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Is Anger Running Our World?

September 17, 2013

Are you being shouted at every time you check your Facebook page, your Twitter account, the TV or your radio?  Do you read magazines and newspapers that are forever provoking anger, or spewing accusations, or bullying—whether blatantly loud or with sophisticated reserve, but anger nonetheless?

Are you finding that your friends, family, co-workers and acquaintances are opting for anger and blaming?  Not a new story, of course.  But with such easy access to communication through social media and every other way that we easily meet up, it seems that folks are just opting for the “quick and easy way” to vent their frustrations and insecurities by self-righteously attacking others in anger. 

Perhaps they are venting their own internal chaos, or maybe they are looking for salve from others to soothe their wounds.  Since misery loves company, community may be formed around common anger—not the happiest way to connect to each other.   Or there may be very precisely contrived anger campaigns created to undermine the “opposition” such as with political parties, etc.  Or possibly kids at school are grouping up to pick on or smash those that they see as weaker—perhaps out of boredom coupled with their own sense of worthlessness that they project on others. 

One of the biggest problems with this kind of blinding public anger is that it is like a match that sparks a roaring uncontainable wildfire, ravaging all that it encounters.  People take sides as they resort to blaming one another and breaking down their “opponent,” rather than searching for and actually creating a common solution.  Remaining in this permanent environment of anger creates a cultural habit of deep divide that debilitates the natural kindness and support of self-worth and profound connection among us.  It breaks down trust from all directions which breaks down our social fabric. 

There is no relief, no listening to the “other”, no searching for common threads, and no forgiveness—after all, who can make everybody happy all the time?  It makes working towards shared remedies impossible while the only remaining goal is beating down the object of shared anger.  Respect for one another and for our shared community is broken and denigrated.

Anger originates from fear and loss of personal power.  It immediately gets attention—“The squeaky wheel gets the grease.”  Loud anger easily triggers others to action without a lot of discernment or thought about the cause or effective remediation.  And who responds?  Well, our lawmakers and voters often give way to angry blasts rather than seeking the greater good.  Corporations hide behind smoke screens of well-crafted anger to get their own way from the general public—us.  Parents and children play the ongoing game of anger on each other to gain dominance over the other—anger begets anger and causes deep, ongoing wounds on both sides.

Frankly, anger oftentimes circumvents solutions to the actual situations that it seeks to address!

Now, I am not asking anyone to suppress their anger.  Oh, no!  That can only create a real interior cesspool that promotes disease or explodes out of nowhere.  But I am suggesting that you become a lot smarter—a lot more conscious about your anger, others’ anger, and group anger in the general culture as well.

GuruMeher Singh in his wonderful “Emotions—Senses of the Soul” curriculum so beautifully lets us know that anger arising from fear is built into our human psyche to sound the alarm against threats to our survival.  Also, anger often explodes as a result of loss of personal power. 

So, when you sit down to meditate and deeply search out the cause of your anger.  Do you find that it is trying to lead you to some realizations such as: 

·         You are really under threat, how can that be solved? 

·         Are you suffering from your own personal power being smashed or restricted—whether from earlier in time or now?  Is the cause recent, or do you have a continual subconscious habit of loss of power.  And how is your Soul leading you to forgive and solve that to regain your personal power?  What do you really need to find to remedy that?

·         What methods can you use to turn around your own anger or fear such as special meditations , daily sadhana--spiritual practice, healing Heart Breath  that miraculously engenders peace for yourself and others whether they are near or far.

·         Consciously training your mind from being automatically triggered into anger’s heat.   But instead run to true neutrality where real insight and Truth can occur to you.

·         Intentionally give the anger to God/Soul so that it may be processed at a higher and much more effective level with the energy returning to you as peace.  Yes, this is totally possible.  Try it!

·         When in neutral, realize that the anger coming towards you is from the other person’s projection of fear, insecurity and chaos.  Don’t let it trigger you to anger or fear, but regard the angry person as calling for a great healing. 

