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From Santa Fe to Espanola, or from the north--Colorado or Taos, please follow the directions that are on my web page

At the very south end of Espanola at the stop light on Rt. 285/84, you will see the DreamCatcher Cinema set back from the intersection on the northeast corner.  You will not see much else but beautiful open land and mountains in the distance here. 

At this light, head west towards La Mesilla on Rt. 399. (This same road on the opposite or east side of Rt. 285/84 is called Rt. 106 or Yogi Bhajan Hwy.)  So, if you are coming from Santa Fe, that will be a left turn, or if you are coming from the north--Colorado, that would be a right turn.  

Travel a little over 3 miles on Rt. 399 (there is a small 3 mile marker), and soon after you will come to a “Y” in the road where there is a now-defunct little adobe grocery store with a stone wall around it in the middle of the “Y”. 

Take the right fork.  It will look like you are going straight on County Road 120.  (Do NOT take the hard right there onto Catherine Lane.)  This fork is about a mile from my house.

This road will curve to the right and to the left. Go past the "Dead End" sign. Then on your left, you will see a green roofed house with a flagpole in the yard.   

Directly after that flagpole house, you will find a narrow dirt lane on the left, and my mailbox with my name in big reflective letters is on the right side of the road.  Take a left here.  You will see the amazing Black Mesa in front of you!

Go to the very end of that lane where you will see my neighbor, Mr. Sena’s chain link gate on the right.  Directly after his driveway, you will notice a board fence that separates our properties. 

After that board fence, take a right into my large gravel driveway that has an island in it with a big blue spruce tree.  You will see my adobe style home.  Please park in the driveway or under the carport so that you are not blocking any other car, and try to leave room for another incoming car. 

To find my front door, face the garage and look to the right.  You will see a little Buddha in the garden there.  Go down that stone path and come in the front door.  I look forward to seeing you, Dear!


I would suggest taking a dry run to the Gurdwara in the daylight before trying to find it at 4 AM!

 From Anthony's at the Delta:

If you are coming from Anthony's at the Delta, please go to and no other GPS or e-map.  The others get it wrong. Get directions from Anthony's at 224 Paseo de Onate, Espanola, NM to E. Sombrillo Rd., Espanola, NM.  At the stoplight intersection of 285/84 and Rt. 106, you will see the DreamCatcher Theater on your left.  Turn left onto Rt. 106 and then fairly shortly, you will take a right onto East Somrillo Rd.  Pretty soon, when you see the white building with the Golden Dome on the left.  Just before you reach that building, turn left into the parking lot.   Find a pathway through the buildings that line the parking lot, and walk to the entrance of the Gurdwara that faces the interior court yard. See below for the combination lock numbers.

 From Santa Fe:

At the stoplight on Rt. 285/84, at the DreamCatcher Cinema, turn east onto Rt. 106, also called Yogi Bhajan Memorial Highway.  (This same road on the west or opposite side of Rt. 285/84 is called Rt. 399.)  So, if you are coming from Santa Fe, that would be a right turn, and from the north--Colorado, that would be a left turn. 

Then take another right at the first street (soon after the driveway to the new elementary school) onto E. Sombrillo Road.  Continue for a fairly short distance until you see the golden dome on the white stucco Gurdwara on the left.  This is across from the old elementary school.  Park in the first parking lot that you come to.


About Sadhana:

If you are attending early morning sadhana which occurs every day, you can wear modest very casual yoga clothes and a simple head covering such as a scarf or baseball cap.  Bring a sheepskin or towel to sit on during the first prayer, yoga and meditation, but not during the service at the end; plus a blanket or shawl to wrap yourself in during these special Nectar Hours (Amrit Vela).

3:40 AM--Prayer called Japji Sahib, 4 AM--Kundalini Yoga, 5 AM--Chanted and Sung Meditation, 6-6:30 AM Service of Sikh hymns, group prayer and Hukum or teaching from the Sikh Scriptures, then prasad--yummy blessed whole wheat pudding.  All are welcome, and you can drop in at any time during the sadhana.  (Protocol--Please cover your head, and when sitting don't face the bottoms of your feet towards the scriptures.) 

 Getting Into the Gurdwara:

There are 2 parking lots.  As you look at the Golden Domed Gurdwara from the street, the combination for the lock on the gate to the parking lot on your left is 1,5,6, 9.  And the combination to the lock on the gate to the lot to your right is 1, 5, 6, 9 , #.

After you park, go through the arched gate and follow the walk until you come to the front door which faces the grassey courtyard.  Leave your shoes on the shelves to the left of the door.  Now, there is a combination lock on this door that uses buttons.  Press the numbers 1, 5, 6, 9. and turn the handle.  Then open the door.  Walk in, and be sure that your head is covered.  There should be a basket of head covers in the left side of that atrium. Enjoy the sacredness!

To arrange a tour during weekdays, please make an appointment with our sweet community secretary, Swaran Kaur at 505-753-6341 during office hours.