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July 2, 2013

It has been most fascinating in the last couple of months, and especially at Solstice to find that what has so wonderfully healed so many people is that they are actually connecting with their Divine Mother!  That is Adi Shakti, Divine Creative, Prakirti, Mother Planet, etc.  However you want to name her, she is so very, very present for you!

The trouble begins in childhood or even before we are born.  If our own flesh and blood mother does not fully connect with us, if she is emotionally unavailable, if she has misgivings about being a mother, if her attention is on other things, or if she is immature in her judgment or her love for you, then you will most likely feel down deep—way beyond words that you don’t belong on the planet.  No one has truly welcomed you here as only a mother’s energy can do.  You may feel lost and disconnected still.  Perhaps you have never felt that satisfying love that contains you and makes your life sweet. 

Now, at your current age you may philosophically understand why your mom was absent in some way, such as she got pregnant young, etc. and you don’t harbor any resentment towards her.  That’s great.  But still, there may be a loss of connection to Earth that keeps you subtly wandering and not fully grounded.  Or you may get really jittery and off balance when stressed.  Perhaps you are really distrustful and can’t rely on things working out for you.

These are all symptoms of being disconnected with Divine Mother because you were not fully welcomed by your human mother!

And yet, Divine Mother, Adi Shakti is a most real Consciousness!  She calls the Infinite Source of pure energy “Pa,” otherwise known as Purkha or the Creator.  And then she says that he sends her his pure energy which she weaves or knits it into Creation—continuous, flowing, ever changing Creation.  So, she calls herself “Ma.”  She is the feminine Creative, and yet she is so very cozy, loving and present for us—no separation.  All we have to do is allow ourselves to be present with her. 

This remedy may be just too simple for you to believe but just give it a try.  You may find really profound results!


 First begin long, deep breathing .   Bring your awareness to your energy or prana flowing through you as it is propelled by your breath.  Then consciously, powerfully send that prana down through your body—through your feet down into the very center of Mother Earth, and open yourself to connect with her there.  Keep up your breath and energy movement going down to her as you feel her there. 

Then take note of what you feel.  Actually write that down so that you can remember it.  Spend some time with her.  You will probably be very surprised at what you feel.  I don’t want to lead you in what you may feel, so I am not going to tell you what others have experienced.  But while you are with her, just feel out whether there is any more problem with being strong, cared for, loved, etc.

Let her heal you, rest in your birthright which is you as the Divine expressing yourself here on Earth.  Know who your most real Parents are—Divine Ma and Pa, that is your true family.  Let her heal you and welcome you to Earth as you never have before.  She will be exquisitely happy that you are consciously connected with her so that she can support you as only a most loving, kind, open and nourishing mother can.  Allow any pain in you to arise, and give it to her so that she may heal it with her love for you.  Yes, this is a very real process and so many have gone through this most remarkable healing experience!

Then once you are solid in what you are feeling with her, just ask what she has to tell you, and listen closely to her answer.  Again, you may be surprised at her communication.  This is definitely not your mind playing tricks on you.  Rather, just realize that this is your own Divine Mother of whom you are definitely a part, and that you are receiving her very own connection, love and guidance which is more real than anything you could see with your eyes!

Once you are firm in that connection, begin to simultaneously cycle Mother’s energy up through your feet, through your body and then out the top of your head at your tenth gate to send it to Pa, the Source.  This is where you truly connect with the Light Source, the Ek Ong Kaar, the Purkh.  Feel Pa’s incredibly pure Light there.  Then again, continuously cycle his energy down through your own body—feeling that wonderful movement, and down into Ma.  And at this point, please make that continuous loop cycle become constant in your body, down to Ma at the center of the Earth, up through the center of your own physical body, then to the expansive Universal Light, the returning straight down your body and into Ma.  This is a continuous flow or conduit of pure energy where you firmly know your very real family origin and heritage.  This is the Real You. 

This is the Reality of your Being, Dear.  This is how you bring Heaven to Earth and Earth to Heaven—not in any imaginary way, but in the cozy experience of the Truth of how Creation works.  In this way, Ma says that we are the very real offsprings of Father God and Mother God.  Be secure in your own Divinity as you experience it here in this time/space realm.  KNOW WHO YOU ARE, EXPERIENCE WHO YOU ARE.   You are SAT NAM, the Identity of your True Being!

And if you want to review what she has told us in so many ways, please go to and link to any of the articles by Mother Planet!

Lots of Love,

Siri-Gian Kaur

Copyright:  Siri-Gian Kaur Khalsa, , 2013

You may reproduce this article either online or in print as long as you keep this copyright large and near the article.

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June 24, 2013

So, what is your real personal Power? 

This is a little tricky because personal power has so often been deemed as controlling and manipulative.  But, please—we know that approach is only a sign of great weakness that is disguised as strength—a wolf in sheep’s clothing, so to speak.

Today, we are taking a look at our real personal power to “hold the space,” that is the space of Shuniya or Neutrality in our everyday life that is the gateway or dimension for our own Soul to step in to pilot and project.  And that takes real humility to Soul/Guru. 

This is the mind and energetic “space” that can create and hold protective boundaries for ourselves and others.  It is the power to be our Real Selves in this world.  It means that you have the capacity to be effective in your work and in your projections.  You don’t crumple when confronted by opposition or gossip.  You are flexible and can listen deeply, yet you and your ideas flow fearlessly from your Divine Intuition.  You don’t run away—physically, mentally or energetically when challenged.  You “Keep Up!”

Your reaction doesn’t come fear or worry—real power killers, but from Divine Neutral in a way that is most appropriate to the situation.  That response could be so sweet, or even loud yelling if that is the only way others’ can hear the genuine Truth that comes through you.  You don’t retaliate with judgment, blaming or revenge, but pray and work for the situation to be healed.  Your fears and worries don’t rip your mind, energy or sense of Self/self from you.

