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Drop Doubt, Intuitively Know Reality! 

Rest the Mind. 

“Everything you do is to remove your doubt.  You say that you have faith, but you don’t have faith.  You even doubt your faith.  So there is a doubt; and there is a cause and effect.  Cause or sequence you can start; consequences you must face.

The purpose in life is how to get out of all this.  What can we do so that we do not doubt?

You shall not doubt if you can intuitively know what reality is.  If you know the reality you shall have no doubt.  This mediation rests the mind to allow Reality to unfold through the strength of faith.  Everything comes when the mind does not limit Reality.”  Yogi Bhajan

First, Tune in.

Posture: Comfortable meditative posture, spine straight

Eyes: Focused at the tip of the nose

Mudra: Rest your hands in your lap, right hand resting in the left.  The right thumb rests on top of the left.

Mantra: (Chanting with the tip of the tongue):

Har Singh Nar Singh, Neel Naaraayan, Guroo sikh, guroo singh, har har gayan.  Wha-hay guroo, wha-hay guroo, har har dhiayan. Saakhat nindak dusht mathaayan.

Translation: God the Protector takes care of the universe.  Those who live in God’s consciousness and power, chant Har Har.  Meditate on Wahe Guru and live in that ecstasy.  Those who vibrate God’s name and relate to God, all karmas are cleared.

Click this link to listen to this mantra.

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Duration:  11 minutes

To Finish: Inhale deeply and exhale.  Inhale, hold the breath, squeeze the body, let it go.  Inhale, pull tightly, and with a powerful breath, let it go.  Relax.

Comments: Har means God, Singh means lion.  Narsingh means male lion. “Harsingh, Narsingh.  Neel Narayan.”  Neel—all you know is blue; Narayan means spotless.  Mind cannot be arrested; the warrants and the handcuffs of the mind are when you put your eyes at the tip of the nose.  The mind, poor thing, becomes useless, you know that?  When the optical nerve sits fixed, and the mind cannot move.

To read the entire lecture with this meditation by Yogi Bhajan, visit and search for “The Primal Force of Life.”