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With Siri-Gian Kaur

What a wonderful time we had listening to our own Souls for Its very special and specific goals for us in the coming year!  And then in sharing them, we got to learn from each other's Souls as well!  Amazing.

The major pattern seems to be to have no expectations and to live from our heart!

The questions for each area of our lives that we asked Soul about are:

1.  Spiritual Life:

What would be good to transform in this year?  How would I do that?

What shall I open up to in this year?  How will I do that?

2. Physical Health:

What needs to be healed this year?  How should I go about that?

What area should I concentrate on to create more vigor and robust health?  How would I do that?

3.  Relationships:

What needs to be transformed this year?  How will I do that?

What is my most precious relationship?  How can I expand that?

4.  Prosperity--wealth, happiness, contentment, friends, family, ease and flow.

What would be good to transform this year?  How?

What shall I open up to?  How?


Here is the link to the recording:

To listen to it here, left click on this link.

To download this recording on your own computer, right click on it, then from the drop down menu, choose "Save target as."  Then you will be asked where on your computer you want to save it.  Then click "Save."  Once you do that, the recording will begin downloading.

Soul Goals, Free Teleclass!


Hello Siri Gian,

I wanted to share this story about what happened yesterday while the phone call was happening.
I had told my son about it, and he expressed that he'd like to listen in, and learn. He seemed very open.
Just before the phone call I realized we had only one phone to use  ~ My cell phone was at a Yoga Studio.

I really wanted to focus in and get the juice for my Soul this year. But as I tuned in, I heard my Soul say
that this could be a learning experience for both my son and I  ~ that we could share the phone. So I went and
got him and told him - I could help to guide him to listen to his Soul and that we could share the phone.  I said that
when the person who has no phone - we just listen and allow breath long & deep. Ok he said, it seemed fine to him.

I told him I would help guide him because the phone call was past that now, and I knew that would be important for him.
As I guided him ~   I asked my Soul if he was in his Soul? My Soul said he is but isn't aware of it.  Just then, he opened his
eyes, and I asked him if he felt anything. No, he said... Then we left the room for a couple of minutes.  Anyhow, I asked my
Soul, to ask his Soul  -  to help his Everyday Self  to Know when he had a Connection with Soul.  I asked Soul - Soul can you
help him to understand when he's in communication with his Soul?  Yes, Soul said. 

Well when he was gone from the room (where we were listening to the call)  he came back in and said Mom did you call me?
No, I said. Oh I clearly heard you call me.  I think you heard your Soul . He smiled and said Yeah, I think I did too but
I get doubts and then don't know.....  Anyhow,  the call was different because we shared the phone back & forth --

But it was so fun. My Soul guided me the whole time,   and my Son sat patiently and had fun too.  He seemed to enjoy this because as
I listened to my Soul - I knew Soul had something in mind for us to learn... and it that if we both were open then we would learn.
That seemed to be my Goal.   Anyhow as I sat with him - and we listened to the phone call , and I just kept breathing and doing heartbreath
on throughout the call... I realized how precious it is to help others be in touch --- even if it's what happened yesterdas
that others are joyful to even have a small experience with Soul - if their open.  The Heartbreath helped to keep my son's heart open and mine too.

Anyhow - I was so happy to hear from Soul last night !!  And happy I could understand & hear Soul when I was guiding him into his Soul -
I felt like I was reunited with Soul - happy that Soul knew what was going on ~ Soul knew what to do.  I needed that to know I can do this with others.   I forget that I can because it's so new to me (EDS).

In the Prosperity Part of the Phone Call  - I heard Soul say that everything I would need would be given to me to accomplish my Destiny. Now is the time I heard Soul Say.   Then a moment flashed before my mind -  Last October - When Soul was instructing me, and I was fearful that if I took a class that I didn't have enough money for - could I make ends meet????   My Soul said if I do it that way --- I was for sure going to draw LACK into my LIFE because I WAS FEARING - and that was the intention and message I was sending to the Universe and Myself. But Soul said if you do this WITH TRUST AND KNOWING THAT YOUR NEEDS WILL BE MET WITH LOVE   - then all will be fine.

That's what Soul taught me back in October. I didn't know I was doing things with fear of lack & planning my life in a certain way like that. Like Will I have Enough? 

Anyhow it was completely refreshing to connect with Soul  last night & my son enjoyed it too.
Thank you for helping us. I know this was a long email but wanted to share the joy of Connection with Soul.
I enjoyed hearing what others had to say as well, as I felt I was in Soul - I could understand them in a different way.

Infinite blessings,  Ajeet


Dear Siri - Gian , 

Thank you for the class last night   !  I deeply enjoyed it ! Upon discovering you , I have,  for about the last six months , been listening to the weekly  Baba Siri Chand talks. They have been a source of ENORMOUS support ! It was nice however, to actually be linked up  with you all, and  to have the opportunity to share and have an exchange with you  !  I felt even more tuned into the group energy and even more expanded in this great, loving consciousness  ! 

