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#1 Making the Quick Jump!

May 23, 2006

Feeling grouchy, unloved, unconnected, not with it?

When you’re in that frame of mind, imagine what it does to the others in your life. Yikes! And of course, what are they going to do but avoid you, be grouchy back to you and so on—prompting your condition to snowball!

Here’s a great trick to change all that!

Very quickly realize that you are caught in the jaws of a personal hell, and determine to switch out of your funk! If you find it impossible to make the switch, then burst out of where you are to walk fast and hard, focusing fiercely on this mantra as your strong marching song in cadence with your step:

Gobinday, Mukunday, Udaray, Aaparay, Hariang, Kariang, Nirnamay, Akamay” over and over again. In the Infinite sense this means: Sustainer, Liberator, Enlightener, Infinite, Destroyer, Creator, Nameless, Desireless. It will not interfere with any of your other religious practices.

Do this with absolute focus until that emotion that hog-tied you lets loose! It’s magic! It may take a little while, but KEEP UP until you get the “Ah-h-h” effect of release— personal Heaven. I promise it will work! And if you do this everytime that foulness overtakes you, that scourge will lessen over time until it quits haunting your doorstep.


#2 Unknotting the Ties to Hell!
June 6, 2006

Here are some great methods to chop that habitual Gordian Knot that ties us to persistent unhappiness!


Use these tips immediately and over time. You will succeed! Just bless yourself and KEEP UP!


1. First let go of blaming anyone or anything. Become the Master of your Life, and drop being anyone’s victim, victimizer, or even being the witness of either. Take the appropriate steps to right yourself.


2. Drop trying to control anyone into doing your bidding—a giant step towards happiness! Otherwise you’ll always feel empty.


3. Forgive all who have hurt you—not to condone them, but to break the energetic ties that bind you to the hurt. “Father, forgive us as we forgive our trespassers.” But do stay aware—as Yogi Bhajan says, “Forgive but don’t forget.”


4. Determine from your depths what outcome or condition you really want on a singularly personal basis—not “I want him to love me,” but “I want to love and be loved.” That will give you the freedom to create your happiness from a much wider set of options.


5. Maintain your character and develop more at every chance you get! Your integrity is your best friend. It saves you from the pain of diminishing your Self, especially in the most difficult situations.


6. Give yourself credit! You’ve gotten this far. You can build on that and go further! Encourage yourself! Be kind to yourself and give yourself a chance. Remember, you're on the road to Heaven now!


7. Don’t bind up the pain, but use your energetic practices—Breath, Meditation, Mantra, Kundalini Yoga, Prayer, good Energetic Healing--and so on, as well as energetic remedies such as homeopathy, flower remedies, etc. to help the energetic patterning of the pain flow out of you until it leaves you with only wisdom in its wake.

Try doing this yoga set for Releasing Self Anger consistently!

Please CLICK HERE and HERE for this set from the publication "Beads of Truth" 1988.


8. Get plenty of strong exercise, drink lots of good water, breathe clean air, and eat well! It’s outrageous how the condition of our physical bodies affects our mental and emotional well-being! Give yourself a real break and enjoy yummy balanced, natural, good quality nutrition. Green stuff is amazing for balancing you out.

Cut sugar, caffeine and refined foods. And for the real bonus, drop “self-medicating” alcohol, drugs and tobacco. Get help if you need it! Really bless yourself this way!


9. Put yourself in the Light and Infinite neutrality to allow a viable outlook to grow from the ashes of the defeating parts that you have given up. It will come in its own time. So, be on the lookout!


10. And do be grateful for the opportunity to change your course to Heaven’s way—no matter how painful the switch over is! Developing the Conscious Life is a process. “Patience Pays!”


#3 The Intelligent Jump! 
How to Build Your New Direction.
June 20, 2006
When Hell strikes, without hesitation establish your center and your foundation--the code of a true Warrior! You can use the techniques explained in the first two parts of this series.
Then, once you’ve got equilibrium, switch into your intelligence to figure out how things can be made better! Every problem has a solution.

Use your MIND to impersonally solve your situation like solving a puzzle. Be courageous enough to explore yourself with complete integrity. Don’t let yourself get away with anything! Here’s the system:

1. Use your unemotional NEGATIVE MIND to consciously and impersonally sort out the difficulties that you are having and find out why they are not working. List them. Be relentless! Find out all the drawbacks, and if necessary trace the threads to their sources, such as why your emotions go bonkers every time some certain thing occurs, or pinpoint why you vaguely don’t feel that something is right for you, that it doesn’t sustain or support you, and so on. Be a detective of thorough self- exploration to learn what will not work for you and if need be—why. Be as specific as appropriate to the process.

2. Then use your unemotional POSITIVE MIND to realize what will work for you. Let your mediative creativity capture you. Be persistent in examining goals and goodnesses that work for you and those you love. It can be an extraordinary experience to search out creative pathways that will allow everyone’s best interest to flourish.

Come up with ways around or through difficulties that will buoy you up and that will give you new insight. And if necessary, just drop those old unworkable approaches altogether and start fresh with new ideas and new procedures. You may even find that your goals need to evolve!

