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Dec. 31, 2019 & Nov. 29, 2011

Judgment—the Slavery of Oppression

Don’t others’ judgments make you feel squirrely inside?  Do you feel like running and hiding, defensive as all get out, reactive, annoyed, defeated? 

Do you fold into yourself to hide your Real Self with quiet or numbness and “hope they won’t see you?  Or do you put on a bravado show of what you think those who judge you would hold in high esteem so that you would not be ostracized to hell?

Now, especially in this past very Piscean era, I don’t know of anyone who has not squelched their own wild and precious beauty in order to gain scraps of acceptance and love.  After all, even as human children we learned very early that our very survival lies in conforming to the social laws of the culture around us. 

In some ways, that may be beneficial, don’t you suppose?  After all, we become “civilized” is some ways.  Imagine never being potty trained or learning to use your “inside voice.”

On the other hand, we get into such a habit of not actually valuing our true self for just being here on Earth—much less valuing the totally of the miracle that we are in all our most unique ways.  For instance:

·         “My parents want me to be a doctor, but I want to be a plumber who has time to meditate and understand philosophy.  No one will respect me if I follow my own joy and inclinations.” 

·         “I have to keep my loving heart hidden so that it won’t ever be dismissed, squashed or denied.  So, in order to be accepted by the larger group, I will join in with their attitudes of separation and anger, and suppress my own longing to just love, no matter what.”

·         And fill in your own story here….

Having the courage to take yourself way beyond the oppression of what is expected of you is so very, very huge.  After all, it may thoroughly rock your world—literally!  Your old “friends” may turn away from you, your family may give up on you, old emotional torments may rise to haunt you, seemingly with no recourse on your part.

But remember, our cage whose bars are made of other people’s judgments is a form of the Emperor’s new clothes.  That is allowing others’ judgments of us to shape the persona that we project to the world, while we remain miserable hiding behind a mask that is actually our own voluntary participation in that slavery of oppression.  We are afraid of being alone or separated from what we feel will make us whole.  Woops!  Backwards.


After all, didn’t Yogi Bhajan in his talk on 11-10-11 tell us to be Who we are—no holds barred?  Didn’t he tell us that our true and authentic selves are really needed in this Aquarian time?  What if we actually followed our heart, our bliss?  Now I am not talking about following whims or obsessions, or addictions you understand.

Oh, no.  I am talking about the joy that is crying to explode from your guts.  We are looking for that beauty of expression and connection that truly satisfies that most exquisite place in your Being!  We need you, the real YOU because in truth, we all fit together like puzzle pieces!  But if a puzzle piece is missing, as a Whole we are not complete.  Everyone is needed as Who they really are.

Now to explore that purity, innocence and depth of spontaneity in you that actually brings you sheer, underlying happiness takes real courage to truly relax, relax, relax into your very personal and expansive Truth—the actual experience of Sat Nam. 

Imagine—joy, connection and satisfaction, or grounded “chedi kala” (uprising spirit) are the actual signs that we are fabulously and purely living from our Soul—our Guru.  That is when we are REAL as we stand for and with that great call that is our Destiny in every regard.  (This is not to be confused with self-righteousness—unadulterated prejudice and all that that entails.)

Once we are truly connected with our own pure depth, our world spins out of the old confusing, depressed and blocked kaleidoscopic pattern to simply sing, to become joyous and satisfying.  Things may be harder or perhaps easier than before, but definitely happier.  Freedom is where you follow your Soul!

Lots of Love,

Siri-Gian Kaur


Copyright Siri-Gian Khalsa,, 2011

You have permission to reproduce this article in print or online as long as you keep the copyright large and readable.


“Nobody Has a Bigger Ego Than Me!”  Yogi Bhajan

Nov. 19, 2019 & June 21, 2011 Summer Solstice

That is what Yogi Bhajan defiantly yelled a few times at Ladies Camp back in the day!  Needless to say, with my spiritual/Christian background, I nearly fell over.  Of course I could feel Yogi Bhajan laughing about the profound effect his words had on me!

Here I had been letting go of my “ego”, or so I thought, being meek and humble, melting into the background.  The result was that I had no projection, and could not hold any Presence.   Yogi Bhajan had a huge ego so that his earthly identity could hold and project this incredible, Ultimate, Infinite Consciousness!  And he did it through his cleared-out earthly personality, his ego.

