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100% Responsibility!

September 10, 2019 & May 31, 2016 


What if you were to take 100% responsibility for not only everything that is happening in your life right now, but also the effect on you from everything that is happening in the world?

So, here’s the idea:  Our karmas—our challenges are perfect for us.  That means that due to our past lives, traumas and boons, whatever is affecting us in our world at this moment is a product that provides us with whatever situations, emotions, concepts, etc. that we need to clear, heal and transform!  Nothing is outside of this.  All of our experiences over eons have been imprinted in our sub-conscious whose programming actually runs our thoughts, emotions and consequently our lives if we let it.  All that jams up our connection and communication with Soul and bringing pain!

As a pure Soul, we not only chose our parents and family, our geographic locations, and direct experiences, but we also chose the “world” around us.  Every incident that we encounter, either personally or by hearing about it, which includes from the TV news, we take on that responsibility—not with guilt or as a burden, but to clear and heal the vibes of it within our own sub-consciousness.  Realize that we would not be experiencing this thing, emotion or concept if we didn’t literally have a hand in its original creation from our history of creative vibes from this lifetime and others. So, to heal those locked-up, stuck vibes—those magnetic holding patterns that create that situation we can neutralize those holding patterns so the situation can be released to the All in All Consciousness who heals the whole schlemiel.  As we do that, the “GOD”  is then freed up to bring that situation as well as our sub-conscious back into loving, neutral equilibrium.  

You might read this concept over again a few times to better grasp it.  It is what we have been talking about for years and years.  We have seen this freeing and healing process work with Heart Breath .  But now, I am so happy to share another incredible practice that does the same kind of clearing.  That is Ho’oponopono.

This is an ancient Hawaiian way of life for you to bring clearing and integrity to your world.  In my opinion, it is the way of the spiritual warrior as well as the Bodhisattvas. And frankly it brings happiness and peace to you, to your family and friends, to your ancestors and descendants, as well as to our whole world.  Imagine such potency!  And it is so simple plus being totally free!  It is just up to you to do it.

All this has come to the world’s attention by the work of Dr. Hew Len of Hawaii.  As a doctor at a Hawaii State Hospital for the criminally insane, he never had an interview with a patient—therapeutic or otherwise Instead, he would review the records of each patient.  Then as he felt the emotional and tragic difficulties of that patient within his own psyche as his own (100% responsibility), he would then use this Ho’oponopono process to actually clear those emotions and thoughts within his own subconscious.  This does not mean taking on the other person’s pain, but actually clearing that same pain from deep within himself.

Over the course of a few years, the stress on the staff lifted, and the patients improved to the extent that they were released one by one from the hospital.  Finally, with no more patients to care for, that hospital shut down.  This is documented and is not an urban legend!  To meet Dr. Hew Len on YouTube, please click here.  And there are many videos on that page from which you can increase your understanding.

Now this process is just too simple!  Here it is.  You can say these words to your Self—your Soul to clear and clean your subconscious mind with every incident, and/or just continue incessantly as you do with a mantra, and as you do with Heart Breath.  These lines are in no particular order, and they are addressed to the God within you, which extends to both this incident along with all of God’s creation in general.

“I am sorry.

Please forgive me.

I love you.

Thank you.”

Or you may simply shorten this entirely to “I love you.”

Now, I also add “Wahe Guru” to it as well to truly raise the energy to the Divinity within.

You can click here to get the song and words of Ho’oponopono.  And the amazing thing is that although it would be great to feel this process, you don’t have to.  Just keep up with it.

It is wonderful for me to see Yogi Bhajan’s teachings expressed in different words!  Here are some of them.  The words on the left are Dr. Hew Len’s and the ones on the right are Yogi Bhajan’s equivalent. 

Data—Subconscious Trance


Intellect—Mind (lies)

Spirit—Soul (Truth)

Zero Limits—Shuniya, Zero Point, Neutral, Presence of Soul


Hawaii—Wahe Guru

100% Responsibility—“If you can’t see God in all, you can’t see God at all”


I highly suggest that you watch all the videos from a course given on Maui by Dr. Hew Len and Dr. Joe Vitale.  Click here for the first one. 

And now, what I love to do is to recite the Ho’oponopono words as I slowly exhale on a long Heart Breath.  Now you’ve got two incredible healing tools working together!

Please try this for yourself. If you are really serious about your want for your own happiness and for World Peace, here is your portal.  It is the way to open to the best, unimpeded relationship with Soul so that you may take all the clues for direction in your life from the Source!  What greater privilege and freedom could there ever be than doing God’s will as the true action of your Life!

Lots of Love,


Copyright: Siri-Gian Kaur Khalsa, 2016.


 Boundaries Create Kindness!


