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Kriya to Become Unconquerable!

Deva Kaur from Florida used this Kriya to help cure herself of cancer.  So, it seems to me that anything is really possible!

Tune in.

Sit in easy pose.  Put each hand on the opposite shoulder to hug yourself.  (Mentally be aware of your Soul deeply loving you!)
Eyes at the tip of your nose, 9/10 closed.
Mentally repeat the mantra “RA,” meaning Sun about every 2 seconds.
On each mental repetition of RA, stick your tongue out and down as far as it will go, then bring it back into the mouth.  Each full movement takes about 2 seconds—not too fast and not too slow.

Do this for at least 11 min. per day.  But of course, you can choose to do it longer such as 11, 31, or 62 minutes, and even 2 ½ hours per day.  To change a situation or a habit, do it at least 40 days straight without skipping any day.  Or, to master it, you can do it for 1,000 days straight.  And yes, there are lots of folks who have done their very special meditation for 1,000 days!  It is a very wonderful and unique experience that brings lots of changes for the better!