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The following are all telecourses by phone--except the live Yogi Mela--that are available from all over the world!  Plus you will receive the recordings, teaching text and meditations, and join our group forum to communicate with your teacher and classmates on our Course Library Site.

Webinars with Ek Ong Kaar Kaur

PART 1: 4 Tuesdays, Nov. 20, 27, Dec. 4, 11, 2012

 Since Part 1 is the foundation for this deeply transformational course, you must have taken it in order to take Part 2.  You can take the recorded version of Part 1 for self-study before Part 2 course.

 PART 2: 4 Tuesdays, Jan. 22, 29, Feb. 5. 12, 2013

6 to 7:30 PM Mountain Time, USA


Many people struggle with an inner darkness that comes from deeply wounding events they experienced in their lives. Sometimes that wounding comes from sexual, physical or emotional abuse. There is a map to your own healing inside of you. Kundalini Yoga and Shabad Guru help develop the sensitivity to relate to and follow that map.



Yogi Bhajan’s Winter Solstice 2012 message.  Dec. 21, 2012
FREE Tele-Conference.
  Siri-Gian will listen to Yogi Bhajan and repeat his message.
Register BEFORE Dec. 21 to get the FREE Recording and the call-in phone numbers from many countries across the globe.

Yogi Bhajan will tell us about where we are headed in these times that are marked by the end of cycles in the Mayan calendar!  He says that 'there will be molecular changes due to frequency‘ abbreviations’ that will intensify and propel our engagement in Earth ‘reality’.  Learn how to navigate our new sea of Being!  Light will be abundant!

With Siri-Gian Kaur
FREE Tele-Conference with Recording is you register BEFORE the class.
Wednesday, January 2, 2013 from 6 to7:30 PM, Mountain Time, USA. 


Wouldn’t you love to get totally wise counsel on how to handle your Life in this amazing year of change from your own personal and most great teacher, your very own Soul?  In this annual event, Siri-Gian will lead you to listen very carefully to your own Soul to learn how to deal with your own dynamic Life’s path in many categories for this extraordinary New Year of 2013!


With Siri-Gian Kaur.
Global Tele-Course, Wednesdays, Jan. 16, 23, 30, Feb. 6 in 2013.  5 to 7 PM Mountain Time, USA. 


Healing energy may be a mystery to us all, but the reality is that this Divine Energy that flows through us is actually what we might call “The Breath of God!”
In this course, we will become acutely conscious of our own self healing, as well as send this precious energy to others, hold the healing space, and become purely conscious of the great humility and gratitude that must be the foundation of this most intimate Healing Consciousness.  This is required course for the Healer’s Track.


Awaken the Aquarian Warrior!
With Yogi Amandeep Singh
Free Fri. evening, Feb. 15, 2013
 Course: Sat., Sun., Mon. Feb. 16 thru 18, Presidents' Day Holiday Weekend
,Live in Espanola, NM!  

Rishi Dusht Daman, that most incredible Himalayan yogi answered the call of the Divine to come back in his next life to become Guru Gobind Singh, that great spiritual leader and warrior of Truth!  Now you know that with Amandeep's extraordinary knowledge of yoga, his well researched Sikh history, and  his habit of taking us way into the ethers of our very Soul, this will be a most extraordinary 3 or 4 day event--not to be missed, for sure!
So, be sure to set your intention now to come for our most incredible Yogi Mela (Gathering of Yogis) with Amandeep Singh at our Yogis' Hideaway here in Espanola, NM. Each of the last two years he has come to teach us, he has taken us so very deep into the Reality of our Oneness! Amazing! And we have had so much cozy fun being with other dedicated yogis and learned so very much about our ancient yogic heritage. This year over Presidents' Day Weekend, Feb. 15 to 18 we are in for yet another extraordinarily full experience! This time with Rishi Dusht Daman who was the prior yogi incarnation of Guru Gobind Singh. Imagine-the Yogi Warrior. That is where Amandeep is taking us. See more at . Sign up early to get a tuition break.


Here is a little secret! We are just now putting together a smaller, more intimate course with Amandeep to take us even deeper to discover the Yogic Healer Within. This one will be held on the sacred land at Yogi Bhajan's Ranch in Espanola on the weekend following the Yogi Mela--Feb. 23-24, 2012 More on that soon.
Emotions: Senses of the Soul

The In-Depth, Year-Long, Mix and Match Course!

With GuruMeher Singh 

 Now, here is something else that is in the pipeline. GuruMeher Singh who has developed this most incredible body of knowledge called "Emotions: Senses of the Soul" is expanding the delivery of his most remarkable program! Starting in January, he will be teaching his foundational course that will give you the basics of his system. Then each month after that, if you have taken that first 4 week course to understand the basics, you can then mix and match subsequent 4 week courses over the year that drill down on a particular emotion so that you can truly understand, heal and get the great benefits of transforming that emotion. Most remarkable, don't you think? Stay tuned for more information in the future. 



for The Art of Soul Listening!


Now that we are creating more upper level courses in INTUITION TRAINING such as The Habit of Happiness that require that you first take our foundational course The Art of Soul Listening, we are now bringing you our very first course on Saturday mornings!  Sorry about the short notice, but we have some folks already raring to go.  Come join our worldwide tele-course on April 6, 13, 20, 27, May 4, 11 in 2013.  Last day to register and start the meditation is Tues, April 2 .






The Adventure of Living from Soul!

with Siri-Gian Kaur


Picture "Indiana Jones of the Soul!" Vicious hordes are barreling down on him. The only way out is to follow the ancient knight's instruction to exit through the hole in the cave wall that gives way to an unfathomable shear drop. But the instruction for success is to TRUST! And if you remember, trust brings the miraculous outcome! That's what it's like to truly follow Soul at every step. It's the Adventure of any Lifetime, and it is essential in this dawning Aquarian time. In these ongoing subscription tele-gatherings every other Sunday evening we will join together to engage our great Adventure of Living from Soul! Having completed IT 101 "The Art of Soul Listening!" is a must before joining this ongoing course.


Every other Sunday evening. 5 to 6:30 PM Mountain Time, USA. Click here to translate this to your time zone. Available from any good phone connection across the Earth. Click here to see the dates for the year.

Ongoing Tele-Classes

Every other Sunday evening.  5 to 6:30 PM Mountain Time, USA.  Click here to translate this to your time zone.  Available from any good phone connection across the Earth.  Click here to see the dates for the year.





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