·         You may create boundaries or remedies to turn the situation around.  Or just get out of there with a prayer that the other person’s painful anger can be resolved for the good of all.  Or if they are destroying others, find a way to restrain that person’s angry words and actions.

·         Don’t get involved in the anger that is presented to you, but stay deep in your neutrality so that you may carefully listen to the crisis as you hold the other person in grace so that workable solutions may be found.  Doing strong Heart Breath is an enormous help!

·         Or just unplug!  Get off the media that is causing you to see red, knotting your stomach, overwhelming your mind, stopping your breath, and blocking the graceful flow of energy to and from your heart.

In other words, don’t get stuck in anger. 

Instead take anger as an incredible force that can be worked with to find powerful and amazing remedies, a much greater understanding of how you and our culture operate.  Unearth realizations that let you see behind the confusing wizard’s curtain to find real Truth, slip out of the instant call to victimization as a knee-jerk reaction.  And personally convert from adding to the collective consciousness’ very real supply of destructive creative energy to generating kindness, mutual support and kindness on a mass scale.  Imagine if you were surrounded by profoundly peaceful energy rather than anger.  What would your response be?

This is what you can do on a personal, interpersonal, and worldwide level.  True! Try it!  We are all calling for your well-won Profound Peace!

Lots of Love,

Siri-Gian Kaur


Copyright Siri-Gian Kaur Khalsa, , 2013.


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The Other Person is YOU!

Yogi Bhajan’s first Sutra for the Aquarian Age.

May 14, 2013


Since this is the theme of this year’s Summer Solstice, there is a whole lot of buzz being generated on this idea these days.  We are all doing our best to understand it and practice the Master’s direction.

But I have to tell you, that I start with a few caveats.  The first thing is when we say “the other person,” we are not just talking about friends and family that we would be most happy to be one with.  But in truth, we are talking about the whole gamut of human consciousness that could include those of the “other political party,” unfortunate victims of all kinds of ugliness, as well as the perpetrators of war, rape, incest, those with viscous mental disorders and so on.  Yogi Bhajan did not leave out any category of “other persons.”  Yikes!

So, from my observations as a long-time healer and teacher, we spend lots of time and energy separating ourselves from those that we believe have hurt us and may possibly do the same in the future.  We seek safety in separation.  And we often put a lot of energy into enforcing that separation or disconnection with judgment, running away or hiding, dissociation from reality, “get them before they get me,” broken-down heart, feeling lost, unloved and unsupported, etc.  Understandable.

But the big problem here is that separation or disconnection hurts really, really bad.  Disconnection from your Self, from the world in general, from others who have hurt you, from those that you fear may hurt you, from those that you judge to be dangerous in any way—which includes anything from possible rejection to downright open animosity really slices you apart.  Of course, experience of abuse in any form—originating in this lifetime or others can lay down the energetic tracks for this self-defeating, repeating cycle of perception, fear and pain, no matter what the reality of the situation is.

Any feeling of disconnection or separation on any level creates deep pain, depression, loss of sense of belonging to this world and the greater humanity.  You may begin to wonder why the heck you had to come to this God-forsaken place by taking rebirth anyway. 

Transforming that pain so that we can open ourselves to the Real Truth that is truly us, and has always been us is called HEALING!  That is what healing is all about—to transform the prickly layers so that the actual Light of Who we are can shine without limit.  It’s a process that occurs over time.  If you want to know more about that extraordinary karmic process, please go to .

Now, as you may know, I teach folks how to listen to their very own Soul, their God Self.  That is the Universal Consciousness as it projects as the very most unique YOU!  We learn to do that in our online/tele-course called “INTUITION TRAINING:  The Art of Soul Listening!” .  Or quickly see .

