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Your unlimited soul has all your own

personal knowledge and wisdom!

Find out what freeing insights it has to offer you!

And healing energy comes to you with every Soul Answer.


ou can pose your question, and then get a Soul Answer by return E-MAILa written communication to mull over!  But first, please take a moment to focus clearly on your question.  The more concise you are, the better your Soul Answer can be. But if you want to know about your "whole life," it would be better to have an interactive phone appointment of 1/2 hour or longer.

When you are ready, click on the "Buy Now" button just below, and you will be led to PayPal where you can use your credit card.  Next, type your considered question in the form provided, and send it to me.  That's all!

Then Siri-Gian will “sit down to tea” with your soul and report back to you, probably with a few paragraphs.  You should receive your E-MAIL Soul Answer fairly soon—within a week at most.  Very simple!


E-MAIL Soul Answer....$39.


Please focus on one single question.  If your concern is your "whole life," it's best to opt for a PHONE appointment!




r choose
 a conversation with your Soul’s wisdom!  Either I will guide you to be in touch with your very own Soul for answers and the experience It has to give you, or I will translated by way of my own Intuition.  It’ll be fun, and you can ask your questions with abandon! 

You can get profound answers on your situation, you will get healing energy, perhaps learn yogic techniques, and even visit past lives for the sake of healing!  They are all available for you, you know!

So, it’s easy!  Just click the link below to schedule your appointment, then you will be led to pay with your Visa, Master or Discover Card.   


My hours are generally Monday through Friday from 1-6 PM, Mountain Time in the USA.  If you can call the USA, we can talk together, Dear!

To figure out how to translate these times to your time zone, please click here.  


Once you have completed your scheduling, you will receive a confirmation e-mail that has my phone number and your appointment time on it.  Then you're all set!  Just call me at your appointment time that you have translated to your time zone, and we'll have a great time finding out what your Soul has to say!

If you are calling from outside the USA or Canada, I may be able to call you so that you don't have to pay long-distance phone charges!  To find out how, click here  and go to the last box on that page!

PHONE Soul Answer:

About 1/2 Hour.......$49.

About 1 Hour....$98.

pink rose

If you are calling from outside the USA, Canada, or the Caribbean islands,
please contact your local operator to get your International Dialing Code prefix for the USA.  Dial that first, then dial my phone number.
The times on this schedule are all shown as Mountain Time in the USA. 
If you want to easily translate this Mountain Time to your time, after you finish reading this section, please click on this address: 
On the form displayed on that marvelous "Time and Date" website, enter the time and date for the appointment that you are considering, just as my schedule shows it in Mountain Time.  Also, enter "USA--New Mexico--Albuquerque" in the "Place/City" box.  This is a city in my Mountain Time zone. 
Then when you click their "Show Fixed Time" button, the appointment time that you just entered will be translated into concurrent times in cities across the globe.  Just look up a city that is in your time zone to figure what time you would actually call me. 
Also, be sure to check the day.  If you are across the Earth from me, that international date line can be really tricky!  Another catch is that in the warmer months, Mountain Standard Time (MST) changes by one hour to Mountain Daylight-savings Time (MDT), which is also figured in by this website.  Yikes!

To compare and synchronize our clocks at our current times, please click here.

PHONE APPOINTMENT POLICIES:  Full refund can be made for appointments canceled up to 1 day in advance.  No refund can be made for appointments missed or canceled less than 1 day before appointment time.  To cancel or change an appointment, please refer to your appointment confirmation e-mail.  You will need your account login ID and password.  New appointments can be made up to 1 day in advance.  Refunds may be made up to 30 days after the original payment.

Print version--Disregard instructions.


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