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Consciousness Wars

November 5, 2019 & September 8, 2015


Constant warring!   Yep, it seems like unrest and war are our natural human condition.  And all levels of war start in our mind and emotions, whether they be:

·       Personal—our own interior fights within.  “I feel so small and ashamed!  I can never get it right.  But I NEED that!  I need to grab center stage and control what’s out there!” 

·       Interpersonal—misunderstanding and all kinds of disharmony with each other, that is with our loved ones, our colleagues, and so many others.  “You can’t say that about me!  You are so mean.  Why don’t you love me?  Did you hear about so and so?  He’s a real creep, don’t you think?” 

·       Locally, nationally as well as globally that we see in the news and that tear at our guts.  “Another police person/young black man shot today for no apparent reason.  Refugees from violence in their own countries swarming to haven nations, many dying on the way.  Floods ravaged the countryside, leaving few alive in their wake.”


These wars or fights or misunderstandings just never seem to quit!  Why are we so nuts that we so often are embroiled in some kind of conflict?


Well, I have given lots of thought to this and listened deeply to Soul to find some answers to this primal conundrum.  I have been led by Yogi Bhajan’s mind boggling practices of setting up situations where people would fight with one another.  He WANTED people to fight!  Yikes!


I researched on the Yogi Bhajan Library of Teachings site to find out his views on slander.  Do you know what he said?  His answer was that slander against you makes you stand for who you are!  No word against the slanderer.  How disheartening for my sense of self-righteousness and self-pity!  But what a rallying call to live the Light, no matter what!


It seems that every fight—no matter at what level starts with our Consciousness.  That is the habits of our mind and emotions.  Do they get triggered?  Do we go ballistic then?  Do we unconsciously live by the demands of our culture—be that from family, friends, church, local norms, socio-economic status, etc. and judge everyone else by those same “rules”—e.g. opposite political party members condemning one another?  Going with the “group think” because it blindly serves our identity, our sense of who we are and what we belong to. 


That deep “longing to belong” can put us into lots of compromised situations, including unjust wars on every level.  Subconsciously we feel driven to agree with the current gossip and war mongering.  Driven by our insecurity and fear we demonstrate our solidarity to the group, even as we hatefully put down or ignore the object of the group’s scorn—no matter how innocent or pure that “object” may be.  We do this so that we won’t lose our membership in the group and therefore be abandoned or on the outs from them.  And this is what we call security?


We strive for and long for what we feel must support us to feel secure and to quell our fears.  We feel left out, get so angry and ashamed if we don’t get what we think we SHOULD have—money, love, admiration, respect, inclusion and more.  Maybe we get mad and judge ourselves for not being some kind of “perfect”.  And yet that standard of “perfect” is such a sham, a suit of the Emperor’s new clothes—a total illusion.  Yet, only our Consciousness—not our conscience feeds us actual Truth!


So you see, war, fights, disappointments, fear, worries, put-downs, jealousy, attempts to gain power and so much more, when you come right down to it are our own personal, interpersonal and global expressions of non-Consciousness.


Finally I realized—why wouldn’t Yogi Bhajan want us to fight with each other?


If we have honestly put ourselves on the path to evolve our Consciousness to honestly develop Truth, pure integrity, peace, and “love that knows no bounds”, then why we are surprised to find that all of our reactions to those fights and blocks are actually expressions our biggest fears?  Oh, yes!  Those “crappy events” actually expose our ego’s self-righteousness, short-comings, and our highly defended and strongly held notions based in “group think”.  Those events show us every way that we see “Me” before “Thee”, which is the root of our loss of Consciousness, our disbelief or avoidance of “seeing God in all.”  Let that notion sink in a minute to determine if that strikes a chord deep inside.


So, how do you transform each episode as a step to gain Consciousness, and change that war reaction scenario, at least within yourself?


1.       When something riles you, the first thing that you do is to mentally stand steady.  Don’t either explode or implode when those old triggers get pushed in your psyche—your mind and emotions.

2.       Immediately begin Heart Breath so that you can actually raise your very own dimension or vibratory level in the face of danger or demise.  This is your true CORE and the condition from which you face every Consciousness war. 

3.       Depend on this to carry you through the unknown, which is that divine state of being that is devoid of old habits of instant war.  This is where you can actually flow with the situation without reacting.  You are “personally impersonal.”  You move totally into the centered and expansive Present where you most humbly give over to pure Consciousness--amazing active awareness that doesn’t get stuck or crash.  You neutrally watch closely to what is happening without getting taken over by it, and you move, dance, speak from your full participation in this active, aware Consciousness as you witness the profoundly simple miracles that unfold right in front of your eyes.

4.       Listen so closely to Soul to determine what the actual Truth for YOU is!  What a surprise that can be!  When you might be looking for strategies to take back the high ground, you may find instead that Soul guides you to LOVE that person who is doing their best to take everything from you.

5.       Now this doesn’t mean that you give into abuse for yourself or others.  Far from it!  Instead, in your Consciousness you stand firmly rooted, grounded in that incredibly free Presence of Who you are as simple and miraculous ways of holding the Center, usually without inflaming the situation develop and flow through you.  You “stand” yet you are “carried” at the same time.  Strong focus on Soul builds the solutions without getting side-tracked into all those caves of discontentment that we habitually harbor.  Humble command engulfs you to take incredibly appropriate action, which could be anything from loving silence, to kind and mellowing words, to strong verbal commands or even firing a weapon at your assailant.  But it is all sourced in your total neutral Consciousness.

6.       Deeply forgive from the depth of your heart, but not from your mind.  Leave justice up to Karma—unless of course you have to put the other person in jail to keep others safe.  This deep energetic forgiving dissolves our old chains of re-experiencing those triggers and hurts over and over again. 

7.       Dedicate yourself to all of your yogic and dharmic practices daily—your very strong sadhana to always touch that pristine Being of You.  Use the Naad, the most effective sacred Sound Current to be your “Joshua’s horn” that causes the walls of Jericho (your deeply embedded habits of fear and insecurity) to come tumbling down.


This is how we devote ourselves to healing our hurts and open up our limited understanding of impeccable Truth—that is Soul-level Truth that moves us to unequivocal peace, calmness, and pure LOVE on the highest level that is not susceptible to vacillation or “hooks” (since I love you, you have to do this for me, etc.).  This commitment to Realize God Consciousness in every aspect of our lives becomes a very real and living process.


