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The Frequency of Forgiveness

 Pain of all kinds is actually stored in the human body and psyche as energetically recorded trauma--much like digitized information on a disk  But in fact, it is stored as information in your energetic system--your aura, whether inside or outside your physical body.
These are what Yogi Bhajan called "Trances."  In classic texts, they are called "samskaras". 
You can usually see a trance in yourself when doing Heart Breath, being aware of the pain, etc. and "looking for" any place in your body that feels tight or painful.  You may see that it has a color, such as black, grey, brown or a muddy color if you are dealing with really stuck energy.  It also has a voice that may answer you if you ask it questions, such as "Why were you formed?" "What is your emotion?" "What is your job here?" and so on.  The reason that the trance remains is usually to protect you from getting involved in similar trances.  So, when you meet something that is similar to the original trauma or conditioning, this energetic Trance of trauma will then play out to take over your whole body and mind into that nasty pain or fear.  What a mess!  This is what we might have called Subconscious Habits before.
The problems arising from unhealed trances are that you are repeatedly caught in re-experiencing that same nasty trauma and those automatic reactions, which might actually cause disease in your physical or mental bodies.  Re-ignited trances also obscure your open access to your all knowing and all-loving Soul, your very God-Self.  Instead, the Trance projects from fear, huge amounts of fear that obstruct access to your cleared, natural, and Pure Truth and Love!

So, what to do? 
The first thing is to begin Heart Breath that powers up your profound, sacred healing energy!

The next is to begin to feel neutral forgiveness.  Don't get your mind get involved with all that "he said, she said" or so many other reasons or judgments about why this person or action can't be forgiven.  Remember, what you are doing wih this Frequency of Forgiveness is dissolving, or de-magnitized those heavy fear, or hurts that haunt or pull on you so very much, that actually warp your own precious personality.  You are leaving "justice" up to the other person's Great Law of Karma, and if the attack was great, you might be calling the police to take the perpetrator to jail so they don't repeat this same terrible transgression against others.  And don't forget to send this Frequency of Forgiveness to yourself for your Karmic role in signing up for this particular victimization as well.  Clear the decks all 'round!
So, what you are doing with this Frequency of Forgiveness is creating an energetic healing tool that dissolves, or breaks apart, or "munches away" the the energetically recorded and stored trauma.  When that Trance is neutralized, you are no longer triggered into fear, running away, fighting, resisting, attacking, blaming, depression, disconnection, etc.  You will still be able to remember the incident, but it won't control you or take you down, or explode you.
When you don't act from that trance, that "conditioned subconscious," you are free to act naturally and most appropriately to simply heal that repeating situation easily, confidently, and without hoopla.  You are cleared to allow Soul to take over, so that simple Truth, Love, Calm and Healing can naturally occur!  What could be better?