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In Espanola, New Mexico, USA
February 19, 20, 21
Over Presidents' Day Holiday in the US.

I asked Baba Siri Chand to say some words to you about this "Yogis' Gathering".  He says:

"Heart frequency is essential to moving into this vibrational upgrade that is new to you and to your precious Earth!  Your consciousness lives in your Heart in ways that you could never have experienced or responded to before.  Now, because of the many switches and polarizations of the Earth energy, we are able to pour much more into your human vibrational layers to hold this mammoth interplay.

"When we meet together for our YOGI MELA, you will gain a surge of momentum--rather like a cyclotron that will give a great deal more 'speed' of frequency to your unique personal vibration so that you can enter this new time in calmness and quality, rather than being slammed by its ferocity. 

"I guarantee that you will establish changes for the better.  Guru Ram Das and I will see to that!  And we will whisper our instructions to Amandeep Singh who will lead you through this.

"Remember, God is your goal, and that goal is reached through your Heart!"

The first 20 to register get a nicely discounted tuition!
And you can lock that discount in, as well as make your make your own payment plan with just $50!

Check it out at

See our YouTube video at


Yogi Mela
with Baba Sri Chand
led by Amandeep Singh


Yogi means the one who is united with the totality and Mela comes from two words “mey” and “la.”

“Mey” is the root word of Maya, which means illusion and “la” means to dissolve.

Yogi Mela would be a gathering of union and dissolving the illusion. It is a gift from the higher sources which are working and guiding us into the Age of Aquarius.

It would be a time to unite the Heart Centre which is the centre of Guru Ram Das and the 3rd eye point which is the centre of Baba Sri Chand. We would flow with the unconditional love of Guru Ram Das and the powerful intuition of Baba Sri Chand. The outcome of which would be healing and bliss.

 A time to “re-live” the times of the great masters, through their stories, legends, history and guided meditations. The roots of Kundalini Yoga, and Yogi Bhajan’s divine mission of bringing these teachings to us.  

Experiencing the kriyas of Baba Sri Chand, Yogi Bhajan has taught us and the vast wisdom and technology of Kundalini Yoga which he gave us to lead a life that is happy, healthy and holy.

We would also explore and experience Baba Sri Chand’s powerful rare Mantras and Compositions from the Udasi Sikh Tradition, much of which was hidden till now.

We would also transform and renew ourselves through a “Fire Meditation” and the
“Panch Mahabuth Dhian” or the 5 Elements Meditation given by Baba Sri Chand.

Along the above mentioned, we would be receiving a special gift of “Sri Matra” by the ever youthful Yogi, Baba Sri Chand.

“Sri Matra” is a long composition written by Baba Sri Chand, it is the essence of his entire teachings. It contains the teachings which he gave to the yogis of his time and these teachings are still very relevant today. The daily recitation of Sri Matra awakens the internal Yogi within and connects one directly with Baba Sri Chand.  Below are some lines from the composition:

Nanak puta sri chandar boley
Jugat pachaney so tat vecholey.38
Aysi matra lai peyrey ko-ey
Ava guan meyta-ve so-ey.39 - Sri matra

Sri Chand, Guru Nanak’s son speaks
One who realises his union (with the totality) churns the true essence of reality
Any one who unites with these teachings
His comings and goings in reincarnation shall end. - Sri Matra

Healing, Bliss and Blessings to all
Shubangh - Auspiciousness (be unto all)
Amandeep Singh








If you are only coming to the Fire Meditation on Sunday, Feb. 20, 2011 from 2 PM sharp until about 3:30 PM, please register here.

$35 + $2.25 tax = $37.25


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