This amazing transformation of Consciousness takes us into the most surprising and unexpected territory—the place of non-attachment in exchange for pure freedom, reliance on pure Consciousness as our unequivocal and most surprising teacher of Truth, that which is Universally Real, rather than relying on old cultural rules or personal fear.   Over time, we emerge out of our rat’s prison of being the Victim and the Victimizer.


So, you see that every apparent war or fight is actually the divine law of Karma that gives us abundant opportunities at every turn to heal ourselves, to become truly Self Conscious and to live squarely in the flow of this outrageous Divinity of Who we actually are.


Therefore, don’t get short-sighted and drill down on the imperfections and hurts, the blaming and the judging.  See each situation as the greatest occasion to deal with your own Divine Growth!  You can win your own Consciousness Wars every time!


Guaranteed, you will learn to love others—all others at the Soul level despite their everyday ego’s apparent weirdness and destructiveness; allow powerful Divine love and support to flow into your own Self-experience; see the world, your life and all actions simply as the will of the Universe that is constantly, lovingly and rigorously presenting you with very carefully laid-out opportunities for your own growth to total Union—that is pure recognition of Who you truly are!


To the extent that you can allow yourself to be in your Soul/God Consciousness 24/7 is the measure of how you are winning the Consciousness Wars.  Peace starts at home.  It cannot be faked.  It is deep and usually hard won.  This course is not for wimps who would kowtow to the prevailing winds that deny True Consciousness.  Rather this course takes you way far beyond the Consciousness Wars; it takes you to the very Heart and Truth of your God Being.  This life course is for those whose hearts and awareness are totally compelled to find Union with the All in All, and they actually learn to be grateful for all of the apparent warlike obstacles that jump up in their path. 


Does that apply to you, Dear One?  It certainly can, you know.  You can do it, and you will do it in some lifetime.  Might as well be now, eh?


Lots of Love,

Siri-Gian Kaur


Copyright:  Siri-Gian Kaur Khalsa, 2015 


You have permission to publish this article either in print or online as long as you keep this copyright as well as the following source links large and closely associated with this article.  Sept. 8, 2015


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July 21, 2015

Greg Goebel from VA has posed a very interesting and important question regarding Shabad Simran Kaur’s article in our June 30 newsletter.  It is from what she received from Yogi Bhajan during her Tratakam meditation.

Greg asks, “Shabad Simran says in her article not to "want anything!"  Could you please explain why, for other spiritual practices like Abraham Hicks, says that desire is very important since we are Co - creators with source.  Desire is something we have within us just like I have green eyes.”

And the quote from Shabad Simran that he is talking about is,“Do not waste time wanting more or wanting something different!  God gives you what He needs to experience through you.”

Greg has spotted 2 amazingly different takes on DESIRE from somewhat different “spiritual” perspectives.  I have been doing my best to parse this out for decades.

The question is, “What is your Real Desire?”  Is it (1) for you to cover your insecurities and imagined happiness, or is it (2) to totally do “God’s Will” so that you may evolve into total Union with your God Self, your very Soul?   There is no good or evil in either of these choices because it appears that these are different stages along the same path of going Home.  So, here goes:

1.       Co-Creator


There is no doubt that Desire--the very energy of desire is the engine of Creation!  Your consciousness formulates the very patterns of creation—it is the actual order that creates creation. 

Yogi Bhajan used to say something like there is no lack of abundance, but there is a lack of asking God for it.  We, in our apparently limited “everyday selves” definitely are Co-Creators with the God Source, or Adi Shakti—Primal Earth Power who is in charge of the actual creative process.


But the thing is that living in our anger, self-deprecation, habitual hurts, etc. brings more of the same, no matter how we try to gloss over or avoid those impediments with our “deep beliefs”. 


Now, it’s interesting that you bring up Abraham Hicks whose work formed a good part of the basis for “The Secret.”  Many of the things that they talk about are very compatible with what Yogi Bhajan used to say about abundance.  However, I have seen some real drawbacks from some folks who were dedicated to that path.


The first instance was a couple of miserable young women who were totally convinced that their special men, their knights in shining armor would show up to love them unconditionally, solve all their problems, support their creativity, and financially support them very well.  Their belief was so strong that they were not interested in solving their own deep difficulties that continually dragged them down.  They definitely did not love themselves due to very nasty early life experiences.  They just wanted someone else to love them, and thought that would make everything better.  Woops! 


If we cannot actually love ourselves--our deepest Self due to old patterns of self-hurt and self-hate, how can we let in true love from someone else?  If we can’t intrinsically love ourselves, no one can truly do that for us, and it is too much to ask anyone to save us without us taking responsibility to do our own healing to discover our own self/Self-love.  I believe that many, many relationships flounder due to this misperception.


The other situation that I have seen is that a group of folks who were deeply involved in these “Secret” ideas left out the morality part, and concentrated only on producing wealth for themselves.  They actually felt totally justified in doing their best to steal at least $100 million worth of business and property from our spiritual organization for themselves.  Hmmm.  What kind of karma do you suppose they incurred?  Who would want to be in their shoes, and what kind of happiness do you think they were looking for?


What I have learned is that every occurrence in our lives is presented to us to learn from and change for the better.  So, for instance if I pray and expect that certain things that I want will come my way, then Soul/God will most lovingly begin by sending me challenging situations so that I may clear my path to receiving what I ask for.  Those initial difficult situations would certainly not have been on my “want-list,” but in hind sight, I saw that it was necessary for me to clear up those less-than-conscious aspects in myself before I could move forward.  This continues to be my underlying theme in life!


So, to illustrate this, here is the story of a divine man who authentically and humbly asked Guru Ram Das to help him find a job that would pay him well so that he could support his family with grace and ease.


The first thing that happened was that the only job he could find was selling certain business accounts on cold calls—showing up in people’s offices without really knowing them first.  You can imagine what a trial that was when he turned up with his Sikh beard and turban!  But he kept up, healing his own patience and his neutrality along the way, giving up his challenges to Guru Ram Das and God, having complete faith that all these ordeals were part of his sacred journey.


