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To dissolve etheric cords to people who have hurt you or to painful situations!

Have you ever noticed that no matter how you try to let go of the memories of pain that someone inflicted on you, they just keep re-appearing?  They grab you by the ankles and pull you down into dark or angry memories over and over again?  They actually seem like red hot bungee cords that keep pulling one back and back, not matter how you try to cut them, bury them, avoid them and so on.

So, I find that the most effective way to melt those cords is to very deeply forgive them.

This does say that the other person was right after all.  And on the other hand, we are not responsible for getting back at them--punishing them because we trust that the law of karma will take care of that, but in a very neutral realization, not out of revenge.  The object here is to just be neutral and compassionate and very deeply forgive. Be in meditation, use your long deep breath and consciously free up any stuck energy that you find in your body.

Then do the same with yourself. Forgive yourself deeply for any difficulty you may have caused them, and for accepting any pain that they gave you. Again, go through your body with your consciousness awareness, forgive and power the whole thing with your breath to create movement of that stuck energy.

Then deeply feel compassion and the love of the Divine that flows through you shine through him. Then let this beautiful Light fill you up completely! Use your breath! And be grateful for the healing.

Then if anything comes up in the future, do this all again! I have seen it work over and over. Jesus was right on when he said, "Forgive us as we forgive those who trespass against us!"

This process will take you to neutral so you can naturally be happy, free and authentic!

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