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Meditation to Let "Thou" Prevail

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Meditation to Let “Thou” Prevail

Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan®

From “The Master’s Touch—On being a Sacred Teacher for the New Age,” by Yogi Bhajan, PhD, Kundalini Research Institute, Espanola, NM, 1997, page 291. 

Click here to order this book.

To begin any Kundalini Yoga Kriya or Meditation, please “Tune In.” 

Have no thoughts while doing this meditation.  Let the Living God come into your heart center.  Instead of “I”—let “Thou” prevail.


Sit in Easy Pose, spine straight.  Bring the hands up in front of the shoulders, and move them a little out to the sides.  Palms are flat, facing forward, with the fingers pointing straight up towards the ceiling.


Split the fingers between the middle and ring fingers, keeping the index and middle fingers pressed side by side, and the ring and pinkie fingers pressed side by side.  Extend the thumbs straight out, away from the rest of the hand.  Try to maintain the finger-split the entire time.

EYES:  Closed.


Sit calmly and in your heart center, bring in the Living GOD (Infinite Consciousness of Generating, Organizing, Destroying).  Instead of “I,” bring in ”Thou.”


9 minutes total.  The first few minutes were originally done in silence, then the Birthday Song by Livtar Singh was played.

“On this day, the  Lord gave you life, May you use it to serve Him.

All our loving prayers will be with you, May you never forget Him.”


For an explanation of why Livtar Singh chose the word “Him” to describe God, please click here. 


And to get a recording of this lovely song by Haribhajan Kaur, please click here


Finally, Yogi Bhajan recited the following closing prayer, while people remained in the posture:

Thou, oh Thou in me, and Thou, oh Thou in Thee.

Whosoever dwells in me and that of God, shall be honored to be a Teacher, beyond time and space, and shall be liberated for the karma of the world.

Those who meditate on the Word, shall have all that there is in the Kingdom of God.  Those who deny it shall seek His Mercy.  Unto the new Age of Aquarius, the saintly souls are marching to meet the challenge, to serve and uplift humanity.  It is their victory, granted by His Light and His Hand, unto Infinity.  With prosperity, reality, and grace.

That the Will of God may prevail, and our Will may recognize it.

Sat Naam.  (The Identity of Truth!)



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