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What’s a Trance Anyway?


You have heard me talking about them for years!


“Trance” is a name that Yogi Bhajan used when talking about deeply embedded “old programs” within our subconscious that play out through our personality—mind, emotions and beliefs as the foundation of our personal reality over and over again.  When he taught Trances at Ladies Camp so many years ago, he said that we are all hypnotized in our belief system, hence the name “trance.”  That description of “hypnotic trance” leads us to understand that these Trances are not our True Self, but rather well-worn data that gives us lots of pain and misperceptions that we actually believe are real and that we live by, believing that is our actual reality.  Trances “live” within what I call our “everyday self”, which Yogi Bhajan referred to as our Identical Identity.  When teaching about Trances that summer, he would occasionally look at me as if to say, “Do you get it?” Well, I certainly didn’t get it then—my immediate response being “Duh-uh?”  But after doing healing on so many, many people, I pray that I finally got it!


Trances are actually the recordings of the experiences of our lives, especially of the traumas—past and present.  They could also result from cultural conditioning and other identities, plus from ancestors and much more. These Trances are stored in our body and aura rather like digitized information on a CD, but there is no hard disk, so these “intelligent engine clouds” are held energetically in our auras and physical bodies as “software”.  When these Trances are triggered by something in the present that is similar to the original trauma, they play back through our whole mental, emotional, and physical systems—our “hardware.”


And they can reside as our subconscious background that inform all of our outlooks, our perceptions, reactions and seemingly obvious, but Trance-driven reality.  They are the basis of our “everyday self,” which is how we and the world know ourselves; they project as our personality—both overt and hidden.  As the frequency of those energetically stored trances slows way, way down, they can invade one’s physical body and disrupt its healthy functioning to cause or promote disease.


When a person is fully healthy on every level, their energy is flowing, moving through their body and aura even faster than the speed of visual light!  You can see this sometimes when a person appears to be glowing, and is fully bright in their projection.  This is actually the “Light of their Soul” being allowed to freely flow without getting “stuck” or “frozen” in the slowed energy frequencies of their Trances.  Consequently, when one subconsciously lives from lots of non-moving or slow-moving trances, we might experience that person as having “dark energy”.


Now, when I am working with someone on my healing table, they might report a pain or tightness in their body, especially as they are talking about a personal difficulty or challenge.  I then ask them to “look” from inside their closed eyes at that place and tell me what color that Trance is.  Remember, the healee is perceiving discreet “areas” of energy frequencies.  You already know that sound and light are both frequencies of energy.  So, in seeing this color, it is like looking at the actual digitized information on a CD without yet pressing “Play” to get the whole video playback. I know that this energy is really “stuck,” or not flowing if the healee reports that energy to be black, brown, grey or a muddy color.  But “no worries”!  That energy can be changed/healed/transformed.  If someone else were seeing the healee’s auras, they could spot these trances right away.  In fact, Barbara Brennan, that well-known healer shows illustrations of these auric “components” in her wonderful book, “Hands of Light”!


Next, I let the healee know that the Trance actually has an emotion, so I ask them to feel out what it is.  That is often something like fear, shame, being lost, disconnected, etc.  Then I tell the healee that the Trance actually has a voice, so listen to the voice and tell me what it says.  It might say something like, “I am protecting you from further harm,” “I don’t want to leave because how would you—the healee be protected?” and so on.  You see, the job of the “everyday self/ego” is to protect and project you, so it is very important that we acknowledge the great job that it has been doing.


Then, depending on the particular session, we might need to find out when and how this Trance was formed, e.g. from childhood traumas, ancestors, conditioning, past lives, and so on.  So, the healer would protectively support the healee to consciously re-experience those original traumatic Trance-imprinting situations or beliefs that were being held so strongly energetically/emotionally/physically.  As this first layer of trauma is re-experienced for the purpose of letting it go, the healee may simply shed a tear, or they may yell, cry, beat the table they are lying on, etc.  If we don’t engage this first step, that pain which is so deeply held in the Trance will be squashed down again, repressing it to actually fester into even greater problems.


Once this first layer of long-held pain is released—that is, the strong, painful and confusing energy of the Trance is “sent back to the Infinite for recycling,” then we can begin to unravel the actual causes of the Trance.  I always find it remarkable that those hidden causes are quite understandable, even though they may have never been brought to light before.


Next, we move into the “Frequency of Forgiveness.”  This is a most effective Trance “erasing” or transforming tool.  This is not what you would normally think of as forgiving because it does not let the perpetrator off the hook, and it is primarily for the healee, no matter how difficult the original trauma was.  Please refer to that web page.  So, this neutral “feeling like you are forgiving” without the mind’s involvement actually becomes a most effective energetic clearing tool.  When you allow the Frequency of Forgiveness to “ride on your Heart Breath” actually neutralizes or “de-fangs” the energy of the Trance!  Remember to send this F of F to not only the perpetrator, but also yourself, and/or Soul for having created this whole Karmic Web.  Healees may see it as dissolving the Trance, or breaking it apart, or even “munching” it away.  The point is that the magnetic energy of the Trance is de-magnetized, transformed so that it no longer automatically activates.  So, this new freedom allows you to act from Soul, or Love, or the present moment, rather than being controlled by habitual trauma!  So, that is True Healing!


Now, the final act is to actually fill yourself with gratitude, which actually resets all the amazing connections within your body/emotions/mind to be free, to receive the great goodness that can now come to you, and most of all, gratitude for all the amazing abilities that you gained while you were struggling through the great difficulties originating with that Trance.  For instance, you may have developed great compassion in this area, the ability to stand up to or endure huge challenges, to stay very alert and sensitive, etc.  I call these hard-won capabilities “Soul Muscles” because when your Trances have freed-up these skills, you are left with those great abilities to serve Soul, which is truly Soul-Satisfying!