In listening to the responses from so many people’s Souls, I have found that the voice from each one is the same!  OMG!  What a revelation that has been.  Always folks’ Souls are so very loving, cozy, non-judgmental, patient and Present.  Soul’s most often spoken direction to people—without any leading on my part is “RELAX!”  Imagine!  It never berates us, or gets mad, is not dictatorial or judgmental.  It simply, most generously gives us love as we can open ourselves to it through healing our pain and separation on every level.

So, my big realization over the years is that we are all projections of the very same Soul!  And when we heal our pain with all of our incredible healing tools such as mantra, meditation, kriyas, exploration of the Truth from personal experience with Soul, and so on, then we actually allow our barriers against our own Soul, which in fact is the Soul of All, then the walls of separation at that most primal level come tumbling down.  You already know this experience because you have that awareness of expanding Light by the end of every Kundalini Yoga class.

I have seen folks on my healing table so many times  finally come to that most visceral experience of actually being their own Soul, that is the most Universal and loving Consciousness that is way beyond connecting to All, because it most simply and kindly is ALL.  They are fully relieved of their separation because they actually experience their own Sat Nam, their own Identity as the Source of Truth in a very palpable way.

Now, once you have that experience, you KNOW there is no separation from anyone or anything.  In that Consciousness, you kindly experience that “the other person is YOU!”  You can feel it.  There are no barriers.  You have the experience of pure compassion.  You learn that your very own Soul or Source of you is projecting in so many ways in this great play of Light and Dark—dark being the apparent hiding of the Light.  You begin to appreciate that it is not you who is in charge of this whole Earthly show, but rather each person is of the same Source playing their part.  As Guru Nanak says in the 34th pauri of Japji Sahib:

“The Earth was established as a place where Spirit could evolve into a Conscious Awareness of Itself.” [i]

Now of course, this is the short description of the spiritual path of healing our darkness of pain and separation to really comprehend that reality.  Once we get that, we realize that everyone is truly the very same Source Consciousness but at different stages of evolution that we cannot judge.

I was always struck when people asked Yogi Bhajan if they should try to convert people to this great path of evolution that he was teaching.  He always said, “No, everyone has their own timing and will reach that Union at some time.”  What genuine respect he had for this karmic evolution!  So, I would suggest that instead of being judgmental and trying to cut others out of the pack who are seemingly not like you, instead we RELAX in the very meditative center of our heart, to realize—to truly experiment with the vibes of our True Self, and then feel the very central vibes of any other person to determine Soul to Soul if in fact your Soul’s vibes in any way resemble the vibes of the other person at their core.  That experience is way deeper than their “everyday evolutionary self’s” play of darkness or freedom from darkness, which is the pure experience of Light!

So, here we are making a full circle.

Once you get that genuine knowing of Soul within yourself gives you the very realization that the “Other Person is You,” how do you deal with their apparent everyday crappiness, which is their darkness playing out in this evolutionary karmic container of time and space?  The first step of course is to respect their own evolutionary course over lifetimes.

You have experienced that you are the same Source acting out on each other for very specific reasons that may be known only to your Soul Consciousness.  You have the humility to realize that you have done just the same things as that other person is doing now.  And you know that their actions are just what you need to spur you to face your own healing challenges! 

Instead of getting rocked out of your “Center,” or what is also known as the Soul Space, or Shuniya, etc., and falling back into your own pain, fear, separation by their actions, you conscientiously hold that vibratory rate, that very real feeling of Soul within yourself and let it vibrate with their Source vibration, even though they have no idea of what is happening.  You may find that as you do that, the other person seems to subtly and miraculously change for the better.  Do NOT lose your center!  And if you do, just say, “Woops!” and jump back in it by using your long, deep breath and meditative consciousness.

So, finally we come to the question of what to do if another person’s crappiness is trying to squash you or others.  Do you let them just walk all over you because you know that the other person is you and you are humbly paying your karmas?

On the contrary. 

