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Here are a couple of Prayers--
one by a Mother and one to her Mother
by my lovely friend and young mother herself,
Kelli Munoz.

This morning I wake up with You on my Mind

How will it be, this movement of Love?

Only You will know.

My Heart is Open, my mind is Yours.

May it be so that this space I occupy

be a living Divine movement of Love.

Fulfilling God’s Will in this day and all days.

I pray for and desire Your Eternal Living Presence

To be in the middle of this family - may we be a solid &

healing Family Unit in Your Name for ourselves and


May the works we do be all for You.

In this moment and in all moments may it be Your Love &

Guidance living in this space.



Dear Mom,

You were my first blessing in life, one given to me by God. God called , trusted and appointed you to fulfill his dream of Love.

Truly a child is gifted a Mother.

Truly a child is gifted a Mother’s Love

Which is Purely God’s Grace.

God’s Divine Grace is seen and given freely through many different ways, but the One that is most important to the Beginning of a New Life is through a Mother.

God’s hope is for each Mother to represent Him Truly.

And when we are not fortunate enough to experience the love from others that we long for, we should be reminded that their ability to love us was made possible Only by their connection and dependence on the Source of Eternal Love. A connection is made possible Only by their CHOICE.

The Power of Choice can be equated to turning a water supply faucet off. If we choose to turn off the faucet, this does not mean no water exists. Water can be equated to God’s Eternal Love. Water exists abundantly and freely behind the faucet, it is in our Power of Choice to turn that faucet on so we might benefit from the cool and refreshing abundant supply of water.

I am grateful for your Choice to love me with all your heart. God filled you with Love and you freely gave this to me. I pray that I will always give this back to you in abundance whenever you need it.

And I pray that you understand God’s Eternal Love is within you already, with or without those who have played an important role in your life. May you choose to feel this Every Day.

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