeply forgive yourself of whatever it is that has separated you from You!

That, my Dear is following the path of Intuition--honest connection to your Source.  So simple, so Divine!  That is turning your old shortsighted world upside down to create your own True world that is truly right-side-up.  That is the Pure Reality!

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Lots of Love,

Siri-Gian Kaur

[i] Koan-- A paradox to be meditated upon that is used to train Zen Buddhist monks to abandon ultimate dependence on reason and to force them into gaining sudden intuitive enlightenment.



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