So, when we take a fresh look at this much maligned little word, we find that it has been greatly misinterpreted by our popular culture!  It has come to mean:  pride, overbearing self-importance, can’t see beyond the end your own nose, Me first, no one greater in the Universe or deserving of everything than ME, controlling and manipulative, self aggrandizement.  Well, you get it.

But in fact, that little word “EGO”, which literally means “I” was coined by Dr. Freud a century ago to identify the organizing principle of the psyche.  This ego is a very sophisticated and important apparatus.  It is your identity.  When it is malformed because of inappropriate feedback, especially as a child, or it is broken due to intense early childhood trauma or even past life trauma, the ego cannot knit together the various facets of the personality very well.  It cannot hold thought, projection, strength, will or carry-though.  It disassembles or becomes rigid when faced with challenge.  The replay of subconsciously-stored difficulties crush the ego.

On the other hand, the self aggrandizing ego seems to be the polar opposite way of dealing with a similarly crippled ego or self identity structure.  That is instead of giving up self-power and projection to hide or disappear, it seeks to stock pile greater and greater power, wealth, fame and so on to make up for its inadequacy.  These are both sides of the same coin—the dysfunctional ego.

Which of us doesn’t have to grapple with our own ego in some way?   Certainly, we can’t harshly judge this process in ourselves or others because our own Souls have put these challenges in our path for the sake of solving/healing them to develop particular gems of strength, ability and wisdom within our transformed ego.  (For more explanation of this process, please go to   

I found a wonderful clue in understanding this when I asked my dear friend, Ek Ong Kaar Kaur, who is also on our Soul Answer faculty about a word that was translated as “ego” in the Siri Guru Granth Sahib, the Sikh scriptures.  First she humbly blessed that old translation!  Then she noted that the word that is pronounced “haumay” actually means the small me, or mine—that which I see as my own small self or belonging to me.  Everything is wrapped around ME—whether aggrandized or small.  It is that identity process which keeps me separate from the “ALL in all”.   “If you can’t see God in all, you can’t see God at all.”  Yogi Bhajan’s well-known quote.

So, in fact, he was demonstrating an enormously huge, well knitted, organizing principle of ego or self knowledge that is so neutral and clear that it could act as the most strong, cohesive container and pipe line to project the unbounded Infinite Consciousness that flowed through him—no holds barred.  This is an ego that is Infinitely subtle, powerful, radiant, graceful, compassionate and accurate.  And by his personal ego’s perpetual bowing to that Infinity, it becomes innately humble—not to humans, their judgments or to cultural norms, but to the Great Consciousness of All that is ever seeking to powerfully create anew at every moment.

What a sophisticated balancing act it is to heal from that which keeps us either small or self important—bouncing back and forth between them, fully clearing then re-weaving together our earthly ego to project our Divine Identity.  As you know, Yogi Bhajan certainly had a very distinct and strong personality which arises from the ego!  And he told us time and again that the spiritual path is about changing our identity, our ego—not killing it.  Here is yet another view of that process. 

Who is the “I”?  And WHO are you—really?  This is where surrender of the small “me” ego comes in to accept the freedom and flow of the Great Ego or Great “I”.  I know you are up to it, Dear!  Take a chance, and “consciously become conscious of your Consciousness” as Yogi Bhajan often instructed!

To bring this Consciousness into your own being, please do this meditation to let “Thou” prevail.  Go to .


Copyright Siri-Gian Khalsa,, 2011

You have permission to reproduce this article in print or online as long as you keep this copyright large and readable.


We Are So Happy You Are Here!

Nivember 7, 2016 & May 31, 2011


Before you are born into a family, your own Soul picked through all of your accumulated karmas and put together a game plan for what you wanted to heal, learn, solve and elevate in this lifetime.  Then It/you picked out all the circumstances that you would need to accomplish that—which included choosing your parents, where you would be born, all of your relatives and so on.  True!

So, life is meant to give us a whole heap of opportunities to tackle because by solving them we can get back to the reality of Who we are—REALLY are, that is.  To create this drama, this “game” of life, everyone gets thrown a “few” curves, so to speak.  How to deal with them is always our choice.

In leading healing with so many people, it has become evident to me that when we, as these fresh little Souls come into this wondrous new body intrinsically know Who we are.  The problem is that no one else knows Who we are, and neither do they know Who they are. 