You have heard of boundaries?  This is an incredible way of protecting not only the integrity of your own Soul space, but theirs as well.  You listen to your Soul to determine what your appropriate boundaries are with this other person, and then present them in a way that the other person can hear them.  And you maintain those boundaries out of respect for both your and the other person’s evolutionary process.

For instance, when the Mogul army was killing everyone who refused to convert to their religion, Guru Gobind Singh’s comparatively small band courageously took up arms against that aggression to protect each person’s right to follow their own Soul!  Now of course, your method of creating boundaries may be as subtle as just that “look.”  Or you may outline what the other person may or may not do to protect your boundary, or that of some person in need.  That is how you protect the Truth and integrity of your “Soul Space” as well as that of the “other” person so they are contained and not abusive.  Just listen to Soul to determine how to go about it.  What incredible, surprising wisdom Soul will give you!  I can assure you of that.

What a mind-boggling realization it is to truly experience that “The Other Person is YOU!” and live to that principle.  It surely is life-changing for the better!

Lots of Love,

Siri-Gian Kaur

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[i] This translation is from Ek Ong Kaar Kaur’s wonderful “Japji Sahib, Song of the Soul.”  To get it, please contact her at



By Maria Coffee

 June 4, 2013Our biggest goal in life is real SELF LOVE!
One of my biggest struggles on the journey to this goal (and I needed years to find out) was:When I was confronted with disrespect or when other people “took over” and made me feel very small or little, in my meditation I couldn’t get hold of it. I was aware os this is part of me but I thought that I was very respectful to others and actually not trying to be a control freak.
I achieved the breakthrough when I finally realized that it wasn’t so much the other person who hurt me, but more than anything else it was me who disrespected myself for so long.  Still it was the “little girl” in me who felt so unsecure in confrontational situations.These kinds of shadows are the “trickiest” ones. My shadows made me believe that I was the victim of other people.  But the reality was that my own shadows were the victimizer themselves living in me…
Lots of times these shadows were conditioned in the early childhood.Even though I have been studying the nature of the shadow for so long, sometimes my first reactions during a meditation would still be, “No, that is not me,” or “No, I don’t want to deal with it.” Then powerful fears or emotions would well up in me. Now is the precious time to use these energies for my advantage and release my shadows, whatever they are—forever. The most important thing to do now is, just WATCH.
I let all the emotions arrive, not blocking anything, and WATCHED. I know that I am in a sacred and safe space within myself, so nothing harmful could happen.Breathing long and deep, WATCHING and not trying to judge or interfere, trying to stay neutral!Doing that “sucks out” all the energy of the event and because I don’t feed it anymore it.  After a while that shadow has nothing else left to do but to disappear. The longest time I WATCHED my shadow as it came “in and out” was for 5 days.  This was before I did Kundalini Yoga!I was watching all the events from when I was a small child till now—how other people mistreated or disrespected me—crying, feeling the enormous pain that comes with it.  I became totally depressed and then extremely angry.  I went into total self-pity, wanted to beat somebody, kill myself and so on, lying in bed and with deep tones of meditation music.  I let it happen!  I knew that it would end, because it would run out of its own energy. After 5 days there was nothing left anymore, no thought of anything that had happened.  And the presence of a person who had been involved could no longer trigger me.  My ocean was as clear as glass. The release was indescribable! I felt a huge empty space in me, so I asked God to help me in the future. This changed my life forever for the best.
Thank God I had the time and space then.
Later on, all of a sudden, the question came up: “Do you respect yourself?”     
The immediate answer was “NO!”  I’ve gotten to see that little girl in me, hurting, playing, getting anxious and furious about anybody who confronted her, me with authority, rules or just people with similar issues, yelling and screaming: “I don’t want to be around this person, and at the same time feeling rejected and unloved by everybody… Eckhart Tolle calls them “pain bodies.”
It took daily sadhana, white Tantric, lots of patience from my husband, the energy of at least 100 people during a Kundalini Yoga class.  And without the presence of Yogi Bhajan and Guru Ram Das I would never have released that shadow…
I am now at the point beyond forgiveness. I say gratefully, “Thank you,” to all my “teacher” shadows.Now I appreciate when somebody confronts me with my own reality, even in a painful way, because I have a chance to become aware of that shadow and heal it! 
Yogi Bhajan says it like this:
“Separation is very painful. It is real. It should be. When the Soul feels the separation from God then it is in terrible pain. When the beloved feels the separation of the loved, she wants to merge in it. This is the process of that maturity which God has created. It is a pathway to God. Others come and go, they go to come and they come to go.
But those who go into the pain and longing of separation recognize the separation; and they are the only ones who find the merger. This is Khalsa in the purity of love. When a human longs through the grace of the Guru he merges back into the infinite God.

