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March 8, 2016 & May 12, 2015

Wow!  Yogi Bhajan said that the one thing that we humans crave is recognition.  Imagine that!  We thought that we were so independent, so sparkling, so pristine.  And we are when we are getting the recognition, the feedback that we are genuinely accepted here on Planet Earth and have full permission to be here, now!  We are “CONNECTED,” a true human need, wouldn’t you say?  The “Longing to Belong” as Yogi Bhajan put it.

But then!  Woops!  Just let us get the “evil eye” from somebody.  Let us feel any negative gossip or put-down of us that signifies that we are going against the unspoken rules of the group, family, culture, community, and so on.  What happens?  We lose face and faith in who we are.  We get lost because our supportive connections have crumbled into shambles.  We cry and complain to our friends, our families and to those that we feel will support us, who would commiserate with us—another way of connecting.  Yikes!  Then either we comply with the group rules, or we live in misery, or we heal and move on.

What an amazing chisel the threat of rejection is, eh?  It forms us in so many ways.  Have you ever seen yourself or others disregarding their own precious talents, love and abilities in order to fit in, in order to have the “credentials” of the group?  Doesn’t this happen all the time?  So, what about those whose primary focus is getting attention and approbation for all they do?  Hmmm.  Do you suppose that Mr. Trump might be driven by this need? 

And so what happens if we strive so hard, but that positive feedback may or may not be forthcoming?  Oh, my, that is kind like living on the wind that is sometimes there, sometimes not, and sometimes it just blows you away.  What an undependable way to live, wouldn’t you say?  No solid foundation to hold body and Soul together, leaving us with momentary satisfaction, but always needy.  How depressing and insecure!

So, let’s explore where this all starts because for the most part, it is so ubiquitous and all-pervasive that we just never saw ourselves being molded by this chisel of acceptance/non-acceptance.

What happened in your family if you strayed from the “group thought” or did things “wrong”?  Did you suffer loss of love and support?  Then did you realize that you weren’t living up to someone’s expectations of you—such as your parents, your teachers, pastors, friends, etc.?  Did you feel that you didn’t fit in; that you were not entitled to their support anymore?  Was that condition painful?   If so, you most likely learned at a very early age how to change yourself to get the best acceptance and support that you could.  But sadly sometimes that reinforcing approval might not have been available, no matter what you did, which can leave a great gaping scar and persistent confusion in our psyche.

Now the good of that training by approval is that we learn “right” from “wrong”—whatever that might be.  But in most cases we learn that we shouldn’t physically hit each other, and we become civilized according to the rules of our own particular society—family, culture, church, and so on.

The problem is that our world might seem to promise all kinds of rewards if you follow the patterns that were laid out for you, even though the actual results may not truly satisfy you from your deepest insides.

So, the conundrum is that this world can be a really incarcerating experience if you are not FREE to be the Real, God-Given YOU—whatever wonderful surprise your Real Self might be.  The conflict is that the Real You may be somewhat different from what you have been trained to be!  Oh, yes.  So, the calling is to go beyond the conventional thinking and emotional habits of your training.  Be grateful, but go deeper to actually follow your True Self, your very Soul.

Now, just consider this!

What if you were to totally humble yourself to your own Divine Soul, your True Self, the One that is taking on this masquerade of you in this limited time/space costume?  What if you actually learned to BE YOU by continually allowing the experience of Soul’s amazing, unconditional Love for you, no matter what you do, “right” or “wrong”?  What if you stripped away the need to be approved and recognized by others—bit by bit of course, and actually began to rely totally, unequivocally on the directions of your own Real Self, your God Self?

Do you suppose that your life would gain real, non-fickle “self-approval” that you can actually feel if you were always able to rely on Soul’s support for you?  That way, you wouldn’t have to become the victim of others’ wishy-washy or judgmental standards.   And what if you relied so deeply, humbly and sincerely on your own Soul’s impeccable wisdom to move more and more into becoming this incredibly unique and shining Being that has such an urgent mission to fulfill on this great Earth?  And you got the most reliable guidance on how accomplish that?

And what if you could continue to heal and change yourself every moment by freely giving up all the limiting needs for worldly approval—which can become so confusing and debilitating?  That way, you could actually live your own radiant, fulfilled, most unique and joy-filled life, where you could be really proud of yourself, and stand for YOU, no matter what happens?

Well you can!  That is actually WHY you came to Earth—to enjoy BEING the Real You!

Here’s how you start:

·         Sit straight.  Meditatively begin Heart Breath. .

·         Then relax your awareness into your Third Eye—the chakra just between the eyebrows and a little above.  Do this with your Heart Breath for a little while.

·         Then relax into your own Soul here, which is so cozy.  Now allow yourself to fully feel Soul’s most precious and unconditional love you—in every cell.  Just relax!

·         Now, ask Soul what you need to know at this moment.  Keep up the Heart Breath and let Soul’s words, or feelings, or images come to you.  Listen carefully and be sure to make notes on it.  This is your incredible spring board to being guided to uncover the grand and glorious Being that you truly are!  You have contacted, felt love and gotten guidance from your own intrinsic God Self that is only LOVE and never judgmental.  Be grateful and accepting.

Then KEEP UP!  Your Soul is your very best friend that you can rely on for support, pure love and guidance.  Become the Real You.  What a great charge!  And this process heals the hurts, gives reliable confidence, and brings the undeniable experience of self-love, joy and pure satisfaction to your life.

What more could you ask for?

