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 May 17, 2016

The following is Greg’s comment on last week’s Tratakam article from Shabad Simran Kaur called “You Want and Want.”  Click here to read that article.

I get so confused because of other organizations that say desire is extremely important!!! It is how we create. We desire and the universe responds to that desire based on thoughts and feelings. So, "becoming nothing" seems just the opposite of spiritual understanding compared to what I've been taught.



Dear Greg,

What a good question, Dear!  You can see this question answered from Shabad Simran’s Tratakam with the Master as well. It is above this article and is called “Allowing Your Mind to Lead.”

So, here is my answer:

In a nutshell, when you become “Nothing,” you automatically become “Everything”!  That is what becoming the One is all about.  That great enlightened Master, Guru Nanak’s name literally means “Nothing”.  Nothing gives no resistance at all to the action of the All in All that comes through you and is the Real You. So, this encompasses becoming all Power, all Potential, anything in the Universe that is needed, because you are in total alignment as the Universe, not limited to your small sphere.

I know outfits such as The Secret and others hang primarily on having your mind fully project your desires, your magnetic, energetic projections with the idea that the Universe will fulfill your bidding.  And Yogi Bhajan even said that there is no lack of prosperity, only the lack of asking.  As you know, Yogi Bhajan was all for us being very prosperous.  He even told me to have three cars in my driveway!

In my observation, we are talking about two different world/life views using the same phenomenon.

View #1.  The Secret, etc.

At the height of their popularity, I found that people were actually going crazy with their obsessive belief that the world would serve them exactly what they wanted if they just trained their mind to vigilantly project what they wanted. 

There were a couple of young women who had had difficult upbringings and young adulthoods.  They were both projecting with incessant force to find men who would love and support them unconditionally.  To my eyes, they made themselves sick with this obsessive heavy belief projection.  What they were really looking for was the deep-seated feeling and knowledge of being totally loved and secure in every way, including being incredibly financially supported.

When I suggested that even if that person came along, they still could not experience their fellow’s love because they didn’t love themselves due to their own deep wounds; therefore the relationship could not last.  No other person can fill that huge hole of neediness in another.  One needs to heal themselves with great forgiveness and learn the lessons within that situation to experience Self love—their own love from Soul, God, the Creator, their own Real Self before they can actually accept kind love from another person, and then share it in return.

So, in these cases it appears to me that when folks try to get the Universe, God, Soul to do their bidding, they are simply doing their best to cover their insecurities and pain without actually taking on the great karmic challenges for self/Self redemption, and extraordinary growth that the Universe is actually presenting to them.  Problem is, it doesn’t work that way.

Now another situation that I have seen is that one creates a projection and then works out in their mind exactly HOW they want this situation to come about.  So, here’s the problem with that:  If you are asking the Universe to create an outcome for you, you have to “Let Go and Let God” do the creating aspect according to a much greater plan than we could ever see with our mind or experience.  Then the next trick is to be able to actually see that your wish or desire has been fulfilled.  In other words, what you have been praying for may have come to you, but you didn’t recognize it. 

For instance, perhaps you have been praying and praying for your marriage to one who is loving and kind, but your spouse isn’t interested, or perhaps even abusive.  Then your spouse starts to date someone else.  But you see, this is not the worst thing that could happen, and it is probably the best thing because now you are free to detach from this person who is incapable of joining with you in a true relationship!  You just have to trust that the Universe has not deserted you, but is really on your side. 

Again, the biggest thing is that you heal yourself of your root pain, forgive deeply—not from your mind, but from your vast neutral Self, and learn the whole array of lessons concerning Self-love and reliance on God/Soul that you can.  This is how you create the experience and True Knowledge of Compassion from the center of your very Being.  It’s how you grow to your most expansive and cozy self/Self.  And in this long and short run, that is what Life here on Earth is really about.

Another incident that I have encountered is that some folks got so totally enthralled by their own “deserving” of every amount of wealth that passed through their work lives, that they decided it was their own, rather than being the trusted steward of it in order to serve all.  Instead, they gave up every bit of integrity, and did everything to stealthfully steal everything that was not rightfully theirs.  They were truly enraptured with their conversion to their “prosperity guru,” and doomed their own lives as a result.  They didn’t get away with the multi-millions that they tried to confiscate.  Thank God!

View #2.

So, you see this Earthly journey for those on the spiritual path is not about acquiring things to make you happy, because I have not seen millionaires or billionaires who are actually happy and content.  And I have seen them up close.

On the one hand, Yogi Bhajan gave us the example of unflinchingly accepting prosperity and power.  It is a way of turning around our habit of lifetimes of being meek and penniless monks, yogis and ascetics where we had no earthly power or possessions in order to clear our weak and needy egos that is fundamental to our spiritual quest.  That was important then, but now we need to re-integrate our “detachment” with this ability to hold and carry wealth and power in a most neutral, stable and serviceful way to support ourselves, our families, and all of humanity.  “Earn by the sweat of our brow and share with others.”

