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Prepared by Gururattan Kaur and Guruchitter Kaur Khalsa.
Transitions to a Heart Centered World, Page 98-101.

Tune In.

Center Yourself: Using the breath, slow it down and breathe long and deep.

Define the Goal:  This mediation can be directed to any goal.  Be clear in the beginning on the desired outcome.  Don’t just do the meditation to be doing it.  Be clear on the goals and the way you feel about them.

Attitude:  Feel that you DESERVE what you are asking for (not that you desire it).  Feel as you WILL FEEL, when you HAVE WHAT YOU WANT.


Hands slightly cupped, right hand on top of left. Thumbs touching, at the heart center.


Chant   Hari Hari Hari Hari Hari Hari

On one breath, in a monotone, with the “har” going up at the end.  After a few repetitions, you will tune into the tone that is in harmony with the Universe.  (Each person has a natural pitch that harmonizes with Universal pitch, so each will find a comfortable sound current.  That vibration opens you to your higher centers and puts you in harmony with all your bodies and with the Universe.)

Breath and Timing:

Inhale deeply and on the exhale, chant the mantra one time.  The 6 “Hari’s” take the same amount of time as the “har,” which is held out.  They each take about 10 seconds to equal about 20 seconds of chanting on each breath. 

Consciously use the power of the breath.  On the inhale, take the breath to every cell of awareness.  The breath also opens up all your channels to receive.  Inhale and exhale the strength of the cylinder of energy.  BECOME THE VIRATIONS.  The goal is to really FEEL THAT ENERGY AND BE IT.


OPEN YOURSELF UP TO THE SOURCE, visualizing a funnel coming into the top of your head, filled with golden light.  See and feel a steady stream of energy coming in, filling your whole body, coming out of the base of the spine, and down into the earth for 25 feet.  This light can be golden, white or green.  ATTUNE YOURSELF to this source of energy and acknowledge the source.  Establish the cylinder of light as constant channel of infinite flowing energy and abundance.

BE THE SOURCE, feeling its energy and vibration in every part of the body.  ACKNOWLEDGE that YOU ARE THE SOURCE.

Inhale long and deep.  See and feel energy coming in through the shaft.  As you chant the “Hari’s” see them coming in and filling up the cup you made with your hands.  As you chant “Haaarr,” let it all go out from the heart.


Be in the body (rather than out of the body).  Use the meditation to be grounded, anchoring yourself with the shaft of light going 25 feet down into the earth.  Bring the source to you, rather than going to it.  Open yourself to receive (rather than to go out and get).  When you bring the source to every cell of your body, and feel the awareness in your whole body, you anchor youself here in earthly reality, so that you can receive on the earth plane.  Be Here and Now in your body so that you can receive the information and abundance that is given to you.


Balance what comes in and what goes out.  Most people have an imbalance of giving and receiving.  Once they receive, they are afraid to give, for fear of losing and not getting back.  Others give away everything, and are unable to open to receive.  Done correctly this meditation balances receiving and giving.  That is why it is important to do the “haris” and “har” for equal time, to let all the energy, knowledge or healing you receive, to go back out.  The source is infinite, but to be a channel we must also give back to keep the flow even.  So don’t be afraid to let go, for you will actually receive even more.  And don’t block receiving with negativity.  Open up and let it flow.  There must be an exchange for balance.  So pull it in, and give it away with equal ease and confidence.  Create a cycle of giving and receiving.

To End:

Inhale deep, hold, pull mulbhand (tighten the base of the spine and pull the energy up), and exhale, releasing a shower of energy out as you relax. Repeat 3 or more times.  Possibilities are:

Inhale green energy, hold and pray for a result, exhale and give all the energy out.

Inhale, fill up the cup, vibrate green energy out to fill your body and your aura, then exhale it all out, giving it away.  (You can give it to yourself, too!)

Inhale, hold the breath and vibrate it in every cell of your body and in your aura feeling it expand. Exhale, release light all around you, to the class, someone in need, the whole Earth.

Inhale knowledge, hold the wisdom release it to the class and the whole world.

Inhale, hold, feel money, resources, a house, trip, or whatever you need come in.  Deserve to be who you really are.  Exhale and direct it to what needs to be paid for, to the seller, store or bank, or to what needs to be done.

Then, after you calm yourself, you may wish to humble yourself and establish a relationship to God, the Universe, your Guide, Guru, Jesus, etc.  See yourself in the holy court, before …….  Pray for consciousness of ……….  And ask that your wish be grated or fulfilled.  Ask that the consciousness of the meditation be granted.  (You can use this instead of, or before going to the source, in the beginning, too.)

Other Points:

Don’t think about where, specifically, the money, resources, etc. will come from.  Just open yourself up to receiving.

We need goals to have them happen.  So be clear.  Also, be sure of what you want.  Don’t ask for a house you can’t pay for, a job you can’t handle, etc.  Be specific on qualifications—“a house with the money to keep it up,” etc.

If you are thinking of money, don’t limit yourself.  You can be specific so that the goal is reasonable and you can relate to it.  You may be able to feel earning $5,000 a month, and get freaked out a $5,000,000.  So choose the amount you can relate to, then specify that amount, PLUS.  See your budget expanding and vibrant.

Use the mediation to deal with issues and get rid of blocks.  Inscribe the issue on stone, written clearly, at the heart center.  As you inhale, visualize pulling the cord on a water closet.  Let the water rush down, flushing the issue into the ground 25 feet.  Give it back to the earth.  And then let the earth fill you back up with light and healing.  You can use this with fears, doubts, old belief systems.  As you give back to the earth, the earth will nurture you.  Feel taken care of.

The experience and the feeling we seek to achieve is Oneness.  The mantra, in tone with the Universal tone aids this feeling in your very being, down to every cell.
In the New Age which is upon us, the consciousness of the Universe and laws of the Universe are being brought to the earthly plane and manifested here.  This meditation facilitates that process for each of us, so that we can be anchored on the earth plane, in higher consciousness to attract the Universal consciousness to us.