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Yogi Bhajan Ushering Us into the Aquarian Age!

Recording of Siri-Gian listening to Yogi Bhajan's words and repeating them to you in this Tele-Class from Thursday, 11-10-11



Sustenance of the Heart!

This Tele-Class is similar to our Baba Siri Chand and Yogi Bhajan Talks each Wed. morning.  Click here to register for this call on 11-10-11.

The evening before those big Aquarian celebrations on 11-11-11 — that is on Thursday, 11-10-11, Yogi Bhajan  set the tone of our hearts and minds onto the path of greatest connection to fully embody this Aquarian Age so that we may “glide” into these changes. 

He understands that this is the challenge of lifetimes, and that we have already put in much energy to heal and raise our vibrations to be truly ready.  After all, our dear Yogi Bhajan spent a lifetime training us as leaders and teachers of this thoroughly new time.  This is the time to truly accept our calling!

In this Tele-Class, he would like to gave us “SUSTENANCE OF HEART” with very grounded and most practical instructions on how to approach this great opportunity.  Although, in fact this time could be quite challenging if we opt out of full participation with this “era of consciousness,” this Aquarian Dimension.

The recording of our Tele-Class call on the phone is FREE. 

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