Lots of love,

Siri-Gian Kaur


Copyright:  Siri-Gian Kaur Khalsa, , 2015.

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How to BE!

May 13, 2014


Yogi Bhajan told us any number of times, “You are Human BEings, not Human Doings!”

So, the question that I often get is, “How do you BE?”  After all, we have these lives that demand so much doing!

Well, the answer is:

Who is in charge—your MIND or your SOUL/Guru/the Universal, etc., however you want to name that Infinity but most cozy wisdom BEing that is our real Source.

It is really simple and quick to make that switch in your consciousness!  But first, you have to have some experience with this switch so that you know just where you want to go.

There is an amazing, but incredibly subtle difference between these two different modes of consciousness—MIND and SOUL or BEing.  The differences that you might feel are:

·         In MIND—Judging, racing thoughts, worry, emotions blow up in your face or drag you down, carrying even subtle grudges and misgivings that arise from the subconscious, deadline furry, boxing yourself into tight parameters—sometimes even tighter than the ones imposed on you, short-lived satisfaction, fear of failing, feel that you have to be perfect in all ways or else you don’t count, fear of success, living in perpetual hurt or depression, overwhelm, pressure getting to you, believing that you are above or below someone else, rejection of others or fear of being rejected, grasping onto someone or something—attachment, being responsible for everything, being responsible for nothing, feeling squeezed, anxiety about what will happen next, holding fast to goals and parameters that are imposed from the outside of yourself (e.g. personal history, culture, group think, and so on)—no matter how little they actually make sense, etc.

So, you get the idea.  Being completely in MIND’s thinking mode will often make you feel out of balance, alone, disconnected, running after something that perhaps is not attainable, longing for connection and not feeling that you fit in, heavy self-judgment, brittle, clinging, off on your own, unsteady or unstable, weak or falsely powerful, blaming others, fearful, etc.  You may get some respite, but at least some of these feelings haunt you from out of nowhere—from your MIND.  Yet, your MIND cannot figure out where they came from.  On the very subtle level, the “atmosphere” around you feels thin, brittle and somewhat flat, although you may not realize that because this is all that you have experienced.

·         SOUL—There is such a feeling of subtle expansion to the atmosphere of this consciousness.  There is no worry about anything.  That may seem an outrageous assertion until you have experienced it.  There is no question about fear, or connection or stability or correctness, you just ARE and it all flows, and do the work or relationships that Soul moves through you.  There is only trust in and respect for what is happening, and a kind of steadiness, or feeling of balance.  There is a deep feeling that all is going as it needs to, no matter how chaotic it may seem on the surface from the mind’s perspective.  There is a confident feeling of flow that is kind of amazing with the realization that all happens according to the Grand Plan, rather than our personal plan.  You realize that time schedules are taken care of in Soul’s own way, from the “Google Earth” perspective of seeing the whole situation come together from far above, rather than from a drilled-down, tight, myopic perspective.  You have that “I’ve got your back” feeling from a higher, fuller, very personal unseen awareness that is Soul. You feel that you are held by your dearest supporter Who won’t let you down, however the situation unfolds because you can watch the even greater plan being created in front of your eyes—as you stand back to get this perspective, of course.  You fully trust the information that is coming to you from Soul and you use it confidently; and you trust the extraordinary timing of it.  You easily forgive what formerly appeared to be blocking progress, because you know that will free up Soul’s creative action to support you and the situation.  And your vision might even seem to be vaguely tinged with Light. 

You could actually put all this under that classic heading called “Cherdi Kala,” or Rising Spirit!


Now, of course, you don’t throw MIND out the window!  Instead, as we have said before, you just make MIND become the junior partner and SOUL become the most cozy and dependable leader.  So, MIND or ego humbles itself totally to serve Soul, and then dedicatedly carries out SOUL’s direction within SOUL’s consciousness or Space as described above.

So, you see, there is a very real need for a strong mind and a strong ego so that they can carry SOUL’s guidance.  I have heard Yogi Bhajan bellow a few times, “Nobody has a bigger ego than me!”

Now do you remember Yogi Bhajan’s teaching on the mind? 

That is first the mind is on a fact-finding mission, first from the negative mind to determine any downsides to a proposition.  Now negative mind does not imply negativity.  Oh no.  Negativity comes from a negative emotional state or negative way of looking at situations and people.  Negativity does come from negative mind—2 different things.

Then you hand the proposition over to positive mind to search out all of the benefits to a situation.  Is it really worth it?  Will we have gains of some kind?

Then the most important event is when we finally hand all of these facts over to Neutral Mind!  Guess where Neutral Mind leads you?  Yep!  True neutrality leads you right to your very own Soul.  Now this is where you actually listen to Soul’s guidance.  Instructions on how to make that switch are at

And the guidance that Soul gives you may not be what you want to hear, and it may not take you where you expected to go.  For instance, if we only expect results that will cover our insecurities, e. g. get a lover who will love me unconditionally even if I can’t love myself, or get lots of money without changing my way of working ….., then you jump out of Soul and back into the disappointments from more of MIND and emotions.

But if at every turn you are aware that Soul is giving you the challenges that you need to solve within yourself so that you can, for instance—love yourself, be open to creative ways of thinking with entirely new goals and habits as Soul leads you, then you have jumped on the very real Soul Adventure where you are truly transforming your whole being to express your very True Self, which is Soul acting and experiencing through this Earth-suit that we call our Mind and Body!