August 11, 2015 & June 23, 2009

Personal "boundaries" may seem like a terrible thing to embody--perhaps bringing up images of the razor wire topped Berlin wall on a personal level--of people who never, ever let love in or out; not allowing full heart and its expression to flow between themselves and others. 
That lack of flow, that separation among people can arise from those withering habits that were originally established between parent and child, or were created in other very treacherous lifetimes.  Then they can be re-triggered as pain, remorse, feelings of loss and abandonment.  They can become our own personal iron curtain of separation. 
So at first glance, personal boundaries may seem to embody that old Piscean solitary territory that we so desperately are trying to crawl out of to live the promise of our outrageous Aquarian dream of full, open heart and Soul connectedness on all levels--no matter what!  The dream is to join together as one fully conscious, fully loving, mutually supporting organism where we all are fully included and no one is separate or left out for any reason.
But I have to tell you that we are all made of such wonderful human intricacies and complexities!  And living from that beautiful open heart is more of a journey than a done deal.  Remember, we are still very much pioneers in manifesting this Aquarian dream, and each moves at their own pace.  So, please do your best to not judge anyone in this regard.  That only creates more separation!  Rather cherish each one for their Being Here Now!

Now, having no boundaries--meaning you allow anyone in any way to take charge of you; to say or do what they will to you without restrictions; to take over your life in exchange for their promise of money, love, support, fulfillment of ideals, intimidation, fear of punishment or abandonment, etc. is an open invitation to anyone to victimize you.  If you don't have ground rules about how you are to be treated with dignity, fairness, love, concern, and so on--you, yourself put out the neon sign that says, "Come beat me up," "Come take what I have and leave me less for it," "Please come exploit my sheer lack of self worth." 
You are sacred! Are you willing to sell God so short?
In this case, a boundary is a personal set of rules that one makes--consciously or unconsciously that guards your integrity as a full human.  That is you as the expression, the purveyor, the impersonator of the God Who is you in this everyday package.  So, to invite slander, ill will, manipulation, abuse, being dumped on, being stolen from, etc. as you can see, certainly doesn't protect the expansion of this extraordinary God!  You might think of it this way--to protect God, protect you.  This is real Self-respect!
"But the other person is me!" you might retort.  Oh, yes that is true!  But together in that condition of victim/victimizer in all its levels or potencies, you set up a really unbalanced game that certainly doesn't promote sharing the greatest and most open fullness of heart connectedness, do you?  Au contraire!  And accepting another's abuse simply because you don't want to hurt their feelings by stopping it is really upside down!

Each one of us has our own very peculiar and extraordinary conditions and progress along this path to the glory of pure open heartedness.  So, each of us needs to establish different boundaries that are tailor-made just for us, and we need to establish the appropriate level of enforcement for each of these boundaries.
These boundaries protect us and our integrity, keep us safe especially as we consciously heal our pains, difficulties and ways we relate to ourselves and others.  Without this graduated process, we can so easily get ourselves totally tangled up worse than ever in our attempt to fly on the wings of pure openness. 
For instance:  A woman, who in her idealistic endeavor to become no-holds-barred open and loving allows a manipulative creep who masquerades as a teacher of Truth to take control of her in every way.  This isn't open hearted love; it's a calamity of self-destruction!
Or:  A sensitive fellow allows others to make him the butt of jokes so that he can remain in their circle of "friends."  Although they actually hurt him, he just does his best to slough it off to preserve his connection with the group in any compromised way that he can.  Woops!  Where's the love?
Can you extrapolate these examples to your own circumstances?

Now the question is, how can I make a personal boundary without becoming a shut-off reactive bitch; without coming off as scared, wimpy, "Hulk-like" angry, self-righteous, or hoity-toity, which would just add more mileage to my cycle of separation and pain?   Well this is certainly a matter of self-discovery, awareness and practice--generally called "the path!"  So, let's start with a few simple guidelines.
First start by loving yourself!  You--as the God you are, are the greatest Lover in the Universe!!  If you can't love yourself, it can be really hard for your open-hearted love to really flow--that is both in giving and receiving! 
So, this is where the healing process starts.  Drop guilt. 
Then once you let your Self know that loving yourself is definitely your top priority, and that you will do whatever it takes to make confident, fearless, fully grounded Self-love happen, that intention unlocks the Universe's floodgates to seed all kinds of wonderful remedies along your path.  Just be open to them, because some of them might actually be yet more opportunities to exercise your boundaries!  Yikes!
That transformation to pure Self/self love is based in solving those past hurts that spring from our damaged subconscious.  Those old voices can wrongly informs us that we are not worthy of love, that being open causes painful backlashes, that nobody could ever love me because they never have, that if I stand up for myself everyone will run away.  All those perpetually repeating subconscious flare-ups devour us in their anti-truth. 

