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Here is a wonderful passage from the Sikh Scriptures,
which is a compilation of writings by Sikhs, Hindus and Muslims! 
I am not trying to convert anyone in any way! 
You can just regard this as enjoyable spiritual poetry if you like.
This poem describes the relationship between
"Dad," the Formless One, and "Mother Planet" called Lakhshmi here.
From the Siri Guru Granth Sahib, at the end of page 1167 from the full Bir.
By Nam Dev
Come Thou, O beautifully-haired God, the conjurer, wearing the dress of a  saint. (pause)
Thou art the Lord, who wears the hat of firmament over Thy head and who hast the seven underworlds as Thine silppers.
All the skin-wearers are Thy mansions.  In this way, Thou lookest beauteous, O the Cherisher of the World.
The fifty six myriads of clouds is Thine gown, and sixteen thousand queens are Thy trousers.
The eighteen loads of vegetation is Thy club and the whole world is Thy salver.
Human body is the mosque and mind the priest, who tranquilly says the prayer.
With lady Lakhshmi Thy marriage is solemnized, and through her, O Formless Lord Thou seemeth to possess form.
While I was performing Thy love-worship, Thou hadst my cymbals snatched.  To whom should I complain?
Nama's Lord, the Searcher of hearts, though country-less, is walking around everywhere.

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