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The Art of


This is a revolutionary, life-changing course of study!
It is definitely different from anything else that you have ever experienced.

When you connect with your own Infinite, yet totally cozy Soul:

 You actually feel your powerful Soul and converse with It!
• You unequivocally learn to tell the difference between your thoughts and your trustworthy Soul—true Intuition.  You learn to trust It.
• And during the course, you actually learn to partner with your Soul.  Ease, confidence and effectiveness are your result.
• You find love in all the right places!
• You begin to move into your Destiny—the reason why you are on Earth!

When you actually begin to live from your most Real Self, your God Self, your life changes dramatically for the better!  More than you could ever believe until you do it!

In fact, meeting, feeling and knowing your Soul, especially for the first time is quite an outrageously satisfying experience.  It is most remarkable to actually feel the presence of your totally intelligent, yet absolutely loving Consciousness that can actually talk with you and answer your questions!  And, cross my heart, you can experience Its most incredible love and support for you as well—from the inside out.






 If you tried to tell me how much I would transform in this course, I would never have believed you! I have now developed a deeper connection with my soul that is allowing me to walk the joyful path of my destiny. Can you believe it? In just 40 days! - but be warned it is not always easy. I had to face fear and insecurity that was obscuring access to my soul, but I was always felt supported by Siri Gian and the powerful energy of our soul group.  I would recommend this course to anyone who has the courage to be who they truly are! 

Sat Nam, Shine bright,  Dharamjot Kaur, Australia

Taking your classes has helped me get much more comfortable with myself and it was also very helpful to know that everyone has intuition and it is very natural.  I am glad I met you and took your classes.  This is so amazing.  To me (I also know this to be the truth for everyone), look within and all knowledge and GOD is within.  So if people have a hard time doing that or do not know how, your level one class is the best way to start.   The cool thing with the mantras and meditations of Kundalini Yoga, it feels so much like coming home for me.  

Atma Karam Kaur, Norfolk, VA

I've always had a hard time trusting my true self. This class helped me access my intuition (my soul) so now I'm being guided in the sweetest way possible. I feel like I have a really good tool to help me be my authentic self in life.  It's a lot easier to trust myself now.  And I do feel like I've dropped the pain from my childhood, never knew it could be so easy!!  Thanks Siri-Gian!!

Love, Ann Lowe, Silver City, NM, USA


Thank you so much for supporting me at your workshop.  By contacting my soul and not being afraid to speak my deepest insecurities I released so much stagnant energy.  I have never felt better and more in tune and aligned with my higher self. I also feel more confident in myself.  But more humble at the same time; it’s beautiful. Like you said I have my "soul" and I feel blessed with the experiences of my life because they made me the Spiritual Warrior I am today.  See you soon. 

Blessings, Yarrow King, Los Angeles, CA, USA


   In these Foundational Intuition Trainings,
we will

Experience Partnering with

Our Best Buddy, Our Dearest Beloved,

All the sages and the wise ones from antiquity have tried to tell us, to show us over and over again how to do this.  But in this series of meetings, you will switch so easily and quickly to plug into your Soul’s consciousness—a “place” of radiant natural power, well-being, full prosperity, pure contentment, total love and caring for you.  And you will get the very most trustworthy guidance that you could ever, ever have!  After all, your Soul knows every bit of where you have been, where you are really going, and how to best get there!

This is your greatest friend, your best Beloved—the consciousness that we strive for, but never quite seem to reach. 

We have been led to believe that “once I pay my karmas,” or “when I finally become a perfect person,” or “when I reach a certain spiritual level,” I can possibly approach the throne of this high awareness.  Far from it!

The Truth is that your Soul is totally personable, down-to-Earth, jokes with you, is entirely natural, and tells you sweet things.  It is always waiting for you to be in touch!  And your Soul outlines the best ways to give up old habits of pain and short-sightedness, while It gives you guidance that is Infinity far-reaching, yet totally grounded and effective in your relationships and whole life—from the greatest to the smallest thing.  Soul will help you heal though those old sinking mind and emotional habits that make you believe you are small, insecure or in great pain.  Although that process can be quite challenging, as you hang onto your sweet Soul, your hell dissolves to allow your heaven to shine through!