So in my experience, there is nothing like a healthy commitment to sadhana (powerful daily spiritual practice) to bring about self healing.  Take a look at this page to find something that might remedy your particular situation and practice it for at least 40 days straight.  That's time to change a habit.
Next, when something happens that you feel is compromising the integrity of Who you are, that is invading your love of Self--which is literally crossing your just boundaries, simply inhale to begin long, deep breathing and LOVE that other person--not for the crumminess that they are inflicting, but neutrally love their Being, their Soul!  And at the same time, LOVE YOURSELF!
Yes, loving the other person as well as yourself gives you amazing power in the situation and keeps you from reverting to your old subconscious destructive habits.  Hold steady in your breath.  Doing Heart Breath will ease your reaction as well as revolutionize the energetic exchange between you.  And yes, it does work miraculously!
Then let your inner voice of Soul become really strong to guide you well in your response.  For instance, either on the spot or later, perhaps in private you can ask that other person to not act that way towards you, but be sure to not resort to manipulation yourself.  Or in the moment, it might take a quick verbal rap on the knuckles, or even a sharp punch if that is appropriate!
No blaming though, no recrimination, no getting back at them or pointing out their foibles.  Just pure, down-to-earth Truth.  And don't give excuses, and don't provide personal information that can be exploited later, such as "I didn't have the money."  "I was too tired."  "I felt overburdened!"
Instead, you can say things like, "Stop now!" "Don't talk to me like that."  "Excuse me, gotta go."  "Ler's talk about this later."  "How can we solve this?"  And hold firm!
That's how you protect yourself and educate them.  And if your protective response isn't "perfect," just forgive yourself and be happy that you did what you could. 
Be consistent in your responses over time--not letting those folks get away with stepping on you one time, then reacting the next time.  Then if your aggressor would rather part ways rather than adapt to your boundaries of self-love, then so be it!  You are better off either way.  As you deeply forgive what they have done, your "bungee cord" to that hurt and that person is dissolved.  But forgiving doesn't mean that what they did is OK.  It only means that you cut the cord so that you can take your own power back.
Now, I have found that some folks actually go into an "attack trance!"  What they are attacking you for has no base in fact.  They are lost in a fictional land and you are their target.  Or someone may be taking power over you to distract you from seeing that the problem is actually with them!  So, especially in these case, jump out of victim mode really quick so that you can deal with the truth of the situation!

Now, it bears saying, please don't invade other people's boundaries as well, no matter what you think about them.  That can be difficult if they use lash out to mark their territory.  But if you relax, breathe and stay in the presence of your Soul, I guarantee that the solution of how to deal with these difficult folks will come to you in creative ways that are good for both of you.  Just don't have any expectations about what that might be.  Instead give your Soul free, creative reign on the solution and then stay centered while you carry it out.  What an Adventure!
If you keep this up this whole process over time, your life honestly will change for the better, including the magical appearance of folks who do respect your boundaries of self-love--guaranteed. And rather than getting blown away by reacting to those same old programs, you will most likely not even notice that you are in those kinds of situations anymore because you are handling them so naturally.  Then you will probably regard the other person with compassion for their shortcomings and pain, and you will find that you have the wisdom and ability to help heal them as well as yourself!  Yeh! 

It takes courage to love yourself to the point that you can stand for Who you are!  But how else are you going to insure that your God within, the Real You in healthy tandem with the precious everyday self of you can truly handle that amazingly powerful flow of love from and to your own heart?  Here's where the joy is!  That you can be in that free, all natural and powerful open flow of love in its totality is actually the intrinsic promise of being human! So, why not grab it NOW?

Lots of Love,

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Copyright 2009 & 2015, Siri-Gian Khalsa,  

 Happily Ever After?  What a Crock!

June 16, 2015 and March 30, 2010


It seems that is what we all expect.  Just find that perfect mate, get that great job, get rid of that pesky boss, and on and on.  But somehow, even when those things do happen, pretty soon we are right back on the road looking for the next thing that will give us “Happily Ever After!”  Yikes!  What’s going here?

From little guys, we get read fairy tales that end with that phrase.  We’re trained by our very culture.  Very subtly advertising leads us to believe that paradigm.  Over and over again, we are looking for the elixir, the magic key, the silver bullet to pure and absolute happiness all the time.  That quest actually seems to be a built in human yearning.

But I have a secret for you, my Dears!  The Pursuit of Happiness can be a wily endeavor.  Here are a few basics.

1.  If you are trying to find something to cover your insecurities, that will backfire 100%.  For example, some of these “happily ever after” things that you want might be a loving husband to take care of you in every way; or the perfect job where you are well -paid, looked up to, fulfilled, not stressed and so on.  But something always comes up—such as your insecurity raising its revolting head to really mess things up and throw you back into the same old difficulties that you have been carrying for ages.  No escape!
For instance, no matter what your husband does for you, you still don’t feel loved, primarily because if you don’t love yourself, you can’t receive love even if great loads of love are pouring over you.  Or in that great job, it appears that people pick fights with you, although the real reason may actually be that you are hypersensitive because you may not feel totally secure in yourself, and therefore subtly give off signals for others to challenge you.  Think about it!

The next problem is that if you are actually trying to avoid your fears and insecurities through the Law of Attraction by “believing unquestioningly” that your intended “happily ever after” stuff will alleviate your troubles, then watch out!  Actually the opposite will happen.  Unless you heal those insecurities and fears, they will become the attracting force that in fact draws more of the same—no matter how hard you try to sublimate those squirmy pests of insecurity and fear.  So, when you are projecting for one thing but apparently the opposite manifests, then you can really get confused!  That is—no loving husband, no great job, cranky boss gets worse, and so on.  So be on the alert!