I'd like to share something that  happened , RIGHT  afterwards , that i felt like you might  smile about !  My Mom and I were in conversation , and an issue came up , and i  felt us heading in the direction of becoming trapped in a  REALLY stuck place  that we've been experiencing !!  Communicating with her has been a HUGE   challenge !  I have noticed that what happens is , instead of being able to share about what she is experiencing - neutrally, she gets taken over by the emotions running rampant within her  and whatever else is triggered. It COMPLETELY blocks any ability for her to listen and receive -  or share,  without blame or shame ,and what happens is she begins interrupting and reacting , and having upsetting outbursts . 

Thankfully , i was already centered in soul, because of participating in class ! The reason why i am sharing this , is to report to you how beautifully the tools work !  As soon as i felt that old energy arise  , I  began long deep breathing , then I began heart- breathe  ,  and then, I did my best to speak in as calm and steady of a voice as possible . While it was a little bit of a struggle at first , I kept on .... and , when i would feel her shutting down , I'd pause and acknowledge this, and then ask that she  do her best to breathe into her heart  and open up, and  receive me as well.  Instead of becoming irritated by this ,as she has been in the past -  she was receptive ,  and did do her best to overcome what was happening inside of her ! 

The outcome was so beautiful !  I  really felt , for the first time , in sometime -  like we were having a different experience  !  .  Like progress was being made ! I felt the tools, working DIRECTLY  , and  I felt , for the first time , that she was able to soften and , REALLY  hear,  and acknowledge  what I had to share , even though  it challenged her greatly !  There was a very apparent openness that was happening, and instead of walking away feeling somewhat defeated, i felt a true sense of awe, gratitude, and relief ! 

The experience taught me  how important it is to stay centered in soul ! To  enter into, what feels like prickly territory sometimes, always from the heart - no matter how challenging this may be , because this love, i see,  really can warm any situation over ! 

So, that is that, and -  BIG THANKS  ! 

With Thanks and Love, 



sat nam ladies-

Siri-Gian, thank you so much for leading us through class last night.  I love being with everyone and listening to Soul together and through each other. 

Ajeet emailed me on facebook about wanting to explore the cross symbolism more.  I thought I'd share with both of you what came to me in sadhana this morning. 

I first had the impression of an internal cross back in the summer---Soul directed me to draw a picture to heal my heart, and I ended up with this simple, rainbow-colored picture.   All the colors are there, but the central part is a purple pyramid with a dark blue cross right in the middle, which I felt was in the middle of my heart.  I feel this intersection is the strength of our being.  Its kind of akin to the sections of our heart, 2 atriums, 2 ventricles. So this internal cross again was very cool to experience again last night, on a larger body scale.  Its like the cross on the miraculous medal, with 2 horizontal bars, the top ( ear to ear, through 3rd eye)shorter than the bottom (rib to rib through heart) bar. 

 if you just extend the vertical bar below the bottom horizontal bar--  

This morning in sadhana I had a neat revelation as well. I have a picture of Mary on my altar as well as baba siri chand, guru ram das and yogi bhajan.  I consciously recognized a while back that I needed a feminine guide to talk to.  I tuned into Mary to ask her about what I felt and saw last night.  I asked her where the sacred feminine was in sikhism, and I got the Adi Shakti.  Of course, I 'knew' that, but on a deep level I hadn't before grasped the true implications of this.  Sikhism is all contained within the feminine--its inherent in the symbol itself, the chalice (or womb) holding the sword and the circle.  "Pritham Bhaugati simar ke.."  That really clicked.  I forgot to mention it, but one of the answers I got for how to explore this physically was to turn and shake, especially the areas where I felt the horizontal bars which are my heart and third eye.  Like spinal twists and head turns.   

As soon as I started tratakum this image and understanding came pouring out:

taking this cross that has the two bars and start to turn it from left to right, kind of like a tibetan prayer wheel.  when you turn in fast the lines start to blur, and the two horizontal lines come together to form a circle.  with the vertical line, you've turned the cross into the center part of the Adi Shakti symbol.  Like the Adi shakti is the feminine complement to the cross.  I feel for me it represents me growing into my feminine polarity, which complements the other soul messages I got which were very creative and heart-centered. 

There's still more I want to explore in meditation with this.  Ajeet, what was your meditation experience with the cross symbology? 

OH also I was just thinking about winter solstice---we did a lot of singing and meditating in tantric to Nirinjan's tantric version of Wah Yantee, and there's the line "We hear two poles, Wahe Guru"  Two poles, like two parts of the cross.  Male/female, wahe/guru, left/right side of the brain, etc..Very cool stuff. Love to hear your thoughts!

love, Kehar Kaur



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