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A song of pure longing and love for the Infinite! 
Let it transform and heal your heart
as well as your relationships!

Mera Man Lochai

From the prayer "Shabad Hazaaray"

Those who recite this prayer shall never be separated from their beloved!

Guru Arjan as a youngster wrote this poem of love and longing to be with his father, Guru Ram Das.

Yogi Bhajan said that our Soul is the Divine Guru within, so in this case, this is the song of love and longing for pure and deep connection with your own Divine Self, your Soul, your sacred transformative Teacher within, your True Self. It is pure devotion.  Lose your "everyday self" in your own Soul, your God-Self.

The chatrik bird migrates to India at the times of the monsoons.  This is when the parched land receives the regenerative rains, and newlyweds traditionally stay inside to enjoy union with their beloved.  This chatrik bird calls "Pio, Pio," meaning "Beloved, Beloved." It's song has a melancholy sound of longing.

Mayraa man lochai gur darshan taa-ee

Bilap karay chaatrik kee ni-aa-ee

Trikhaa na utrarai shaant no aavai

Bin darshan sant pia-aaray jee-o

Hao gholee jee-o ghol ghumaa-ee

Gur darshan sant pi-aaray jee-o

My mind longs for a sight of my Guru.

It cries out like the thirsty chatrik bird waiting for the rain.

But the rain does not come.

Peace does not come without the sight of my beloved Guru.

I am a sacrifice.  I am ever a sacrifice

Unto the sight of my Beloved Guru.

Tayraa mukh suhaavaa jee-o sahaaj dhun baanee.

Chir ho-aa daykahy saaring paanee

Dhan so days jahaa too(n) vasi-a

Mayray sajan meet muraaray jee-o

Hoo gholee hao ghol ghumaa-ee

Gur sajan meet muraaray jee-o

Your face is so beautiful and hearing your Word brings me deep peace.

It has been so long since this chatrik bird has seen any water.

O, my dearest friend, O my beloved Guru.

Blessed is the ground beneath your feet.

I am a sacrifice.  I am ever a sacrifice

Unto my dearest friend and intimate,

My beloved Guru.

Ik gharee na milatay taa kalijug hotaa

Hun kad milee-ai pri-a tudh bhagavantaa

Mo-eh rain na vihaavai need na aavai

Bin daykhay gur darbaaray jee-o

Hao gholee jee-o ghol ghumaa-ee

Tis sachay gur darbaaray jee-o

Every moment I am away from you a Dark Age dawns for me.

When will I see you, O my beloved Master?

I cannot get through the night without the sight of your Court.  Sleep does not come.

I am a sacrifice.  I am ever a sacrifice

Unto the Court of my True Guru.

Bhaag ho-aa gur sant milaa-i-aa

Prabh abinaasee ghar mel paa-i-aa

Sayv karee pal chasaa na vichhuraa

Jan Naanak daas tumaaray jee-o

Hau gholee jee-o ghol ghumaa-ee

Jan Naanak daas tumaaray jee-o

By good fortune, I have met the Saintly Guru.

I have found the Eternal Lord God within the home of my own Being.

I shall serve You forever, and I shall not be separated from You again, even for an instant.

Servant Nanak is Your slave, O Dear Lord.

I am a sacrifice, my Soul is a sacrifice. 

Servant Nanak is Your slave, O Dear Lord.


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