Consequently, we often are not given the feedback of our purity, our preciousness, our Infinity.  As a tiny infant, perhaps no one consciously feels our heart and returns that in kind.  Our parents are not always happy to have us around; people may deny what we intrinsically know.  The result is that we put that cloak of disbelief over Who we know ourselves to be. 

To an infant or a child, a parent is their image of God, their ultimate authority on what is true or not true.  So, if my parent gives me any indication--any feedback that I am not the Infinity, or any rejection that I interpret as “perhaps it wasn’t really a great idea that I came to Earth after all,” then as the child I take on my parent’s voice that turns into self-depreciation, not being worthy of being here on Earth, “I am intrinsically worthy of rejection, I must not KNOW after all,” and so on.

These are the falsehoods that we sign up for on our karmic game board.  Then we subliminally believe them and repeat them to ourselves.  Yikes!

So you can see how they play out in your own life!  Not so pretty, actually.  And yet it is by feedback that we humans seem to accept what is true or not true about most things, especially ourselves, even if they are out and out lies.

But, the good news is that we can chuck these old enforced identities.  If we make that choice, we are not finally doomed to live that inherited identity.  We can actually opt for Who we really are!

Yogi Bhajan told us over and over that the spiritual quest is to change our identity.  This is what we are talking about.  He said that Jesus could become who he was because his mom let him know over and over again that his dad was God.  He had no duality at all about his identity.

Imagine if you knew in your very bones, that you had inherited the very genes and jobs of your truly divine mom and dad—God!

Guess what?  You did! 

It’s just that nobody ever deeply and truly told you that’s Who you are.  Nobody reinforced that, and no one led you to understand that is also the case with everyone else in your whole God Family—that would be everyone who has ever, or who will ever visit Earth in a human body! 

Remember, knowing that all are God doesn’t diminish you, but actually supports your ability to rise to your true identity.  Humans don’t seem to like to be different, rather we like to “fit in.”  Therefore, understanding that we are all in the same Great Boat, the God Boat can be a great comfort.

So, please sit back and allow yourself to soak in the following welcome to Earth. Let yourself relax, let yourself heal.  Forgive yourself and others for not welcoming you with feedback that is True.  And be grateful for the great opportunity to transform to this realization of Who you are so that you could collect all the more wonderful abilities and wisdom that result from that healing of identity. 

Love your self/Self!  Just by your Being, you are more than worthy of that unending love from yourself and your Divine Parents—both giving and receiving.  So simple, so profound.  That is Who you are!


Copyright Siri-Gian Khalsa,, 2011

Click to listen "Welcome to Earth!"


My Very Sweet One,

We are so happy that you are here with us!  We have been waiting for you so long.  Our hearts have been feeling you, loving you, calling you and we are exquisitely happy that you have chosen to be with us here on Earth.

We see the brilliant Light that shines through your eyes.  We feel the expansiveness of your projection.  As we bond with you, we know that you are the piece that completes this incredible mosaic of our joined lives. 

We sink into the joy of simply being here with you, Dear One.  We are of one heart, and having your heart with us amplifies the gorgeous Light of Who we all are as a Divine Family.  We love having you here with us.

How precious you are, Sweet One!  We laugh with your jokes and games.  We cry with your losses, knowing all the time that we never lose you, nor is anything lost, just hidden for a bit.  You abide in our hearts as we do in yours.

We love and respect your wisdom, your knowing in every shape that it takes.  We enjoy you.

You are so brilliant in your great uniqueness.  We look forward to watching your most special gifts and transformations develop as you are here with us.  You are a very precious flower opening to the Sun.  We cherish every stage of your opening.

We dance with you, we sing your song of down-to-earth greatness in the smallest, and seemingly mundane things, in your creativity and in your expansion.  And we support your greatness in every way that you choose.  Remember, stumbles are actually your most perfect learning steps to brilliance.  We are here with you, shoulder to shoulder, appreciating and supporting your courageous journey of just being here!  

If you fly, we join you in free bliss.  We invite you to be all that you are destined to be, and we bow to all.

We are here with you as One!  Not undifferentiated or all mushed together, but as a fully valued unique aspect of our integrated whole.  We love you, we need you.  We cherish who you are in this life and body—no matter what.  And we see the Truth of Who you really are—the greatness beyond limits, beyond the sun.  You are, YOU ARE!  Thank you for joining us on Earth, Precious One.