Then it happened that one of these businesses that he visited offered him a low level job, which he took.  Over time, he advanced through the ranks of the company due to his good work to become a highly valued and well paid employee!  But you see the great path of humility, faith in the Divine, and “keep-up” that he had to develop within himself along the way.  This was God’s schooling for him, and he advanced so well, rather than retarding himself by dwelling in frustration, or sinking into feeling abandoned by the Almighty.


2.       Consciously Living as Source on Earth


In the “Gobinday, Mukunday…” mantra that invokes eight different names of God, and which incredibly breaks our overwhelming immersion in our own mental and spiritual complications, the last Name used is “Akamai”.  It means “Desireless”!


So, a true name of God is Desireless!


Apparently the reason for this is because the actual object of the true Spiritual Seeker is to come to complete Union with that Oneness which is God, the Universal, the All in All.  So, to do that, our first step is always is “Thy Will, not my will be done on Earth as it is Heaven.”  Imagine!


This approach is a real recognition that essentially each of us is the totality of God who is living in the disguise of each of our personal identities.  I always feel that we are actually God’s video game and that each of us is His/Her/Its personal avatars playing this game.  The object of this video game is to finally realize that we are not separate from the Real Player.  Over lifetimes, we come to the realization that it is kind of counter-productive to just do our “own thing” as we enforce our separateness.  But at some point, we begin to realize that each of us IS the Real Player if we just take the time and space to realize/experience that, and make it real through our own Listening, Feeling, Seeing, etc. from that most special, but very subtle Voice within! .


When we relax into that great, powerful, meditative state that I call the “Soul Space,” to ask our questions and listen to our God Self, our very Soul who is so very cozy and loving, we find incredible guidance and responses—usually things that our everyday minds would never have thought of—way beyond our personal desires!


Then when we follow that very special Divine Guidance, we are taught how to go through those apparent difficulties and troubles of life in a way that truly upgrades our whole consciousness, outlook and energy system.  Now you might think that following this Voice, or Visions, etc. would render you powerless as does living under certain religious rules.  But in fact, the opposite is true.  You develop calm and peaceful expansive potential.  You are lead to amazing creativity in ways that are not yet fixed in our culture.  With Soul’s guidance, you heal through the old prisms of hurt and disconnection to truly realize that you are fully, Universally connected in your great partnership and full alliance with Soul!  You can completely enjoy and experience the world around you by loosening your expectations and living entirely in “what is”—whatever that might be!  I always say that “expectations will kill you” because when you are following your everyday self rather than your Soul, it will certainly lead you into frustrating blind corners.  The opposite is true when you are living in the wonder of the flow that Soul provides for you.


So, the key is to allow your only desire to be to follow Soul’s direction.  Now that doesn’t mean that you have to live in poverty, and be sad or lonely.  Quite the opposite happens when you live from that total connection with Soul!  In my experience, Soul has led me to expand myself in ways that I never thought possible.  I had to give up lots of fears and worries, and still do.  But Soul continually moves us into our greatness, our full abundance of love, our wealth of experience as we carry out our True Destiny.  These are the wonderful reasons why God came to Earth as the miracle of each of us!


So, the idea is to ask Soul what is best for us, and then to neutrally vibrate that in the most relaxed and steady way as our true prayer.  We become alert to that flow and live by it.  We take real responsibility to heal through the limitations and sorrows that come up for us with Soul’s guidance. 


This is how we live the Unknown, which is the God Path!  And the most amazing thing is that when we follow Soul in this “desireless,” neutral way by realizing that ALL is God’s play, our lives develop such freedom and openness!  We feel cozy, protected and supported!  We fulfill that great formless longing from within.  This, my Friend is True Happiness—the great surprises that are so much more than we could ever visualize or desire from our small minds or emotions.


What an oxymoron Desirelessness is as it leads us into total support, love and fulfillment!


Lots of Love,

Siri-Gian Kaur


Copyright:  Siri-Gian Kaur Khalsa, , 2015.


You have permission to reproduce this article either in print or online as long as you keep this copyright large and closely associated with the article.


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Take this Quiz! 

July 14, 2015


Are you Spiritually Mature?

That’s a loaded question, isn’t it? How do we measure any level of maturity—emotional, professional and career, self-sufficiency, ability to dependably lead, and so many other categories have their standards as well.

But spiritually mature—what could that mean?  Well, let’s take a little walk down Discernment Lane.  Let’s look at what might constitute spiritually immature vs. mature.  But, oh, my Dear this is only for the sake of figuring out our own personal growth and advancement along this incredible spiritual path.  If you use this to judge or put down yourself or others, then you most certainly put yourself in the immature column! 

I thought that it would be fun to present you with a magazine-style self-quiz to allow us to realize important things about ourselves.  So, don’t get upset by it, or hold it up as your “10 Commandments”.  But rather take in all in and work it out in your own psyche.  Most of us fall somewhere in the middle of these conceptual poles.  After all, we are all walking this path rather than being stuck or stagnant, aren’t we?  There is no blame or guilt here, just self/Self-discovery.

Please check off the answer in each column that best suits your habit of thinking and acting:

Spiritually Immature

Spiritually Mature



Do you separate what you, your family and culture, experience, others’ opinions, etc. into “good” or “bad” categories?  Is your life locked into these Good/Bad binocular perceptions?

Do you see God in All, that is in every action and person in the world to the point that you realize that those actions—whether they are usually judged as “good” or “bad”, hurtful or helpful, etc. are the actions of divine wisdom, and each has a divine purpose, even those we can’t quite see at the moment? 


Do you feel that you are a victim of what happens to you?  Do you dwell on those terrible things and make them your emotional foundation?

Do you totally trust the Divine so that you are always seeking to heal yourself to transform the energetic and emotional charge of hurt, or being wronged or wronging others?


Can you function when you perceive that others do not support you or love you?  Do you need someone else to love you unconditionally even though you don’t know how to love yourself?

Do you totally love and feel loved by the great loving Divinity that flows through you and is You?  Do you rely on Its nourishment to help you expand, fill you up and be Present in your Life, no matter what happens?


Do you turn to addictions—that is substance abuse, sex, gathering money and things--shopping, etc. to cover or distract you from your pain or panic within?


Do you accept the pain of your life and then freely, with no judgment forgive it and give it up to God, the angels and saints—unconditionally?

Do you fear giving up that old addictive behavior because then you would have no identity, no matter how crummy your foundation or motor in life is—that stems from your deep idea of yourself?