Fortunate are those whose destiny is so written.”

 Copyright, Maria Coffee, , 2013
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May 21, 2013

One of the members of our Soul Answer Tribe, Maria Coffee from Los Angeles responded to last week’s article on “The Other Person is You!”  She wisely points up our relationship with our own SHADOW!  Here is our joint article.

When was the last time that you got really mad or even mildly annoyed that somebody didn’t do what you thought was right or what you wanted them to do?  Has the almighty and constant judging machine arisen in you to declare that you have been wronged in some egregious way?

Well, Dear Ones, you might find that the source of all that is your sneaky little Dark Side, what Carl Jung called our Shadow.  Our shadow is the funniest thing!  Of course we always want to know ourselves as being right, or doing the best thing.  But in fact we have this little guy, this little part of us that amazingly covers up our own unconscious parts by projecting them on others.  What an amazing way of “doing business”, eh?

What I have seen happen over and over again is that what someone else does triggers something in us to get upset about it.  But when we look deeper and deeper, with very conscious “eyes,” I bet that we find that we are actually covering up our own little dark spots by accusing someone else!  It happens all the time.

Here is Maria’s delightful example:  You get mad because the other person is lazy and you think he or she should do more?! When you go within you might find out that you would actually need to slow down, give yourself a break and enjoy life more than you do. You might be at the point where your body has had enough and will slow you down with a nice sickness, of course at a totally inappropriate time. Doesn’t it make sense to take the hint you achieved through (your judgment of) the other person, even this was not the (idea behind that original judgment?)”

What about when we judge that someone else is not following what we believe is the right code of conduct?  Do we get huffy and blame the other person?  Do we ostracize them?  Do we get people on “our side” to add weight to our cause?  Or do we simply regard them with blessed neutrality?  Do we ask what is going on with them and offer help instead of assuming the worst?

In our self-exploration, do we see that it is our self-righteousness, our pride and fear that is the driving force that projects our judgments and apprehensions on another person?  I am always amazed that whatever we blame the other person for is just what our failing, our Shadow is.  It never fails.  And it is the most fascinating study!  Just try it for a minute right now.

You begin to see that someone with a victim consciousness actually begins to identify someone who is trying to help them as being their victimizer.  Amazing little twists and turns in our thinking rearranges the “facts” to suit our habitual story line.  You may see that one who blames another for breaking their heart, in fact has broken another person’s heart, or finds people over and over again who will break their heart in similar ways. 

If you blame someone for not being trustworthy, you might deeply examine your own behavior to discover if you have been truly trustworthy.  You may discover that someone with low self-esteem will find perfect situations and people to continually play out that oppressive scenario with them over and over again.  That is our own little Shadow at play!