Your full power allows you to hold your own without going out of your Divine Center.  With your flowing personal power you can create and maintain projects, love yourself and others in an unlimited way, forgive and heal from the bottom of your heart, you can appropriately stand for your Truth without clobbering another, you can effectively lead with compassion and vision but without attachment and pride.  You are not afraid of consequences, but you are able to see the “sequences that lead to the consequences” so that you can make and hold suitable decisions.  You have total humility to the power and direction from your Soul through your Divine Intuition.  And so the “tests” that come to you don’t knock you down, rather you are simply in the flow of Soul’s power.  And you never try to bend Soul’s direction to your own expectations or will.

If you have and project this personal Power, you can be effective, prosperous, compassionate, supportive, visionary, healing, kind, strong, and wise.  Yogi Bhajan spent a good amount of his teaching on helping us “space-case spiritual yogis” develop this most pure and profound ability to effectively participate and lead on this Earth while flowing from our meditative mind—without flopping over to the “dark side” of our power!

It actually takes a whole symphony of all our aspects working in sync to create this personal power on every level.  That is mental, physical, and energetic or spiritual.  So, my Dear, here are a few practical remedies to really build your own personal Power.

·         Daily Sadhana—that is your daily spiritual practice to heal your mind and any debilitating emotions as you upgrade the flow of ease and powerful energy through your aura!  I am sure that you have felt that very real difference.

·         Make a long term sadhana of the yogic kriya “Nabhi Kriya” which builds the force of your navel point—the location of your power and projection, followed by the meditation for Power and Control of Your Caliber.

·         Be on the lookout for any habitual Victim’s way of thinking and acting, and consciously heal them.  Playing the Victim/Victimizer role will surely snarl up your personal power.  You can review all that at .

·         Get really grounded!  Loss of our personal power often comes from our lack of connection with Adi Shakti, the Divine Creative Consciousness of Creation.  She has a big title, but Mother is so very cozy, personal and so very, very supportive.  Just do long, deep breathing.  Then consciously send your whole energy down your body and into the very center of Mother Earth.  Feel Her there.  Ask what she has for you.  Enjoy this most amazing connection with Divine Mother always.  Then cycle this energy back up your body, then down continuously.  Anchoring your energy in Her makes all the difference.

·         RELAX!  This can be a challenge, I know.  But by moving into Soul through Shuniya, you access the ease, the flow, the Source—your Source/Soul where all ease, flow, trustworthy guidance and pure power originates.  Start with long, deep breath or Heart Breath  to allow yourself to let go of your scrambled mind and emotions--fears and worries.  Literally give them up to the Divine!  Then allow this/your Divinity to take charge!  Life changes instantly.  In this “place,” just watch to see what happens without any demands on what the outcomes should be.  That is pure ease of profound power that seeks to support your life at every second.  Powerlessness or weakness is not even a question there.  Give It a chance!  I bet you will be amazed.

·         Change your venue to get a fresh viewpoint—physically, e.g. go out for a walk or run; mentally, e.g. switch your focus or jump into a powerful mantra that will break those bonds of worry or fear such as Gobinday, Mukunday… ;  or emotionally, e.g. listen to GuruMeher Singh’s incredible guided meditations .  Jump out of that cage of powerlessness.  Allow yourself to be FREE!

Stay alert, dear One!  Coming into the fullness of your personal, Divine, humble Power is an awesome experience.  It is a lifetime process, but that is how your own Soul leads you to your own greatness and pure prosperity on every level—assured!

Lots of Love,

Siri-Gian Kaur

Copyright Siri-Gian Kaur Khalsa, , 2013.

You have permission to reproduce this article in print or online as long as you keep this copyright large and close to the article.

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Victim or Healer of Your Ancestors?

April 16, 2013

Some current cultural mind sets appear to be:  Feel lost and forlorn about our parents’ treatment of us.  Loss of recognition of Who we really are.  Being stuck in our seemingly unbreakable habits of victimization, little self-love and satisfaction with this life, negative “self-talk” voices in our ears, and so much more!

But the whole generational story is so very, very fascinating, and as you find your place in it, you can reclaim your own extraordinary personal power and even self-love.

So many of us are victims of the habits of our ancestors.  For instance if our parents, and even our grandparents and beyond were scolding and blaming, we might have that lodged within our own mental or emotional psyche.  Perhaps there is un-ease or lack of prosperity on many different levels that perpetually depletes us, even though we can’t quite pinpoint the source in our lives.  Maybe we don’t really trust anybody or anything.  Instead we have a kind of subliminal nagging feeling that the bottom will surely drop out of whatever we are involved in at any moment.  Or maybe unreasonable shame grabs our freedom and self-love for no apparent reason.

Now the question is, when you relax deeply into meditation to examine those puzzling things, do you find that these same habits of insecurity were actually fixed in your parents in their young days, and perhaps their parents suffered the same haunting “realities.”  I find it interesting that these qualities can flow through one’s family lineage for generations and generations, so that they seemingly come out of nowhere in the current generation!  Yes, that is true.

At this point, one asks whether these things are passed along through “nature,” e.g. vibrational information lodged in one’s DNA, or through “nurture,” that is the way that we were raised.  I suspect that it comes from both. 

When fully examined in our subconscious, we often find that these habitual traits were originally lodged in our ancestors as a reaction to some very real perils such as famines, rigid self-denying adherence to cultural norms in order to remain a member of their community life-support, traumatic loss of family and friends through wars or natural disasters, and so on.  Just take a look at the horrors that humans have endured throughout history and understand how that experience of traumatic reaction can be passed down through the generations through both nature and nurture.