Can you neutrally allow your identity—that is “how you know yourself” change—that is give up to the point of mentally and emotionally going to zero?  Can you let go the fear of letting go?  Can you then simply watch how you have changed, transformed and have become a new identity, and then accept yourself anew?


Do you judge others by how they fit their religious form from your viewpoint, and do you do your best to deny or blame those that you think don’t fit what they are “supposed” to do. 

Do you simply accept others as God incarnate, and relate to them from your heart, kindness and compassion—which may be strong or soft as your Soul guides you?  Do you serve them from your innate and flowing love?


Do you feel lost and abandoned by the spiritual oe God-world and feel left alone to fend for yourself?  Do you blame God for not doing what you want in order to cover your insecurities? 

Do you commit yourself to your profound relationship with your Soul, Guru, God, Sat Nam, being consistently conscious of how you are being guided, and change accordingly no matter what?  And do you use your yogic and dharmic technologies to make those changes within yourself?


Do you do your prayers and yoga by rote while not really paying attention, rather like using a magic talisman to get your expected results?


Do you fall into the very real Consciousness that these yogic and dharmic technologies can open to you for the full experience of expansion, support, love, wisdom and transformation with no expectations of outcome?


Do you define who should be on a pedestal and who should be knocked off, and do your best to make that happen?  Do you try to climb on that pedestal yourself?


Do you let go of “high” or “low” and just relate to all from the simplicity of your own heart—however Soul guides you?


Do you have a need to be better than others, e.g. beauty, money, power, what you believe to be perfection, being looked up to, or as a paragon of virtue?

Do you ground yourself in Mother Earth, Adi Shakti to give you a firm and strong foundation to hold you neutral and steady as you humbly move through the “slings and arrows” of life—and all of those psychological games of judgment, while relishing your very Being?


Do you work for that tickle of a “puffy chest” feeling when you are doing your best to slander or put down others to show that you are by far the best, or most holy, most knowledgeable, etc.?

Do you listen carefully to others from your very heart?  Do you listen to Soul to feel and know how you can support another in their search for being totally OK in every way?


Do you do what you can to hide any very personal affliction—whatever it might be so that others might not think less of you or discard you from their ranks?  So, then do you let that thing fester and you suffer from both the difficulty and the fear of exposure , and confrontation?


Do you recognize that within the healing or transformation process, even though it may be totally challenging and so very difficult, your humility to that profound process will bring you incredible abilities and peace because you won’t be emotionally jerked around anymore. 

Are you jealous or envious of others’ recognition or rewards, and then plot how to get even more of that for yourself or even diminish the other person’s good fortune?


Are you delighted with another person’s good fortune?  Do you congratulate them and genuinely join in their joy?

Do you try to make or control others to do “what is good for them”?

Do you respect each one’s karma and the opportunities that resolving those karmas brings?  As Soul leads you, do you sensitively support others on their very special path?


Are your boundaries kind of wobbly?  Do you follow others—“people-please” or command others to do your bidding to try to get some recognition or affection?  Do you take more than is offered, or do you hold back from accepting what is kindly offered?


Are you willing to neutrally be centered and grounded to observe a situation and the people involved to carefully and consciously understand what is yours and what is theirs, and then completely respect that balance without emotional pulls or blinders?  Do you make your own appropriate boundaries and kindly enforce them?


Do you feel that it is your right to express every hurt, negativity, insecurity, worry, etc. to any and everyone around you whenever that feeling comes on?

Are you steady?  Do you know how to contain yourself from jumping into your difficult emotional habits, even though “anyone” would understand why you are emotional or up and down?


Do you often feel as though you are trying to punch your way out of a plastic bag, like solutions are hidden from you and that you are ineffective in resolving situations, no matter what you do to make them turn out well for you?  Are you often in a state of unrest or annoyance?


Do you have a consistent habit of surrendering to the God-action in every situation, and then surrendering again your own frustration, dissatisfaction, pain, anxiety, etc. to your own Soul in order to humbly follow Its direction?  Do you love the ease that results?


Do you demand that God give you what you want, or else you go in the dumps and lose faith in the promise of the Divine?


Do listen first to what your Soul would say is good for you to pursue, and then work hand in hand with Soul to discover how to dissolve your own blocks and humbly put in the conscious work necessary to open to your next level?



Well, this quiz could go on forever, but you get the idea.  Just take a few of these that you may find are obvious for you to work on within yourself.  Latch onto Soul and go for the adventure!  What an incredible journey you will have, and this course of Spiritual Maturity will definitely lead you to peace, harmony, deep happiness and you will find that your very own, very special Destiny will arise out of the Unknown!  Remember that Yogi Bhajan used to say, “The Unknown is Known to Me.”  So, please get neutral and flow with the Unknown so that All may unfold.  Make a dedicated study of it and you will follow the proverbial, spiritual “rags to riches” story in your own life!

Lots of Love,

Siri-Gian Kaur


Copyright:  Siri-Gian Kaur Khalsa, , 2015.

You have permission to reproduce this article either in print or online as long as you keep this copyright large and closely associated with the article.

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Duped by Negativity!

November 12, 2019 & July 7, 2015


What odd entities we humans are!

As you know, in political campaigns nothing works like negative campaigning!  We all hate it, but it has been proven over and over again that that smarmy mess actually works on our psyche to dismiss or even fear the opposite candidate, even if the negative speaker made everything up, or is using baseless innuendo, and so on.  Aren’t we seeing this already in the lead-up to the Republican primaries as one “candidate” tars all Mexicans with the blackest of brushes?  And of course, his poll numbers are rising because somehow people seem to love to jump on the fear bandwagon with him.  It is amazing how people seem to love to rally around negativity instead of building for the common good.

This is certainly a propaganda tactic that has worked from time immemorial.  As you know, the Nazis were expert at propaganda.  They even assigned a whole portion of their government to creating this ugly newsfeed to fuel their people’s fear that lead to their perverse “national” unity.  As I understand it, Hitler actually didn’t have a whole lot against the Jews, but he needed to name an “out-group,” a group that the majority of Germans could fear, hate and malign with one voice, thus creating a unity based on a common intense fear and negativity.  Negativity + fear = increased unity of the hate group.  Hmmm.