In teaching us to allow and project for prosperity, he showed us how to alleviate our ingrained suffering of not allowing the Universe to support us, by dropping any deep-seated guilt around “not deserving”, and to become leaders of this Aquarian Age of tremendous change as we use our power and wealth to serve and help humanity!  This is truly the way to fully engage the “world” with these most important engines of wealth and power along our spiritual path.

As Yogi Bhajan said many times, if you do not allow wealth in your life, who will build the hospitals and schools?

The Quest

In my experience, the only thing that can actually bring you contentment and real security is becoming absolutely neutral—not numb but fully active in deeply listening to Soul’s guidance and then trusting it and following it, no matter what your mind’s disagreement is, or your emotional fear, or what your past experiences tell you.  Actually, this method is taught by Guru Nanak in his most incredible treatise/prayer of Truth called Japji Sahib.  He describes Deep Listening—“Suniai”, Trusting what you hear and then following it—“Mannai”.  Then he lets us know that doing God’s will is the only good done, which is what happens when you follow Soul!

Now, from a first reading, that might sound oppressive, but I assure you that this does not mean following any dogmas of any religion, which certainly would be oppressive.  Quite the contrary, following your Soul, your actual True Self, your Sat Nam without reservation is outrageously freeing as I and others have never experienced anything else!  Somehow when I do that, everything seems to work out.  It is kind of living in magic as I flow through the circumstances of my life, no matter how difficult they may seem to be in the beginning.

So, I would say that the very best thing to do is to first realize that you have a very special Destiny.  That is you have incredible reasons for being here on Earth.  Just get used to that.  My suggestion is to follow Soul to realize that, and be assured that to fulfill your most unique Destiny you will be faced with many challenges that Soul lovingly puts in your path so that you may heal yourself through every apparent obstacle, surrender to Soul, learn to stay in neutral—which is the phone line to Soul so that Soul may guide you to greater and greater abilities and accomplishments that can only happen as you surrender.  As you consciously do this, you open yourself to serve humanity as you support yourself, find Self-love, and be Present in Soul, which is the experience of your True Self, your Sat Nam.

For instance, a number of years ago, my own long-suffering habit of poverty was killing me!  As they say, I hit bottom.  That pushed me to finally give over entirely to Soul.  I knew that I could not figure out how to sustain myself, much less prosper, so I gave my finances, my house, my car and my very life to Soul. 

As a result, every month at bill paying time I do my best to stay with Soul, and somehow everything is covered.  Believe me, I don’t know how it works.  But I do know that I can leave my old emotions and commotions on the doorstep because my bills get paid as long as I have been following what Soul whispers in my ear.  This is how I partner with Soul to carry out my Destiny in every little and big way, rather than going off in horrible mind-rants.  In this way, I trust Soul to take me to my own precious PROSPERITY, which is my own healing and actual enjoyment of life as I am better able to stay in the Presence and flow of Soul rather than what my mind and emotions could get carried away with.  What I “want” is to serve my Soul and the Souls of those that I am blessed to come in contact with.

Consequently, I would surely advise you to get your “goals,” that is what you want and where you believe your life should go, get all that information from Soul. .  You may hear it subtly, or feel it, or be drawn to it, or develop a vision of it, and so on.  Then, that becomes your INTENTION, rather than your “desire”!

Your intention is very, very important.  It is where you will be led.  Then let go your ideas of how you will get there and what it will finally look like.  Yes, that is what I said, “Let Go and Let God.”  And if Soul seems to throw in curve balls, just say, “Thank you, how shall I deal with this?”

Stay on the alert to observe how things are going.  Appreciate the wonder of what appears to be the twists and turns in the story of your life.  Demand that Soul and all of our Saints and higher beings help you understand how to heal, work through the challenges, and trust this outrageous but most miraculous voyage. 

Be united with Soul as you give the hurt, the disappointments, and those stubborn expectations to Soul as you stay committed and grounded in every Earthly situation. 

Accept the growth of your integrity, your compassion, your power, your commitment, your wealth, your discernment as based in Soul, and your committed “keep up”. 

Stay neutral, take care of yourself, love beyond what you think you are capable of, have compassion as you stand your ground, respect others’ growth or lack thereof and don’t get drawn into their games, but support and give to others as Soul guides you. 

Remain in profound neutrality that is so cozy, open, wise and steady.  Do your sadhana (daily spiritual practice) with deep commitment.  And most of all, trust, trust, trust!  

This is the Dance of the Divine, Sweet One!  It is what you came to Earth to do as you become conscious of it.  Why waste your life in confusion?  This is the true Yoga or Union!

This is how you let go of Earthly “want”, which is what the ancients called “attachment” that keeps you tied to your historic hurt, anger, confusion, neediness, etc.  And this how you truly move into pure prosperity on every level, starting with your mind and emotions. Please do make Soul’s goals become your intentions and let them manifest as you do your work to allow them to become very real. 

Greg, I surely pray that this has been helpful to you, Dear.  I would love to read you comments as well as those from other folks.


Lots of Love,