So, now it the time to consciously ask yourself, “Do I want to continue to be a victim of this stuff?” “Do I need to subconsciously hold solidarity with my family and its self-defeating proclivities by continuing to live in that difficulty?”  And consequently, “Will I feel that I am deserting them if I change?” 

And finally, “Do I want to switch from being the victim of these inheritances to become the saving grace of my family lineage as well as myself at this very time to end these continuing harrowing traits?” 

As you heal yourself, you heal your ancestors in the bargain.  It is like going back in history to actually alter its course by neutralizing or healing those self-perpetuating habits.  After Yogi Bhajan led Tantric one year at Summer Solstice, he remarked in wonder that he saw so many of our departed ancestors following us around so that they might be healed!  Remember, we don’t engage in ancestor worship where we immortalize the great difficulties that have come down to us.  Instead, we are on the path of enlightenment for ourselves and consequently for all that we touch and are touched by.  That certainly includes healing our ancestry as we heal ourselves.  And when we do this work, it is amazing to observe that our living relatives actually change for the better!

 During regressions, I usually find that one’s Soul picks the family that they are born into for the purpose of presenting them with their own earned karmas—whether delightful or bothersome.  And the second purpose is to become the actual healer of that lineage—to stop and clear the spread of the ancestral poop.  As we realize that process, and consequently do the necessary healing, we find that this work is definitely part of our Destiny as planetary healers.  Imagine if everyone made this effort to heal their lineage, wouldn’t the psyche of Earth’s citizens truly let go of the great pains that perpetuate hurt and aggression towards ourselves and one another?

Now, if you are serious about this, here are the steps that you may take to heal yourself and your ancestors.  Please start with yourself.

·         While listening to a mantra or doing a Kundalini Yoga Kriya or Meditation , deeply feel the wounding, numbness, etc. within.

·         Then as you relax into Soul—your deep consciousness, you may let the details unfold of how that situation was originally set in you.  If it comes to you, follow your awareness to see if this event came from this life, or if it has been passed down through the generations.  You may be able to unearth the actual cause of this generational habit.  But don’t worry if it is not apparent to you.  We are healing the feeling, the vibration itself.

·         Deeply forgive the perpetrators of the event—which may be natural causes, wars or other folks in your life as well as in your ancestors’ lives.  This is not forgiving from your mind that overlooks the Truth and seriousness of the situation.  But rather this deep forgiveness that is hooked to your long, deep breath does not say that all is or was OK, but that you are actually giving permission to let the whole tangle of emotions and energy to ease out, to disburse with no conditions.  You do this by addressing these situations person by person and event by event.

·         Do this process as many times and as long as it takes to thoroughly get it done.  Now, you may find that after you go through this healing, in the future you are faced with the same thing but at a deeper level.  This is what I call the “Healing Spiral”.  This amazing situation offers a life-time process for you.  Each time you go inside for even more healing, you build your energetic strength and integrity while more wisdom becomes available within yourself.  It is a most remarkable process.

So, you see you really can change your fate of being a victim of what you inherit to becoming a healer of yourself, of your predecessors and of humanity.  The choice is yours, dear Warrior of Healing.  Have fun!

Lots of Love,

Siri-Gian Kaur


Copyright:  Siri-Gian Kaur Khalsa,  , 2013.

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Dance the Unknown

January 21, 2021, April 9, 2013

What happens when your plans fall apart?  Are you obsessively seeking to find that “special someone” who will finally make you happy?  Have you lost your job or feel that you are in danger of that?

Oh, yeah!  These are the times that try us.

We work so hard to plan everything out so that we are entirely covered, so that we know exactly what will happen next.  And we may invest all of our time, money, and emotionality into really nailing all of that down really tight so that we will have true, dependable security!  We may fear that if something is out of place, or if something is not under our total control, or if we don’t have just what we fully believe that we need at the moment we need it, then we’re screwed. 

If the world that we have constructed so diligently with so much forethought and patience that we expect to fully support us—if all that falls apart, then it may seem that there is nowhere to go but to nerve-wracking fear of the unknown.

“Oh, my God!  What’s next?  Where will I be safe?  How can I get along without ……..?” 

There can be nothing scarier than being thrust into the unknown—the proverbial being flung into hell in a hand basket!  How stressful when the world that you have built to fulfill your expectations even gets a crack in it.  It’s so easy to explode into a real panic—from tiny or annoying to horrendous!

There has to be a better way!

Actually there is.

Now I am not saying that you shouldn’t plan, or make your intentions.  Oh, my God, you should do that in order to live here on Earth.

But the real question is: where do you get your security from?  If your security arrives from knowing exactly what will happen according to your plans, your expectations, well then, how often does that really work for you?  Maybe for a little while.  But as you know, things have a way of falling apart when you least expect it.

Maybe you just got fired from your job from out of the blue.  Or you had a car accident that totally changed everything.  Perhaps you suddenly got blind-sided by really terrific bills and have no clue how to pay them.  Oh, yikes!

But here is the solution:

You actually have the most incredible Friend following you around all the time, and I mean ALL the time.  This Friend is tireless in what It wants to give you and how to support you for your very, very greatest good.  Uh-hm. 

But the thing is, you never know just how things are going to turn out.  So, if you want to actually thrive with all the changes and upheavals, you are just going to have to roll with the punches.  That means that in your most amazing personal relationship with this very great Friend, you will need to be totally trusting.  That Friend, of course is your own beloved Soul!  (To learn to listen to your Soul, go to )

So, this means that when things seem to fall apart according to your own plans and expectations, instead of panicking and losing your focus, instead you breathe deep and lay back in neutral as you just wait for the next step of this tremendous adventure to present itself.  And in this very special neutrality of mind and emotions, we lay in wait as we put up our very attentive subtle antennae to recognize the next step when it comes along. 