This, my Dear is how you BE when you are in the everyday throes of having to meet deadlines, and deal with all people and events, no matter what their relationship to you is.  It all comes down to flowing with Soul to cooperate fully with the most personal sculpting process in which Soul, as the Master Sculptor/your Real Self/your True Source is guiding you.


Simply BEING by being in Soul or the Soul-Space is a process, a habit that we develop over time.  You have seen the directions for the actual switch at .

Now to heal/transform old habits—those habitual blocks that keep the Soul Space from being your natural habitat, here are some suggestions:

·         Daily sadhana—nothing like it to daily clear your energy pattern and easily be open to Soul.  Check out most effective meditations, mantras, and kriyas at   You know how you feel after a great sadhana or Kundalini Yoga class?  That is the experience of the Soul Space!

·         Watch your diet to cut out those goodies that scramble your mind and emotions, i.e. white flour, sugar, etc. while you get plenty of the things that steady and support you—greens, protein, vitamin-rich foods, water and so on.  And of course treat yourself to good exercise to keep it all moving is really important, too.

·         Heart breath quickly takes you to this neutral space of Soul and spreads it to others, to your working your project, and more.  It is truly miraculous.

·         RELAX!  That is actually Soul’s favorite word to everyone who has listened to Soul.  By relaxing, you can easily slip into neutrality and total connection in Soul, kind of like slipping into a warm, scented bath of flowing water that soothes your nerves and fills you.

·         Talk to SOUL often.  Enjoy it, feel it, be aware of being in your cozy Soul Nest.  Soul can help you untangle the way you see things with incredibly new and supportive ways of understanding.  But don’t get obsessive about getting answers from Soul.  If you do, Soul will quiet down until you are content to follow It one step at a time.  “Patience Pays!”  Experience the Flow and the Expansion of this special conscious condition.

·         Watch your MIND, talk to it, lovingly retrain it.  Actually send love and deep, meditative forgiveness to those things that really bug you.  After all, that is what those difficult emotions, situations and thinking habits really, really want.  When you do this, you take the downward power of the darkness and raise it to the Light where you and that emotions or thoughts will bring you to real contentment.  No joke.  It’s true if you just try it on a regular basis.  So, this is a capsulized version of the true healing/transformative process that will open the Space for your best Friend, Soul so that you may BE.

Truly staying is full partnership with Soul, and in the Soul Space is how you become a Human Being!

Lots of Love,

Siri-Gian Kaur


Copyright:  Siri-Gian Kaur Khalsa, , 2014.

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 Shaky Security!

July 29, 2015, Jan. 31, 2012

Security can be a really shaky thing, can’t it?

We strive so hard to make our life secure with money, goods, things that keep us safe and satisfied, people who love us, positions of work, family and friends who support us, routines and insurance that create easy and strong foundations for us.  But when those things or people go awry—our car breaks down, our job disappears, a friend seems to abandon us, our health hits a pothole?  Or even the “little things” such as schedule or workload changes, “competition” creeps into your work environment—you name it! 

What happens then?  Does the security that you have planned and arranged for so diligently get a bit rocky?

It’s those little surprises that create cracks in what we were expecting.  This Piscean Age has been built on fulfilling EXPECTATIONS!  We make goals and try to fulfill them.  The huge mind bogglers of “success” and “failure” confront us all the time. 

That is where our security, such as it is has come from.  But do you find that you are in a perpetual state of angst or worry about whether your job will fail, or if you will have enough money to pay your bills, or concerns about your standing and acceptance in your social group, and more?  So, here we are in this constant condition of unrest trying to create our stability and security.  We fight with ourselves and others to maintain this insecure security.  Yikes!

Now the most important thing that we know for sure about this Aquarian Age that we are moving into is that things will change, and this is CHANGE in a really big way.  All of those things that we depend on to give us security will change!  So, where do we go to keep us solid and moving ahead?

Well, this is the best part of the Aquarian time.  We will be thrown entirely on depending on our actual Soul!  Yes, that is our God Self.  So, might as well start now, get some practice in!

So, here is how you live from the incredible direction of your True Self that knows all and watches out for you at every second.  This means that you first would give up your expectations!  Yes, that means trading in your “needs” for what you believe would give you happiness and security, along with all of the worry about that whole process.  That is called “surrender”.  I know that you have heard that word as a spiritual virtue, but here is it.  Use your sadhana, your mantra, your kriyas, your devotion to break those attachments in your mind that cause you such worry about your security and keep you rooted in the cause of your insecurity.

If you move your mind into pure neutrality using your heart breath or long deep breath, and shift into a meditative condition so that you can access your Soul, your True Being, your Sat Nam, you will find that there is no worry, no angst chasing you.  There is no question of problem or courage, etc.  You are just present with Soul.  It is very real and experiential.  This relaxed but very Present state is your access to Soul.  This is something that you can do all of the time.  You can use your negative mind to discern the challenges, and your positive mind to see the advantages—all without emotional entanglement, but then take it all to Soul in the neutral.  Give it all up to Soul.

Rely on Soul’s communication with you whether you “hear, see, know, feel, etc.” Its communication with you. 

Then FOLLOW that simple guidance.  Let go of your expectations about what will give you security in the old sense.  Let go, let go, let go.  Then trust, trust, trust!

What happens next is that you allow “magic” to happen.  Soul will take you where you ought to be.  Trust that.  That may include healing your resistance or your upset.  But there is no other way to truly clear the pathway to “magic.” 