All Love in Divine,

Your Very Divine Parents!

Copyright Siri-Gian Khalsa,, 2011



 Strengthen Your Ego!

 November 9, 2010

Yes!  That’s what I said, “Strengthen Your Ego!”  I even heard Yogi Bhajan forcefully proclaim a number of times, “Nobody has a bigger ego than ME!” 

Ego is the profound identification of who you are here on Earth.  It enables you to project, to be present, to connect with yourself, with others, with your life.   It is an actual energetic apparatus that functions as our emissary here on Earth whose occupation is to feel, know, remember and understand our own experiences.  It includes our thinking mind, emotions, habits and memories.  Ego doing its job allows us to produce, to think, to relate and personally comprehend, to evolve.  It is charged with protecting and promoting us here.  It is very precious and absolutely necessary to living a full life.  And this essential thread of our ego seems to move us through our many lives here on planet Earth.  I often call it our “everyday self.”


Now, it is the weak, unnourished, needy, unconnected ego—concept of “little me” wanting desperately to be “big me” that gets us into so much hot water.  To compensate for itself, this little ego can rare up huge to conjure up its own importance, its desperate need to be seen, heard and acknowledged by fiercely judging, looking down on others, angry, demeaning, manipulating and calculating to have its own way, demanding, accusing, throwing tantrums, declaring that its endless needs be met by others, aggrandizing itself, hoarding, sucking in money, stuff, style and so on.  This is what we might normally call “ego” or obsessively huge ego.  But in fact, it is a very wobbly ego that goes haywire because it can’t hold the real essence of Who we are!


On the other hand, many of us have operated with the opposite wobbly ego that truly believes that it is incapable, that it is insecure, not worthy or worthwhile or that it is shameful, that it could never amount to much, that it could never be seen, heard or acknowledged, that it cannot believe in itself or its fine gifts, and its reactions are generally inappropriate.  It feels squashed and lonely and believes deep down that this is simply its lot in life.  It may also feel chaotic and shattered because it has been so violated, broken, torn apart and abandoned that this ego apparatus cannot ever be fully knit back together again.

And the amazing thing is that our broken and wobbly ego can fluctuate lightening quick between the aggrandizement and the lost and broken, because is trying its best to compensate for itself.  Those are all functions of the weak and wobbly ego—no matter how thunderously it may express itself. 

But here is the real kicker!  Remember that we get what we send out for?  First, in terms of both quantum physics and yogic understanding, the actual information or vibration of our subconscious thoughts create or bring to us what we are projecting—whether we perceive them as poopy or wonderful.   And on the other hand we interpret everything that occurs in our life through our own ego’s prism! 

Consequently, if someone would say or do something against us, our weak ego might interpret that as putting us down where we deserve to be.  Or a wobbly ego may see that action as mean and calling for us to retaliate in kind.  The habit of being a victim can cause every interaction—even kind and helpful interactions to be interpreted as expressions of their victimizer.  It is often by this habit of perception that a victim can turn everyone and everything into their victimizer, no matter what the real situation is.

This weak and wobbly ego pulls us into habits of real, penetrating and sometimes unbearable pain.  Then often we try to switch off that pain by escaping to addictions—alcohol, drugs, shopping, sex, work, intellectualization—you name it!

But if our ego is genuinely, softly powerful enough to be centered, cohesive and neutral, which is fully open and aware, that allows us to comprehend the actual truth of the whole situation, which is that the other person is having a genuine problem with their own wobbly ego.  So, in response, let’s throw some healing energy their way, while we appropriately protect ourselves and others from their wobbly projection—be that physical, psychological or energetic.


Well, a truly strong ego is one that is unflappable, not because it is tight and clinching its teeth, but because it is truly relaxed, in pure neutrality, and humble to its Soul.  A strong ego is totally grounded to enable it to hold the very genuine expansive “space” of Soul (or God, or Guru, or grace, or the Christ presence) that is available at every nanosecond.  A truly strong ego can stay centered and neutral no matter what is happening.  A strong ego stays present and true to the messages from its own Real Self, its Soul, and follows them explicitly, without hesitation, but in full flow!