As Maria wisely says:  “A universal law of resonance states that we only come into contact with that with which we ourselves resonate; we will only get in contact with our own frequencies (even though their apparent source appears to be outside of ourselves.  And yet we can actually transform those frequencies!)
Also she notes thatChildren later take up the very behaviors that they most hated in their parents!  And the Christian religion, the religion of love turned into one of the cruelest religions, responsible for the Inquisition, wars and burning witches!“

Usually, we don’t want to admit to ourselves what is going on.  But without going to pure, meditative neutrality as we don our Sherlock hat to search out that little gremlin, we just fool ourselves into believing that we are in the right and the other person is wrong.  That’s how we really and truly miss the great opportunity for shining the great Light of awareness on our little Shadow guy. 

And yet when we actually do engage in this great self-study and transformation process, using our amazing yogic tools, we can nab those destructive Shadow habits and short-sightedness.  Then as we deeply, meditatively forgive those limiting habits, our Shadow can actually be released from its icky-sticky difficult, compulsive hold that obscures our “enlightened” thinking and acting! 

Maria wrote :  Yogi Bhajan gave us all the tools we need to reach into the deepest realms of us to put Light and awareness there.  So when we have released and integrated our Shadows we can truly be compassionate because we are whole.”

With this process, we permit our Shadow to be re-arranged in amazing ways such as now allowing freedom from worry, oppression, hurt, loss of self and more.  And what is most intriguing is that with this rearrangement, also called “transformation,” calm wisdom seems to come to us out of nowhere!  But all this could not happen if we did not first catch our little Shadow guy, see him for what he really is, then lovingly forgive him.  What an extraordinary process!

According to Jungian dream interpretation that I practiced before coming to 3HO, you realize that everyone in your normal dream is actually an aspect of you, and you deal with or heal each personality as a part of yourself. 

What happens over time is that you begin to see everyone in your waking world as an aspect of yourself.  Wow!  What a humbling experience that is!  Then you become grateful for other folks’ challenges because they become an avenue to your own self-awareness.  Over time, you become quite conscious and neutral about what is going on around you, and you just observe this fascinating world of human actions.  At the same time, powerful, loving wisdom spontaneously arises in you to deal most effectively with the situation at hand.

What an extraordinarily rich path we realize that we may take full advantage of when we truly investigate the Truth of Yogi Bhajan’s First Sutra for the Aquarian Age, “The Other Person is You!”

Maria suggests a book called “The Healing Power of Illness” by Thorwald Dethlesfen and Ruediger Dahlke to shed more Light on this amazing process of recognizing and working with our polarities.

Lots of Love,

Siri-Gian Kaur

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Personal Fascism—Some Questions.
May 7, 2013
The term “Fascism” comes from the Latin word “Fasces” which the dictionary describes as a bundle of rods, and among them an ax with a projecting blade borne before ancient Roman magistrates as a badge of authority.  The term Fascism was coined by the dictator Mussolini in Italy from 1922 to 1943 to describe total government rule over its citizens, and their adherence or loyalty to the government’s absolute authority. 

Yep!  You heard it right.  "Personal Fascism!"

Do you feel those pulls from your circle of friends, your family, your church, neighborhood, political party, sports team, school, or other groups in which there is a central ideology that is controlled by the “IN” person or group? 

These are the groups that employ either a subtle or overt threat that says that if you transgress against their ideas or customs in any way, then you are on the “outs” with the group? 

But since the group usually operates as a kind of support or perceived haven to the individual, and identification with the group actually becomes a part of a person’ personal identity, then the consequences of separating from the group can be very severe indeed!

And because we humans have a dire and intrinsic need to BELONG to groups—Yogi Bhajan called this the “longing to belong,” then we do all kinds of back-over flips to pay our obeisance to our chosen groups as our dues for belonging.

Remember those high school cliques or posses where the “leader” would get down on somebody?  Then the whole pack had to follow along or risk being ostracized themselves?  Well, this is certainly a function of Fascism, which has been part of the Piscean order.  This is how we control others and become controlled ourselves. 

