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From Yogi Bhajan’s lecture in Fort Lauderdale, FL,

late December, early 1990s.


Sit straight.  Tune in.


Do you remember how to do “Here’s the church and here’s the steeple.  Open the door and see all the people,” that we did with our fingers as children?


Well, start by “seeing all the people.”  That means to interlace the fingers of both hands together so that the fingers of each hand are all lying against the palm of the opposite hand (except the thumbs, which are too short to do that).  Then keeping the fingers interlaced, turn your hands over so that the palms with the fingers inside are facing each other.  This is the “church” of the childhood ditty.


Now for the really hard part!  Make your steeple, not with the pointer fingers, but with the ring fingers!  That means to pull the ring fingers out so that they are no longer between the palms, but pointing up—the pads of the tips of these fingers are pressing against each other forming a “steeple” above the knuckles of your hands.  I have confidence that you can do this with a little practice!


Now, just hold this mudra (hand position) somewhere comfortably in front of your gut while you do “One Minute Breath."  Click that title to see how to do it.  There is no mantra. 


Do this for your choice of yogic time periods—3 minutes, 11 minutes, or 31 minutes.  And it would be really rewarding if you did it for at least 40, but can master fear if you do it for 31 minutes a day for 1,000 days--no breaks!


Once, after I had been teaching Kundalini Yoga to a certain person for a while, she went into an extreme red-faced rage and should have been corralled in a rubber room.  I kept yelling at her to do this Kriya, which she finally did.  After only 3 minutes she was back being calm and sweet, then asked, “What was all that fuss about?”  This kriya is really powerful!