2. If on the other hand, you most attentively work on healing your insecurities and fears at every turn, you will be shedding that habitual energetic blocking material that makes your life so miserable.  Your mind can finally relax and your body can stop pumping those stress hormones.  Then you will miraculously open the gates a bit wider to your own intrinsic happiness that naturally flows from within you, rather than trying to impossibly get happiness from outside of you.

To do this, you have to become your very best detective!  Watch very carefully for any sign that you are unhappy, insecure, confused, fearful, etc.  Be sure to arrest that feeling immediately, and then hold it while you work on it.

The best ways that I know how to do this are our incredible practices (kiryas and meditations), and deep sadhana—daily spiritual practice.  As you know my very most favorite and effective is the Gobinday, Mukunday… mantra.  But we have such a huge wealth of uhappiness neutralizers!  Choose something and hang onto it for dear life.

Do Heart Breath religiously!  Not only will it calmly move those obsessive machinations out of your heart, body and mind, but it will let you relax into coziness, as well as actually change all those people and events around you.  Magic!  Try it all the time—when actually facing the down and dirty “creepies,” when driving, meditating, washing the dishes, communicating with your lover or your boss—anytime.

Then as you are able to relax into neutrality, you can actually jump on the “phone” with your own dear Soul!  Get that bottomless love and support that you need to let go of the nasty stuff.  Then get outrageous wisdom and the best guidance just for you, in your own very best interest to move on to actually being happy.  What Soul says may be surprising, but test it, follow it to see if it works over time.   Trust!  Yow!  Trust and verify!  It’s really quite an amazing and rewarding pursuit, you know.  And it is all there waiting for you!

The Pursuit of Happiness actually seems to be a path, an adventure, creating greater and greater capacities for happiness at every challenge that is dealt with well along the way.  So, don’t let those apparent difficulties prevaricate against you, telling you that again you are a victim of unhappiness.  Instead, stand tall and yell, “Yay!  Yet another chance to slough off old insecurities and fears, and open to new ideas, new fulfilling ways of acting at every turn.  Just BEING happy, no matter is happening on the outside.” 

That is claiming Truth, dear One.  And your real, reliable happiness dwells profoundly within your own experience of Truth.  Oh, yeah!  That is your success and that is your path to unfolding happiness at every moment.  You can do it, honestly!

Lots of Love,

Siri-Gian Kaur

Copyright Siri-Gian Khalsa,, 2010.

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Difficult or Delicious?
October 13, 2015 and June 28, 2011

DHARMA—Your Transport to Peaceful Ease!

Imagine!  There is a rich and cohesive order to the Universe that beams down to our own “little” Earth! 

Have you watched as situations that might normally seem disruptive produce a symphony of change that actually creates progress in ways that are much more effective than you could have planned?

Have you seen synchronicities quietly appear like a train right on schedule to hook you up with that perfect person, place or thing—just out of nowhere?  Have you ever felt so high, leading with your heart, connecting naturally, feeling so simple, so pure, and so free—without hesitation, drawbacks, second guesses or fear? 

In that condition, you are way beyond courage and trust, you are just flowing in this all pervasive Light energy—kind of like this incredibly pure light here in New Mexico, but there is a powerful breezy feeling to it, and it incorporates pure functionality.

In this condition, you just feel or intend what needs to be done, or what would be good to manifest and without giving it too much more thought, it comes about, it arrives like gifts and connection on invisible hands. 

In this state, you feel the unending LOVE that just pours out of you, as the right ideas and simple wisdom just fall from your lips, without too much thought on your part.  You just KNOW!  And you glide in “uprising spirit,” also known as “Cherdi Kala,” a very real experience of neutral, happy contentment and awareness.

There is an incredible order—no matter what kind of disorder or destruction appears to happening on all sides, including to yourself.  But it is as though you have been beamed up to a certain place of radiance that interfaces with all that surrounds you.  It functions impeccably—usually not in any pre-set way you might expect it to, but it has its own grand agenda, its own timing.  It is just up to you to swim with it, to keep up with it, to dance with its every creative move, to recognize the magic as it happens, to be grateful—most grateful for it!

Well, my Dears, if you have ever experienced this incredible state of being, this fully active vibrational current of reality, then you have been in “Sukh Sahej”!

Now, let me ask you a question.  As that was happening or before, had you done some really good sadhana?  Were you doing your banis (effective prayers), mantras (potent sounds), Kundalini Yoga and Meditation (exercises that open to expanded power on all levels)?  Had you trained your mind to stay in pure neutral awareness?  Had you healed or transformed those mixed-up emotions so that you could sense your Soul with your clarified emotions?

So, now all of these practices that brought you to Sukh Sahej are embodied an ecological interactive system called “Dharma”!  Yes, that is right.  There are a number of dharmas, or integrated systems of practice that tap into a sort of vibrational mono-rail to take you to Sukh Sahej.  That is what a dharma is all about.  It is given to us by extraordinary Souls or Masters who have “been there, done that” to the extent that they put together an interactive system that guarantees to move us, step by protected step to this incredible perfection of experience here on Earth.

