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With Yogi Amandeep Singh






If you have ever wanted to connect most deeply with the heart of a great Master to gain the height of spiritual experience, this is your chance!

Yogi Amandeep Singh powerfully takes you to connect with the very consciousness of Yogi Bhajan, Master of Kundalini Yoga.  As Raj Yoga, this ancient tradition includes all branches of Yoga or “Union” with your most Infinite Self.

Using those kriyas and meditations, as well as the practice of additional traditions, including Zen and Tibetan Buddhism, Amandeep most powerfully and humbly drives us to slip out of our apparent separateness to join with the very heart of the Master who takes you to amazing healing, pure experience of the Spirit, and profound awareness of Who you are!  It is the very experience that takes you to these depths and heights as never before.

Yogi Amandeep tells us that when a Master passes from his physical body, he leaves behind a very rarified trail to the higher realms.  So, this course was held on Yogi Bhajan’s Ranch in Espanola, NM where he did leave behind his physical body in 2005.  When you walk on this precious land, you will immediately feel the grace, purity, and profound Presence within you.

In this course, we were so very fortunate to be able to actually mediate so very deeply outside of Yogi Bhajan’s Dome—his meditation room and the actual location of his passing.  Although the Dome has been sealed since that event, we were able to strongly meditate just outside of it, and also around the perimeter of his “Gurdwara” or temple just across the path. 

That led us to the most powerful experiences of moving to the greater spiritual realms that are usually just out of reach for us.  We gained long awaited answers, dropped habitual restrictions and delved into palpable peace!

Now on these video recordings, you will join with us in that great vibration.  You will surely feel it as we meet our True Selves beyond time and space!  And during the times when we meditated at the door of Yogi Bhajan’s Dome, you may or may not see the entire video of those sections because we could not fully operate the camera there, but there will be still photos with directions for you to follow, and the experience is certainly not lost—quite the contrary.

All of the folks who took this course by live-streaming viscerally had deep experiences of recognition along with the rest of the class at the Ranch.  And we have felt the same power in the videos.

Please enjoy our most humble Amandeep’s most powerful transmission as he connects our very Beings to the Master.  That is how we soar to such extraordinary dimensions!

You may purchase your permanent access to these wonderful videos that are stored on our Course Library Site for $280.  And if on the PayPal page that you would reach once you click the “Buy Now” button below, you choose “Bill Me Later,” you can extend your payments for 6 months without any interest feel.

And if you would like to get the videos of both this two day course called “Yogi’s Cave 2013” in addition to Amandeep’s other incredible 2 ½ day course called “Yogi Mela 2013” , you can get $100 off the combination tuition.  You can see more about that at .

Bless you in your exquisite quest for Yogic Union with your True Self!

Perpetual access to the Videos of the 2 day “Yogi’s Cave 2013”is $280.  Click the button below to register.


This video is from Yogi Amandeep's Yogi Mela course in 2012


Invitation to All Devoted Yogis Who Want to
Merge into Higher Consciousness.

Through the Word of the Guru's Shabad, search this cave.
Realize the Immaculate Being Who abides deep within the self.

Siri Guru Granth Sahib

ANCIENT YOGIS tell us that where an awakened Master leaves his physical body, he creates a very real energetic pathway from this worldly plane to the more rarefied dimensions that others can actually follow!
It is a very real portal through which grace, consciousness
and healing energy constantly flow.

This flow is felt by those who are receptive, those who have dissolved into the teachings of the Master through devotion and dedication. 


Yogi Bhajan’s “Ranch” is just such a portal where the imprint of his energetic field is actively transmitting these rays of consciousness and grace.  When you walk onto Yogi Bhajan’s “Ranch” here in Espanola, NM, you can actually feel his most sweet, crystalline, powerful and very refined vibrations.  This is where he lived and worked with so many students for so many years.  And this is where he left his physical body on Oct. 6, 2004. 

Now, those who know this yogic science of accessing a Master’s energetic portal travel to this sort of place to bathe in its pure energy and to flow with it to higher regions just as an eagle effortlessly soars on lofty air currents.  When you meditate in such an energetically potentized location with an open heart, you can easily travel deep and high into your most pure inner journey of awakening. 

On Feb. 23-24 in 2013--the weekend following the Yogi Mela, Amandeep Singh will lead us to access our Master Yogi Bhajan’s brilliantly-lit, well-laid trail through the ethers.  We will be doing this together in a smaller, even more intimate gathering with satisfyingly intense meditation on the actual Ranch property.  What a gift, eh?  Come join us! 


From Amandeep Singh: 

This is an invitation to all Yogis who are devoted to
experiencing pure, elevating Shakti;
those who want to enflame their being with the divine love
and initiate their inner journey to deeper levels.
If you feel the Call and want to come,
there is one condition –
drop all resistance, come with an open heart.

Many Blessings.