This process is kind of like magic.  You stay in that incredible subtle place that is like a focused meditative awareness until you feel moved, or hear, or just KNOW which way to go.  You stay in that amazing energy flow as you actually dance with what is being handed to you, step by step by your Beloved.  Solutions can come bit by bit or all at once from your Soul, from Its very milieu—the Unkown.  You feel your Partner guiding you, being very aware of synchronizing with every step.  And with this staying in total sync with the Unknown, the Creative comes to serve you in ways that you never could have believed possible.  The wonder of it all may take your breath away!  This is Living the Unknown.

It is a very special art that is available to everyone.  You just need to switch your conscious awareness from needing total control and absolute expectations to become secure in allowing, trusting your total security to your own Beloved, your Soul to bring “magic” out of the Unknown for you.

Now, to do this you may have to work through your habitual fears, or your way of thinking that things “should be,” or that they always happen a certain way.  The Incredible Creative solutions that spring from the Unknown will definitely come in the most surprising ways.  But that is the pure adventure, that is the flow, that is the loving trust that develops between you and your Beloved.  You will be amazed at how your Beloved moves you to your greatness and your full freedom.  Then when fulfillment comes in these most zig-zaggy ways, you might just notice that was Soul’s plan all along! 

Let go, trust, stay aware and follow into lands Unknown.

Yogi Bhajan always said, “The Unknown is known to me.”  And so it is!

Lots of Love,

Siri-Gian Kaur

Copyright Siri-Gian Kaur Khalsa, , 2013

You have permission to reproduce this article in print or online as long as you keep this whole copyright large and next to the article.

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Don’t Repress Your Ego!

But don’t indulge it either.  LOVE IT!

April 2, 2013

I know, I know.  All of the ancient spiritual teachings say to get rid of your ego.  Trample it.  Pretend it doesn’t exist.  Avoid it.  Hate it.  Consider your ego as the devil in combat with the angel of you.  Yikes!

But guess what folks—lest you think I’ve gone off my rocker by obviously defying such “wisdom,” it was our own divine teacher, Yogi Bhajan who growled from the teaching stage at Ladies’ Camp more that once, “Nobody has a bigger ego than ME!”

Have you ever tried to ignore your ego?  What happened?  Did you find that it came squirting out with surprising defiance such as anger, blaming, judging--more like a tube of toothpaste when run over by a Mac truck?  Or perhaps you sank, or ran for cover, or went into depression when faced with the crap that the “world” sent your way.

Have you succumbed to all that if you just try to be “nice, compassionate and inspiring” at every moment?  Are you trying to “get to heaven,” or make spiritual progress according to some written out plan that you found in a book or that seems to be the prevailing New Age or religious ideal?

How has that worked for you?  Were you able to maintain it?  Were you left with even more interior turmoil, confusion and feeling further from your goals of rising to embody your “spiritual self”?

Well, first let’s look your EGO square in the face. 

It is our identity here on Earth.  Freud says that it is our mental organizing principle.  That is, you could not “connect the dots of your life” if you didn’t have an ego.  You would have no concept of who you are and how to operate in the world—no matter how lost or controlling you may feel.  Without that structure of an ego, you could not take care of yourself or others.  You could not engage with anyone and your environment.  You could not hold your own.  And most of all, you would not have the mental structure that your Soul needs to operate and project Itself in this world as You.  Yes, your Soul does need your ego to operate here!

But your Soul, your God Self needs a really strong and cleared ego to be fully Present in that body and mind that you call “ME”.  Yogi Bhajan had an extremely strong, huge and clear ego so that he could project his God Self, his Soul with these incredible teachings and his personal teachings to us when he was here in a way that would transcend into future generations.  As you know, he was not that fake picture of what a holy man “should be.”  He was totally, powerfully REAL at every second.

Now, this work that we do—our Kundalini Yoga, our meditations, our sadhana, our constant self-observation and self-correcting, our deep healing of wounds and scars from centuries of lifetimes—including those we inherited from our ancestors are all for the sake of both clearing and strengthening our egos.  That is the purpose ofkarma.

Clearing our ego means that that crazy old “stuff” from our subconscious rears up less and less.  As we clear, we find that we are so much freer, feel Light.  We are less often dragged down by those old fixed ideas of perfection, or addictions where we look for love in all the wrong places.  Confusion drops, worries dissipate, cozy connection to True love occurs within, life becomes more fun, more spontaneous and authentic—from our very core, which just happens to be our Soul, our God Self. 

And our ego naturally becomes strong.  Less and less often do we have to pull together our courage to hold our ground, or feel that we have to force Truth into every encounter with pounding heart and shaking knees because fear just takes a hike.  In that condition, there is nothing so huge that it can truly assail our Real Self.  That is when our strong ego gives over every event, every interaction, every dream, every relationship to Soul through our utter neutrality.  And yet, we stand strong and give over, rather than have it taken from us.  It’s the best of relationships!

Of course, this progress of ego becoming clear and strong is not an overnight process.  Oh, no.  It is an ongoing “path” that takes constant attention, commitment and delivery.  Do you remember that Yogi Bhajan was really big on COMMITMENT?

So, here are some big tips for you as you tread your path.

Love your ego!  Whatever it does—whether you judge its actions arising from the subconscious as desirable or undesirable, just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your ego back to health and happiness.  Deeply forgive it from your meditative essence—not superficially from your mind.  If your ego is making a mess of things or is really having lots of pain and confusion, understand that it is a really wounded child so-to-speak.  Your ego is your special project.  Have compassion for it.  So instead of kicking it into the closet or punishing it for its apparent screw-ups, in your deep meditation ask it what is going on.  What is its thorn in its side?  How can it be healed, loved and brought out of pain to happiness.  I bet that you will find some amazing answers.  Be sure to listen closely. 

