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All of these recommendations were given on the Kundalini Yahoo Group in late September 2007 to help mend a broken heart!  It is marvelous to ask questions, recieve and offer answers to the whole group!  To join, please click here, then on the next page, click on the blue bar in the upper right that says "Join this group!"


Broken Hearts

The original question:

In,  wrote:

Sat Nam,

Can any one recomend a Kriya or meditation for broken hearts, first
for a young man who recently broke up with his girlfrend and found out she hadn┤t been faithful. Also I have a close friend that just found out that her lovely husband has had a second family for decades. She is in shock first for what she refers to as her stupidity and second for the betrayal.  They both mentally understand what they are going through but emotionally they are devastated.

Several years ago I had a broken heart and It was a horrible sensation. My ego was absolute destroy. I can say that that the broken heart was  by my own ego. Oh my GOD what a lost off time and energy. I think I was in that situation for over a year.

This experience make me  ĘseekĘ and I found my beautiful Master that  introduce me to Kundalini Yoga.

Mucho Amor, Rebecca Torres



Posted by: "Pritam Hari Kaur"   pritamharikaur

Fri Sep 28, 2007 9:27 am (PST)

There is a beautiful meditation for a broken heart in the MARRIAGE MANUAL

Hands are in prayer mudra with the tip of the middle fingers at the height
of the 3rd eyes (not touching the 3rd eye, a little away from the body).
The arms are horizontal. Look within and breathe long and deeply for 11, 31
or 62 minutes. Will calm the feeling of pain. Yogi Bhajan says: Relaxing to
the point of 'boring' - until you understand it.
And how is this one, a little more lively, when one feels strung out and
very crazy:

Upper arms parallel to the ground and the forearms perpendicular.
The palms are just open, without strain, so they may soften.
Rotate the hands back and forth, swivelling at the wrists. Eyes at the 3rd
eye, breathing long and deep. 5 minutes.
Pritam Hari Kaur

Posted by: "yogahs"   yogahs

Fri Sep 28, 2007 9:28 am (PST)

First for both of them it is a time of grief and a time of opening to
their true worth.

The grief you have expressed in their realization that the people they
thought they could trust weren't worthy of their trust. It is not
stupidity to have lived by the side of untrustworthy people. It is
innocence and innocence is beautiful. Some people have achieve such a
level of innocence that even if people are betraying them, they still
behave as if it does not matter to them. So here their innocence has
been shown to the light. And they feel hurt... but it is only their
pride that has been hurt. They can let it go. And they can still hold
on to their innocence, now awakened!

Now they can chose the life they want. They can choose to embrace life
with the new wisdom of innocence awakened.

I would suggest one of the following mantras depending on what they
feel ready for:
If they want to heal a broken heart, they can chant Guru Guru Wahe
Guru Guru Ram Das Guru.
If they want to let go of unconscious things that hold them back: have
them do the Sodarshan Chakra Kriya.
If they are ready to open themselves to celebrate their innocence
awakened then I would suggest to chant Wah He Groo in 3 syllables with
bliss in their voice and a infinite smile exuding from their whole body.

Awtar Singh
Rochester, NY


Posted by: "long_time_sun"   long_time_sun

Fri Sep 28, 2007 9:27 am (PST)

There is a beautiful CD called Mender of Hearts by Singh Kaur. It is
her interpretation of a poem written by Yogi Bhajan. It is absolutely
soothing and I have heard of many people who have used it who don't
even do yoga.

It is available at Ancient Healing Ways and Spirit Voyage and may also
be on the Sikhnet website under the Gurbani Kirtan.

Santokh Kaur
Toronto - Canada


Posted by: ""   satsirikaurkinder

Fri Sep 28, 2007 9:29 am (PST)

In reply to the 9/26/07 post by ....

Sat Purkh's CD, NECTAR OF THE NAME, has a beautiful rendition of
"Mera Man Loche" ( Meditation to Heal the Wounds of Love) with directions for completing the medition by repeating the track 11 times in a row for 11 days, and directions to the KRI Teachings website for more information.

Love to all,

Sat Siri Kaur
Beth Kiley Kinder
Providence, RI
And here are more solutions from more friends as well!
Meditation for removing haunting thoughts..
There is a meditation yogi bhajan gave with 5 parts..thinking of a situation where you felt very hurt,
1) bringing up the feeling,
2) feeling how the other person felt,
3) forgiving yourself,
4) forgiving them and
5) letting it go to the universe..
After each of the steps you breathe in, hold the breath and focus on the right eye and chant "wa," the left eye-"hey,",the tip onf the nose-"guru ,"and then let the breath out. You can repeat the same incident as much as needed, or go from one to another, whatever comes up.
I did it for 90 days in the late 90's when yogi b sent it to is subtle and really starts the healing process.
Not sure it is in a manual but have seen it in compiled old teachings..bound together but untitled..might ask if anyone has it..
sat nam
Donna Davidge-Bonham

Heal a Broken Heart and Grief Release.

I am sending you one of the most powerful meditation I ever did - To Heal a Broken Heart and for Grief Release. It saved my life a few years ago. I was suffering after a devastating divorce that totally frozed my heart and throat. Nothing worked in my life at that time, everything was stuck. I wasn't able to talk to people because of the great grief I had in my heart... the most dificult time in my life, but also the most beautiful, because by the amazing grace as I wandered lost, searching for a path to take me out of the pain and the craziness, the Creator brought me to Kundalini Yoga. This meditation has a great healing power and can help you start a new life.
Have a blessed weekend
Nelly Coneway
Tel. (310) 270-7470
Experience the Depth of Your Soul!
Grief Release & To Heal a Broken Heart
Part I:
Place your left palm flat against your heart center, with your right hand on top of it.  Make your mouth into an "O" and begin very powerfully inhaing through your mouth, expanding the navel as you breathe in, and then exhaling very powerfully through your mouth, as you pull your navel in.
Continue in this way for 3-5 minutes.  Allow your breath to ener your heart center, and clear all emotional conflict that you are going through.
Part II:
Bring your palms together in prayer pose.  Place this mudra in front of your face, with the tips of your middle fingers at the level of your forehead.  Keep your elbows out to the sides, arms parallel to the floor.  Keep your eyes focused at your brow point (third eye).  Hold the position with long, deep breathing through your nose.  Try to think of nothing!
This is very good for building nerve strength, and helps mend a broken heart.  Continue for 11 minutes.  At the end, inhale deeply, exhale and stretch for up to 2 minutes.  Relax.


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