Then as you maintain your sacred neutrality and presence, using your hearth breath and mantra, allow yourself to be guided and literally feel cared for and loved—that is every inch and every thought of you is loved and cared for.  And as you relax so fully in Soul, clearly watch what happens around you.  Things that you never thought possible will shift, will re-arrange themselves in the most subtle but most extraordinary ways.  Do this without expectation.  Just neutrally watch.  Scenarios will most likely unfold in amazing ways—usually not in booming or “falling from the sky” sorts of ways, but just “re-arrangement” of the pieces in ways that work rather than block.

It is this process, this totally real partnership with your Soul that is the source of your True Security.  But you will probably only get guidance for the moment—without knowing the whole picture.  It is like a treasure hunt where you only get one clue at a time.  So, this process requires total trust and patience.  Again, it requires total trust and patience without knowing where you are really going or how you are getting there.  But living this way is actually where real peace, contentment, strength and flow come from.  You are no longer fighting to maintain your security, but living in that very real state of Trust at every moment.

It means that you give up needing to know what will come next.  It certainly doesn’t preclude planning, but understand that when your plans go wonky, you don’t go wonky.  You live in the calm trust that Soul is doing Its thing, and it is so remarkable to watch that play and to dance with that flow.

This is the Aquarian Soul Dance.  It is what mystics from time immemorial have been trying to teach us, but which has gotten so codified and dogmatized that this most simple and extraordinary process has become unrecognizable.  Try it, and see what happens to your life, to your security.  It is a whole new culture, with its own guideposts and ways of understanding.  But with practice, you get the hang it.  And as you get used to living Soul’s Way, you trust it even more.  Your life becomes content, you love the flow, and you stay alert for the magic.   That is dependable security!

Lots of Love,

Siri-Gian Kaur

Copyright:  Siri-Gian Kaur Khalsa,, 2015 &2012

You have permission to reproduce this article online or in print as long as you keep this copyright large and readable.



Changes Causing You Stomach Knots?

 Sept. 20, 2011

1.       Overloaded and don’t know what to do?
2.       Deadlines making you panicked and crazy?
3.       Are your schedules, equipment, personnel, courses of action and more constantly shifting?
4.       Thrown in with people you never would have chosen?
5.       Are your debilitating emotions getting triggered right and left?
6.       Are your relationships getting shaken up?
7.       Way too little happening?  Too little job, money, love, coziness, clarity, trust in the future?

So many people appear to be caught in the cement mixer of life!  Where’s the peace?

Well, Dear Ones, it may be staring you right in the face.

We are only a couple of months from 11-11-11, you know, and that kangaroo boxer of life that we try to control will surely fight back with even greater strength and tenacity than we could imagine. 


The reason is that time and space are refusing to allow us to remain in our Piscean mold.  That is, EXPECTATIONS WILL KILL YOU!  It’s time to realize that our very lives, every aspect of them are being organized from a higher level.  Yes, that is true.  You are being organized from a higher level.

So, you scream, why are things not going my way? 

Well, certainly that attitude is the biggest Piscean trap there is!  Again, EXPECTATIONS WILL KILL YOU.  You can flail and fight to have things “go your way,” control events, schedules and circumstances at every turn.  But as you do, I can assure you that you will get little more than stomach knots, a red face, feelings of loss, depression and being way out of control. 

Our ways of interacting with time and space are actually morphing, and if we try to live according to our old fairly “dependable” standards, we can do nothing but loose.  EXPECTATIONS WILL KILL YOU.  For instance, if we try to keep our finely tuned schedule intact, if we expect certain outcomes from the precisely planned work that we put in, if we expect people to behave in a way that fits into our mechanical design for them or to have them cover our insecurities so that we don’t have to face those things that scare us, then we can only feel like Whoever is in charge of the Universe is really throwing us under the bus—with very personal vindictiveness!

But here is the most subtle but blaring difference.  In those kinds of scenarios, we—in our own rigid designs are determining that it is actually we who are in charge of the Universe, not the Greater Consciousness.  Woops!  Intellectually, we understand the fallacy here, but we plod along attempting to scrunch the action of the whole world into our own small, and short sighted way of acting. 

So, here is where our total frustration stems from—demanding our way or the highway, and of course that results only in our getting what we see as the short end of the stick.

Now, Dear One, we are moving into the Aquarian Age where time and space morph into the bigger organizational plan that is always rearranging itself for our own benefit.  Yep!  That’s it—for our own benefit.  Connections are being made for us, greater plans are being worked out for us, coziness is doing its best to contain us, prosperity and greatness are pursuing us.  But we deny it all when things don’t go the way we “think” they should, right?  That’s because our minds can’t possibly grasp the hugeness of the multidimensional connections that are happening right and left.  Even then it may be hard, but it is just right for each of us.

So, here are a few pointers on how to glide into this flowing construction, rather than destroying ourselves by fighting it.

1.       Be aware that the Great One knows better than we do, therefore everything that comes about is for our benefit.

2.       Be present and look the reality of every circumstance straight in the face, without fleeing, going numb, blaming or going berserk.

3.       Root yourself in neutrality.  There is an art to this, and I call it going to the “Aquarian Dimension.”  Use your long, deep breath or heart breath to come to your center or meditative mind.  And/or use any of our great technology to get you to that frequency layer where your mind and emotions no longer throw you around.  Daily sadhana is a must to be able to easily access this Aquarian Dimension.

4.       No matter what is happening, be in this Aquarian Dimension to open to your awareness—your subtle but very real feeling, hearing, seeing, movement, etc. to subtly sense how the Great One is directing you (multi-sensory human).  You may be faced with healing a debilitating emotion, or open to the beauty around you rather than burying yourself in your work, or to connect with someone or something that previously seemed too mundane or perhaps offensive to warrant your notice.  That is surely prosperity!  Unequivocally trust the direction that you are being given and follow it, even though you can’t understand any earthly reason why you should.

