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Healer Burnout!

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 Healer Burnout

A conversation on the Kundalini Yahoo Group

healer burnout
Posted by: "Gwen Ingram"   yogaideas
Mon Jan 12, 2009 7:57 pm (PST)
Sat Nam Ji
There is another student of mine who is a massage therapist who
occasionally seems to absorb other people's pain after she has worked
on them. Is there a kriya or set that can help her shed this unwanted
energy regularly? Maybe something that buffs up the electromagnetic field?
Gwen Ingram
Yoga Ideas


healer burnout
Posted by: "Siri-Gian (Soul Answer)"   sirigian
Tue Jan 13, 2009 11:45 am (PST)
Dear Ranbir Kaur,

Actually when we have had a trauma--either a single quick incident, or repetitive over time--whether in this life or a past one, our beautiful flowing energy freezes up, becomes stuck and holds all the emotions, the fears, and the reactions that were experienced in the original trauma. This energy mass then sits in the aura and the body, and usually it has a dark color to it. If left unhealed, this energy mass can move into the body to cause disease.

Now when that energy is reactivated by experiencing a somewhat similar event in the present moment, that energy's very real consciousness--including all those very difficult emotions are triggered to take over that person. So, it is possible that this frozen energy mass in a client can either trigger a like-response in the healer if the healer has similar frozen energy, or I have seen that stuck energy mass actually move into the healer if the healer is energetically weak him/herself.

Therefore, I find that daily sadhana is essential! Without that you don't have the power, the projection and the protection moving through you that you need to fully serve your client as well as to keep you in tip, top energetic shape--both for you and for them! Also a cold shower is a great way to de-charge your energy, as is soaking in a warm detox bath with a box of sea salt and a medium sized box of baking soda added--for the healer and/or the client. And the healer using long, deep breathing during the session helps move the client's energy, the healing energy and the healer's energy.

Before starting work, you might use either of these protective mantras--Ad guray namay, jugad guray namay, sadh guray namay, siri guru dev namay. Or Guru Ram Das, rocko sernai. And simply you and the client asking Guru Ram Das to take this difficult energy for recycling is truly effective! Call on him in the most personal and friendly way. He's always there to help, especially with healing! Stay completely steady with his guidance, and let him lead you--no matter what! As a healer, you can really, really depend on him to get the healing done well!

If what you are dealing with in the client is of a very dark energy, you can call on Baba Siri Chand--see . And of course, surrounding your client and yourself with brilliant white Light is totally powerful!

Plus the use of a lighted candle and playing a good mantra CD makes all the difference in allowing your client's old stuck energy to come lose and then to evaporate into other dimensions. Also "smoking" your client, yourself and your healing room with Native American sage or incense also helps stuck energy to move along.

The healer getting outside in nature--taking a walk, breathing fresh air, especially using a mantra for change and healing also works great! My favorite is Gobinday, Mukunday, Udaray, Aparay, Hariang, Kariang, Nirnamay, Akamay--see . Also get good exercise, yoga, rest, diet, time with loved ones, an fun! Live a very balanced lifestyle. And most of all, any healer needs to work constantly on their own healing!! Healing yourself is where your ability starts. So, you can find a pertinent mantra or yoga set to do on your own to clear that energy for both the healer and the healee!

Hope this helps, Dear! Your friend can e-mail me if she has any other questions at

Lots of Love,

Siri-Gian Kaur