So, why not practice our chosen dharma with great diligence?  As any of you may have found, actually mixing the practices of various dharmas over time might be counterproductive because you move out of the protective integration of energies, although it sure is fun and enlightening to experience other dharmas from time to time.

There is no judgment about any one of them being better than another.  It just comes down to what suits your own consciousness, experience of lifetimes, plus your own heart and gut for those particular practices—despite the nutsiness you might find in your fellow practitioners as they perfect their own practices.

The dharma that you choose is such a gift to you, although you have actually earned it over lifetimes, and it may take you beyond lifetimes to pure Union.  Cherish it!  Aren’t we lucky-ducks?

Lots of Love,

Siri-Gian Kaur


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Copyright Siri-Gian Khalsa, , 2011

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Let Go, But Don’t Give Up! 

Dec. 22, 2015 & Dec. 7, 2010



“You gotta be kidding, right?  How can you do both at the same time?”  Does that stretch you mind way out of synch?

But here’s the deal:  Do you want unlimited peace and prosperity in your life?  Do you want coziness, a feeling of contentment and happiness that underlies all that you are and do?  Do you want to be free in your own life?  Do you want to give up worry, and admit yourself to your own Garden of Eden where you can trust that all is provided for you in total perfection?

“Impossible!” “Unrealistic!” you say?  

Well, actually I haven’t seen any other way to approach this.  So, let’s take a minute to examine just how creation works.

We’ve all heard that we get what we send out for.  Actually, that is the rule of creation, you know?  But what do you send out for?  Do you try to send out for a mate who will love you and support you unconditionally because you believe they will finally fill that big hole inside you, and cover your fears about supporting yourself?

Guess what?  The energy flow that you produce in that honest line of inquiry is that you have a big, endless hole and that you are afraid that you can’t be supported.  That is what you really and truly send out for, so you get more of the same!  Yikes!  That, in fact that is how the God energy of creation creates!  And don’t forget that what we send out for is built within our subconscious from this life and from others, including very real experiences, conditioning, societal expectations, and so on.  When you get uptight, scared, lost, hurt and so on, if you stay in that energy, you bring yet more upon you.


There’s got to be a better way.  But having lived in the extreme torment of those oppressive energies is when many finally give up!  We cry Uncle!  No more!  That is when we finally surrender and “Let Go to Let God!”  When we are truly left with nowhere to turn, that is when we drop to our knees and finally admit there is no other place to turn but to turn it all over to the Almighty.  No matter what that Omnipotent Force has to dish out—whatever it is, we have no more fight left to try to take matters into our own hands, or to rail against what is presented to us.  There’s nothing more but to accept what the God Force brings and deal with it, no reservations.

We might even find that as we let go of our energetic and emotional holding, we also have no alternative but to trust that the One in charge has it all figured out for us a lot better than we do, even if more poop hits the fan! 

In fact, we are changing our very, very real creative capacity as Earth-living Gods when we let go.  When we let go, we are no longer tying the creative energies that flow through us at every nano-second into tight tangles that have caused us/created nothing but trouble so far.  Instead, we release the flow of our very real Conscious creative energy to the greater Intelligence, and Flow into the bigger picture that KNOWS what we really want after all, and that is total Union with the All in All Who is experiencing Itself as Us here on Earth!  No, that’s not too big and obtuse to deal with.  It’s the cozy core of our Prosperity!

We humble ourselves to that Life Force.  And as we do, only then do we realize that we have been hitting up against our own deeply imbedded road blocks.  So now it’s time that we do what we can to neutralize their tight and controlling hold on us.  You already know the ways to relieve those energetic charges that “take you away” to your own recurring trauma.  We have tons of technology to de-magnetize/heal them. 

They are Kundalini Yoga, Meditation, Conscious Breath of all kinds including Heart Breath, Banis (Sikh prayers whose sound current re-assembles those energy charges), Mantras that do the same, freely give our tithing and serve selflessly to loosen ourselves up from holding tightly to the little territory called “mine.”  We consciously change our thinking habits from being tied in that panic, hurt, loss, depressions, etc. to just becoming aware of our environment, being here on Earth and accepting that all is for a greater reason, and being OK with that.  You actually become grateful for what comes your way because you really know that if you handle the situation from that Space, that Consciousness, you shall have taken a few more steps towards permanently living in your Great Consciousness.

Yes, it takes effort to remain aware and not fall back into old habits, but wouldn’t you prefer for your mind to live in that Garden of Eden?  That is not “Pollyana,” or being in denial for sure.  It is simply relaxing and being comfortably aware in that huge “Space” where you can observe all that is happening but without trying to control it.  That’s when you allow the Infinite to flow through you.  That is when you can actually participate with the Universe by becoming flat out humble to It!  That’s when you can let go of artifice and become Real!