This class proved transformational for me in so many ways...contacting the essence of my Soul and Intuition provided much-needed strength and clarity at a critical juncture in my life. I sensed that we really connected as a group in a very deep way to support our souls and to support a Group-Soul awareness as well! I hope we all meet again soon in another of Siri Gian's classes, at Solstice, yoga classes or on the Etheric Planes!
Sarb Nam Kaur Khalsa, Espanola, NM, USA

I'm still listening to my soul.  While I'm teaching i always love recommending the heart breath. Its beautiful....!  Thanks alot for the art of soul listening....what I heard in class..will carry on to my  own practice.  It guided me to understand what soul listening is all about.
Pavan Kaur, Apple Valley, CA

In this course you will be carefully guided by Siri-Gian Kaur, a highly experienced intuitive, healer, teacher, and originator of this course.  And you will actually join with the group Soul of our whole class where as you work through old limitations and hurts together, giving and receiving great kindness and support. 

Plus, you will definitely learn the difference between your “everyday self,” your ego—the thinking part of you that holds old patterns, as compared to your trustworthy Soul.  Then you will learn how to create the most amazing partnership between your Soul and your everyday self to be able to radiate your own Soul.  No disjointed “walking in the clouds.”  Rather, real, pure, loving, strong presence with expert effectiveness and happiness in your down-to-Earth life as it moves up several notches!

And we do this together in a teleconference on the phone—six meetings!  In addition to those from the USA, Canada and Mexico, we have been joined by Souls from Portugal, Japan, Singapore, Australia, and more.  Anywhere in the world your phone can connect to the USA.  Please click here to see how you can reach us through Skype for a low cost connection.  Plus we occasionally do this together in person in Workshops and Transformational Weekends.



Tele-Course Series

6 sessions of 90 minutes each on the phone

This is a course of Personal Transformation to unite with your own God-Self!

To join these teleclasses, everyone who is registered for the class calls into the same phone number, then enters a special "PIN" number.  This puts each person on the same phone line, or "conference call" at the same time!  It's as though we are all speaking together in the same room--no matter where you are in the world!**  And the only added expense for these phone calls is what your phone company charges you to call the midwest of the USA.

Since Yogi Bhajan told us that we can change a habit in 40 days, which is about the length of this course, we expect to actually switch over to living from our Souls during this time!  

Since this course moves you along your path so very deeply and quickly, it is so important that you remain committed to the whole experience!  That includes:

• Attend our 6 regular meetings by phone.  Although in an emergency, you can listen to our class recording.
• Do your 40 day Kundalini Yoga meditation faithfully to facilitate your personal transformation.
• Keep your Soul Journal and Blog on your process at least once a week to stay close to everyone in the class, and comment on their posts as well. 

   We will be intimately and safely sharing our progress.
• Thoroughly complete your weekly homework—from reading assignments with quizzes to various experiments of being in the Consciousness of your own Soul!
• Stay faithful to any healing that may come up for you, knowing that you will transform it beautifully as you keep up with your divine Soul in this course!

And because we want to make this the coziest experience, we are limiting this tele-class to 12 participants!  And if you sign up for a series, but can’t make one of these classes for some reason, then you can listen to the recording of it that I will post on this website for you!

Once you sign up for your Intuition Training Tele-Classes--and close to our start date, you will be led to a special  page on this site that will give you all the call-in information, teleclass guidelines, intution study, blog site, and meditation!

If you really can't take this teleclass on any of these days and times, but want to take this course, please let me know what would suit you better.


The Art of Soul Listening!  

A series of 6 totally convenient and highly interactive 1 1/2 hour classes on the phone.  Available from anywhere in the world!

You also get the recordings of each class, the Study Text, 40 Day Meditation, and Forum for all of our Classmates to communicate their interactions with Soul--life changing! 


Did you know that your Soul is waiting at every second for you to be with It so It can help you become amazingly expansive? 

That includes profoundly experiencing real love in your life, tapping directly into your deep well of creativity, and accomplishing astonishing things! 

Synchronicities serve you! And you do all that by dropping stress, and having the time of your life with your astonishing Soul.

You will find out how very easy it is to be in the amazingly cozy and intimate center of your own Being, the God that is you, your most natural and authentic Self that has all the best direction for you! 

What could be better? 

Join us NOW!

Lots of Love,

Siri-Gian Khalsa

I look forward to meeting you and your precious Soul, soon, Dear!

If you have any questions, please e-mail me

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