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Kundalini Yoga Kriya (set of exercises) or Meditation:

Sit Straight, Tune In with a Basic Meditation!

Kundalini Yoga Kriyas and Meditations:

Accessing the Knowledge of the Universe

Adi Shakti, Mother Planet, Primal Earth Power

Akal--For when someone dies

Anger and Negativity Release Meditation

Assessment of Personality & Facets Through Intuition--making you a balanced, successful leader!

Beaming and Creating the Future

Become Rich and Prosperous! Subagh Kriya

Breaking the Mask

Body Locks

Boost Your Immune System

Bound Lotus

Breath of Fire

Caliber for Constant Self Authority

Cold Depression--a Meditation to Release It

Commnad Your Five Tattvas

Conquer Self-Animosity

Courage, Stamina, Fearless Determiniation

Crisis Kit from KRI

Deep Intuition

Develop Shunia (Neutrality or the Zero Point)

Drop Doubt, Intuitively Know Reality

Ek Ong Kaar, Morning Call

Eliminating Thoughts You Dislike

Emotional Balance and Perspective

Experience and Project your Original Self (Soul)

Fear Eradication

Forgiveness Meditation

Green Abundance Meditation

Healing a Broken Heart

Heart Opening Meditation

Husband Helper--So Purakh

Initiation into Intuition!

Internal Fatigue Buster

Intuitive Business Meditation for Prosperity

Intuition Development

Intuition to Know in Advance, and Manifest Your Ultimate Destiny

Jet Lag

Kirtan Kriya, SA TA NA MA

Audio for Kirtan Kriya--Dev Suroop Kaur,

Kitan Kriya Tune

App to time various parts of Kirtan Kriya

Let "Thou" Prevail

Listen to Soul's Whispers

Listening to the Sound of Your Soul with "Meditation for Guidance."

Long, Deep Breath

Long Time Sun Song

Love and Longing

Mantra to Become a Millionaire

Mantra to Move through Difficult Situations

Meditation of Change

Meditation to Become Unconquerable!

Miracle Mantra

Mool Mantra

Nabhi Kriya to set your navel power

Neutral Mind Meditation

One Minute Breath

Open the Lock of the Heart Center

Prosperity Meditation to Keep Up with the Times

Power and Control of Our Own Caliber

Power of Voice and Mantra

Praana Vayus

Prosperity Meditation to Keep Up with the Times

Protection from Psychic Energy or Black Magic

RA MA DA SA, Healing Meditation

Relate to Your Own Essence

Releasing Childhood Anger

Relieve Unbearable Financial Pressure

Restraining Compulsive Eating


Self Blessing! By Yogi Bhajan!

Self-Efficacy Meditation

Sex Energy Transformation Yoga Set

Silent Clearing

Simple but Powerful Meditation with Mantra!

Sitting Postures

So Darshan Chakra Kriya

Steadiness, Strength and Victory in All Pursuits

Stops Negativity, For Intuition

Strength, Courage, Inner Knowing

Strong as Steel Yoga Set

Subagh Kriya--Meditation to Become Rich and Prosperous

Sudden Shock

Survival Kit Manual

Sutras and Mantra for the Aquarian Age!

Thwart Your Opponent's Aggression

Tratakam--Communication with the Master, Eye Sight and Mental Clarity

Turn the Worst Fate into Absolutely Everything!

Victory in Legal Battles!

Wealth of Prosperity Meditations!



Transit Memories--Not engaging, stopping the flow

Tratakam--Meditation on the Master


Daily Cold Shower--The Art of Healing Hydrotherapy

Dissolve Painful Etheric Cords

Download Audio Meditation on "Who You Really Are!"

Energy Meridians

Flu Remedy from Yogi Bhajan

Healer Burnout!

Heart Breath!

Intuition Basics

Help To Find Lost Items, Animals and People

Natural Breath

Raj Jog Shabad (Hymn about Guru Ram Das)

The Organ-Emotion Link

Tantric Numerology--Explanation, and get your own personal reading and sadhana

Ten Good Things That Will Make You Win!

Yoga and Breath

Yogi Tea