Now, that brings us to the next part called “NOT GIVING UP” meaning that once you have let go to let God, you do not crawl in a hole and give up interacting with this life saying, “It’s no longer my life, I gave it up, why should I care?”  Oh, no! 

On the contrary, this is where the fun begins!  Indeed, you have given your life entirely to the Great One This is where you hold your own in that expansiveness and you flow with it!  You dance with that most wonderfully expert of all dancers, flying gracefully across the dance floor, guided by the subtlety that you can now feel—realizing the actual Truth in what is happening on a grander—not so obvious scale.  This is where you finally feel surprising creativity, become unburdened and free, express natural unimpeded power, kindness, fun, joy, love, satisfying acceptance of yourself—your own authentic self and others, flowing—not fighting or being defeated.  It’s all a simple, full joy.  Wow!

Now, in this condition you are in communication with this All in All.  This is where you listen deeply and feel Its interaction with you.  This is when you have the fun of a lifetime.  This is where you can humbly agree with this Universal on receiving any amount of money, love, goods, relationships, creativity and so on.  But you do not whine and pine for it.  You humbly “put the idea out there,” that is the intention or the creative energy, you neutrally carry out your guidance, and then neutrally watch what happens.  It is such an adventure!  It is such a play and a dance.  This is what you as the God was looking for when It came to Earth as you!

You’ve experienced and learned so much with everything that has happened over lifetimes.  Now, just actively relax into this God’s play and hold the space of it Here.  If you are truly doing that, you will be deeply satisfied, every situation will serve you in ways you never thought possible, and you will enjoy the adventure!  Truly!  You won’t believe how everything will work out and serve you in carrying out your activities in the most satisfying and unexpected ways.  Guaranteed!

Lots of Love,


Copyright Siri-Gian Khalsa,, 2010

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Why Would You Want Anything Else?

August 20, 2019 & Feb. 2, 2010



Yogi Bhajan used to hammer into us that Character (or as he used to pronounce it—“correct-er”) is the most important value that we should strive for as a human and as a spiritual Being.

Over the years, I have seen that integrity is the foundation of character.  That is not just that we do what we say we will do; or that we tell the truth; or that we actually have the courage to stand for what we believe in, no matter the consequences; or that we actually pay taxes on our cash earnings; and so on.

Integrity is more like what Carlos Castaneda called “impeccable.” 

It is our clarified energetic foundation that allows us to receive, integrate and express the greatness that emanates from our Souls right here in our everyday lives.  Ideally, this is the non-collapsible, flawless mechanism that can deliver Soul through our thoughts and actions.  But if we give into old habits that sidetrack us from listening to our Souls, no way we can hold our function as full “spiritual beings.”  Habits such as addictions, anger, gossip, put-downs of ourselves and others, and so on.

For instance, if I am angry and blame my anger on another person or situation, rather than taking responsibility for healing my own run-away emotion, then I shut off my own consciousness, my energetic foundation that I need to engage my Soul so that I can fully understand the extraordinary breadth and depth of what my Soul, my God-Self is offering to show me in that moment!  I am lacking in integrity.  I have rips and tears in my operating mechanism.

If I can’t muster the patience to relax into my Soul so that I can listen closely to someone that I disagree with, that cuts my ability to get the huge picture from my Soul, and cuts my heart from flowing.  I don’t have the integrity, the character it takes to activate my God-given grace and wisdom.  I can’t bring my Infinite experience to the mundane.

Integrity indicates just One fully flowing, interconnected, seamless mechanism without those “little bugs” that throw us off track and create big train wrecks, especially when we are moving at the greatly increased speeds of the Aquarian Age.

In 17th century India, Guru Gobind Singh led a comparatively small band against the impossibly huge Mogul aggression that sought to destroy anyone who would not convert to their religion.  He trained his army to not engage in anger or fear or defeat, but to live entirely in the purly alive moment—in the will of the Creator, in the full experience of their Souls! They lived in the ecstasy of the moment, which is totally and purely living the Consciousness of their own Soul!

Too big a concept for us nowadays, you say?  Well, how about these recent reports?

“So I'm sitting in a meeting this morning, and I was getting ticked off, everyday-self getting all itchy, and then I had an insight that Baba Siri Chand was sitting at the meeting table, and it was so funny and reminded me not to take it so seriously and that everything is a learning experience, an opportunity to participate with my soul and not siphon it off for just meditating.   I just started grinning and laughing inside thinking of him sitting at the table. And it helped in some other meeting I had today too.”  Kehar Kaur, Alexandria, VA

And this one:

“Baba Siri Chand asked me to promise him when I am getting in a funky space to do a happy dance with him. Just to let you know, funky space was happening big time the night before and a little on that day.  The thought crossed my mind to give up. I was feeling very pulverized in my body at the time. Giving up does not work nor is it an option. It did not work when I tried it before and will not work now. I have work to do.  That is why I am in physical form now--why I agreed to whatever I did at soul level before I was born in this lifetime. I do the happy dance with him. In public view sometimes it just looks like I am jumping up and down. The blood flowing and chemicals released during that is awesome. Movement of my body helps clears toxins accumulated in my body from my thoughts, food, actions and poor habits, etc. It is all good. I am just starting to get it. We all receive so much guidance and love. I had to learn to believe that I am truly this immense beautiful being of golden light and love. It sure helped me when bsc showed me. So very cool how we are all pieces of the same big puzzle and how working together everyone can create such wonderful beautiful things. It just takes coming from the heart and not the limited filtering of our everyday self. There is no power greater than unconditional love which to me is this golden light.”   Atma Karam Kaur, Norfolk, VA

So, Dear Ones, integrity is the ability to hold and express the Consciousness that seeks to flow through us all the time!  It takes attention, personal responsibility, commitment, and plain hard work to develop it.  But why would you want anything else for yourself?