5.       Surrender to the possibilities that are coming your way, carefully discover what they are.  It is a game of enchantment and adventure when you do this.  You are no longer personally in control, but trusting the course that is being laid out for you.  You are consciously following one clue at a time as you discover or unwrap bit by bit the whole picture that is being formed for you.  This is truly “dancing with the stars!”

6.       Connect, connect, connect to the Great One, to yourself, to the heart of others—even those who are saying the most stupid things in the world.  How can peace and great change ever occur if we reject their true hearts at the deepest level?  Calmly, powerfully connect way beyond words and ideas that you certainly don’t have to believe, but just connect at the heart level.

7.       Watch for synchronicities, that is surprising situations that seem to arise out of nowhere that support you and others.  This is definitely the Aquarian Dimension in action.

Don’t fight the changes, wrecking of your schedules, disruption of your plans, and so on.  You can make your plans, but ride the current of change with conscious awareness as though you are being transported on a magic carpet that has your best welfare programmed into it, because it does!  Your participation with your own Life will surely change for the unexpected best as you consistently live like this—in the Aquarian Dimension.

Lots of Love,

Siri-Gian Kaur  


Copyright, Siri-Gian Khalsa,, 2011.


You may reproduce this article in print or online as long as you keep the size and readability of the copyright the same as above.



Security in the Aquarian Age?

October 15, 2019 & January 4, 2010

When my mom’s cancer doctor told her that there was no more they could do for her and suggested that now was the time that she should be under the care of Hospice, Mom had only one question.  She wasn’t afraid of dying, but she was discombobulated because she was having a hard time wrapping her mind around the concept of actually moving on, dying, transition, etc.  She didn’t have a context or framework that could pull all the loose ends together in her mind.  She knew well what was happening, but conceptually she couldn’t “make it all fit.”  Her flower gardens had been her cathedral, so her views weren’t religion-oriented.

We take context for granted.  That is the social and conceptual framework for the operation of our daily life.  It is a collection of habits and learned assumptions that we depend on to facilitate our daily functioning in every area.  For instance:   Normally I get ready for the day without giving much thought to the process.  But when I travel, my habitual context is disrupted.  I have to stop and look for my toothbrush; then I have to ponder what to do next—“Oh, take my vitamins,” then search for them.  I am out of synch with my normal habits that I have grown dependent on to facilitate my everyday life.  That dependable structure is what gives continuity and security to my mind.

Now, consider this.  What if the majority of our habitual context changed in a very short period of time?  What if supplies of fuel, electricity and electronic communications were browned out; the company you work for folded or downsized—surely affecting your money supply; trucking slowed down so there weren’t adequate goods and food in the stores; the actual money supply and ability to exchange it got disrupted; weather patterns such as hurricanes, drought, flooding and so on increased, causing more havoc than usual, with the ability of other locations being less able to assist; and so on?  What if the effectiveness of banks, insurance, schools, hospitals, etc. were weakened?  What if our ideas of what we needed to be happy and secure went up in smoke?  We have already experienced these things to some extent. 

Without our normal social and cultural interconnecting context, what could we rely on?  What would offer us security?  Would we be entirely lost without this habitual social structure?  What would happen to the population’s personal and group psyche if that dependable security dissipated?  What would their/our rational and emotional condition be?  Imagine that, please.  How about confusion, panic, despair, and so on?  Didn’t Yogi Bhajan mention something about this possibility?

So, my  Dears.  In this time of transformation, our pure Guides—Yogi Bhajan, all the Gurus, Baba Siri Chand, et al are working to help us graciously switch to our new Conscious Context before we get jolted out of the old one.  And as we do that, we can lead others into that new security-giving Context as well.  That’s what Yogi Bhajan meant when he said that we are all Teachers!

Now the New or Aquarian Context is based entirely in listening directly to the guidance of our own very down-to-Earth, totally wise and present Soul.  Our Soul is our “sharing” of the great overall Consciousness that actually runs the whole show!  It KNOWS what is happening at every minute and everywhere, and seeks to hook us up at every moment for our own best welfare!  No, this is not imagination or hype.  This is the honest-to-goodness Reality.  Lots of us have found great success with it.  The trick is:

1.       Listen closely to Soul all the time.

2.       Discern the difference among the voices of Soul, emotions, ego, etc.

3.       Have the great courage to follow Soul at every minute, even though your rational mind can’t grasp the purpose or outcome from the beginning.  This is a “treasure hunt” as you are being given clues one step at a time.

One caution—you must listen to Soul to give you guidance, and not have your ego try to dictate to your Soul what it wants.  Very important distinction that is not made in The Secret.

When we develop a habit of operating this way, the whole context of our security changes. 

We put Soul in charge and we follow It.  Certainly all of our illusions about what is real, what works, and our true security change immensely.  Following the old habitual context that is broken doesn’t work.  Operating with the Conscious Context and direction of Soul connects us to people at the heart level; provides goods, opportunities, and all the elements of prosperity—including material and mental security.  It does it in ways we could never have conceived from our old, everyday, ego-oriented, habitual level.  It puts together “synchronicities,” “miracles” big and small out of nowhere when we have the courage to break down our fears and limits to be able to actually follow that “small, still voice” of our intuition.  Soul has the instant BIG PICTURE, so why not choose to jump on board?

