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Intuited Drawing of the Engergy "YoDa"

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I thought that you might be interested in the drawing
that my old friend StarrSheva has done of an
energetic manifestation called YoDa,
and also in her explanation below!
I neither endorse nor deny this explanation,
but I find it fascinating, and maybe you will, too.

"YoDa" intuited by StarrSheva, 2006 CreativeCommons, some rights reserved.

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5 License.


"You see here the energy field template of the quintessential Sikh Warrior. (You can compare Starr's art with the Adi Shakti--the Primal Earth Power symbol of the Sikhs below--which Starr had never seen before she drew this!)

"The goal is to build ourselves into great towers of Power to transmit light and love out onto the Universal Airways. The aim is to receive even more Light and Love back, and then to send it down into the inner heart Chakra of the Mother. We must heal not only our individual energy fields but heal and stabilize the axial spine of our Mother.

"How? Yogi Bhajan said it and continues to say it. Sat Kriya, Sat Kriya, Sat Kriya. The MaHa Mudra, the Great Kegle. Bellows Breath. Do it in rock pose, easy pose, standing up, sitting down, lying down. DO IT! If a person still has breath in their body, they can do SAT KRIYA. Teach it! Teach it!

"Call it anything--Kegeling, or anything that allows you to teach and transmit Sat Kriya. Joined together we form a huge net around Mother. There's so much information coming in."

You can communicate with the artist at

Instructions for Sat Kriya

İSikh Dharma, 3HO Foundation, Khalsa Group IM and Ravitej Singh.

You can see similarities between Starr's intuited drawing
and this rendition of the Adi Shakti by Ravitej Singh. 
You can buy a poster of this painting at

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