Then in the same meditative frame of mind, in total neutrality, ask Soul to help you with caring for your ego and healing it.  Let your Soul and your ego talk together in cozy conversation.  Let your Soul care for your precious ego.  This is the reality of the spiritual partnership.  Soul loving, healing and caring for ego, so that ego can soften to just be its Real Self.  That happens when your ego is projecting your Soul.  What a true symbiosis!  That is the Union that we seek here on Earth.  That is the natural happiness that is waiting for us as we do the daily cleaning and repair work for ego. 

And it all happens in the cradle of LOVE, not rejection or repression of ego.  And as we heal ego’s difficulties, pains and worries, we find that in fact we needed to have gone through all that challenging stuff so that we got that knowledge that transforms to incredible wisdom on those subjects, and we develop the easy strength of a spiritual warrior of Light.

This is the path to Reality, to Love, to Spirit, to Happiness to the Real You.  Relax, Keep Up and enjoy it!

Lots of Love,

Siri-Gian Kaur

 If you would like to join us in learning how to listen to your beloved Soul and create its beautiful partnership with your ego, please join us in “INTUITION TRAINING:  The Art of Soul Listening!” More information at , and registration is near the bottom of that page.  This article is copyrighted by Siri-Gian Kaur Khalsa,  , 2013.You have permission to publish this article, either in print or online as long as you keep the copyright large and near the article.   


You’re Not in Control!

March 26, 2013

Oh, yes.  That’s true!

We all do this:  We work really hard to have everything happen just the way we want—that is to make the best product; to get people to accept, admire or love us; to have people do what we think is right, whether that be by subtle manipulation, or really overt such as yelling at our children or partner; engaging in a little freeway rage, or railing against the other political party, or at people who do “stupid” or means things.  “After all, shouldn’t things go MY way?”

Well, when you come right down to it, when we try to control or manipulate someone or something, what we are really looking for is security.  That is the security that might come from knowing exactly what comes next so that I won’t be horrified by any changes or surprises—anything that appears to be threats to my safety, self-identity, love or survival as I define it—people, money, projects, housing, lifestyle, relationships, you name it.  It may involve my belief in “perfection,” what that is, and how to achieve it.  Or my attempt to control could come from my total belief that I know just what is right for anyone and everyone, and my effort to make them tow my line by whatever hook I use is so-o-o amazingly self-centered.  Remember high school cliques?  Plus trying to keep everything “under control” is so very, very stressful and really doesn’t work out in the long run. 

So, when things seem to explode out of our control, our anger or feelings of disappointment, loss, disorientation or powerlessness is actually self- induced self-destruction. 

Imagine!  It is not “THEY” who are doing us in when “THEY” won’t follow our rules, but it is WE who have staged our own Armageddon that will surely play out at some point.  Yet, this is the cultural norm!

Can you think of anything that you might do that falls into this playbook, no matter how innocent it may be?  The illusion of control is so very seductive.

The fact is that it is really our Souls, our God Self that really in control.  Oh, yes!

Now, I am not saying that you can’t create objectives, or plan, or engage others in your plan.  Oh, no.  Nor am I saying that you can’t have intentions.  In order to live here on Planet Earth, we surely do create intentions.  They become great guiding forces in our lives and they let the Universe know what we would like to become our reality.  Intentions also give others the opportunity to participate with us, and we with them.  Whole communities are built on these implicit agreements.

But when things appear to “go wrong,” when they don’t turn out as we expected or counted on for our own security, instead of going into the pain of it, or the distrust of Life or God or even ourselves and our intentions, wouldn’t it be amazing if we just squarely examined what is happening right before our eyes?  Get  the real facts of the situation as they are without embellishment.  That is to see what is truly happening with no judgment, no emotional furor, no wishful thinking, no feelings of sinking loss or insecurity.

Rather, we simply become totally Present, which means being really grounded—moving our energy into Mother Earth and switching from our emotions going into confusing overload, and/or our mind at a loss for workable solutions.  Instead, actually anchor into pure, palpable stability that is available at every moment.

Being Present means slowing your breath down, calming your mind and emotions, and going to that “clear place” that you can get to in meditation.  But you can actually get to that feeling a crystalline breeze on a beautiful clear spring day by just moving your mind over a bit to allow that Presence to flow through you.  Honestly let go of all expectations and worries so that you can actually enter that “place”.  Some people call that being Centered, or being Whole, or moving into Soul’s Dimension.  It is a very real “space” where you consciousness can reside.

But whatever you call it, here is your place of true connection with the great Creative Force!  But, you know what?  That direction from Soul is so incredibly practical, down-to-Earth and right-on in its creative solutions for you, that It’s guidance will take you to incredibly appropriate solutions!  And when you truly give over to Soul to manifest the very best solutions to your dilemma without your tight control, you will definitely be awed at what will happen “out of nowhere.”  The best can happen when you don’t put your control on that miraculous, very simple energetic flow from Soul, so that it can create opportunity without restrictions.

Solutions that you never could have thought of on your own occur as you step back to allow Soul unbridled freedom to create!  Your intentions are fulfilled in ways that you could never have imagined when you let go to Soul.  And Soul’s voice is so cozy, dependable, non-judgmental and simple.  No wishy-washy here.  Just very simple and to the point.

 Now, you might find that Soul simply tells you to Relax.  Well, my Dear, that is obviously what you need to do in that moment.  You are not being put off in the least.  You are being given direction to loosen your confusion or emotions so that your energy can open to ALLOWING vs. controlling.

And if Soul happens to be silent at the moment, you are being given the opportunity to relax into patience so that you can open yourself to the next step. 