A strong ego is essentially kind and loving—although not in any mushy way.  It is without malice but can stay fierce to fight to the death if that is Soul’s direction.  I am always reminded of Guru Gobind Singh shooting arrows tipped with gold so that his dead opponent’s family could bury their member. 

A strong ego implicitly calls on its Soul’s guidance.  Your strong ego is actually present in the expanded “space” of your Soul and moves or dances with Soul’s direction.  I have heard that when Guru Dev Singh was massaging Yogi Bhajan’s feet, he found the master to be entirely neutral—not numb, but fully present, expanded and balanced.  And then when Yogi Bhajan did his work—yelling hellfire and brimstone at a student so that he could energetically work with the student, Guru Dev Singh still found that Yogi Bhajan’s energy was unchanged.  This is a strong ego.

A strong ego will not react because reacting is no longer in its habit pattern.  But it will flow with Soul’s extraordinary guidance.  It will trust Soul, rather than making all the final decisions without the aid of Infinite Consciousness on its side.  A strong ego is not bound by societal norms or institutional dictates because it expresses Soul’s pure creativity and fully pertinent Truth in every moment.

Your strong ego is open to the magic of allowing Soul to rearrange, seemingly evaporate challenging situations for the betterment of all concerned.  A strong ego will allow and serve the adventure that Soul leads it to, remaining engaged in its profound and continuous healing process that allows it to become even stronger/softer/more flowing in its alignment with Soul.  The Soul’s goals are the goals of the strong ego.


Of course, we take on a weak and wobbly ego for the purpose of growth, abilities and wisdom that we gain when we finally straighten it out, heal it, that is.  Read more on this process at .

But to the point, our egos usually get this way in response to the experiences—whether traumatic or grand that we have had in past lifetimes.  Then we—as our Soul choose parents, environments, situations (karmas) that will provoke similar reactions from us in this lifetime so we can finally, straighten out our ego—that which holds our Consciousness in this lifetime.  What a system, eh?

So, if we have had parents or others who demeaned us, shamed us, refused to recognize the great Soul that flows through us, abandoned or abused us, did not protect or inspire us, or caused us great trauma, this definitely mangles the developing ego of the sensitive, dependent and impressionable child.  It robs us of the power and self-recognition of a strong ego.  It cripples us in sometimes outrageous ways.

But now, Dear Egos is the time to forgive them and the part that they have played in our life’s drama.  After all, we, as our most profound Consciousness sought them out to provide the stuff of our life’s challenges—in fact to become our ego’s muscle building equipment where can train to become truly strong!


We start by becoming our own parents!  Our actual parents’ job is over, and now it is time for us to take charge of our own development rather than remaining a victim of it!  That is we become totally conscious so that if something is not going right in our life and it is our parent’s voice that leads us down the road of difficult reactions, it is time for that part of ourselves that is often called the Witness or the Will to coolly and objectively look the situation over, and determine to change the old embedded habits. 

It means fully recognizing yourself as essentially good and worthwhile—no matter what has happened.  Forgiving yourself and others profoundly in the depth of your consciousness, and loving, loving, loving your self—your wobbly ego even though it trips itself up a lot like a precious little child.  And, of course love your Soul Self, looking to Soul for the extraordinary love and help that is present for you always.  You don’t have to earn it, you know.  It is just there for you all of the time!  Accepting that and making space for Soul to come through at every moment is the “Path”!

This course of action could begin with something as simple as initiating long, deep breathing when we feel under attack or at a loss, which then allows our emotions and mind to unlock so that we can go to neutral and deal unobstructed with the situation.  What an incredible difference that makes, believe me.

Doing any kind of Kundalini Yoga and meditation slices through those energetic knots.  It turns them inside out, heals them and helps you create a platform of Soul’s wisdom for your strengthening, balance and lighthearted ego.  You know my favorite transformational mantra is Gobinday, Mukunday…. .  And for lots more, go to .

This process includes not taking all of your reactions so seriously.  That is loosening up those white knuckles that have been holding so tightly onto some reaction of righteousness, or shame, or anger, or whatever it is that consumes you so that you cannot lightly and powerfully flow with your “space” of Soul.

Strengthening your ego to continuously and calmly project your very Soul, your God Self may sometimes be a challenge, but what else is there to do but live in perpetual misery and insecurity?  This journey is the greatest one there could ever be!  Strong, flowing ego.  Yummm!

