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YOGI MELA 2014 in Espanola, NM, USA.  Feb. 14-17.

In-Person Course in Espanola, NM, USA + access to the Recordings or

Live-Streamed on your Computer in real time + access to the Recordings



Extraordinary teacher and research scholar who powerfully projects Yogi Bhajan's teachings!


You get the incredible energy from Amandeep's course with livestreaming this event to your own computer anywhere in the world!

Guru, Lama, Wali, Yogi, Avdoot, Baba NANAK!

Tibetan Sufi Guru Nanak





Yogi Bhajan called Nanak the “Avatar of Brahm”—that is the Consciousness that is beyond the Universal Consciousness.  It is the Source of creation.  It is the “Sound” or intelligent current from which all originates!  He is All, yet is beyond All.  In his most humble guise as Nanak, that great Consciousness itself came to teach and lead us with such simplicity to that very Source of ourselves! 

NANAK!  Beyond dogma, experience pure Infinity with powerful meditations and kriyas from the Kundalini Yoga, Sikh, Tibetan, Nath, Vedic, Sufi and Kashmiri Shaiva traditions.  Amandeep will share amazing stories of Nanak as the Guru for the Aquarian Age.  Experience the Infinite Source of all traditions, as you become the One!  And join with the hearts of other dedicated yogis as well on your most sacred journey Home!

NANAK!  Enlightened Teacher

NANAK flowed all over the known world of his time—from China, Tibet, Azerbaijan, and Burma covering all the reaches of India, and over the width of the Arabian peninsula for 21 years quenching the spiritual thirst of humanity with pure, profound Truth, way beyond the confines of dogma and tradition. To the Tibetans he is recorded as Lama Nanak.  In his vast teaching, he became “Wali Nanak” to the Sufis, “Avdoot Naanak” or “Yogi Nanak” to the Himalayan Yogis, as well as “Baba Nanak” to the Hindus. 

And so fortuitous for us, he initiated such a pure and direct dharma rooted entirely in True Union with the Infinite!  He is the very originator of Sikh Dharma, and his great Infinite Consciousness was carried by all the following nine Sikh Gurus


AMANDEEP'S YOGI MELA on NANAK will be a most powerful in-person Yogic Event in Espanola, NM from Friday evening, Feb. 14 through Mon., Feb. 17 in 2014.  There will also be live-streaming in real time on your computer, and recorded videos to view anytime after the course.

As you may have experienced, Amandeep brings extraordinarily uplifting Yoga and Meditation that take you to the heights and depths of your own Consciousness!  With his strong projective energy, the transforming vibrations of gong and conch, you reach the most brilliant meditative staes.  Plus Amandeep's wonderful stories and little known history from his vast research bring you such a coziness, such Yogic Union!

Join us over Presidents' Day Holiday Weekend for the exquisite experience of Amandeep's fourth Yogi Mela--our Heart to Heart Gathering of Yogis!


FEBRUARY 14-17, 2014


With Other Yogis on Facebook to learn more about the course, hear from those lucky ones who have attended these events with Amandeep Singh in the past, ask your questions and give your thoughts, connect to ride and room sharing, and more!




Please call Sat Kartar Kaur at 505-747-7056


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  3. If you are in the neighborhood of Espanola, please come to the FREE class at Anthony's at the Delta on Friday, Feb. 14 from 6:30 to 7:30.  Bring your yoga stuff--sheepskin/mat.  Unfortunately, that class won't be live streamed.


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The Songs of Nanak 

While in deep samadhi for three days and three nights under the sacred waters of the River Vaee, Nanak was transformed into the “Guru”— the enlightened one.  As he left the river, he composed the exquisite verses that we now call Japji Sahib.  It actually describes the “structure” of creation as we emanate from Infinity.  There Guru Nanak frames the most practical concepts on how to unite with that sacred wholeness.
 Guru Nanak taught by singing exquisite songs of Truth. They are not philosophical treatises, but pure and practical.  His songs contain a language of totally unique caliber. When chanted properly in the original Gurmukhi currents of sound and rhythm, you may find yourself slipping into deep samadhi.  If you can absorb his songs, something will start singing in you, something will start flowering in you. 

All that is needed is your openness and receptivity, so that his songs can trigger the most expansive energy that may have been dormant in your being! 

AMANDEEP SINGH has taught three incredible webinars on the Mystical Aspects of Gurumukhi.  This Pronunciation of Gurmukhi and Japji Sahib are from Guru Gobind Singh's Oral Tradition.  They are EXPLORING THE DEEP MYSTICAL REALM OF GURMUKHI with 2 webinars and LEARNING TO READ AND WRITE THE MUSTICAL GURMUKHI SCRIPT with an 8 webinar series.  See more about them at .

And Amandeep Singh has recorded a 10 webinar series on JAPJI SAHIB--ANCIENT SECRETS OF THE SACRED VIBRATIONS!  They are recorded for your own self-study!  They make a wonderful introduction to this 3 day course on Guru Nanak!  See this wonderful series at .