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Ten Good Things That Will Make You Win!

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Ten Good Things that will make you win!  

“If you want growth, you want to glow, you want grace, you want everything, you will only get if you follow the Ten Manners of Life.” –Yogi Bhajan

1.     Listen
2.     Feel the other person
3.     Discuss and dialogue
4.     Come to a mutual understanding
5.     Plan a Strategy – the strategy must be mutual. “You have to understand, in any action you must know what is what and what happens to what and how it’s going to be. That is very, very essential.”
6.     Keep in communication
7.     Evaluate
8.     Achieve
9.     Exchange Greetings
10.   Be Thankful.

This is the law of every human being to follow. These are the ten good things that will make you win.