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Make the "SOUL MOVE!"


June 4, 2019 & December 9, 2008

What if you could be happy, satisfied, fulfilled, content, fearless and on, and on with just a simple move? 
That “move” has been a secret over eons of human history.  It was promised only to those who served their master for decades, or who offered huge sums of wealth!
But guess what?  I am going to whisper it to you right now!  Ready? 
This is it:  Especially when you are feeling down, confused, forgotten, lost, overburdened, controlling, and any other way that you would like to pop out of, just do the “Soul Move.”  That is CONSCIOUSLY MOVE OVER TO BEING WITH YOUR SOUL! No kidding!  And how hard you make it is up to you--really up to you!
How to do the SOUL MOVE:
  • Go to neutral in your psyche and actually let go of whatever is burdening you.
  • Allow yourself to be in the opposite consciousness! 
If you are feeling lonely, just open up to feel your loving Soul.  If you are feeling fearful, just leave all your problems up to your Soul to take care of and trust It.  Soul has Its own way of resolving your life if you just stay with It and trust It!  So, instead of demanding some resolution on your terms, just breathe yourself into this neutral “space.” Be present with It and enjoy It!  Let the crap go, so you can thrive, love and let yourself be loved!
I know, this is just too simple and New Age hair-brained to believe.  This is just some “Pollyanna” method of denial or self-deception, you say.  After all, you have your feet on the ground and only believe in the reality of what you experience.
But believe it or not, this space of total neutrality and humility to allow the great Force and love to flow through you is actually experiencing your own special and very unique God Self!  And being in this expanded energetic condition is being in sync with the Conscious Creative Force that actually does the connecting and creating of our world!  Flowing with this intimate, subtle, all-powerful energetic field is what brings all to you, dear Ones!
But if you stay in your condition of hurt, overwhelm, stress, heartache, etc., your own creative energy actually calls out to remain in that blocked condition and to give you confirmation on every level that this your REALITY.  Yikes!  That hurts!  
One caveat.  If when you try to do this SOUL MOVE, emotional crocodiles reach up to grab your feet and pull you under, please, oh please do not feel that you are not up to par, or get guilty because this SOUL MOVE seems to fall from your grasp!  Instead, understand that this is the time to become very aware that very strong emotional knots are tying you up.  Then do all that you can to heal them, using our sacred technologies, and if need be get professional help to walk you through this sometimes elusive healing path.  Never blame yourself!  This only bottles up your healing!  Yet, on the very bright side, healing from these difficulties rewards you with incredible strength and wisdom that you could not have develoiped in any other way.  And keeping your body healthy makes a whale of a difference, too!

Therefore, I want you to be very aware that this SOUL MOVE is not a state of denial, but one of pure, conscious openness and relaxation in the great kindness that flows through you at every moment.  That is where all creation of goodness, relief from blocks, wonderful connections and honest-to-God manifestations--no matter how huge or small is activated and experienced!  Oh, yes!  This is True and this is the real “Secret.”
This is the “SOUL MOVE”!  It takes relaxing, not gripping tightly; and it takes raising our energetic vibration.  That’s why we doKundalini Yoga, Meditation and practice our Gurbani prayers to not only get to that state, but to remain there.  This is switching quickly to meditative mind, Cherdi Kala (rising spirit), expansive flow, etc. with a conscious switch, a simple move by employing that amazing and mysterious long, deep breathing.  And you can use any of our powerful meditative technologies as well to power up this simple, relaxing, but infinitely powerful SOUL MOVE!  In addition to daily sadhana (spiritual practice), some of my favorites that loosen me up to make that quick SOUL MOVE are Heart Breath and Gobinday, Mukunday....
Those of you who have taken my course INTUITION TRAINING know exactly what I am talking about and have developed the habit of making that move over to your Soul!
This is the real dance of consciousness and creation!  Miracles and magic are there waiting for you as you do your SOUL MOVE!  So, you can actually make a habit of happiness that leads to magical productivity, believe me.  But if you are addicted to your hardships, you will avoid this SOUL MOVE until you have finally had enough.  It’s then that you can finally experiment with it. 
So, try it for yourself now and see what happens.  Your happiness is a matter of your using your own free will to simply do your SOUL MOVE.  And you can do it instantly, all the time and for no cost.  Outrageous!  If you are actually honest about wanting a happy, fulfilling life, and truly want to live your Destiny, then Friends, here’s your ticket.  Make the SOUL MOVE!!  Be happy!  It’s real! 
Copyright, Siri-Gian Khalsa, Soul Answer, 2008.