Back to my Mom.  When we were talking to Mom’s Hospice nurse, I asked her something about “when Mom leaves town.”  The next day, Mom told me that was just the context she needed—“she was leaving town!”  Then a couple weeks later, on Christmas day, she asked the family, “Why are you giving me all these presents?  I already have my bags packed!”  That night she had a stroke and a few days later, she traveled Home. 

A reliable, encompassing conceptual framework or mental context that pulls all the pieces together facilitates the security and operation of our life.  Switching from relying on current cultural habits and expectations of the mind, tradition and institutions to give us security and support, to relying fully on Soul to be in charge of everything is the great transition to the Aquarian Age.  I like to call it the Culture of the Soul.  Once you get the hang of it, you find that it’s fun and totally productive to live on Soul’s miracles!  They are much more REAL and fruitful than the everyday constructs that we have been relying on and mistaking as reality! 

Why not make this your year of switching over to Aquarian Reality?  Have fun living from Soul!

Lots of Love,

Siri-Gian Kaur

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Introduction to the Meditation “Who You Really Are!”

If we would just change our identity, we would actually find "GOD" within.  We would have achieved full Unity! 

I find over and over again in my healing sessions with folks, that when a person goes right down to the Center of their Consciousness, they experience clearly and powerfully just Who they are—their Soul, their God Self.  But in our daily lives, we have these old habits of not perceiving that.  We are clouded and just seem to stick with this everyday persona who is often stressed, confused, frightened, suffering, and every other very difficult thing we can think of! 

This meditation is to help you actually change your identity to your Sat Nam—your True Identity!  You can either print it out and read it daily, or you can download it and put it on your iPod or burn a CD that you can play at any time.  But especially play it before you go to sleep, or during sleep over and over again so that your subconscious mind can wrap around it and allow your neurons to re-assemble their habitual pathways for the better.

Here’s a tip for you as you read it.  I found that I could not make a decent recording of it until I spoke straight to my own heart with no distractions!  Please do the same for your heart.  I know you will experience the real effect that way.

In order for our minds to truly believe something, we humans seem to need verification from an outside human source—hence this mediation.  Actually this meditation was given to me by our immortal yogi, Baba Siri Chand, but you will hear my voice.  You can listen to recordings of his other messages for free at where in recording #3 he lets us know that we are already Enlightened Beings.  We just have to move through our old habitual identities to arrive at the Truth.

Imagine!  We are becoming our God Selves together!  What fun!

Sample of Mediattion--Who You Are

$4.50 for your download of the Meditaion on Who You Really Are!
Read for you by Siri-Gian Kaur.

Meditation on WHO You Really Are!

November 10, 2015 and December 8, 2009

In your most Natural, authentic condition, you are really very solid, strong, loving, kind, tuned in to all that is happening around you, and completely effective.  You are happy, really happy!  You love--not in an "airy-fairy" non-aware way.  But you just love no matter what because love--pure, grounded, forgiving and powerful love flows from you.  You offer worthwhile kindness on every level--not because it is a good thing to do, but because it is the only thing that feels good to you. The sight of you is uplifting to others.
You find folks who are trying to pull you out of your naturally-seated, buoyant power to be a bit odd, yet you give them what you can--advice, love, heart breath, a good talking to, acceptance, and so on to help them stabilize themselves as they can.  But you are not offended or preachy, you are balanced and available to offer some non-judgmental way out of their pain as you feel they are drawing that information from you.
In your most natural condition, you feel the full freedom of living from your heart, from your pure self, freely dancing from your most expansive center, unburdened by other people’s demands, or by the culture’s laundry list of “shoulds.” 

In your interaction with people and events, you substitute validation of the Truth from within yourself in place of following expectations.  You are free of old habits that kept you from living from your Center, your Soul!  You are FREE!

You are fully present, aware and grounded.  You flow.  And as you do, your path of "doing," accomplishing, achieving, creating is so simple, so satisfying.  It has its own rhythm, and wonderful things are produced through you that may amaze and delight you.  Fun becomes your operative method of engagement with your work, your environment and those with whom you engage.  Challenges become engaging puzzles to be solved.

Your course of production is marked by ease, connection and the joy of unfolding, even though you may enjoy putting in a gargantuan effort.  It all becomes so deeply satisfying to you.  You are gratified by the results of your efforts, and you profoundly "know" the very real benefits of your work, even if they can't be listed one, two, three.  And even if you can't see your work's apparent worth at the moment, you know that what you have accomplished is important and you cherish it as such.
You simply know from down deep within yourself what is the best course of action--you are clear.  Your course flows from the potent stillness that constantly springs from within you.  It is free of contradiction in you and you don't fight it.  It just "IS"!  You follow and merge with this flow even beyond any question of trust.  That pure, united urge/action/awareness is Who you are, and What you are.  It is You! 
You are naturally most unique, and you know that you are needed as a particular and specialized working component on this Earth at this moment.
You just "know," you just wholeheartedly "feel" the rightness of what to do from your depths--no matter how big or small the situation may be.  You actually ride the "rightness" felt wholly in your mind and body.  This experienced awareness is called "Flow."
You naturally flow with the deepest essence of the people around you.  Your peace merges with their peace.  They feel your healing presence, even as you are completely unselfconscious about your effect.  You simply, fully, and deeply enjoy your very natural connection with people, your life and your environments. 
Your relationships flow from the Light and the pure energy that moves unimpeded from your heart and full Self, and you engage with people from that "space" of aware connection, pure sensitivity and enjoyment.  Natural forgiveness, compassion and pure prosperity are the threads from which your most simple yet profound connection is woven.  You experience the heart of Oneness with them, and they with you.
This is Who you--yes You at the most powerful core of your Being.  This is you as you live totally from your most cozy, all knowing, all trustworthy Soul--your God Self!
And to actually realize your Self as all of this and more:
•       Accept that this is the Real You!  Read and re-read this, allowing yourself to relax into it as you do.
•       Listen carefully to your Soul.
•      Recognize and calm the voice of your "everyday self," which is your thinking mind, your emotional self so that it can happily project your Soul. 