And living by this cultural order certainly rules out living by Soul’s incredible direction that you can tune into at every second if you only switch your mind to it. .  Soul’s direction will actually lead you to happiness, freedom, creativity, true understanding, love, pure compassion and more.  So, although Soul’s direction respects many cultural norms, it is not imprisoned by them.  So, you can see how living from Soul’s Divine, cozy, very original direction would be a true support to an individual, but a pure threat to living by the rule of the pack.

So, Dear One, this is how I have observed the actual structure of Fascism in all kinds of human associations.  As you become aware of this compelling social action in your own life, perhaps you can consciously work yourself out of the pack’s dictates as you turn to Soul’s great peace and coziness.  This is surely how we evolve to true, authentic peace!

Here’s how I have seen Fascism work:


This is basically what is promoted by the Dictator/Leader or the group of dictatorial minds that craft a message that primarily supports their agenda and suppress all others.  This message may certainly be disguised as promoting the good, the best for the whole group, and first examination appear to be “good and holy.”  But that message actually demands loyalty from its followers for the intrinsic gain of the Central Authority. 


The controlling factor inherent in Fascist ideology serves to cut the “sinner” from the support of the leader and the pack or community.  That may be as simple as “If you don’t follow my lead, I won’t like you anymore.”  It may include blame, mean gossip against the “heretic,” etc. from the leader or the whole gang or community.  That action separates the dissenting one from the leader’s protection, approval and support within the leader’s posse or the whole community who rally around the leaders’ ideology—whether that actually appears benign or justified.   That loyalty to the leader and their direction arises from plain fear of the consequences.

Denial of the leaders or their ideas may incur ostracism, downright mental, emotional, or even physical torture or death for the non-adherent as well as for their family or anyone who associates with them.  Remember the Inquisition, the KKK, or the last time you suffered that personal injustice?  Or perhaps you were even the perpetrator who felt justified by cultural norms!  Very Piscean, don’t you think?  Do you see this operation in any political persuasions, churches, or the groups of friends or associates that you hang out with?  Take a minute.

There have been so many in history who have followed Soul, especially as teachers and healers who were rooted in Soul, or the Divine creativity and freedom who were seen as true threats to the established order and were consequently “snuffed out.”  That brought real terror to others who might try the same thing, and it efficiently wiped out the source of such “heresy.”  There are so many of these folks who suffered such tactics in the Witch Hunts of the middle ages.  Now, those same folks in this lifetime still are warded off of such Divine pursuits due to their subconscious fears left over from those terrorizing previous lifetimes!  Thank God modern civilizations have evolved to the point that this violent approach is now unlawful and not likely to be practiced again.  Although we often shy away from being “different” or “weird” due to those prior lifetime experiences.


This is the one person or a fairly small coterie of people who have the power and chutzpah to take control.  That could be the most popular, rich, powerful, seemingly “religious” or capable leaders, corporate owners, politicians, etc. These are the brazen ones who declare that they know the TRUTH or the preferred order for the whole group and who have no trouble calling all the shots, including who is IN and who is OUT and how things should operate. 

This does provide order of a certain type.  For instance after 9/11, the whole country rallied around the president’s Central Authority due to fear for our personal and collective safety.  Consequently, individuals lost a number of freedoms as described in the Patriot Act.

The caveat here is to determine who has real, legitimate authority on the highest level.  Who do you willingly give your personal power to?  Do you make your choice based on the need to belong?

Or do you do that by allowing your own Soul, your cozy Infinite Self to affirm or deny what is TRUE and which person tells the real TRUTH!  You try this on an event by event basis to begin with until it becomes habit.  That takes practice, but that is also the Aquarian way.  Soul gives you the Truth, pure and simple. 

In Japji Sahib, Guru Nanak instructs us to Listen—“Suniai.”  And then to Trust what we hear—“Mannai.”  So, now you see how personal alignment with the Truth from Soul could be a true threat to the Dictator or Central Authority!  But staying in league with Soul above all is adherence to the pure, personal authority of the Universal Divine, which is actually our Real Self.  Pure freedom!