And here is another interesting tidbit.  Fear, such as fear of terrorist attacks, epidemics, results of natural disasters, etc. actually push humankind to give away our power to those that we somehow believe will protect us.  For instance, in the aftermath of the Kobe, Japan earthquake a little under a century ago, the army took control of the country as individuals and other institutions gave away what little power they did have to the army.  Now, do you remember what the army did with that power?  They corralled the resources of Japan to do their best to take over the rest of the world, resulting in the ferocious battles of the Pacific in World War II!

And of course, if you listened carefully to the president before Obama, you heard how creatively fear was promulgated, and how power was grabbed from the populous—Patriot Act anybody?  A direct result of giving over our power as we sought to create an effective response to terrorism.

Now, let’s bring all that down to the individual level.

It appears that we are actually hard-wired to tune into negativity and fear for the sake of self-preservation.  That serves us in the most basic ways to point out any suspicion of danger so that we may protect ourselves and others—a really good thing, wouldn’t you agree?

The problem is that all negativity is not true!  In fact, I suspect that most negativity and fear-making are not true.  But in fact they are used, either consciously or subconsciously to discredit opponents, or to take power over others, or throw others under the bus so that the perpetrator can shine.  Or perhaps they use it for entertainment, or maybe they just can’t control their emotions or old subconscious habits.  Yikes!  What amazingly destructive patterns we humans live!

I have found Yogi Bhajan’s and Gurucharan Singh’s book on “The Mind, Its’ Projections and Multiple Facets” to be so pertinent to this issue.  Basically, Yogi Bhajan says that whatever comes through the Mind from Soul is Truth!  This notion of pure Truth is something that can evade us if we have never had the very real experience of carefully listening to that “small, still Voice within,” and then testing out what you have heard by watching what happens when you follow it.  The short, cozy, most economical messages that Soul gives each of us are really quite miraculous!  And the Truth of those messages is always beyond reproach.  I have always found them to totally Right On if I follow them, no matter how much I would rather fall into my own victim patterns rather than putting into action the untangling, freeing Truth that Soul simply and kindly whispers to me when I listen.  (Learn to listen directly to Soul at

So, the converse message that Yogi Bhajan gives in “The Mind” is that anything from the mind that is not from Soul is a lie!  Imagine! 

So, it seems to me that if we don’t train ourselves to humbly, carefully, consciously, courageously listen to Soul, we trap ourselves in repeated lies.  Lies become the foundation of our lives.  Yuck!  But those lies are the heart of our unhappiness that we live day to day, and frankly we would love for somebody else to fix them for us.  For instance, “I want someone to love me unconditionally, mostly because I can’t love myself.”  “Other people should see how wonderful I am, so I will paint negative pictures of other people so that I will really shine in contrast.”  “Because I want people to run to me for my wisdom, or to give me power, or to believe  and respect me, or give me privileges and wealth, I will make them afraid (of going to hell, or being overtaken by a different ethnic group, etc.) so that my followers will run fast to me and nowhere else.”

Now you see, Dear One, that this habit of discernment of the Truth, of judiciously looking under the hood, of going deeper and deeper than that slap-knee emotional or mind reaction is a life-long, most highly sophisticated endeavor.  But if you really put your mind to listening carefully to Soul, digging out half-baked unsubstantiated “truths”, while always discovering that most exquisite and elegant (simplicity + grace) Truth—that is from finding your car keys to learning and developing your purpose here on Earth, that is the True Essence of Life. 

This “Truth Process” is how you constantly uncover and grow your Sat Nam, your True Identity in this nutty world!  Isn’t that your greatest satisfaction and happiness?

Lots of Love,

Siri-Gian Kaur


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June 30, 2015

Here are 3 short situations that you or someone you love may find yourself in.  They are habits that hurt you and others, and they are formed in us at an early age.  It is up to us to become aware of them and to change, forgive, become stable, love and let go.  Do any of these apply to you?

QUESTION 1:     

Do you ever second guess yourself over and over again when someone slights you or is unkind to you?  Do you take their “no notice” of you, or their haughtiness, or their put down as a sign that you have done something wrong to offend them, or blame yourself for doing something that might have offended them, even though you don’t know what it was?


If you approach someone with an open and kind heart, without reservations and without knowledge of ever having harmed them, but they still won’t acknowledge you or return your kindness and Light, then, my Dear, drop any guilt on your part, please!  Then understand that their lack of reciprocation is not your fault.  You have done your part.  You are fine.  So, drop your guilt!  And believe it or not, the other person may be having a rough day, or they don’t know how to meet your open heart, or they live in the “La-la Land” of judgment mentality.  So, please don’t burden yourself, but rather send them your kind Heart Breath healing energy to help them come up to their very best, even if this is someone that you look up to and have believed that they are the epitome of goodness and grace.  Everyone has shortcomings that need forgiving.


Do you ever feel  down-deep that you have to fulfill what another person wants, even though they might not say what that thing is right out loud?  Have you ever had that gnawing feeling of guilt that you have to be right up on your toes and be so sensitive that you complete another person’s unspoken demands, otherwise you would be a failure and suffer the consequences—whatever that might be?  It is such an ambiguous pull to feel that you need to be so very perfect, but are not quite sure what “perfect” is, which kind of makes you crazy.  And is there always fear of tripping up, a fear of failure, even though what you feel is required of you is so vague and never spelled out.  It seems that you fail if you can’t even figure out what those things that might be required of you are?


This syndrome is often caused in childhood by a parent who is demanding, and is never quite pleased with the child.  It can come from the parent’s haughty, judgmental attitude that makes the child always ill at ease.  The parent subtly makes demands, but never actually spells out what the demands are, or how to please the parent.  The child becomes racked with guilt and is never approved of.  Now the only way that I have seen to get out of this never-ending loop is to just quit paying attention to these nerve wracking inner calls to guilt—period!  Then insist that if someone wants you to do something, they have to spell out the expected outcome, the quality to be met, and the date or time that they want it completed.  And you have to agree to fulfill that reasonable request!  The terms have to be clear and well-stated, otherwise please have no regrets or guilt that you don’t accomplish any unspoken demand or expectation.  Just forgive yourself and live in freedom and clarity!


Do you tell someone that you love and appreciate them so very, very much when you are feeling good and balanced?  But then when you get really tired, or overwhelmed, or don’t eat right, or not exercise, or not meditate, you then blurt out that they are taking advantage of you, that they are treating you badly, and that you are leaving them?  In other words, are you inconsistent in your relationships with people?


