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Birth of a Vortex Center 


Merging in Your Infinity Through Yogi Bhajan's Energy!
September 20-21, 2014 at Yogi Bhajan's Ranch
In Espanola, NM, just north of Santa Fe, NM 

Led by our amazing teacher,
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“Sixty-eight vortex centers manifest,
where the awakened ones place their sacred feet.”
From the Siri Guru Granth Sahib 


Ancient Yogis tell us that where an awakened Master leaves his physical body, he creates an energetic pathway from this worldly plane to the more rarefied dimensions that others can actually follow!

A vortex center is activated, it holds the imprint of the master’s lotus feet which can be accessed by devoted students to transcend the world of mind & body and merge into Totality. It is a very real portal through which grace, consciousness and healing energy constantly flow.

A few days of meditation in such a place enhances the spiritual growth equivalent to many years of meditation. In the past, those who knew this science would travel to such a place to be in this vortex energy. When one sits with an open heart in such a place, one can easily travel on their inner journey of awakening.

Yogi Bhajan’s “Ranch” is just such a portal where the imprint of his energetic field is actively transmitting rays of consciousness and grace.  When you walk on the “Ranch” here in Espanola, NM, you can actually feel his most sweet, crystalline, powerful and very refined vibrations.

This is where he lived and worked with so many students for so many years. And this is where he left his physical body on Oct. 6, 2004. This is the very place where his individual “soul bride” became one with the Universal Soul, which is referred to as “Urz”, the great marriage.

Amandeep Singh and Soul Answer University are honored to join the community at large in recognizing the 10-year anniversary of this great marriage. This year 2014, marks our 2nd “Yogi’s Cave” 2-day experience where seekers of the heart come and merge into the ever flowing grace and consciousness of the Master.  Here, as devoted students we learn to bow and inflame our hearts with the fire of reverence and gratitude.

Incredible for both practiced yogis of all traditions, and beginners alike! 


Yogi Bhajan's Dome on his Ranch

 "...But those who will believe that I am dead, I shall be dead for them. And those who shall believe that I live, I shall live a hundred times more powerfully, stronger in them than they have ever experienced. With these words I would like to tell you that we have an everlasting, loving, beautiful relationship, here, hereafter, unto infinity, and even beyond that. Believe me. Even if you can't believe it, it is true".

"Answer the Master's call to your Soul and come to Yogi Mela 2014!"


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Join us for our
40 Day Meditation on theTratakam Photo of Yogi Bhajan
Aug. 12, 2014 that leads into
Sept. 20-21, 2014 
Click here to see AMANDEEP SINGH'S amazing introduction
to this ancient Yogic practice,
and also get the Tratakam meditation! 


A Most Gifted Teacher!



Amandeep Singh is a most remarkable teacher!

As he is guided by the Masters, using wonderful stories, kriyas, and both prescribed and inspired guided meditations, he takes us deeper and deeper into the energy vortex created by Yogi Bhajan.  Then amazingly, we are suddenly connected to an incredible experience of our own Divinity! 

Amandeep's love of Yogi Bhajan and his teachings are terrifically palpable.  Join us to experience all this yourself.  Better yet, bring your friends and relatives with you!

Learn more about Yogi Amandeep Singh at .

For a personal healing session with Amandeep Singh, please go to the bottom of 




Our course will actually be held on Yogi Bhajan's Ranch in Espanola, NM.  We will gather in a large tent, as well as in the area outside Yogi Bhajan's dome where he passed away, the Ranch house where he counseled students, and his Gurdwara (chapel)--all such sacred ground!  Be sure to bring your sheepskin, your yoga mat or other material to sit on the grass and flag stones.

To get more information on where to stay and how to get to Espanola, NM, please go to . 

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Sept. 20-21, 2014


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Sept. 20-21, 2014
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$30 off "AVTAARS" 5 Webinar Course with Amandeep Singh, Aug. 5 to Sept. 2, 2014 when you first register for either the In-Person Yogi's Cave course or Streaming.  Once you register here, you will be given a CODE that you can use when you register for the AVTAARS webinars at

 is the middle event in the 
 40 Day Legacy Celebration of Yogi Bhajan

 At his Ranch in Espanola, NM in 2014 


 YOGI’S CAVE, Sept. 20-21


 You are invited to attend all these events or whichever ones you can make. 



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