•       Consciously create the most wonderful symbiotic and fun partnership between your Soul and your everyday self. 
This is Who you are!  The Identity of Truth!  SAT NAM!!  Please join with me in this mantra:  God and Me, Me and God are One!

This is Who you really are:  The God of All;  The God of One; The God of You!  Blessings!

Yes, it is within your grasp!  What more fun and satisfaction could there be in life?  Don't all our longings, figurings and goals try to point us to being just Who we really are--in our most Natural condition?  So, why not actually seek to make the Switch to living fully as your own most amazing Soul? 
This is not fiction, this is the most steadfast reality there is.  And with dedicated attention, YES, you can realize that you are really this! 
Lots of Love,

Siri-Gian Kaur


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October 13, 2009  

  Over the years I have found that although everyone's Soul is so very special and unique to them, they all seem to have the same voice and the same Consciousness.  Can it be that we are One Soul?
In my healing work, I help folks get into intimate contact with their Soul, and then I start asking questions of their sweet Soul.  And although I make a very determined point to not lead the person in the answers that their Souls give, can you believe what everyone's Soul says? 
FIRST: Relax!
When I ask their Soul what is most important for their person to do in their life, their Soul's amazingly consistent answer from person to person is to RELAX!  It is not to do more prayers, to be good, to follow commandments, etc.  It is to Relax!
And the reason why is because only by relaxing can we listen to and be with our Soul!  When we finally live from our Soul, that is when Life finally goes "right" in the most deeply satisfying way, no matter how many "challenges" we are faced with.
Our sumptuous Kundalini Yoga and Meditation are so very effective in helping us slice through those Gordian Knots that keep us bound in crippled heaps.  These amazing tools are so effective in freeing us so that our most pure Souls can shine through!  They provide us the ability to relax, and therefore connect us to Soul in the most profound way.  And that most intimate experience of Soul, our True Self, our Sat Nam is what really makes us happy!
NEXT: Be Happy and Share!

I had the privilege of being in the audience of the Dalai Lama a couple of weeks ago.  He made the point that at the base of every religion and dharma is the quest to be happy.  And in my opinion, what a mess we often make of trying to be happy!
But you know what Souls consistently say the next ways for their person to "be" once they relax and be with Soul?  They are:  Love, Laugh, Dance, Sing, have Fun/Play, be Happy, and Give/Share/Serve!  Oh, my God!  What a life that would be!
I don't see the words "worry, pain, work hard, follow the rules, judge, make money" and so on anywhere on the list.  But since we do need to make a living, create cozy homes, support our families, and all that, Souls tell their folks over and over again to use these "Happy" attributes in everything they do, whether that is in relationships at any level, or at work and making a living.  This is the actualization of true Prosperity!

And again, those guiding principles for living life on Earth as experienced through the wise eyes and loving arms of your Soul are:  Relax (zero point, pure neutrality) to hook up with Soul so that you can easily follow Soul's promptings and feelings through you.  What trust that takes, but what incredible results!
Then Love, Laugh, Dance, Sing, have Fun/Play, be Happy and Give/Share/Serve!  These are the precepts for Life on Earth consistently given by oh, so many Souls!  
What It's Not and What It is!

Now I want to be very clear that this means being in full, free and total Union with your Soul as you open up to the Light and full freedom of possibilities of Life.  This doesn't mean that you don't engage with the world--that you drop out (although you may change course and relax), that you give up caring about your family or being "responsible," or that you self-medicate your pain by indulging in your addictions--including drama and worry.  It doesn't mean pandering to destructive impulses, or living in a state of numbing free-fall--all in the name of "going with the flow."  Those are all corruptions of the notion of "going with the flow."
It means being fully relaxed, open and following Soul's sometimes very surprising direction all the time.  And allowing yourself to greet every opportunity, every hazard, every crossroad, every simple moment with "Love, Laugh, Dance, Sing, have Fun/Play, be Happy, and Give/Share/Serve!"  The term coined by Sikhs for this totally engaged and free state of being is "Cherdi Kala," literally meaning Rising Spirit. 
I am always inspired by the Sikh warriors, who when caught by the enemy and facing their execution, playfully jostled with each other to be the first to meet the executioner's ax! This is an example of the profound extent of this beautiful openness and happy engagement with Life that Soul is talking about!
Let's Relax Now!

So, now.  How about breathing deeply, totally relaxing your mind and body--no matter what you are doing, and relax into the arms of your very own, sweet Soul.  Then let your Soul talk to you, guide you, give you peace and profound respite.  Feel the freedom, the breath of a breeze on a beautiful, sunny day.  Such richness!  Then allow all your interactions, your musings and figurings, your directions, your interactions, your goals all to grow out of "Love, Laugh, Dance, Sing, have Fun/Play, be Happy, and Give/Share/Serve!"  Then see what happens.  Prepare yourself for great creativity, ease of accomplishing--and of course FUN!
Wow!  What a Life Soul has put within our grasp, just for consciously accepting of it!

