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Develop Shunia (Neutrality or the Zero Point)

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Meditation to Develop Shunia
(Neutrality or the Zero Point)
When you are in Shunia, you can most easily access your Soul without all the distractions, barriers, etc. that keep us from that pure state of Being.  Hopefully then, if we practice this meditation regularly, we can carry that experience into our everyday lives, and so merge "Heaven and Earth," and thus become more Real in our conscious interactions. 
This can include: greater intuition, meaning the ability to listen to the instructions of your Soul; not getting triggered into habits that only make things worse, and healing those unproductive habits; living from your integrity, peace and calmness; plus expanded awareness and creativity!
This is a 40 minute meditation.  Start by Tuning In.
1st PART, 16 minutes
Sit in easy pose, with Gian Mudra (tip of thumb and pointer finger together) on your right hand with some pressure.  And on your left hand, put the tips of your thumb and ring finger together, again with a little pressure.  Hands are resting on your knees.  Then stick your tongue out all the way.  
Since no eye focus, breath or mantra are prescribed, I rely on the basics.  That is to focus on the third eye by closing the eyelids, and rolling the eyeballs up to look inside at the point on the forehead above the nose and a little above the brow.  Then I do long deep breath, and concentrate on the sacred word "SAT," rhymes with mutt, and means Truth, doing that on the inhale.  On the exhale, mentally vibrate "NAM," rhymes with mom, and means I bow or I recongize!
2nd PART, 15 minutes
Your tongue is pulled in your mouth now.  Your elbows are bent so that your hands are comfortably somewhere between your shoulders and your head in front of your body.  On both hands, put the tip of your thumbs on the mounds of Mercury (that is the little pads on your hands just below your little fingers).  Then wrap three fingers (litte, ring and middle fingers) around your thumb.  Your pointer fingers are pointing straight up.
3rd PART, 7 minutes
While continuing to sit in easy pose, DANCE--whatever that means to you!  You can put on some inspiring spiritual music while doing this if you like.  This is quite pleasant!
4th PART, 2 minutes
Put the palms of your hands together in prayer pose, then raise them over your head (as in Sat Kriya), but arch them back more.
Staying in that last position, inhale deeply.  Hold the breath as long as you can, directing the energy up from the base of your spine going up and out through the top of your head.  And then exhale.  Do this 3 times.  Then let your arms down and relax and enjoy!