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Here is a song that was composed by the fifth Sikh Guru in the 1600's in northwest India.

His name is Guru Arjan.  He is the one that the emporer of the time tortured by putting him on a hot griddle, then pouring burning sand on him, and finally throwing his body in cold water--all for not giving into the emperor's untruth!

But when Guru Arjan's friend asked him why he didn't use his yogic powers to get himself out of this outrageously painful situation, he replied with the deepest satisfaction, calmness and awareness, that all is God, and couldn't his friend see that.  Guru Arjan was obviously completely in the full experience of his Soul!

So, when unrest strikes us, why not try reciting his prayer?  It has been my experience, as well as that of others that if you do, your deep pain, anxiety, insecurity and worry can be changed! 
Why not try it?

You can do this in a number of effective ways. 

One is to recite this, especially in "Gurmukhi," that powerful sound current.  You will find the English transliteration of it here in the left column.  And you don't have to become a Sikh to do this.  You can still follow your own religion or non-religion without conflict.
Or you can say this poem in English as well.  Knowing the meaning can be really comforting! 
You can do this at least 11 times per day for at least 40 days.
Or once you have memorized it, you can repeat it all the time as your ongoing "simran," or constant vibration of God, or the deepest experience of your Soul.

Try it like a scientist to discover what it can do for you.  You may even record the results in your journal or diary.
This is at bit of the incredible technology that we are blessed to inherit in these challenging times!


Thir ghar baisaho harijan pi-aaray

Satigur tumaray kaaj savaaray (Rahaa-o)

Dusat doot parmaysar maaray

Jan jee paij rakhee kartaaray

Baadishaah shaah sabh vas kar deenay

Amrit naam mahaa ras peenay

Nirbhau ho-i bhajaho bhagavaan

Saadh sangat mil keeno daan

Saran paray prabh antarjaamee

Naanak ot pakaree prabh su-aamee

These double vowels indicate that the sound is of slightly longer duration than the the quick single vowels, but the sound itself remains the same.

Stay steady in your own home, O dear servant of the Lord.

The Ture Guru (teacher aspect of the Universal) has arranged your affairs.  (pause and meditate on this)

The Supreme Lord has slain the wicked and the evil.

The Creator has preserved the honor of his sevant.

The emperors and kings are all made subject to the one,

Who drinks in the Supreme Essence of the Ambrosial Naam (name, identity or Essential Vibration)

Fearlessly, mediate on the Supreme Lord.

Joining the Society of the Saints, this Gift is bestowed.

Entering the Sanctuary of God, the Inner-Knower,

Nanak* grasps the support of God, the Master.

*Guru Nanak was the first Sikh Guru who lived in the 1500s and early 1600s.  Since each of the succeeding 10 Sikh Gurus carried the Light or vibration of this amazing founding Guru, each succeeding Sikh Guru uses this name.  So, Guru Arjan is sometimes called the 5th Nanak as he was the 5th Guru.  And it was the custom of the time that the author of a poem, the experiencer of these concepts expressed in the writing used his name in this way as a kind of signature.


This hymn can be found in the text of the Siri Guru Granth Sahib, the Sikh scriptures. 

In the full Bir, which is the original format, this song is on page 201; and in the 8 volume set, it is in Volume 2, page 669. 

You can make up your own tune when chanting it if you like!