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Yogi's Cave 2014, Complete Registration Details

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Yogi's Cave 2014

In-Person in Espanola,NM

or by Live-Streaming to your computer


When you are registering, you will find ways to enter any of this specific information that you choose:



Course—Fall Equinox, Sat. Sept. 20 to Sun. Sept. 21, 2014 from 9 AM to 5 PM each day. Onsite registration for both days begins at 8:30 AM. 


Lock-in your lowest In-person Course Tuition Rate Now!

Start your registration NOW to lock in your earliest registration rate (Early or Standard) with an initial payment of just $50 now.  And then you can schedule your own payments over time. But be sure that you have paid the full amount by Sept. 20 at 9 AM.   

Live-Streaming tuition does not have early payment rates, but remains the same. 



Access to the Recordings will become available by or before Oct. 1.

You will get full perpetual access to the recordings of the Yogis Cave 2014 with either:

  • In-person in Espanola registration for the full course, but not for a one-day registration.
  • Live Streaming to your computer in real time.  Tuition for both the live streaming and access to the recordings is:  $199.
  • Cost of the recordings by themselves without either the In-person course or Live Streaming:  $199.  So, for recordings only, please register for Live-Streaming, even though you won't be watching it in real time.

Early Registration:

Full course registered with at least $50 by Tuesday, July 15--$329

One day, either Sat. or Sun., registered with at least $50 by Tuesday, July 15--$172


Standard Registration:

Full course registered with at least $50 from Wednesday, July 16 through Friday, Sept. 19, 2014--$354

One day, either Sat. or Sun. registered with at least $50 by Friday, Sept. 19, 2014--$185

On Site Registration 
with no prior registration, paid between 8:30 to 9 AM onsite at the Ranch, 

Full Course: $374

One day, either Sat. or Sun: $195 

Cancellation & Refund Policy for Live Course in Espanola or Live-Streaming to your computer.
$50 Cancellation Fee.  Then through Sept. 6, we return the balance of your fee.  From Sept. 7, there are no refunds. 


  • Lunches on Sat. and Sun. are included in your course tuition, but breakfasts and dinners are not. Fruit and tea for snacks will be provided, but if you need anything else such as sweets, please be sure to bring it.
  • Daily lunch rates for anyone not registered for the course: Lunch only on Sat. and Sun., both days. $30.  Otherwise, lunch is included in your full course, or day rate registration.  Registration Code:  MEALS


These discounts are for the In-Person Course only--not for live streaming.  When you enter them in the Registration page, please be sure they are all lower case.


PLEASE NOTE:  Only one of these discounts may be used with any registration, so please pick the best one for you. 


IKYTA Members with membership dues paid up:  10% off. .  Discount Code: ikyta   


Student with current school ID:  10% off.  Discount Code--study  


Seniors of 62 yrs. or more with ID proof:  10% off.  Discount Code--wise1


Espanola Ashram Full Time Residents (part time residents register with regular tuition): 10% off.  Discount Code--ftesp


Immersion Teacher Training Course in Espanola, NM.  Discount Code--immer


Groups of 2 or more registering together:  10% off.  There is no discount codes for groups.  But as you add additional participants to the first registration, the 10% discounts will be figured in.


If you would like to bring Live-Streaming to a group such as your yoga studio, please contact for special rates.


Returning participants of Amandeep's Yogi Mela or Yogi's Cave courses:  $25 discount for full course registration, not available on single day registration.  Use Discount Code: TRIBE.  




When registering online, you will be asked to pay by credit card.  

For check or cash payment anytime through Sept. 19, or any other registration questions, please CLICK HERE to contact our lovely Registrar, Kehar Kaur, although she may not be able to get back to you in a timely manner around Summer Solstice and Women's Camp time.

Sept. 20 & 21 from 8:30 to 9 AM each day, we will hold registration that receives cash, check, money order or credit card to pay your balance owed on registrations already begun, as well as new registrations.


RIDE BOARD & CONNECTIONS with other Yogis who are coming:



Get a $30 discount on Amandeep's 5 Webinar Series "Avtaars"
 Once you register for Yogi's Cave, you will be sent a discount code that you can enter into your registration for Avtaars that will automatically give you the $30 discount!
5 "Avtaars" Webinars to your computer alone--$145.  
But when combined with your Yogi's Cave registration, "Avtaars" is $115 for each participant
This Avtaars course is Tuesdays Aug. 5 to Sept. 2, 2014.
 "Avtaars" Webinars (

Combine "Avtaars" with the Yogi's Cave 2014, either as:
* Live course in Espanola, NM (at your current tuition rate with applicable discounts) or
* Live-Streamed to your computer ($199)


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If you want to schedule an amazing healing appointment with Amandeep Singh while he is here in Espanola, you can contact Sat Kartar Kaur to do that.  Her phone is 505-747-7056. 

We are primarily reserving the appointments on Monday , Sept. 22 after the course for those from out of town.  And then he may also give appointments on Tues and Wed. as well.  We will know better about that as his schedule firms up.  Sat Kartar Kaur can give you directions to where he will be giving these appointments.  The exchange is $130 for a one hour appointment, payable with either cash or check that you will give to Sat Kartar Kaur.  No credit cards this time.

Not only has Amandeep Singh been trained as a counselor at University, but of course his honed intuition gives you the most profound information about yourself, and his natural healing energy is extraordinary!  Don't miss this chance.

More about Amandeep at  




Housing, Driving Directions, Logistics: 

Nirbhe Kaur to register for Ashram Nivas housing:

Sat Guru Singh, Course Manager:

Kehar Kaur, Registrar: 

Southwest Airlines: 

RIDE BOARD & CONNECTIONS with other Yogis who are coming: