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Series: A Healthy Approach to Healing #1, June 18, 2019 & October 10, 2006

I just wanted to talk to you about something that I feel is quite a serious matter! It is “throwing out the baby with the bath water!”

I suspect that most of us are on a path of natural health! To cure or ameliorate our ills, we prefer to use supplements, special diets, herbs, exercise, yoga, meditation, various therapies, homeopathy, flower essences, aroma therapy, Ayurveda and Chinese medicine, energy healing, and many other non-invasive means. And they have capabilities that Western medicine can’t even touch!

We are so extraordinarily fortunate in this day to have such a wonderfully wide range of methods to effectively right the many mental, physical and emotional difficulties that come our way!

One thing though that you might find odd coming from an energy healer. Many of us see allopathic medicine as the enemy! And I will give you the point that there have been lots of wrongs, accidents and difficulties as a result of resorting to synthetic drugs and surgery. We all have our arsenal of horror stories that keep us mistrustful or downright antagonist to Western medicine! We know of doctors who are stupid and uncaring, letting their hubris blind them, or even well meaning practitioners whose prescriptions have gone very wrong.

We know that there is no pharmaceutical that does not have potential side effects—some outrageously harmful, and the politics of Big Pharma are wont to make us retch!

However, Dears, I just want to point something out. Never in the history of humankind have there been available such a range of effective treatments for very serious situations. I am telling you this because I have had a couple of friends die from breast cancer because they did not want to get involved with Western medicine. And I have seen people— young and old who have serious chemical brain imbalances who refused to take drugs that would give them a chance at a fairly normal life, so they disintegrated. And so on!

I certainly understand that many of these drugs and surgeries have their own ill effects, and that it takes dogged effort and very close monitoring to discover the most workable protocols available. Also, it may be possible for these treatments to take their toll on a person’s health in a number of ways—harming while helping.

I am sorry that the most perfect medical solutions have not been discovered yet, but all I can say is, “Don’t throw out the baby with the bath water!”

Instead, I suggest that everyone who is capable take real, substantial charge of their own health! And I hope that other level headed and open-hearted advocates will help out those who are not capable. This takes a good deal of effort, I know! It takes understanding how your body, mind and emotions work—on all levels: physical, mental and spiritual. It takes lots of study, and staying finely tuned to your intuition.

It is you, my dear Friends who are the pioneers who will achieve the real integration of medicine! You will do it by finding the very best and open minded allopathic doctors, then studying what they diagnose, plus listening closely to their recommendations. It means studying everything that is possibly available for your difficulties in the Complementary Medicine panoply as well, and God knows there’s a whole lot out there! It means finding the very best natural practitioners who will work carefully with you, giving you their best and most thorough advice—and not just an adherence to a rigid party line. Yes, we “naturals” can be closed minded, too!

It means research, and lots of it—such as the National Medical Library’s of medical study abstracts. Get a good medical dictionary, a concise anatomy book, The Pill Book or other Drug Handbook. You can use “Prescriptions for Nutritional Healing” by Phyllis and James Balch as your first defense. Google your way to a wide range of knowledge, being careful to discern what is helpful and what is bogus. And there are hundreds and hundreds of books and articles on as many health challenges at your bookstores and health food stores. Dispel myth and find out what has a chance of working. Be aware at all times. Pray hard that the information will come to you, or that you will be led to it. The miracles that can happen can be astounding!

Then, when you begin to form a picture of what is needed, have the courage to take the steps—whether natural or allopathic, or perhaps a studied blend of both to deal with your situation or that of one who is in your charge. Often, a trial plan with continued reassessments leading to revised plans works best. Trial and error is both natural and scientific.

No, this approach is by no means easy. But I don’t know of any other way to take real responsibility for yourself!

Health is a God-given blessing. Healing is also a God-given blessing! Please take advantage of what is most reasonably and most intuitively available—by God’s own grace!

Lovingly Yours,

No, this is not an advertisement for my amazingly gifted and thorough naturopath, and dear friend, Dr. Sat Dharam Kaur in Ontario, Canada. But I do want to let you know that what I feel is her very, very balanced approach to natural and allopathic medicine is a model for the future of all medicine! And she doesn’t even know that I am publishing this about her! Please click here, then click on her link to get to her site. She has published several extremely informative books and does give phone consults.

Kundalini Yoga is known for its many kriyas and meditations to heal various ailing areas of the body, mind and spirit. You can find many manuals that include these at Ancient Healing Ways! You might like to try this exercise to Boost Your Immune System!

And don’t forget that I offer Intuitive Consults to help you straighten out your difficulties and provide Transformational Energy Healing for your best health as well!
Here is a real life response from Lee, one of our Soul Answer Community:
Sat Nam, Siri-Gian:
I am already living proof of your balanced approach.  In 2001 I had a colon resection due to the effects of Crohn's disease.
I had a marvelously talented surgeon, Dr. Lourie at Huntington Hospital who saved my life with innovative laparoscopic surgery.  Then I started doing Kundalini Yoga through a friend/yoga teacher  who has since become a Rabbi.  She introduced me to Dr. Santokh Khalsa here in Pasadena.
I have been going to him for adjustments for  3 years.
Results to date:
As of 1 year ago I was clear of any new Crohn's disease.
I became a certified Kundalini Yoga teacher and have begun to teach at the Awareness Center in Pasadena.
My plan is to develop yoga workshops for people with health challenges to empower them and help them heal.
Your e-letter came as a blessing to remind me how many wonderful, life-affirming things have happened since I began doing Kundalini yoga in 2001.  I hope to meet you someday.
Now I'm going to practice some Sadhana.
Thanks for being an angel.

Watch Out for Wizards

Some Spiritually Powerful People Are Looking Out for Number One--which may not be YOU!

Series: A Healthy Approach to Healing #2, July 26, 2016 & October 24, 2006

Guess what? Even though a healer, a teacher, a preacher or priest, a yoga or meditation master—no matter what title they use, if they have extraordinary powers—usually called the siddhas, or tons of knowledge, that doesn’t necessarily make them all that trustworthy!

Yep, you got it! I have seen some really amazing stuff in my day! Although these folks' abilities can be real, some of their underlying intentions may possibly not be the best. So some of these abilities turned "hooks" that I have seen are: genuine cures for all kinds of dreadful diseases of the mind and body; actually manufacturing matter out of “nothing;” pure radiance for themself and for you; pardoning of all your karmas; telling you things they couldn’t possibly know; giving you visions and other spiritual experiences; channeling the gods, angels, and beings of higher realms; having attained all kinds of ranks and titles, including carry over titles from former lifetimes; making claims of glory concerning them and promising amazing future glory for you--all if you will just give them what they want! These are the Wizards!

But, oh my Dears! The only ones that are worth giving any time of day to are the ones that you deeply feel and know only care for your Soul, and who one-pointedly support your endeavor to be One with your own precious, unique Self.

This can be tricky because their rhetoric for what will in fact benefit you can be sophisticatedly mixed with their own agenda. They can be tremendously inspiring and right on in so many ways. I have never seen this be a black and white situation!

So, please test them out carefully and thoroughly. Look behind the Wizard’s smoke screen of unusual and magnificent powers! Check out the illusions of spiritual grandeur and find out what is really on their mind, heart and genitals. Uh, huh!

It seems that real, deep, true Character is perhaps in shorter supply in some of these amazing folks than are their astounding paranormal abilities! So, when you meet them face to face, please be sure to check out these areas:

  • Do they want you to stay with them to lend them your time, support, fame, love and appreciation, abilities, and so on in order to increase their own power or satisfy their own insecurity?
  • Do they want your money, your assets, or involve you in their money making schemes primarily for their benefit?
  • Do they want sex from you--physically, psychically, emotionally, or in any way implied or intended--no matter what kind of spiritual boon they promise it to be?
  • Do they NOT want you to investigate them or have you ask questions about their intentions or their past history, and do they turn on you when you do question them?
  • Do they want to manipulate you either overtly or subtly--especially for "your own good?" Do they order you around or try to scare you into taking their direction, perhaps by telling you that this is the direction from a "Higher" unseen source, and there will be "CONSEQUENCES" if you don't follow their direction? Watch to see how they would benefit in any way from this control over you.
  • Do they try to break up your cozy (non- abusive) family or other relationships so they can take a primary position in your life?
  • Do they have the teacher's capacity and strength to hold steady for you on different levels as you go through your changes?
  • How are you doing with your own boundaries, insecurities, fears, sense of obedience/subservience, or feelings of self-worth and Self-Worth?

If they do any of these things, please run away--very far away! Yet please don't be afraid of them. Rather pray for them so that their depths may be healed.

This is not a pleasant subject for sure, but I have seen every bit of this and more occur on the “spiritual path” over the years. Oh, the stories! And so I want to encourage you not to get caught in the backwater dead ends of these less than savory characters.


Judge everything in these folks that you give such totally intimate trust to. Your trust that they will help you sort out your life so that you can improve your health and attain full participation with your Soul/your God/your Infinite Mind is completely sacred! Don’t give any quarter to anyone—no matter how brilliant or talented who might feed you their amazing abilities with one hand, but take your judgment and control over yourself with the other.

On the other hand, a truly great teacher on the spiritual path will ask that you lay down your ego’s tightly held notions so that you can open more and more to the Infinity that your Soul continually offers you. So, although it’s not always easy to determine what is what in this realm, do everything that you can to stay aware! Take responsibility! Please strengthen and purify your independent intuition, then use it.

In spiritual lingo, this looking deeply with your mind, your heart and your depth of intuition for Truth on every level is called “Discernment.” It is an all important ability on this amazing path. So, please develop it fully within yourself. Work your way through your denial that such a thing could actually be happening very quickly. Don’t fall for the charlatans, and recognize the Great Souls as they become available to you.

For me, it was a blessing beyond blessings to be the student of a teacher who I finally knew thoroughly supported my True Essence and my journey to fully realize that, and never took advantage of me in this most vulnerable of relationships. Quite the opposite! Of course, I am talking about Yogi Bhajan. I pray that you all on your own paths find such a precious alliance!

Here is a wonderful Kriya (spiritual exercise) for the "Assessment of Personality & Facets Through Intuition" to help you become a successful and balanced leader, and to understand what is going on with others around you. Try it and find the results! Please click here to access it!



Try Experimenting!

Series: A Healthy Approach to Healing #3, July 23, 2019 & November 6, 2006


The capacity of that simple mantra “Ong Namo, Guru Dev Namo” that we use to “tune in” before doing Kundalini Yoga is way beyond our comprehension! We off-handedly say before any class that it tunes us into the Golden Chain of Teachers, and provides protection and guidance. Fine. But, my Dears, it is most, most remarkable!

We have all heard the scares from certain authors warning us about the “Kundalini Crisis,” or whatever. But since we who practice this incredible form of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation as taught by Yogi Bhajan have not seen any evidence of this in the thousands upon thousands of practitioners over five decades, we tend to dismiss this.

However, just before I went to teach meditation at Omega—the spiritual summer camp in NY state a number of years ago, the administrators told me that with all the different kinds of intensive spiritual activity going on there, usually several staff members would sort of “flip out.” And not knowing what else to do with them, Omega would send them home.

So, when this began to happen to a few people— such as going into other lifetimes, other realms, leaving their bodies, etc., with each one either not wanting to fully come back or not being able to, their friends brought these folks to me. What I “heard” was to have them do 11 minutes to 31 minutes of Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo per day. And in every case, these staff members came back to normal in 1 to 3 days. Extraordinary!

Since then, I have learned that for extended periods we should really not do that formal tuning in, but rather it is definitely better to chant the more casual version of this—Ong Namo, Guru Dev Namo, Guru Dev Namo, Guru De-e-va. It is done in a quick and upbeat monotone, with the second “e” in the last De-e-va going down in tone, then up again on the “va.” You can do this one continuously while doing whatever else you are doing--driving, washing the dishes, etc. when you need real grounding or guidance. I will verify that it works great!

These are the days when we need to change our habits to rely greatly on this profound guidance and protection! Believe me, it will give us tremendous help and security not only now, but so very much in the changing times ahead! Try it and please let me know how it works for you.



Series: A Healthy Approach to Healing #4, July 30, 2019 & November 21, 2006


Here is a little secret!

Over the past few months, every time I work with someone, I have been “hearing” that I should give them the same healing technique to use themselves! I began to wonder if I was just listening to an etheric broken record, but this Heart Breath works amazingly on everyone who tries it! Even my web hosting tech support guy in the Philippines that I had never met before found it effective.

There are all kinds of difficulties that bind us, stress us, block us, and keep us tied up in knots. They can be other people, hard situations, our own perceptions, emotions, worries, fears and so on. Why not think of one of your stressors now?

Then begin long, deep breathing.  Please click here if you need detailed instructions.

Now, as you exhale, both visualize and feel as though your breath is being exhaled from your heart. When you do this, you are actually pouring energy out from your heart chakra!

Now, in your imagination, feel, hear or see whatever it is that stresses you right there in front of you. Does it make you feel tight or limited? Or you may want to picture someone else who is having a hard time and who you want to help.

Now, exhale this incredible, pure heart energy out to your stressor, or to your person in need. Let your energy be pure, calm and almost passive but moving consistently to and through that which binds you, or causes you difficulty—or to your person. Let the energy have its own intelligence and find its own pathways. After doing this for a little while, you might find that your heart energy is actually melting the stressor on this subtle level, sort of like water melting a sugar cube! Or if you are sending this precious energy to someone in need, watch what happens to them.

Don’t force anything, but just be neutral as you keep moving your heart energy in, through and around this difficulty or hurt person. You can do this activity while you are in front of your altar, on the phone, in front of the TV, playing with the kids—anywhere and everywhere! No need to tell anyone else what you are doing.

Then watch what happens. Do you find your own energy opening up, loosening up those limits? Do you feel those stressor situations, people, emotions and so on lightening up in any way? Do any circumstances change?

Keep this exercise up over a length of time, and also repeat it often. And keep track of what happens—both within yourself as well as what happens with those exterior situations that affect you, or your person in need! Write it all down.

Then if you will, please send me a summary of your experience, up to 100 words by December 6, 2006. My e-mail is (You can click on this addess at the very bottom of this newsletter if you like.) And I will publish your answers together! So, please let me know if you want me to use your name.

This will be our group experiment. It’ll be fun, don’t you think? Kind of like an online workshop exercise together. We’ll see what happens!




Series: A Healthy Approach to Healing #5, May 2019 & August 12, 2009


Maybe you would just as soon not hear about my major frustration with one of the very odd outlooks prevalent in our natural, spiritual, highly sensitive lifestyle. But my Dears, I am offering it to you for your deep consideration.

Over and over again, I have seen that when someone gets sick, especially when they are really sick as with cancer, the first response from their "spiritual" friends is, "What's your unfinished business that's causing this disease in you?" It is a rush to blame and to demonstrate that ill affected person's incompetent handling of their life and their irresponsibility regarding their deeply unhealed pain.

Those "friends" seem to scream, "It's all your fault that you got sick! Now just do a lot of meditation to cure yourself. And if you don't cure yourself, well, then perhaps it's your fault that you are not strong enough, spiritual enough, or developed enough to heal yourself!"

I even know of one fellow who didn't tell any of his friends that he had cancer!  He realized that he would not get the support he needed, so he chose to not be burdened by their really unhelpful lecturing and subtle blaming.  Instead, he traveled that very difficult path to healing alone!  Imagine!

Oh, my heart thuds on the floor every time I get a whiff of this ugliness!!

As an energetic healer myself, I work with people's old unhealed energy--the lingering result of painful assaults over lifetimes. The frequency of this battered auric energy can actually slow down to the point that it enters the physical body to disrupt cells and organs that are genetically susceptible, causing physical disease. But please, oh please have the humility to realize that he who is without energy blocks should throw the first stone! And that "but for the grace of God, there go I."

As a matter of fact, all that blaming and holding the ill person overtly or even subtly responsible for his or her own sickness is actually a manifestation of the blamer's own deep pain, their separation from the heart of another as well as from their own deep heart, their own loss of humanity and kindness, their fear of pain and suffering being so great that they would insert the wall of judgment between themselves and the other person to actually keep them segregated and safe from even slightly feeling the other person's pain! Maintaining the "high ground" while others drown is a spiritual absurdity!

Now, what I have seen is that one person can be totally weighted down by stuck unhealed energy but be quite healthy physically. Yet another person can be nearly transparent radiant Light, and yet contract a dread disease to pay off those old karmas really quickly. I have even seen that some people's disease is a manifestation of taking on others' pain--perhaps even their ancestors' hurts in the most compassionate way to heal their difficulties for them! I am certainly not recommending this course of action, but I just want you to know that if you judge another's source of illness, then you certainly are showing your ignorance!

Now on the other hand, I have also seen people who regard their sickness as an incredible wake-up call to intensely heal on all levels! And I honor and bless them for their great spiritual insight and tenacity!

But my heart ache centers on the ill person's friends, acquaintances and even those within ear shot who don't take this amazing opportunity to become really human, to stand firm in compassion and love when another needs their support, their comfort and their kindness! This is the time to stick up for that Soul!

Instead of saying anything that hints of criticism, instead you might try, "I am here for you. I love you. What can I do for you? Here's my private phone number, call me anytime. You've got my hugs and prayers."

And that's how we become human and heal our own stuck and painful energy! "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you!" It works every time!


 From SBK:

I agree 100% w/ you. This blame game puts new age thought into the sinning category of Christianity.

BUT, the worst of these is watching someone with the cancer blaming themselves until they hit the pyre. Now, THAT is painful…

From H.:

Your recent topic on blaming the victim is illuminated very well by the medical intuitive, Caroline Myss, I believe it is on her CD Intuitive Power. She talks about how could Helen Keller, at the age of 18 months, deserve to become deaf, dumb, and blind from scarlet fever. Helen Keller would say that she became this way to teach the deaf to hear and the blind to see. Caroline Myss says Helen was talking about you and I, not the sense impaired, rather that this opportunity(?) was bestowed upon her so that she might teach others how to live. Totally different spin on the Piscean judgment thing, huh?

From Siri-Gian:

Actually I would never use the word "victim" to refer to someone who is sick.  I would just say that they are a person just like me who has a great challenge and so may need my support.  One who is sick is not an abstract idea, but a very real human in need of a place to land and be honestly and carefully held with openness, tenderness and respect.  
And even though Ms. Keller's words are very inspiring in her own situation, I suspect that it took years and years of working through her challenge to reach this conclusion.  So, if someone tells you they are sick, please give them love and support--period!  Then if they ask you for some inspiring way to frame this challenge to help them get through it, then you can tell them how Ms. Keller transformed.  But even in your own mind, don't expect them to develop that same sense in themselves. That is really a heavy burden to lay on one who is already in crisis. Just stay neutral and giving, but not overbearing.  Offer love, but let them call the shots.  Each one's healing path is intensely personal and has its own pace and rhythm. 
So, the great opportunity for change is actually yours!  That is to divest yourself of abstraction and expectation, stripping yourself of what separates your heart from the other person's heart in the most real way, and just BE with the other person in any way they can receive your love and support.  Be sensitive to what works for them.  And if they are not ready for your support, respect and honor that without getting your feelings hurt.  And if they can use your support in a way that is different than what you thought you should give, then do your best to accommodate them in a way that you can give.
Being very sick brings a great deal of fear with it, and it can uproot every part of your life that formerly gave you comfort and security.  The challenge then is for the friends, family and acquaintances of the person who is facing unbelievable changes in their life to drop all of our expectations and any idea of how things should be.  Just get REAL and sit still with your sweet person.  Open your heart and let the way that your loved one would like to be supported flow from you to them.

From DJK:

This is so profound.

I also feel that the silly "spirituality" can also claim to justify the suffering in third world countries - oh it is there karma and they need to work through it. What a cop out attitude. We are all one.

We are surrounded by suffering in so many ways and it reminds me to be gentler to myself as I am my own sheriff, judge and executioner! No wonder I live in fear! Because I am so hard on myself I project that on to others, so perhaps one day I can get the message that I am being too hard on me and to ease up on myself and  others. Once this step is recognized then I need to forgive and that is not that easy because the sheriff, judge and executioner can never be wrong! Slowly I am retraining these aspects of myself to a new way of acting through love but it takes time and caring for others in their time of need helps them but also softens me. Also sometimes I can not always be there, as I need to keep something for me and that is another lesson that needs to be learned.

I am so pleased that you have drawn my attention to this as I know I have not always thought the best of people who are not well. I am always searching for a meaning and now I can see the meaning for me is to be compassionate! Thank you for giving me the correct approach to help those in need and to move away from judgment.

From SNK:

i'm deeply grateful for your message this morning.  it brought me up short.  i realize i have a tendency to judge (not what i really want to call it !!) another when they are ill.  i (silently) think, what did that person do or maybe try to figure it out in my mind. 

How simple your direction.  just give them love.  I realize i need to now be alert and stop this type of judging. 

Just this morning i ran into someone who i see often in the park with his dog.  he has been struggling with something and trying to decide treatment.  Instead of just supporting him i traveled down that thorny road of trying to offer him what i thot maybe a better way to deal with it. 

I could have just as well offered him support and love.  this would have done more for him than my sticky words.

From R.:

I agree with you completely and agree that it is destructive for people to suggest that illness is unfinished business.  So often, it is indeed a wakeup call, an initiation. 

From M.:

You would enjoy reading "Grace and Grit" by Ken Wilbur, about his journey through his Beloved's breast cancer diagnosis, treatment and death. If you know Ken Wilbur, he is a brilliant philosopher, writer... he touches on all the issues discussed in your article, written first hand from the perspective of a brilliant, refined and spiritually conscious mind.

From GJK:

Sat Nam and thank you for the offer (to write about dealing with people during my own illness).  I just know how cruel some people can be at times.  Knowingly or not.  It hurts and can cause distress which can lead to dis ease.  Wahe Guru.  Love, Light and Peace to all!  Many blessings.




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