Be open, honest and flexible—not just catering to the “small me,” but allowing trust in living from the “Great Me!” And never ever use an ounce of energy trying to figure out how to manipulate people or events to your will. Instead, open to live fully from your heart for yourself and others, and figure out how to do that.

If you need advice or help, get it from a source you really trust. Don’t hesitate!

One hint! The most solid way to roll out your positive avenues is to use both your deep Intuition and your logical Intelligence. Use your third eye to grab on to the mantra “Ong Namo, Guru Dev Namo, Guru Dev Namo, Guru Deva” over and over again to get the protection and answers you need. It works amazingly!

And gather to yourself the courage needed to change your ways--honestly changing old destructive habits; apologizing, forgiving and establishing new boundaries if needed; and having the courage to be seen differently by yourself and others. Changing your identity, even for the better can be a real challenge to your perceived security.

Keep using this process back and forth between your Negative and Positive Minds, along with fired inspiration until you get a well-integrated plan or outlook established.

3. Now give the whole plan to your NEUTRAL MIND. This means giving it to God, your “Highest Self,” the Infinite Mind, etc. so that you don’t keep a strangle hold on your process, and you remain flexible so that you can continually re-evaluate, and dance with your progress. Let the expansive Self be in charge. Trust It!

This allows you to trust that the outcomes will work out somehow, and not be discouraged or disgruntled if they materialize in a way that you didn’t expect. Be prepared for surprises and recognize success in whatever form it comes to you. Search for the success in every moment!

Relying on your Neutral Mind promotes the Universal Energy rearranging your Life. Trust the process and keep moving toward your Best Interests with a buoyant spirit. You’ve intelligently launched your trajectory out of Hell. Things WILL change, and Heaven will be on the horizon! Don’t worry. Be happy! Keep Up!


#4 Jumping for Joy!

July 4, 2006


Now for your final Jump!

When you change your hurtful patterns into those that really work for you—when you are no longer hamstrung by those embedded Lilliputian emotional gremlins that habitually tie you to Hell, then Heaven steps in to nourish your Life! Imagine if you were free at last, great God, free at last of those old haunting fears, anxieties and upsets. Yikes! Then your Life could ride on your own authentic grace and contentment. Is there any greater Joy?

The dual keys are COMMITMENT and COURAGE—the Warrior’s Path! Commitment and courage are your foundation for employing the practical processes that have been described in the first three “Jumping Out of Hell” Newsletters. Use these methods consciously and continuously. Don’t give up—Keep Up!!

Turn the tables and take responsibility to step out of your victimhood. In reality, this is actually the most sympathetic quest anyone could set for themselves. And if you need help, by all means get it. But commitment to change for your best, solidly and profoundly, while having the courage to face the pain and horror of all that emerges from within is by all means a Heavenly calling.

This is really being kind to youself! You will find your attitudes changing, and I guarantee that the actions of the rest of the world towards you will change as well. Because we are incredibly subtle and powerful beings, we draw to us what our energetic patterns demand. So, please take my advice and change your energetic patterns to develop a great Life, step by step!

And here is an insight into the healing process.

As you address one facet of hellacious difficulty, be aware that more often than not, that general category will come up for healing again in the future. Most likely it won’t be as huge, or maybe its grips won’t be so deep because you have already accomplished really fine Warrior’s Work on it. But these difficulties often have a number of facets that need to be addressed—each with its own unique focus. This is called the “Healing Spiral.”

So, never be discouraged. Just congratulate yourself that you have already made amazing inroads into this major challenge area, and acknowledge that you are much more mightily equipped to meet this new phase. You have already earned your first warrior stripes, and you are up for more!

Now, I have a little secret to share with you.

All this battle for freedom of your own consciousness has benefits even beyond allowing you to reside in your solid grace and contentment—your Bliss. Each time you transform a facet of your psyche that formerly chained you to Hell, the process automatically reformulates what had been the elements of confusion, fear, pain and so on into your own most deep and qualified wisdom!

Wisdom doesn’t come out of thin air, you know. Rather it is hard won in the process of healing and it is absolutely specific to the battles that you have won. This kind of deep and far reaching wisdom is something that you, and others that you will help can rely on. You become a teacher and a healer to others with similar difficulties in ways that could not have occurred if you hadn’t tackled becoming a great Warrior of Spirit!

So, instead of asking “Why” you must deal with these great challenges, just abide in the awareness that as you hammer out your own wisdom, you gain in the ability to assist others to do the same—the greatest Destiny available on our fair planet. Indeed, you become a full fledged resident of Heaven with all its associated perks, abilities and responsibilities, which is the most authentic Joy there is!

An extraordinary Kriya or spiritual exercise to help you change your energetic, emotional and mental patterns into those that uplift and support you is Sodarshan Chakra Kriya for at least 11 to 31 minutes per day. Please click here to learn how to do that Kriya.

Lots of Love to all you Warriors of the Spirit for jobs well done! As you grow in wisdom and bliss, so does our collective planet!



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