If you truly love and appreciate a person, turning on them or blaming them is obviously not the way to maintain a healthy relationship!  These personal ups and downs are the manifestation of the victim/victimizer pattern, which is a deeply held manner of dealing with the world.  So, if you really do want to maintain your mental health and connection with another, then when you begin to feel bad about what is happening, first get yourself in stable condition.  Get the rest, the proper food, the meditation, etc. that it takes to get you back on an even keel.  That is your first and foremost responsibility.  Then if you believe that there is some difficulty in your relationship, please first talk it over with Soul, your greatest and truest Mentor.   That way, you can get your next course of action from the Expert and not rely on your own unstable judgments and undependable emotions.  Then, as Soul guides you, you can calmly and kindly talk over your relationship difficulties with the other person, as you remain steady and balanced so you can actually solve the situation together.  This way you don’t have to fall back again into being the victim, or become the victimizer by blaming them for what you need to take responsibility for in yourself.

I find it so fascinating that we live in these unconscious patterns, or “Trances” as Yogi Bhajan called them and believe that they are our True Reality!  But in fact, they are these mind habits that just plow us under at every turn.  What an adventure we are on to stalk our own unconsciousness, discover how we are actually making our own selves a wreck, and then find the great joy in freeing ourselves from that foggy, unconscious lack of awareness.  What a great PhD study we make on ourselves on our way to the Light!

Lots of Love,

Siri-Gian Kaur


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December 10, 2019 & June 9, 2015


Yep!  You heard right.  When something goes “wrong” or out of control in your life, do you get upset, do you worry, do you get frustrated and mad, do you blame the apparent perpetrator,  circumstances, karma or even yourself?

How long does it take you to settle down and be peaceful again?  Are you triggered into that same reaction by similar shenanigans time after time, leaving you to wonder why the world seems to have it in for you?

Well, maybe you would like to try this sneaky little trick that I do when I need it, when I can’t quite wrap my neutral mind around those most irritating circumstances yet, just when I am in the thick of it.

I blame God!  For instance, “God, do you really think that was the best thing to do—to have someone be nasty, or steal from me, or discombobulate my plans, etc.?  Just how are You going to handle THIS one?  Do You really want to make such a mess for me?  If you really, really love me, then why don’t You protect me from this kind of hurt and mayhem?”  Got it?

In fact, I truly do know deep down that God is me, and I am God and that in fact I am really projecting my anger, disappointment, hurt, confusion, and more onto the part of the Universal Me that is total love, kindness and support.  And I know that without a doubt because God/Soul is always present for me when I just relax, BE, feel, and listen.

But in that very black and red moment, this is a way that my “2 year-old Everyday-self” can let out all those old habitual reactions that don’t serve anyone with anything but weakness, ignorance, self-victimization, abandonment, and more.  In my totally trusted relationship with my Best Beloved, I can let off this kind of misguided hot steam for the moment instead of my Everyday-self getting into such a hyper tizzy that might otherwise wreck me or someone else.  I just need somewhere to park this garbage until I can let go and switch gears into the growth/transformation/healing process.  After all, I know that it is really God/Soul Who is truly going to help me through this thing.  No doubt about that! 

And contrary to my childhood religious upbringing, I know that God will not punish me for my churlish outbreak, but actually love me totally as always because in face, I turned to my Beloved Source for “redemption” from my old sticky self-hurt habits. 

So now, here are the next steps in this really remarkable process.

·         Begin Heart Breath for all you are worth!  Consciously let the prana (invisible Life Force) and the controlled breathing loosen your nervous system—including your brain and emotions so that you can slide into neutral mind.  It may be quick or it may take a while, but stick with it.  Let go of judging, of blaming, of anger and all that stuff—just let God/Soul take it all. 


·         You just don’t have to worry about being disrespectful to God when you are unloading all your junk into these heavenly dimensions.  Taking it from us is what Soul and all of our higher Beings—angels and saints love to do!  That is to take all that sticky repulsive stuff that we carry around, that overloads our energetic circuits, and take it back for recycling to pure, fresh energy.  They all love to be of the best service that way, so please don’t hesitate to call on Them.


·         Next!  Get used to the fact that the whole Universe has NOT colluded to creep out and mangle your whole life!  Quite the opposite.  As you know, what we are faced with daily is all based in our karmas, which in fact are neither good nor bad--oh, yeah!  Instead, they are actions or situations that we in our Infinite intelligence as Soul have carefully formulated through lifetimes of cause and effect.  You know, what you did in the past or even a past lifetime will come back to you later on.  So, we as Soul set it up so that at some time we do either really crappy or terrific stuff.  Then when those actions—whether we like them or not, come back to us, we just say, “OK Soul, help me find the growth opportunity in this one!”


·         Now this is when we really have to pay attention to Soul’s response and actual conversation with us. .  That’s because you never know what incredible, unforeseen wisdom Soul will kindly and cozily send your way.  It could be things like, “love them (the perpetrator), serve them, stand up for yourself in a way that serves all, let go of your self-pity that keeps you in the gutter and BE something.”  And so on.  Get the picture?  I guarantee that if you just humbly let go, slip out of those painful mind and emotional chains to follow your impeccable and oh, so simple guidance, you will grow exponentially.  And there will be no question of whether you have the courage to take this new course of consciousness if you stay totally in Soul’s arms—in Its flowing energy that I call the “Soul Dimension.”  Things are different there in that heavenly and full place.  Things don’t bug you, take you off to the fire or ice of emotions, and you can simply handle things well from Soul’s impulse.  The challenge is to consciously breathe and consciously keep yourself in that palpable flow.  This is true Neutral Mind!  What a blessing.


·         And this is the time that you can actually ask Soul what is at the root of that repeating trauma.  Soul will let you know things like perhaps this is just another aspect of your mom never paying attention to you, or you were burned at the stake so long ago, or this is just what you did to them, or one of millions of things that could have implanted this automatic broken record of terror in your energetic system to be played out over and over again.  Believe me, this conversation is really enlightening and humbling!


·         Then to actually erase those sparking live wires that would continually connect you to that repeating difficulty, hurt, perpetrator, confusion, etc.--forgiveness is the answer.  And believe it or not, forgive your own self for having believed and invested in those old damning stories about yourself how things happen.  You might even forgive yourself for having been a perpetrator of this style of nastiness, once you get that message from Soul.  Uh-huh.  No guilt, only humility as you realize that all is a set-up from the Higher Order.