Lots of Love,

Siri-Gian Kaur

Copyright Siri-Gian Khalsa,, 2010.  Free newsletter!

You have permission to copy this article into your website or blog, or to reproduce it in print as long as all this copyright material is very visible!


Are You Addicted to Your Head?
Oct. 12, 2010

Who isn’t?

We have a funny notion that to carry out our daily life we need to rely on thinking—that is thinking really hard, being in our head! 

We follow the current cultural format of stress, falling into confusion, judging from shortsighted standards, getting really worried, losing our bearings, and so on.  That is living from our head.  Of course this is the way of our post-modern world that we share.  All this churning just goes along with the territory.  Yet we yearn for another way, but…..  Do we actually have the COURAGE to try another way?

Perhaps we connect with God, or Soul or Whatever now and again to feel better.  Then we just go roaring back into the lion’s den of our daily life.  After all, that’s the “responsible” way.

That is how we take refuge in our head.  What an oxymoron*!  We give ourselves over entirely to trying to figure it out, falling into the traps of believing that we really don’t have any other solution.  We think ourselves to death!

That is not to say that thinking is bad.  No, thinking is a God-given talent.  But when our addiction to being in our head consistently avoids our most simple, but most incredibly accurate and productive answers, along with the most impeccable time scheduling available to us, why do we keep our head in charge when there is another, most reliable way?   Why are we addicted to our full-on thinking, thinking, thinking, worry, worry, worry as our default setting?  After all, that deflects us from ease, from flow, from the greatest and most appropriate productivity imaginable!  True!

But changing over from head in charge to actually putting God, or Soul or Whatever in charge actually takes an incredible amount of trust.  “What if I follow God’s direction but my life goes bust because God just doesn’t get what I am doing down here on Earth?”  “How could Soul know my job better than I do?”  “What if I am late and stressed in getting ready for a dinner party, but my child is screaming, I can’t just drop everything and do something else that God tells me to do!”  Hmm….

Here we are, following our spiritual paths, diligently doing our sadhana (daily spiritual practice).  And then during the rest of the day, we do our best to do the right thing according to our head—taking directions from head, from habits of thinking, worrying and lots more.  Yikes!  Now, that is a real contradiction!

There actually is something better, you know, and it is available all the time.  That is listening to your own Soul, your own God Self that actually does get it all!  You may find that if you listen to your own Soul, AND FOLLOW IT, which is the real key—that you may actually slip into ease.  You may find that your patterns of defeat change, your prosperity flows.  You may find that your time schedule is working out to the last minute miraculously, and that amazingly creative solutions arise.  And if you are diligent about your listening and your trusting Soul, you may find that your life is changing for the better in ways that you never, ever could have predicted or brought about simply by following your head.

Want to try balancing out head by putting Soul in charge?  Start by listening to your very own Soul!

Click here to learn how to easily listen to your very own Soul.

Click here to learn more about our tele-course, INTUITION TRAINING 101: “The Art of Soul Listening!”

Listen and Trust!

Lots of Love,

Siri-Gian Kaur


*Oxymoron:  A phrase in which two words of contradictory meaning are used together for special effect, e.g. "wise fool" or "legal murder".

Copyright, Siri-Gian Kaur Khalsa, 2010,

You have permission to reproduce this article on another website or blog, or publish it in print as long as this copyright is very readable.




Aug. 17, 2010


If you knew Who you are,

and you knew the ability of your own words to heal or destroy,

you would never, ever talk ugly to anyone,

especially to yourself!

 How many times have you wished, hoped, prayed for support and love?  How many of us have suffered because our parents didn't tell us how special we are?  And still we are left longing for that incredible momentum that comes from affirmation and encouragement from someone who is important to us--especially from a parent who has such a formative influence on our self-image.  Even a perfect stranger can lighten our day to give us faith in ourselves and courage to go beyond what we thought were our limits.

When you talk to any child--especially if they are yours, or when you communicate with any of your loved ones in such a way that they are inspired and feel cared for from your very heart, incredible nourishment flows to them!  As humans, human feedback as expressions of confidence and love pour into us to help create that strong foundation of self-confidence within us. 

So, just think about how you have talked with those who are so close to you in the last 24 hours.  Were you kind and supportive, or were you disdainful, judging, harsh, stressed, absent and so on?

