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“The Power of Your Voice & Mantra,” used with permission.  From “I Am a Woman, Creative, Sacred & Invincible--Lectures”, by Yogi Bhajan, PhD, Kundalini Research Institute, Espanola, NM, 2009, p. 112.  To buy this wonderful book for yourself, please go to .  From Yogi Bhajan’s Lecture, July 18, 1975.


There are two powerful ways to practice a mantra.  One is Darshani Mantra, and the other is jap-jap[i].

Darshani Mantra is a Guru Mantra[ii] which is chanted while reading the screen of the forehead.  It is such a beautiful and effective technology, and it really works fast—faster than many other things.  It will work with the Guru Mantra, Adi Mantra[iii], Skakti Mantra, Mul Mantra[iv], or any of the ashtang[v] mantras we chant.

Close your eyes, and with the Third Eye, which sees beyond these eyes, you can read it on the screen of your forehead and start chanting it.  Certain things will happen to you, which you won’t expect.  With a lot of practice it will do many things for you.  Let us do it for four or five minutes.  Practice it for a couple of minutes so you can experience it.  If there is any problem, you can overcome it right now.  You are your own masters; don’t try to skip away.  Practice it.

The other way to practice mantra is listening, creating a jap-jap like this:  Say Ek Ong Kar[vi], listen; Sat Nam[vii], listen.  Say and listen.  When you say and you listen, then you are practicing a jap-jap.  A jap-jap is a certain technical method in which a person sits down and says the mantra and mentally listens to it.  When the sadhana becomes perfect, the whole universe chants for you, and you just listen.  Everything sings to you.  It is such a beautiful practice.

In your car driving along, the care takes a rhythm, and you chant, Sat Nam, Sat Nam, Sat Nam, Sat Nam.  Automatically, things will start talking to you, because this world is never without sound.  Once you tune into the sound of mantra, the universal sound becomes the mantra.  They call it a jap-jap.

Let us practice that.  Let us say, Ek Ong Kar and then mentally listen; Sat Nam, listen, and so on.  Use Mul Mantra and then listening.  Do not let only your mind say it.  You must also listen to it.  After a while you will start just chanting, but you must be alert and you must listen to it.  Listening is more important than even chanting.  The best way to practice this is to record yourself and then leave a gap.  Practice with your own voice, and it will work 10 times better than anything else.

[i] Jap-Jap:  Literally, “Meditate-Meditate”

[ii] Guru Mantra: A mantra given by a Guru, such as “Wahe Guru”

[iv] Mul Mantra:  The first part of “Japji Sahib.”

[v] Ashtang Mantra: 8 beat mantra, e.g Morning Call “Ek Ong Kaar, Sat Naam, Siri Wahe Guru,” “Ra Ma Da Sa Sa Say So Hung.”

[vi] Ek Ong Kar:  One Spirit Beyond, Moves within the Creation, Coordinating, Consolidating, Continually Creating.  Translation by Ek Ong Kaar Kaur.

[vii] Sat Nam: “The identity of Truth,” which is your Real Self, and that of others.