Now you can’t forgive from your mind because that would only repress and stagnate this whole festering business.  Instead, go deeply into your meditative self—you have experienced that place of flowing breath and energy, and forgive that other person, situation, yourself, etc. deeply from that hallowed place.  Remember, you are clearing that charged, magnetic energy from your own operating system. 


Now, this forgiving doesn’t say that the other person is off the hook for what happened—they have set up their own future karma, haven’t they?  But we don’t hold a grudge or a judgment, and we let go of those awful emotional and thinking holding patterns so that we can be FREE!  Yay!  FREE of that spirit-gouging, tenacious Ground-Hog Day personal movie of action and re-action in this category.


·         In employing this amazing process, we grow.  We open our myopia to stretch beyond our previous limitations.  We may be surprised to find ease in our cognition and emotions; compassion for the well of self-hurt and animosity that others are carrying around, and which is the true source of their hurtful projection.


·         Then ease, neutrality, high energy, astonishing clarity, brightness, happiness and wisdom come home to stay in your psyche, and you realize more and more that Soul is your constant, sweet, powerful and loving companion.  And then you understand that all of that poop that gets thrown your way is no more than an abundance of opportunities to uncover your own growth, love, kindness, and personal sweet power.  This is the very real path of Self-Actualization!

So, what do you think of that?  Go ahead and blame God, then fall into God so that you can find out what He/She can really do for you!


Lots of Love,

Siri-Gian Kaur


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HUMILITY?  You Got to Be Kidding!

May 26, 2015

There was nothing more that I hated more in my youth than being taught humility!

It was always presented as being subservient—to parents, to church doctrine, to the “religious” people of the church, to my elders, to the dictates of the current culture, and so on.  The problem was that they all expected me to give up what I knew and felt as Truth to kowtow to their edicts, to their demands, dogmas and conveniences.  That “humility” felt like a path to entrapment, loss of existential personal power, and the right to be on Earth.  “Don’t talk back!” was their motto when confronted with my last ditch plea for understanding and Truth!  Perhaps you have had similar experiences.

Then along came the “assertiveness” revolution when it became fashionable for folks to stand up for themselves.  We even had rampant “assertiveness training!”  Yes, that was good because it brought the oppressed—often women to speak their own truth, needs, ideas and focus, especially in situations that ruled their own lives.  This emerging attitude was essential to the growing Women’s Movement, although we often interpreted assertiveness as giving us permission to explosively poop out our self-righteous annoyance and anger.  Now assertiveness has merged into our culture, and it would be pretty unthinkable to deny or disempower someone by directing them to be “humble,” meaning be silent and give into another human’s undo authority over them.

But here we are, again refining how we interact with Truth, our culture, and our relationships with others.  And believe it or not, humility and obedience—another boondoggle of control over others has risen to the forefront to be re-examined by the person of Soul on their path to everyday happiness in this world as well as their realization of their Union with the Truth of the all in All!

Humility is an ancient paradigm, a personal spiritual “tool” to realize that Union with Spirit.  The problem is that it has been so bastardized by so many religions and others who would have control over us for their own purposes of money, power, sex, etc.!

But in fact, the very solid spiritual practice of real humility couldn’t be further from that old destructive cultural concept!  The only real humility is to our own incredible Soul—our God Self that has become incarnate as us.  So, the idea is that we listen oh, so closely to Soul’s guidance on everything—oh, yes, everything.  That is what we eat, how we respond to people, what work we do, how we formulate opinions, how we gain the guts to spread kindness and love at every turn, and so much more—that is our whole life!  Listening to Soul, then humbly trusting and following It consistently is actually the only way to the most real experience of freedom, oh, yeah!  Unbelievable, eh?  Well, following Soul’s direction, no matter how very difficult it may be to break down my walls of self-righteousness, judgment, closely held opinions of what is right or wrong, and simply to live by the reality that Soul moves me into is the only way that I personally have been able to find real freedom.  No, this is not an oxymoron; it is the true experience all of who honestly follow the path of Spirit.

So, when people do their best to abuse me, to ridicule, tell stories and undermine me, and Soul’s answer for my response it to love them, that is when I have to pull the real forces of humility forward!  Soul’s advice can be shocking, but by being humble to Soul and loving the perpetrators in this instance gives me the opportunity to live in the flow of grace, and to forgive others and myself.  This forgiveness then actually dissolves the chains that would tie my very injured emotions to that hurtful person.  That humility helps me see that they are a full bag of pain who has been imprisoned in self-hatred with the need to project it on others.  That must be an awful prison to live in.  So, you see my humility to Soul’s teaching helps me build actual compassion.  And it also helps me to kindly teach and heal that pained person when the appropriate occasion arises.

This is the process that Soul leads me into when I listen so very closely and humbly.  And I am so very, very grateful for such kind expansion of my emotions and understanding of this world under Soul’s trustworthy and protective wings.  There is NOTHING that is outside of Soul’s purview, rather we are all living by our own course of free-will within the created structure given by Soul or Braham—the Universal!

So, here are a few “kitchen-tested” tips that I would suggest you use in your relationships with other people and situations that might normally get you in hot water.

·         When someone is nasty to you, or they don’t follow your expectations or ideas of justice, or when things don’t go your way, immediately begin strong Heart Breath. .  As you know, this most effective pranayama frees up your indignant or fearful emotions, thinking patterns, and stuck energy.  It gives you an “open space” to become neutral so that you can feel and listen to Soul to guide you to give the impeccably perfect response, rather than either charging on your high horse, or retreating into your cave of painful self-denial, or jumping out of your body to avoid the onslaught.  This instantaneous, profound switching of energy and consciousness is pure grace for you and all who come in contact with you.  So, in this case, humility is not giving rise to your knee-jerk painful or angry reactions, but bowing to the higher energy that may come forward if you allow It, or call It into play. 


I remember many times when Soul simply shouted at me, “Shut up!”  Pretty plain, eh?  Even-keeled, balanced, calm, receptive quietness creates the foundation for opening up and magically improving situations and relationships.  This is the base of true neutrality, which gives access to Soul’s subtle but powerful movement.  This is the opposite of steaming passive-aggressive silence, punishing disconnection, and stubbornness.  This high-grade humility opens the way for every possibility to occur and makes room for every appropriate response—the modus operandi of every true spiritual warrior!