Did your tone and your words match the love that you would want for them?  Did you express the love, gratitude and support for them that you would like to have for yourself?  And did you actually express the greatness, kindness and coziness of just Who you are?  That can't happen from your mind, you know.  That's just too fragile and changeable to be truly relied upon for this.

But if you choose, you can do Heart Breath as you speak.  That is, do long deep breathing through your nose and from your belly, but on the exhale feel as though the breath is coming out of your heart center.  Once you get that, it feels as though the sound vibration of your actual words is flowing from your heart along with your breath.  Settle into it.  Give your head time off while you extend your cozy communication, both voice and content from your heart center--no joke.  Try this as an experiment.

I bet that you will then find that the actual vibration of your words, as well as their meaning will heal in ways that you have never experienced.  Give over to this heart energy, succumb to it, relax in it!  Let yourself fully bathe in this breath as you talk on any subject!  Remember, whatever the content of your onversation--even sports scores, you are always talking from your heart to their heart.

And when you do, watch what happens to your interactions with your love-hungry loved ones, your harried friends, your gnarly co-workers, your grizzly boss, annoying drivers, pinched customers, and whomever else can you try this on. 

Now don't just try it for a second and quit.  Keep up this process for your whole conversation, the whole time you are together.  Then make notes about what you might have previously expected from your encounter.  Then contrast what actually did occur when you were doing just this little thing.  Experiment with it!

And now, for the BIG ONE!

Relax into your heart breath.  Give your head and emotions a break and talk to your own self in this same way!  Don't get stuck saying this is silly.  Instead, just fully relax into your heart.  Ask your vigilant inner critic to move over for a while.  Then just let your breath from your heart flow.  Allow this great and spontaneous Voice to flow through you as the expression, the outflow of your own heart and then fully receive it, embrace it.  Feel the love that is offered to you within you.  Relax into it like a delicious bubble bath.

This is yours, you know!  This is your own True Self, your own Sat Nam giving you all that you need and want--healing you.  All you have to do is to relax to receive it.  Then you can really know Who you are--way beyond what your parents or the world ever told you.  You are incredibly great, Dear One!  Simply allow your own cozy greatness to be loved by You while you let the old heart ache drop.

You are Precious!  You are loved!  Believe it and feel it now!
Lots of Love,
Siri-Gian Kaur

Copyright Siri-Gian Khalsa, 2010

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 Give it ALL up?  What? What?

June 22, 2010


Can you imagine what a simple little word non-attachment is?  But it is everything!

Everything that you thought was yours
, your responsibilities, your desires and wants--give it all to the Almighty!  Retain nothing for yourself.  Your job, money, family, friends, matters of the heart, life, death and everything in between!  Yikes! 

Then you just act as steward of everything that flows through your life.
  You are the steward for all the Almighty's possessions, processes, interactions--everything, all that stuff that used to be YOURS!  Then you realize that everything in your life belongs to God, and you are just serving, stewarding everything that comes through you.  That cozy, dynamic Universal actualizer is in charge, not you!

But the funny thing is that when you do that, you are not opting out of your life!  Rather you become much more engaged, loving, relaxed and joyful! 

I am not suggesting that you transfer your property, or give up your job or your family.  The Universe has given you all that for incredible reasons.  As you do this process, your life may actually seem to be no different to others, except that you become peaceful and happy. But what happens when you give over ownership of all that you thought was yours is that you don't get stressed by over-responsibility.  You understand that there is a greater plan occurring and you are a vital player, a server in that, and you are at ease with it all.  Your life is no longer small, and you are no longer alone.

When things change--that is your job, your home, your income, your friends and family and so on, you understand that you are simply serving God's bigger plan and you are open to the bigger adventure.  Change is inevitable.  You stay on the easy alert to see what will happen next and to fully, gracefully handle it all, fully participate with ease, with constant direction and support.  Stay grounded and stay tuned-in. 

Since you are serving the greatest Intelligence there could be--that which has the really BIG plan, you trust that everything that happens is for your greatest good.  Pure and simple!  You are simply there, in the middle of "your" life to be solidly present, to stay neutral yet fully engaged, to listen/feel/realize/know intently, and to support whatever the Almighty sends your way. 
That is how you serve your Life, rather than trying to make your life serve you! 