These are the ones who most closely surround the Dictator or Central Authority to carry out their wishes.  They give out the perks or enforce the ideology with painful consequences to the Rank and File.  Henchmen derive their power from approval and perks from the Central Authority.  They may be Congress people on the payroll of rich corporations, right down to clique members—“friends” looking for special approval with the need to be in the “IN Crowd.”


This is the larger group of followers who derive benefits, such as recognition as part of the group or community, etc. who are both loyal to the Ideology and the Central Authority as well as fearful of the consequences of standing out as being different as explained above.  They are subtly or overtly required to rail against “non-believers,” which are those who do not tow the company line.  They may use hate or non-acceptance of another racial, religious, or “IN” group, or even required to inflict harm to the “OUT group.”  This non-acceptance of “non-believers” is an essential part of the fascist operation.  Strict adherence to the ideology and Central Authority sharpens the definitions of what it means to be an adherent of the group or community. 

The required loyalty to the Ideology and Central Authority might be at the expense of loyalty to one’s own family, friends, or explorations of different ways of thinking, loving, respecting, or acting.  Derogatory pronouncements, insinuating gossip, and reporting of “findings” to the Central Authority, Henchmen, or Rank and File is the tactic of the day to aid in proving one’s worth in the group.

You can certainly see that following Soul’s guidance would be forbidden. 

Transgressions are punished as described above.  Fear of not belonging is the impetus for this loyalty.  This mindset also gives rise to such group-binding myths as “We are better than anyone else,” “We are the chosen ones and know what’s best,” “We are right and everyone else is wrong,”  “We can do anything that we want,”  “No way I am listening to or respecting you,” “It’s my responsibility to downgrade or harm anyone that doesn’t fit my program,” “No one but we are worthy,” “We are better than you,” “My discipline will make you a better person,” etc.  Do you recognize any of this in practice around you—whether institutionalized or personal?

Hmm.  How does this square with Yogi Bhajan’s first Sutra for the Aquarian Age—“The Other Person is YOU”?


As we have said, the “OUT Group” is an essential element of Fascism.  One of the tenets of Machiavelli’s treatise on how to gain, maintain and increase political power (“The Prince”) is that the leader must create an OUT Group that is vilified, railed against, and association with them is to be feared and punished. 

Senator McCarthy in the 1950s certainly capitalized on building his own personal power by falsely accusing and destroying so very many as being Communists—an extreme source of fear at the time.

Hitler consciously used this tactic in his campaign against racial Jews and others who differed with him.  It is recorded that he actually didn’t have a history of hating these groups, but he played on the deep prejudices of the population to create coherence among them by uniting against a common enemy. 

How do you suppose that might play out in what you experience around you?  What have you seen in social, family, sport, church, work and political environments that in some way follow that dictum?  What are the common fears that you see that could be played upon?


Will it be the controlling cultural imperative as described by Fascism from its most soft to radical manifestation?  Or will you switch to listening to and humbly following Soul at every turn?  Are you ready to start chipping away at the old cultural paradigms to realize the great humility, kindness and heart that is the very real Source of us all, your own Soul—no matter what threats appear?  

 Where do you find your real sense of belonging and connection?  Is it with those who either subtly or overtly grab for their personal and group prominence through shades of Fascism—no matter what “lofty” ideas they profess as their bona fide disguise?  Or will you find your very real and very deep experience of belonging and expansive connection to All through your own Divine Soul?

The opportunity for awareness and choice is yours at every moment!  Bless you in your own personal evolution of Consciousness.  Please don’t beat yourself up if you occasionally forget and mess up.  Just deeply forgive yourself and begin again, realizing that changing an outlook or a habit is a long-term process.  Love God/Soul, love yourself, love others as you!  Haven’t we heard that before?  Let’s do it!

Lots of Love,

Siri-Gian Kaur

Copyright:  Siri-Gian Kaur Khalsa, , 2013.

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