·         Your Heart Breath will also have an extraordinary, but most subtle effect on the other person and the situation.  I find it remarkable to witness this.  Often times they will shudder a bit, and then instead of following their habitual ranting or whatever, they might slow down, become more silent, or move past the attacking scenario for seemingly no reason.  It is so subtle and yet such an astonishing change of ingrained pattern to me! 


Here again, we have complete humility to the situation and Soul’s authentic power.  We watch, we listen, we don’t demand.  Instead we observe the subtle actions that arise with wonder and grace.  We trust Soul to work out the situation for the greatest good, even though we don’t appear to be the “winner” in the moment.  If we follow this course, we are always the winner because we are humble to surrender so that we might take the next step to be humble to fully accepting our most mystical integration with Soul—which is immeasurably better than any short term benefit that we think that we might gain otherwise. 


And another aspect of this pure humility is that we accept and actually respect the action of everyone’s karmas—or opportunities for deep growth and wisdom as they interact together.  When we live in this humility to the cosmic action in every circumstance—to stand, to relax, to breathe love, and follow specific—even unexpected guidance from Soul, we now only benefit for ourselves, but we humbly offer ourselves as open channels of healing and restoration of kindness and peace on this earth!  Don’t we pray for this all the time?  Well, this is how it actually happens, bit by bit by living our own divine humility, surrender to and standing as Soul.


So, Dear One, this is how humility is really an incredible stepping stone to everyday happiness and peace is the strange land that we call Earth!


Lots of Love,

Siri-Gian Kaur



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 14th Pauri of Japji, by Guru Nanak,

Translated by Ek Ong Kaar Kaur in “Japji, Song of the Soul”, pp. 38-39


In trusting

What you hear

When you listen,

There will be

No obstacles

On your path.


In trusting

What you hear

When you listen,

Radiance and honor

Will be with you.


In trusting

What you hear

When you listen,

There’ll be no need

To take short-cuts

On your journey.


In trusting

What you hear

When you listen,


The path of Divine

Discipline and law,

Will guide

Your whole life.


Such is

That True Spirit

Within me

That makes me become

Pure, clear and sweet.


If you

Trust what you hear

When you listen,

That knowing

Becomes the psyche

Through which you

Reflect, understand

And act.





May 19, 2015

Have you been as struck as I have been about the impact that faith-based leaders had in the Baltimore, MD “uprisings,” and also to some extent in Ferguson, Mo.?

They worked tirelessly for peace, for kindness, for justice.  They inspired each other and the citizens of those cities to have even more patience.  They shared their wisdom and their truth in ways that could be heard.  They were not preaching some line of control by the big bosses or old sermons.  But they were true leaders in love, because they know the power of the open heart, the pure sharing of heart that can change even the most terrible of situations.  We are so lucky to have seen how such mass communication of Soul—of Spirit, and invitation to join with that precious wisdom can have such an incredible healing impact on a totally secular, but most potentially violent event.  These leaders are folks who understand the healing power of Spirit and are willing to take personal risk as together they lead others to miraculous patience and open minds, even though the people’s experience was based in centuries of neglect and terror. 

Yogi Bhajan always said that “Patience Pays”!  And so here is a most amazing example of God, Guru, Soul, Spirit, the Great Flow or whatever you want to call this powerful Force of Flow, or Creative River of Consciousness.  The people were led to TRUST that, to put their outrageously painful experiences on hold, or even to forgive the perpetrators so that they could ALLOW the course of Spirit to carry them—everyone involved on all “sides” to flow through this outrageous evolution!  The mayor, the State’s Attorney all flowing united with the Unknown.  We are so grateful that all could access that amazing building of resolution together!

Now, I would like to call all of us to consider this:

WOULD WE PEOPLE OF SPIRIT PERSONALLY HAVE THE COURAGE AND THE ABILITY TO TAKE ON THIS LEADERSHIP in similar situations of huge change, in the very real face of danger and explosion?

Please deeply ask yourself this question and listen to the Truth that comes to you.  Are we people of Spirit or Soul—regardless of whether we are affiliated with a church or not?  Could we honestly join with others, heart to heart to lead ourselves and others from potential violence to pure and patient peace, not foremost with ideas, but united in palpable love that truly serves?  Do we have the tools to heal frustration?  Do we preach what we have read or heard, or do we personally practice peace within our own lives so that we may authentically stand with courage and compassion, genuinly touching hearts in such volatile environments? 

From my own experience, I can say that only by constantly, humbly healing and changing myself according to Soul’s guidance could I ever hope to develop that ability to go beyond courage and fear to that place of Divine awareness that others can actually feel.  Of course this happens even while my knees are shaking like crazy!  And the rub is that since our mind and personal experience could never bring about that experience of peace, kindness and love in ourselves and others, we need to make a consistent, most dependable practice of surrender to Soul.  That is our gym—our martial arts “dojo” to build our “muscles” of compassion and truly grounded love in every situation.  We do that as we ground into the unshakable flow of “Knowing” in the moment.

The predictions for transformation into this Aquarian Age are that there will be turmoil—personal and public.  Are you equipped?  How do you deal with the turmoil that comes floating into your path these days?  Do you actually deal with it with Heart Breath , by listening to your own Soul and humbly following it? .  By faithfully doing your daily spiritual practice, your sadhana, by whatever practices you choose?  By honestly dedicating yourself to healing that which troubles you and blocks your fully opening your precious heart?

As you open to Soul or Spirit more and more, this is how you train to take on your Aquarian leadership role.  So, please cherish the rudeness and nasty events of your life that karmically come to you, because they present you with very special challenges that provide opportunities for your own unique healing.  As your personal transformation takes place, the great wisdom and ability that was locked in these episodes are re-formulated to become your most accessible resources, your very freedom and authenticity, your great humility and surrender to Soul—pure wisdom and love.

Please take on the mantle of a “Spirit-Based Leaderr,” Dear One and do your “dojo” practice with real dedication.  If you are reading this article, then you must be one who has the actual destiny to become such a leader.  Let us train from the instruction of our Divine Souls and hearts together.  We have such extraordinary work to do together!

Lots of Love,

Siri-Gian Kaur


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