This is such an incredibly simple process, yet so profound!

So, Dear One, as you live in the present of Soul’s Presence and let go of your control, I bet that you will actually discover the magic of your God-given Life!  This process takes attention and practice, but there is no greater reward than living in flow of the Unknown.  This ease and prosperity is what we pine for, but so efficiently avoid when we try to control.  Now you know how to live in the security of the Unknown.  Try it!

Lots of Love,

Siri-Gian Kaur

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What Are YOUR Cultural Mythologies?

 March 12, 2013

No, I am not talking about the Greek Pantheon.  I am talking about your whole belief system!  Yes, your WHOLE belief system—both your obvious beliefs such as what your citizenship is, or who your Mother is.  But also your hidden or non-obvious belief system that pops out when you least expect it, such as “I am afraid to become known—to put myself out there as a healer, a teacher—you name it because of the risks involved.”  What risks?  Where did that come from?  A very real past life perhaps, in which you did suffer the consequences of becoming known?

At Ladies’ Camp many years ago, I heard Yogi Bhajan expound over several days on the concept of “Trances.”  The idea is that this human earthly consciousness that includes all of our memories, all of our experiences—whether delightful or hurtful, and our resulting “samskaras,” or tendencies towards thinking or doing certain things over and over again is all made up of thousands, perhaps millions or more movie-like scenarios that build up the multifaceted character that we call ourselves.

We act and react from these trances that are built upon a whole complex belief system that we have accumulated and forged together over time to create this being that we are now.

And when we heal, we actually unravel the great tangle of one or several of those trances.  Then rather than the story of that very active trance generating the pain or confusion as it replays over and over in our lives, that trance can finally ease out to allow the great wisdom, Truth, love and connection that flows through us when we actually live from our Soul, our God Self.  We unravel the magnetic stuff of that huge movie that is lodged deep within our subconscious so that we are free to live in the actual Present without those habitual beliefs taking over our body or mind.

Now those trances are built up not only from known and unknown experiences, but from the beliefs and experiences handed down in our DNA from our ancestors, as well as from all of the cultural mythologies that form our lives.  That is—what we think is most important, what tells us what is right or wrong, who or what is to be emulated and what is to be despised, etc.

For instance, how important are beautiful looks in our current cultural mythology?  Do we believe that being rich is the same as being successful?  Who do we look up to in our culture—is it the President, or movie stars and other celebrities?  What happens if we dress in the style of a totally different era or geographic location, such as wearing a black burqa, or antebellum finery with all of its hooped skirts, or dirty shambled clothing?  Our judgments are based on our inner mythologies.  And our reactions to all situations--what we believe is right and wrong, and what is true, how we judge, and judge and judge ourselves and others all flow from our own cultural mythologies!

Yogi Bhajan often said, “There is no right or wrong, thinking makes it so!”  Therefore, as our minds and habits are subconsciously entrenched in these icons of cultural mythologies, our attitudes and ways of being with others may become superficial or frozen, even though “we can’t stand it!”

How we treat each other is also based in our cultural mythologies.  Check out your memory of those sometimes ruthless high school cliques.  They thrived on their own whole cultural mythology!  Now what about your workplace’s mythology, your family, friends and teachers, your neighborhood, your religion, messages from TV, movies, and on and on?  What do you think of the great movie mythology that being loved by another person fixes all the difficulties and challenges of one’s life?

In other words, our attitudes about ourselves, others, our world and how to get along in it are truly defined—OK, “fenced in” by our own trances and cultural mythologies. 

And yet, it is those shared mythologies that make us feel as though we belong.  By living those shared mythologies, we are accepted by others with similar mythologies, we are more likely to be supported and feel safe in many ways, our insecurities are whitewashed without being examined until the whitewash fades away.  Then what?  Do the cracks and chinks in that cultural mythology begin to pull us apart?

 Our goals and ideas of Truth that we hold sacred and that we live by are usually supplied to us via our mythologies—whether we subconsciously live them, or whether they prod us to find what is real and True by our own conscious experimentation with experience. 

One the one hand, acceptance of the prevailing cultural mythologies might feel like a prison, but on the other, there may be some mythologies that actually support us to evolve into being free, open and loving if that is where our very Soul is pulling us.  We are very lucky to finally be living in an age and location on Earth where we can safely question what is touted as true, and to change our mythologies as we will. 

The consequences of not going along with the crowd may still be non-acceptance, heartbreak, etc.  But the question is, what do we cherish most—living by the ever-changing “book” of cultural mythologies, or searching for and then living the great Truth that pulls us from within?  Where do we find happiness?  How do we meet challenges?  Who do we listen to?  Who do we belong to?  Where do we belong?  The choice is always ours, no one else’s.

Now here is the next layer.  We actually understand that all life is illusion!  But on the other hand, here we are living as though our involvement in our earthly life were the only reality.

In Truth, both are true! 

The question is how to meet our life’s challenges so that all coincide perfectly.  That is living from the calling of your very Soul, faithfully following Its direction at every moment.  At the same time, embrace or even create the cultural mythologies that actually serve your living fully in this great Creation, but do it with full awareness that allows your own Soul to be in charge.

Become so aware that you know what is True without falling for the illusion from our cultural mythologies that don’t serve your vast and cozy partnership with your Soul.  Stay in neutral awareness. 

Learning to do this all the time is a lifetime learning situation.  But I am convinced that it can be done.  That is what conscious living is all about.  That is what living in the Unknown, the Eternal Present is all about.  BE AWARE of the pull of your cultural mythologies, as you let go and follow your God Self, your Soul!