That switch of attitude produces such a lightness, such a flow, such an uplifted spirit--"cherdi kala"!  You realize that the heavy stuff that gets chunked down in your path that used to cramp you up, now is such an opportunity to whole-heartedly learn, to grow and to heal deeply.  As you "flow" with it, all unfolds.  And the funny thing is that you get the great goods--that is more patience, a wider view of things, giving up old anger and insecurity that you really don't need, and so on! 

You feel the momentum to expand beyond what you thought were your limits as you are called to serve in greater and greater ways.  You become grateful for all that flows through your life.  With that freedom, everything is allowed to grow more and more abundant, because your fear of loss doesn't hold your flow back.
Flow is a kind of timelessness in which you are moving, thinking, talking, planning, accomplishing as you are led by your Soul.  It's kind of a feeling, being moved by unseen hands, a magnetizing of the heart and mind in a certain direction, a sense of knowing, or even real words.  There is such a lightness to it, such a power to it, and believe it or not, you get much more done when in this flow because you just "do" it without stressing over it. 

What you accomplish happens through you, without worrying,or getting uptight.  Things happen or come to you synergistically, magically.  You remain humble to becoming what you are called to do or be--no matter how huge or seemingly insignificant. 

It is actually fun, sort of like surfing!
  And the most amazing thing is that when you give the whole process and outcome over to Soul, and you just steadfastly keep up with your part, you complete your project right down to the minute of the deadline!  It is a most exquisite dance with the Almighty!

Now by "your part," we're talking about trusting what you are given, and doing, saying, accomplishing, etc. the job that is given to you.  You remain in "shuniya"--neutral, "suniai"--listening to Soul, "mannai"--trusting Soul, and following Its direction, dancing and singing in the lightness of carrying out even the heaviest of tasks. You keep your heart flowing.   And you consciously stay balanced in all ways to keep yourself in optimum condition so that you can keep up.  Then you are present to dance your part, play your role.   

Now, two-way communication is also a big part of this relationship.
  That is your giving input or suggesting to the Almighty what you feel would be good to happen, or what you believe would work, and so on.  It is a kind of free partnership.  This is contributing "intention," a vital aspect of creating with the God energies.  This is really a two-way partnership, you know! 

But no matter how big or small your intention is, you still freely give it all back to the "Boss," the Universe to put it all in action--including carrying out the direction that you get in return.  And you might be surprised at how the manifestation of that intention comes back to you, or how you
need to let go of some ideas or perceptions or just plain stuff so the channels of flow can open. 

Then you find that giving up that old stuff is just what you needed to do so that you can flow with the new, expanded and much more appropriate and exciting stuff.  It is just an amazing minute by minute adventure of the Indiana Jones sort.  So, it's all important to stay alert, free, neutral, balanced and tuned-in to stay in that Union, that cozy and dynamic Partnership!

And the most extraordinary thing is, that is what we call prosperity!
  That buoyant spirit, unlocking the flow of goods, money, opportunity, growth, accomplishment, kindness, love and friendship--connections of heart that come racing through you. 

That's because when you give over entirely to your Soul, to the Great Consciousness you are no longer holding onto what you think "should be," but rather flowing with "what is," and realizing that is actually the very best for you, no matter what you might have deeply held in the past!  You are gifted back to play with more than you could possibly have expected. 
And you have the very real experience of being totally connected and supported. 

But the kick is that holding that prosperity tight, owning it as MINE, using it to support your security, or perhaps using it to make you feel as though you are finally getting the chance to be recognized or getting what you deserve, or holding onto expectations of "what you want", or making judgment on what is happening--whether good or bad, as opposed to discerning the Truth--all that actually turns off the flow, and life becomes a struggle again. True! 

Instead, you are grateful at every moment
that you are able to most humbly serve your Life as well as those who are served by the Life you contribute, no matter what.  And you are grateful that you are fully engaged in the Almighty's incredible flow--like cool, clear, sparkling water flowing through your hands, just enjoying it all in the wonder of the dance!  You might like to try it!

You can either do this all at once, or you can do it in steps,
gingerly testing it over and over again over time until it becomes a natural habit.  Either way is fine, as long as you stay truly grounded and centered.  Do your sadhana, your mantras and your banis (daily prayers).  They will impeccably support your transformation to this peace, your Destiny.

You can do it.  I am sure of that!

Lots of Love,
Siri-Gian Kaur

Copyright Siri-Gian Khalsa,, 2010 
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