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Now, I have to tell you some things about Amandeep Singh. 

I really don’t like hype, so I am not going to engage in it.  I am just going to tell you the very truth of my experience and that of others who have taken Yogi Amandeep’s classes—or they are more like Practices of Consciousness.

Whether he is giving a tele-class, a webinar or a live event, the experience seems to be similar.

First of all, the information that he gives is like bullet shots of extraordinary never-before-heard pearls that come so fast, it is like a machine gun fire.  I am so very happy that we make recordings of everything he presents through us so that you can play it back over and over again so that you can really study it.  When he occasionally stops to ask if there are any questions, I just realize that I am in a trance!

He has done so much primary research on all things Yogic and Dharmic from every format, including learning directly from present day Yogis of ancient lineages when he is in India.  I had no idea there was so much wealth of wisdom and information to be discovered.  But of course, he can read and understand the original Gurmukhi and other Indian scripts, as well as their spoken words.  He goes right to the Sources of the very strong practices of the original practitioners—the Gurus, the Rishis, etc., to their written and oral traditions, to those still practicing these most historic, yet fully alive disciplines, as well as to the written sources of those great masters.  Through his teaching, I have found my whole extended “family” of yogic disciplines, Sikhs and mystical seekers of Truth.   He has truly given incredible context to our beautiful Kundalini and Dhramic teachings!

His devotion to Yogi Bhajan is palpable.  When he thinks of Yogi Bhajan, you can really feel the very deep love in Amandeep’s heart as it fully overtakes him.  And then when Amandeep teaches—especially the Kriyas and Meditations in his live events such as the Yogi Mela each Feb., and Yogi's Cave in Sept., Yogi Bhajan’s mystical energy and spiritual force are so very palpable!  The thrust of Amandeep’s teaching truly does take you to the highest realms of your own Consciousness!  He pushes and pulls you there with his strong voice, incredible kriyas and meditations, the most amazing music that I have not heard before, his conch shell blasting and the gong shaking us out of our lethargy to move higher and deeper!  Most extraordinary.  And of course, it goes without saying that Amandeep Singh is a Teacher Trainer of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan, and he is also a master trainer of the deep roots of all yogic traditions.

And yet, when I talk with him, he is the most kind, gentle, authentic, caring and humble person that I have ever met!  I am always amazed that such spiritual force flows from him when he is teaching, and yet he is so honestly humble (not the fakey kind of humble) and soft spoken when he is not on the teacher’s bench.

We are so very grateful to have Amandeep Singh teaching with Soul Answer University.  To study with him in any capacity is a pure blessing!

As I said, this is not a hype.  It is just the Truth.  Come for the blessing yourself!

Lots of Love,

Siri-Gian Kaur of Soul Answer University


Yogi Amandeeep's Story!


Amandeep Singh, having completed his B.Sc Hons in Information System and Software Engineering from Oxford Brookes University, United Kingdom gave up his job to search for inner peace. He travelled from Singapore to India and had the blessings to study from many teachers from the different Yogic traditions primarily from the Udasi Sikh tradition of Baba Sri Chand and the Nirmala Sikh Tradition of Guru Gobind Singh.

This also led him to pursue his studies in a different field. He then did his MA in Comparative Studies in World Religions along M.Sc in Counseling from University of South Australia. He is well trained in Family, Youth, Prison and Transpersonal Counseling.

He is actively involved in number of de-addiction programs in Singapore, India and Canada. He does regular out-reach programs in remote villages of India and Malaysia in partnership with non-profit organizations to do community education programs and to share the yogic teachings of self development. He has served as a volunteer counselor in Singapore at the Singapore Prisons known as SANA. (Singapore Anti Narcotics Association)

Amandeep Singh is also a scholar with Kundalini Research Institute of USA, a certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher (as taught by Yogi Bhajan) and KRI Professional Teacher Trainer. His sessions and classes guide participants through an experience of physical and psychological release. He brings great depth, accuracy, joy and spontaneity to his teaching of Kundalini Yoga.

He combines time tested psycho-spiritual techniques from many ancient wisdom traditions with the modern developments in the fields of emotional and psychological transformation. His workshops are very unique and highly effective in dealing with mental illness such as depression, anxiety and emotional traumas.

He has released a number of New- Age CDs on guided meditations and sound therapy which have helped many in self transformation and personal growth.

He is also a healer and teacher of eastern spirituality and a regular speaker on international stages and Television with topics such as Healing, Non-duality (Advait), Mysticism, Zen, Self- growth, Mindfulness, Yoga, Meditation and Self- realization.

To further explore the legacy of Baba Sri Chand and the yogic history come and join fellow seekers in November 2014 in the sacred land of mother India, for a five day Yoga retreat entitled,
Baba Sri Chand Retreat & Kundalini Yatra.

For Retreat & Yatra info:

He is married to a lovely lady, Manjeet Kaur, and they are the parents of 2 bright young boys!