Lots of Love,

Siri-Gian Kaur

 If you want to learn more about listening deeply to your Soul and learning to trust It, you can join our TeleCourse called “INTUITION TRAINING:  The Art of Soul Listening!”  Registration is near the bottom of the page .  It will be 6 Saturday mornings from 10 to 11:30 AM, Mountain Time USA (evening in Europe) from April 6 to May 11, 2013.  Join us! 

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Crying Shame

July 3, 2012


Life can be hard, really hard when we live from the fountains of torments that we suffered as children.  Oftentimes, we aren’t even aware of that cruel or difficult programming that rules our brains and emotions.  All of those emotional displays of our personal Vesuvius, all of that running from the dangers of our own Boogey Men—whether actually seen or experienced as some vague but very powerful threat, or real loss paired with the consequent quest for love, recognition, support, or prosperity.  Or perhaps we are obsessed with fighting for pure freedom whether overtly or subtly, or even carrying debilitating burdens of insecurity, shame or guilt for God-knows-what!

So, when we examine our childhood, we can often “get” what the causes of our desperation and dissociation were.  We can see how they were ingrained in our innocent mind and energetic structure when we were so vulnerable. 

But look even deeper.

Do you remember that Yogi Bhajan told us that when we liberate ourselves, we will liberate seven generations back and seven generations forward?

In working with folks over time, I have found that these disruptive tendencies don’t necessarily start in our own childhood.  Oh, no.  They can most effectively be passed down through our lineage from our ancestors.  They can be a very real part of our inheritance that seems to be connected with our actual genetic material.

For instance, one woman always felt an aversion to her beautiful sexuality.  Some kind of guilt kept her retiring from full expression of herself, even though she had no memory of abuse. 

In her healing regression, she discovered that her grandmother’s family had belonged to a very strict European religious sect that sought to keep strong wraps on sexuality.  So, when the grandmother was an innocent young girl, full of light and laughter, she was shunned by the community due to the unspoken rule against being too attractive and too full of life. 

Regretfully, that strong repression caused the young girl to drop her light and laughter from then on.  And yet that deep guilt and shame suffered by the grandmother was energetically passed along her genetic line. 

With that most surprising realization, our woman who was seeking healing was able to dissolve those energetic ties of guilt and shame by deeply forgiving all those involved, including herself for continuing to carry those emotions.  And she didn’t judge anyone.

That is how we transform difficulties into opportunities for growth.  The results were that our lady was finally able to regain her own beautiful freedom, light, laughter, comfort with her sexuality, and most innocently attractive presence that had been lost by her grandmother.  And with that, she was able to ease that degrading situation out of her family’s “traits”—both from her ancestors, and to clear it from her children’s children.  What a blessing all round!

When you pull this kind of ancestral energetic “plug” within yourself, the results are often quite noticeable for the whole family.  However, you may need to work on each facet of the whole picture over time.  But what a quantity of blessings for all concerned!

So, for instance if you or your family have had a history with such things as alcoholism, abuse, anger, suspicion and desertion, or any other devastating difficulty, don’t blame anyone, not even your abuser.  Start with healing yourself.  Neutralize by forgiving. 

Do your best to consciously quit and transform any activity that is reminiscent of your family’s Achilles Heel, such as quitting any kind of alcohol if you came from an alcoholic family, even though you may never get drunk anymore.  Continuing that habit, even on a much limited basis continues to tie you into your family’s energetic syndrome.  When you fully heal all the practices and ramifications of drinking, such as sneaking and telling lies, finding unconscious ways to sublimate pain or “reality” rather than straightforwardly healing or dealing with it, becoming really responsible and reliable—without obsession, create healthy boundaries out of love and protection for all rather than from fear, keep your promises and schedules, heal your anger, etc., all this makes all the difference for you and helps your whole family, including your ancestors become unbelievably happier and stronger.

At Summer Solstice a number of years ago, Yogi Bhajan laughed as he pointed out all of the thousands of ancestors that were following us with the hope of being healed and liberated!

So, to pursue this ancestral healing, first, do not blame or judge anybody, including yourself.  And secondly, there is no reason to try to “fix” someone else unless they want your help.  Work on yourself and your state of relationship to others.

In our lifetimes, we all inflict difficulties on others, and at other times become the victims.  And we unwittingly pass along our unresolved “stuff.”  So, this whole interactive bundle of lifetimes, our ancestral lineage, our cultures, and more is actually a sacred karmic setup that our Soul participates in so that we may build our strength, awareness and abilities as we transform and move towards Union.

If you want to clearly explore and clear your ancestral information, you may choose to:

·         Schedule an appointment with me for guidance in your healing.

·         Meditate deeply with Guru Ram Das and Baba Siri Chand asking them to allow you to understand the root cause of your situation, and all of its ramifications so that you can fully deal with it.

·         Or you may simply proceed with the healing without consciously knowing the particulars.


·         Use any of our wonderful Kundalini kriyas or meditations to energetically move through your healing.   Some are at

·         Deeply, meditatively forgive each person involved with the situation—including yourself for believing or participating in any way, even as the victim.  No blame or judgment.  Realize that the Universe will take care of justice—unless of course you need to put that person in jail for the good of all.  So, the result of this forgiving is primarily for you to dissolve the energetic cords that lock that difficulty to you.

·         Use your breath to RECLAIM Who you really are—that is your Light, your strength, your beauty, your sense of knowing and your power!  Make the intention that all this wonder continue to grow within you.  Experience it!

·         Be grateful for your progress.  Live an attitude of gratitude.

Lots of Love,

Siri-Gian Kaur


Copyright Siri-Gian Kaur Khalsa, , 2012.

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Yogi Bhajan’s Last Words to Us:  “Live FOR Each Other!”