 Japji Sahib, The Song of the Soul!
July 21, 2001

Two weeks ago, I had the greatest High Time taking the course called “Japji Sahib, The Song of the Soul,”* presented by Sikh Dharma here in Espanola, NM!  We were so fortunate that Ek Ong Kaar Kaur who primarily taught this very enlightening course based it on her extraordinary translation of Guru Nanak’s most powerful Universal and non-denominational description of a human’s very most intimate relationship with what we would call the very personal Infinite, the Eternal.  This is the Mystic Union that is described at the core of all paths to the all-pervasive Center!
Guru Nanak who lived in the 1500’s in northwest India, in what is now Pakistan was not simply a “seeker.”  He was what I would call a “knower” from the very beginning of his life.  He traveled extensively throughout India, the Himalayas, and the Middle East singing his very simple, yet totally profound poetry of the experience of Union and how to open your self to it.  Since he always describes the actual core of spirituality in a very personal yet expansive way--rather than handing out dogmas or rituals, his message deeply touched people of all religious backgrounds in that very religiously contentious environment. 
Japji Sahib was composed by Guru Nanak.  He normally took his traditional early morning bath and prayer in the river.  While bathing on this day, he went into complete God consciousness and disappeared under the water for three days.  All his friends and family thought he was lost.  But when Guru Nanak reappeared, he was totally shining because he had been in a state of sheer ecstasy!
This is when he wrote Japji Sahib as a description of what he actually experienced in that Infinite consciousness!  It has become not only a spiritual roadmap for us, but the actual experience of reading and listening to these verses either in the original sound current captured by Gurmukhi, or in your modern day tongue, raises your vibratory rate.  Consequently many can attest to their lives becoming easier, stronger, more supported, happier and more prosperous by participating in this very special level of operative energy by reading Japji Sahib daily!  It is both an instruction and a technology.
Not only have many teachers and scholars from so many different spiritual traditions written extensive commentaries on Japji Sahib, but it is the first prayer, the foundational core wisdom of the Sikh path.
Thankfully, Yogi Bhajan worked together with Ek Ong Kaar Kaur on translating this wondrous work.  And now this translation of incredible wisdom is so clear, so Real, so down-to-Earth and so pure!  It is so simple and direct that it takes your breath away--right to the heaven of Truth! 
And that Truth is that the God, Who is your Soul is living as you, and you have but to listen to and join with your easily accessible Soul!  As a matter of fact, Pauris (stanzas) 8, 9, 10, and 11 describe the amazing effects of “Deeply Listening,” and Pauris 12, 13, 14 and 15 give the promise of what will happen when you “Trust what you hear when you listen!”
For instance, just let yourself deeply feel the elegant Truth that comes from the immense simplicity of Pauri 15:
In trusting
What you hear
When you listen,
There will be
No obstacles
On your path.
In trusting
What you hear
When you listen,
Radiance and honor
Will be with you.
In trusting
What you hear
When you listen,
There’ll be no need
To take short-cuts
On your journey.
In trusting what you hear
When you listen,
The path of Divine
Discipline and law,
Will guide
Your whole life.
Such is
That True Spirit
Within me
That it makes me become
Pure, clear and sweet.
If you
Trust what you hear
When you listen,
That knowing
Becomes the psyche
Through which you
Reflect, understand
And act.
* “Japji Sahib, Song of the Soul” by Guru Nanak, translated by Ek Ong Kaar Kaur Khalsa; copyright 2004, Ek Ong Kaar Kaur Khalsa.
I know that you will be so happy if you get Ek Ong Kaar Kaur’s translation of Japji Shaib to read regularly. 
Click here to order it.  

And you can get a beautiful selection of 5 different recitations of Japji on a 2 CD set by Guru Raj Kaur.  They are varied so that you can easily listen to and learn to recite this beautiful prayer yourself.  Click here to order it.  
Ek Ong Kaar Kaur’s courses coming up!
So, please keep on the lookout for a chance to take her courses! 
Click here to get more information, and then you can save this web page to get future events. 

Japji Sahib, The Song of the Soul--A Workshop 
She just finished teaching this course in Toronto over this past weekend, and is scheduled to teach it again in Thailand Oct. 28-Nov. 1 as part of the Kundalini Yoga Asia Festival.
Guru Amar Das’ Anand Sahib, The Song of Bliss Workshop.

This is an equally wonderful course on another spiritual prayer/teaching that she also translated.  I had the good fortune to take this course over a number of Saturday mornings at her home here in Espanola!  Each of the Pauris gives instruction for one’s spiritual develop each year of their life from birth through 39 years old.  Quite amazing!  She is teaching this on Sept. 4-5 in Crestone, CO, and Nov. 9-19 on a truly magical tour, The Bliss Yantra in northern India!
And of course, if you would like to host either of her courses, you can contact her at .

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