Lots of Love,
Siri-Gian Kaur 

And if you need a bit of kind help, insight, healing and intuition from Soul, please set up a Soul Answer session where we shed some clear Light and healing on your own progress !  We'll have lots of fun and you'll get an amazing new orientation where your own unique Soul supports your expansion and happiness--often in surprising ways!

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August 23, 2016 & August 18, 2009
Do you remember Carlos Casteneda?
He was the one who wrote quite a number of astonishing books about his very wild experiences as an apprentice to the Mexican native Yaqui sorcerer Don Juan!  These books were very widely read in the 1980s, and they described very amazing and harrowing feats by these young spiritual warriors!
"Find your spot" was Don Juan's first command to Carlos.  Although it seemed to make no sense to Carlos, he spent a full night and day crawling, rolling, languishing, and yearning to find his "spot" on Don Juan's porch before his teacher returned.  And Carlos made it--just in time! 
Don Juan was training Carlos to be very aware of his own subtle energies, and to experience that he really is plugged into this Universal thing that we blithely call Creation.  Yes, we--all of us--you are living, juicy, creating masters of Creation!  It just takes our focused attention to that, and dropping all manner of concepts to the contrary to finally get it and participate in the greatness of It!
So, my question to you is, have you found your place, "your spot" right there in your own heart?  That's where you finally feel comfortable, at peace, calm, natural and authentic.  When you are there, that's when you can actually sit with your own Soul, your own God Self!  Yep!  You actually can!  Click here to find out how.  Yogi Bhajan told us that if we could locate our Soul anywhere in our bodies, it actually emanates from right behind our heart! 
So, if you are feeling squinched, uptight, worried, numb or whatever else that may be blocking you from experiencing your beautifully open heart, I am going to pass along some little secrets that will "take you there." 
The highway to your Infinite Heart is through the powerful ease of Shunia, neutrality, the Zero Point.  Now here are some incredible ways to reach that neutrality where all potential exists! 

Long Deep Breath--so simple but so amazing! 
Gobinday, Mukunday... a great and powerful mantra to open that lock! 
The flow of Heart Breath; try it all the time! 
A really challenging Kundalini Yoga set--choose one that grabs you!  You know that sublime peace that comes after you have sweated and kept up!
Really become best friends with your Heart.  Cultivate it!  Acknowledge it as your real HOME and do your best to set up housekeeping there!
Then once Carlos had gained a bit of footing in his apprenticeship with Don Juan, Carlos was introduced to the apprentice of yet another sorcerer!  Those apprentices evidently hadn't realized how much they had both learned on all levels, because when Don Juan took them to a high cliff and told them to jump off--you got it!  They were frozen with fear!  As you can imagine, they wrestled with that one long and hard.  Their belief system about the solidity of "reality" was sorely challenged!
After all, were their teachers some old crazy coots who were sending them to their ultimate demise, or had their teachers actually trained them so well--far beyond their understanding that they could endure this outrageous instruction?
Finally, after interminable hours of anguish and confusion, they screwed up their courage and their profound trust, they held hands and took that ultimate leap of faith/death off the edge together.  They had left their heavy and limiting attachment to "life and death" at the top of that cliff!  Wild expansiveness of Light consumed them!  And in a timeless recognition of "later," they woke up back in their own intact bodies at the bottom of that cliff!  Yikes! 
Finding our way through our old beliefs and identities so that we can find the Real Reality is a daily challenge!  Sometimes, it seems that we are faced with just as much fear as they were when we are trying to break through to our next level of Freedom!

In the late 1980s, I was fortunate enough to actually meet Carlos Castenada.  It was on the crowded sidewalk outside Guru Ram Das Ashram in Los Angeles, where Carlos and his friend were waiting for their turn to speak with Yogi Bhajan.  He had brought a heavenly bouquet of white sweet peas that he had grown in his own garden for Yogi Bhajan.
Well, I introduced myself to them and began chattering about how much I enjoyed his books, and that Yogi Bhajan had actually told us to translate his teachings in a manner similar to Carlos' stories of Don Juan. 
Carlos seemed a little fidgety and uncomfortable with this comparison.  Then he pointed to Yogi Bhajan and said, "That's where the real power is!"  And Carlos' next book was dedicated to "Y.B."!
Now, I bet you have experienced this incredible gift of kind power and calm as well.  It continues to be offered to us through the experience of the Kundalini Yoga technology that Yogi Bhajan put in place for us! 
So, how about if we all hold hands of Light together as we celebrate his birthday coming up on August 26?  We would love it if you could come to Espanola for our big celebration!  But even more than that--the great depth of experience is had by participating together in our Global Meditation that started on Aug. 15.  You can begin now. Click here to get the details and even sound clips!  Don't miss your chance to join with the greatest thing happening on this planet these days--all of us joining our precious energy, hearts and Souls together for exquisite expansion!
What a great job has done in creating these incredible opportunities of spiritual joining for us.  It is our resonating of heart sand Souls with each other in this most profound joining of Creative Consciousness that will actually bring in that expansive Light of this upcoming Aquarian Age!  So, let's do it together, my Siblings of Destiny!
Lots of Love,
Siri-Gian Kaur
And if you need a bit of kind hand holding, insight, healing and intuition from Soul, please set up a Soul Answer session where we shed some clear Light on your own progress !  We'll have lots of fun and you'll get an amazing new orientation that supports your expansion and happiness--often in surprising ways!

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