June 28, 2016 & May 22, 2012 

Our great master, presenter of this divine Dharma, and giver of our immaculate system of Kundalini Yoga gave us a lifestyle of courage, kindness and grit.  He led us to draw our spirits from the heavens and plant our feet solidly on the Earth.  He told us the Truth!  He told us that we are the Earth-Living God and that it is our path of personal discovery to come to full Realization of that.  He gave us every tool imaginable—uncountable mantras, meditations, kriyas, the banis (powerful prayers), and more.  And he gave us earthly direction, too—brush your teeth with alum and sea salt, how to sit on the toilet, cold shower, and on and on.

He inspired, challenged and badgered us to live our grit in the face of all odds, even the most unimaginable.  One glance from him and you knew you were deeply held in the purest love and acceptance to your core—right were you were in the moment—no good, no bad, as well as Infinite recognition of all lifetimes back, and every action forward.  We knew that we were held in unrelenting grace and strength.

And he so miraculously modeled his unflinching Truth for us in his own life.  Do you remember those incredibly ugly court cases against him, with outrageous personal attacks for the purpose of destroying all that he had built for us?  He simply kept up such massive fortitude.  And his complete forgiveness, especially for one of those perpetrators was the mind-boggling act of a true saint.  We just couldn’t figure out how to follow him to that enormity of forgiveness.  He never kicked anyone out, whatever they did.  He let them find their own way—either change or leave, but always held steadfast in his constant love for them and for us.

For my part, I have never, ever seen or felt such power of the Saint anywhere else.  I can only pray that I learn this Path from his astonishing example bit by bit.

So, when his very last words of his very last guiding lecture that he bestowed on us were “Live FOR Each Other,”  I can only take that as an encapsulation of his most profound direction for each of us within the framework of this Dharma, and this Healthy, Happy, and Holy life that he laid out.

It breaks my heart to see people using anger and judgment to jump out of the neutrality, the “Patience Pays,” the trust and deep abiding experience of Guru that he tirelessly taught us over and over again.  In my broken heart, I am also realizing my own hidden limits that are still corralling my own psyche.  What an opportunity to search out and melt my own unconscious walls of separation.  What a perfect time to let go of others’ opinions of me—whether up or down.  To live to those opinions, I would have to chain myself to others’ rigid mold, rather than live by the pure freedom of Truth given by my sweet Soul or Yogi Bhajan (Tratakam).  As I free up my psyche and get to my heart, I better understand what he meant by “Live FOR Each Other” as I fully accept each one’s own way of coming through these difficult times.

Now, when he said, “Live FOR Each Other,” we might have thought that he was talking only about those who live the strict “rehat” or rules of the Dharma.  But when I look back on the way that he taught, I know truly in my heart that he was talking about the “900 million we shall be.”  He was not leaving anyone--that is NOT LEAVING ANYONE out of his profound vision for us.  He never threw anyone overboard or slandered them, although he often bore the brunt of malicious slander himself.  He always trusted that every one of us was on the path to pure Union with the Infinite, no matter where we are at the moment.  I pray that we can inherit his Infinite generosity of Spirit and recognition of Truth.

Do you remember, he always said “Forgive, but don’t forget”?  The first part is to forgive.  Forgive our own anger, our own debilitating sense of loss, betrayal, and being wronged.  We certainly cannot build the future that he has mapped out for us unless we start by forgiving the root of those attitudes.  They grow from our own separateness and hurt that go back lifetimes, but which may have come to a head in the last few years in any number of guises.  He taught us that spiritual ego—believing that “I” have all the answers, rather than listening to and bowing to Guru’s or Soul’s profound evolution for us-- is the very biggest trap on this amazing Path. 

So, in that Light, how can we judge, how can we blame, how can we justifiably vent our anger on others if we are actually “Living FOR Each Other”? 

We start by working on ourselves, trusting that the healing energy generated by our own humble and most honest transformation will have the greatest healing effect on all of us.  Rely on the process, even though we don’t quite know where Guru is taking us. I recently heard Yogi Bhajan on a video say to do what your Soul tells you, whether you trust it or not!  What courage it takes to move beyond the security of what we know and expect—to the Unknown, eh?

The second part, “but don’t forget” simply means to never be unconscious enough to let the same mess happen again.  It doesn’t mean to hold a grudge or project darkness of any sort towards another person or situation.  That would be a complete contradiction of “Forgive,” and on the energetic level, continuing to blame exponentially retards all of our forward progress.  

“But don’t forget” means becoming personally responsible for our collective welfare.  It means that we are all here deciding how to hold hands on our way HOME, no matter what kind of challenges our Souls, in their Infinite wisdom have currently opted for. 

“Living FOR Each Other” means wholeheartedly joining together to LOVE one another, genuinely, from our heart, with no holds barred.  That is not Hallmark-card love, or “let me look like I am loving,” but rather going through the very real birth pangs to open our hearts so hugely that we join in true humility, respect, and kindness with one another.  It means taking the responsibility to heal our own pain so that we can truly, selflessly serve one another.  It means listening deeply to the whole depth of one another, without getting stuck in our own viewpoint.  After all, this Path demands our constant expansion at all costs.  Why bypass any opportunity to do so?

How can we hold steady, stay purely grounded, fully in the neutrality of Shunia that allows the will of Guru or Soul to take charge through us?  Isn’t that what our most extraordinary, once-in-an-Age Master has led us to?

The question remains.  How do we “Live FOR Each Other”—both individually and collectively—for those who profess this lifestyle, as well as those who don’t, and all in between?   And how do we now truly build an Aquarian Consciousness in every aspect of our lives as we are joined together by karma, heart and commitment to the Master’s teachings that lead us to Union with our own Souls, our God Selves.  How do we actually “Live FOR Each Other” without limits, only with strength of heart?

Lots of Love,

Siri-Gian Kaur


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